10 Cutest Thanksgiving Outfits for Kids (Babies & Toddlers)

Thanksgiving outfits for kids: Every parent wants their child to look the best on thanksgiving, however, some may not be sure what is the best outfit for such festivities. To assist you in making sure your child is the best dressed every thanksgiving from now onwards, I have gathered some of the cutest outfit ideas for them. You will realize your child may need some new clothes, but not necessarily because the best bunch is already sitting in their wardrobe, not reaching its full potential.

Since Thanksgiving falls upon us in autumn, or winter for areas that experience winter earlier, automatically fall colors will be in fashion according to the season. However, children do not need to abide by these trends which gives us a wide range of options, and colors to choose from. Some tips that are important when choosing thanksgiving outfits for your kids are:

What Should My Kids Wear On Thanksgiving?

thanksgiving outfits for kids

Important Tips For Your Kids’ Outfits On Thanksgiving

  • If it’s your baby’s first thanksgiving, wrap them up in a Happy Thanksgiving onesie, to get into the holiday spirit.
  • Clothes that have Happy Thanksgiving written on them, as mentioned earlier may not be suitable for kids that are past their infancy stage, so it is best to dress them up in other clothing items.
  • While green and red are spectacular colors, make sure not to make your child wear both on thanksgiving,or else people will ask why Christmas came early that year!
  • Stay away from the color black while picking holiday outfits for your kids. You don’t want them to seem beyond their age!
  • Sweaters are the coziest fall item, it’s best you incorporate them into your child’s outfit, because if not now, then when? You can get more ideas from these Cute Kids Winter Outfits.
  • Thanksgiving dinners can get messy, especially with all the turkey and delicious food items on the menu, so make sure you avoid the color white when dressing up your kids, or it will be quite a task to get those stains out later.
  • Above all, you wanna make sure your kid feels warm so don’t be afraid to layer!
  • Some new parents can’t help but be lost when it comes to dressing up children on holidays, therefore for starters, just mix and match the harvest colours if you can’t find a costume for your baby on their first thanksgiving.

1 – Thanksgiving Outfit For Baby Boys


Dressing up your boy in a cute combination of a sweater with a pair of sweats or jeans that has their favorite cartoon illustrated on them such as this dinosaur outfit will guarantee no fussing at the dinner table. They will be in the holiday spirit with their cartoons just as much as you will be. Make sure to add white plain sneakers for a finishing touch. Here are some Cute Outfits Ideas for Baby Boys.

2 – Thanksgiving Outfit For Baby Girls


Another animated look, but for your baby girl this time! Who doesn’t like a pink Minnie mouse outfit on the dinner table at Thanksgiving, amidst all the adults wearing solids?

3 – The Little Man Outfit


Nothing is more adorable than a toddler dressed up like his dad! Make sure you pair some black jeans with a white button-up which I am sure every kid’s wardrobe may already have, whereas the sweater vest you might have to buy on your next shopping trip. This adorable outfit will definitely encourage laughter at the thanksgiving table.

4 – The Little Lady Outfit


What is better than your toddler dressed up as mommy? While you may not wear a plaid skirt set to thanksgiving, your baby definitely can so get in the queue for the next pair at the store and dress your kid up in this eye-catching outfit. She will definitely be turning heads at the table! You can match it with a checkered hairband as well, for an extra finishing touch. Also, if you happen to live in the colder areas of the world, make sure you slip your girl into some matching tights, preferably white.

5 – Overalls Season


I for one love it when kids wear overalls. They are the perfect fit for children, especially on occasions like thanksgiving. You can pair a green corduroy overall on top of a white sweatshirt for maximum warmth and style at the same time for your child. The dark green will prevent your child from dirtying the white sweatshirt so yes, you can dress your child up in white if there is an overall on top.

6 – Burst Of Yellow


Add a burst of yellow to everyone’s thanksgiving this year with this outfit. A yellow blouse with some fancy flared jeans is just the perfect pick. Your child may even be mistaken for a sunflower!

7 – Polka Dots


Polka dots can never go wrong, especially not on kids. And what’s better than a polka-dotted dress? I can’t think of anything. Dress up your little girl in a cheeky polka-dotted dress for Thanksgiving and she’ll have everyone’s full attention. Make sure you layer your child with a cardigan because a dress alone won’t keep them warm.

8 – Olive Is Better Than Green


No offense to all the shades of green but olive will definitely make your child stand out this holiday, especially if you use this look as inspiration. Matching uppers and lowers are the cutest combination when it comes to children.

9 – Denim And Some More Denim


This year, make sure your kids are all stocked up on denim for the winters. If you wish to dress your boy and girl similar for thanksgiving but you can’t find the perfect match for them, just add a denim jacket to both of their outfits and you will achieve similarity to an extent, along with some cuteness.

10 – Fur Jackets


Sometimes children, especially girls feel colder than other kids their age and that may come in the way of you trying to make sure they look stylish on thanksgiving but no need to worry, a fur jacket will do both jobs. It is warm indeed, but stylish as well.

