20 Cute Outfits Ideas for Baby Boys 1st Birthday Party

Every parent wants their baby’s first birthday to be one of the most special and memorable days in their entire lifetime. So for that special little man’s day, how do you dress a baby boy for the 1st birthday? What styles are in throughout the seasons? This article will give you some great outfit ideas for your little one’s very special day. If you are blessed with a princess too then must check out our article on baby girl’s first birthday too.

Smart Outfit Ideas

If you are going for a meal or having a party for your little man’s big day why not choose a stylish shirt and printed tie suit? These are great for little boys as there will be no worries about them wearing a real tie and yet they still have a smart and formal look to them. Some of these outfits can come with a waistcoat and/or braces which look adorable and will definitely get your little bundle of joy noticed.

Personalized or printed t-shirts are another great idea for a first birthday outfit. They are a one off so hold even more sentimental value especially as you can have your own design, logo, baby’s name and/or a message written on it also. These can also be matched with either casual jeans or even smart black trousers. So finding your perfect combination for the big day is easy. via.

Most children love dressing up and have a favorite character so for a child’s party why not go for a theme costume party? Not only does this make finding an outfit much easier but it makes for more fun for adults and children. It also allows for the children to have more input on what they would like to wear. RECOMMENDED: 12 Cute Minion Outfits for Babies/Toddlers You will Love


Accessories for a Baby Boy

Hats are a great accessory for children. During the summer and spring not only do they protect from sun rays but also make a great addition to suit outfits. Hence they are definitely a must have for outdoors parties in these seasons. Flat caps and mini trilbies are fantastic options when it comes to headwear especially for finishing off that perfect first birthday outfit. During the autumn and winter periods why not venture more for wooly hats and scarves? Not only are these simple and warm but will add great shape to your tiny one’s birthday attire. Party hats are also an easy yet effective option. via.

Baby Boy Footwear for Birthday Bash

Footwear can be a tricky one when it comes to babies and tiny tots. As every mother knows, they prefer not to wear shoes and will quite happily kick them off at every opportunity. But for this special day why not go for a cute pair of lace up sneakers? These are great as lace ups are less likely to come off. As well as look smart with any outfit they come in a wide range of styles and colors. Why not check out our article on Awesome Collection of Converse Shoes and Sneakers for Kids for more shoe ideas.

Check out the following images and gain inspiration and ideas for your little man’s big day.

Baby Suit Birthday Outfits

 We all know that suspenders look cute and perfect for every man then why not make your 1-year-old wear suspenders at their first birthday. You can pair up red suspenders with dark blue jeans and make them wear white and black stripped full sleeves shirt inside. You can also change the colors of the suspenders accordingly. It’s also a great idea to make both the dad and the baby boy wear similar outfits like this one.

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 Source @Misty Ballard

For a funky shoot on your boys’ 1 birthday, he does not have to wear a full suit, he can only go for a tie and match undies to look funky and cool. You can match the dress according to the color and theme of the whole party. For example, if your whole party is of multi-colored theme then you can also wear multi-colored tie and undies for a perfect birthday shoot. Or even if your baby boy is all dressed up for the party, you can give him this look for the cake smashing ceremony as you wouldn’t want his special outfit to get all messed up.

cute outfits for baby boy 1st (2)


Give him a good hairstyle for this special day …don’t fear to go little funky.

You can also make your 1-year-old wear a funky shirt, the one that has cute little things drawn on it or written on it. And wear it with blue jeans folded one inch from the hemline. You can also make them wear a cute and funky bow tie to complete the look. For shoes, they can wear sneakers or any other funky boots to match the theme.

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cute outfits for baby boy 1st (4)

 Birthday Party Idea.

cute outfits for baby boy 1st (5)


Mickey Mouse Costume

Every kid loves mickey mouse theme and would love it too when they will get to wear mickey mouse themed dress and hair for his first birthday party.

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cute outfits for baby boy 1st (6)

 Buy this dress from here

You can also get a lot of photography ideas from this collection too to make this day more memorable.

cute outfits for baby boy 1st (7)

Kids look super cute when they get to wear formal dresses. For your boys first birthday you can make them gray colored formal waistcoat with formal pants and match it with contrasting formal shirt to complete the whole look.  For shoes you can  go for oxford or otherwise only matching socks will also do the trick. Check out 22 Cute Kids Winter Outfits-Beautiful Babies Winter Dressing




cute outfits for baby boy 1st (3)

 Casual Printed Birthday Outfits

First, one year is the only age till when your child can wear rompers without looking like too big for it. Make sure to let your kid wear rompers as much as possible while it is still the time for them to wear it. Rompers can also be worn on their first birthday if the whole theme of them birthday party is to look casual.


Party Hat.


 Twins Matching Outfits


Superhero Costume Ideas

Even though at the age of 1 year old they may not know clearly about superheroes but they will still love to wear super hero’s costume. The superhero costume that is most famous among boys is spider man or super man. Both of these outfits look super cute and adorable. Make sure to take a lot of pictures of your kid as memories.



 Baby Boy First Birthday Footwear Ideas

Baby Converse is another cool idea if you baby wants to look cool and funky on their next birthday.


Baby Timberland Booties

They are cute and adorable as hell.


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