11 – Knitted Goodies


It’s time you surprise grandma by dressing up your children in the knitted clothing items she’s been sending over every birthday! And what better occasion than thanksgiving, to wear knitted clothing items! If not grandma, there is always an abundance of knitted goodies at the store so make sure you purchase them before thanksgiving this year.

12 – Puffer Jackets


Everyone knows puffer jackets are a striking addition to an outfit. But for kids, it can counter the cold and some compliments from their aunts and uncles on thanksgiving. Keep a few puffer jackets on board, whether you have a little girl or boy, these will make their holiday look fabulous. Pair puffer jackets with some jeans and your child will be ready to rock that dinner table. It’s better to purchase the sleeveless ones before winter is in full swing.

13 – Curdoroy Can Never Go Wrong


Anything made of corduroy is essential for fall, so why deprive your kids of it? This look is for those kids whose mommies have a tough time making them wear something out of their comfort zone. This is why you can top off a random pair of jeans and a tee for your child with a stylish corduroy upper jacket. Green will certainly be an eye-catching color.

14 – Matching Flannels


Flannels are classy items and I’m sure every adult owns them, so why doesn’t mommy match with baby this thanksgiving by buying your child a matching flannel just like yours and piecing together an outfit with it. The cutest cherry on top would be matching beanies. Although a black look is not suggested for the holidays, anyone aid anything about a black checkered look!

15 – Stripes


Add another must-have for a cute outfit for thanksgiving for your child; stripes. Stripes can take an outfit from dull to exciting in a matter of seconds. This white upper with red stripes is the best combination for fall and thanksgiving. You do not need a lot of effort to dress your child up when you have this. Just dress them up in any pair of jeans along with it, and if it’s much more chilly where you live then don’t hesitate to add a sleeveless puffer jacket to the look as mentioned above.

16 – Leapord Print


Adults have not reserved all the stylish clothes for themselves yet, so you should be on your way to purchasing a fancy leopard printed coat for your baby girl before thanksgiving. This print has been classified as chic since the beginning of time. And what is sweeter than a snuggly jacket? Perfect for some cuddles on thanksgiving. A matching leopard-printed hairband would be the perfect add-on!

17 – Go Pink!

Girls love pink, especially little girls. How about this thanksgiving you let your little girl go all out with pink? Use the outfit shown as inspiration, by slipping on a pink sweatshirt and adding a matching pink muffler to it for the perfect blend. Since we are going for a very girly look, don’t hesitate to balance it out by putting on a neutral coloured skirt on your child, or whichever colour does the job best. For the shoes, you can always pick out a new pink pair of shoes at the nearest shopping center that your baby girl will absolutely adore – not just her, but everyone at thanksgiving too. Here are some more Cute Baby Girl Dresses for all Seasons.

18 – Teddy Jackets

No muss no fuss with these extremely comfortable teddy jackets that have taken the internet by storm the past year, and plan on staying in style for a few more. So make sure you add a teddy jacket to your kids wardrobe and although they are mainly worn by girls, I am sure your boy won’t resist such a fluffy clothing item too. Where white may be forbidden on thanksgiving dinners for children, a white jacket is not because you can simply take it off from your child when they are eating.

19 – Bows And Purses

Little Girls Crossbody Purses $26.49

Cotton and Synthetic Headbands $10.99

Growing up, we girls have always preferred having accessories. Your toddler may already be obsessed with the idea of purses but you may find it inconvenient or so, right? Well, it is time you change that mindset and get some mini purses for your toddler if you want her to dazzle everyone wherever she goes, only at the age of 4. A little purse on thanksgiving won’t do any harm, in fact, it will save you the trouble of dressing her up because the purse will add to the look.

Moreover, bows and headbands can account for a cheery outfit on thanksgiving, adding bursts of colour to your child’s look. Some children refuse to keep their headbands on for longer, in which case a bow clip will do the job just fine!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What do girls wear on Thanksgiving?

A – Dresses are the best choice for your little girls on thanksgiving. Otherwise, a sweater and some jeans, denim jackets, puffer jackets, etc are all just as fashionable on girls as on boys. However, if you do want your baby girl to stand out amongst the other kids then pick out a dress for her

Q) How can my kids look stylish?

A – Here is a tip, purchase clothing for your kids that will be in style for more than just a year or so! For more ideas, check out these Swag Outfits for Kids.

Q – How do I choose a dress for my child?

A – If your confusion is getting the best of you, then let your child pick their clothes as it really helps build their confidence and decision-making skills.

Q – Where can I get thanksgiving costumes for my kids?

A – Check out these costumes that will leave everyone gushing at your kids. You can dress your toddler up like a turkey in this adorable fluffy turkey costume, perfect to keep them warm as well. Or pair a normal outfit with these funky thanksgiving hats which radiate harvest energy!

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