20 Cutest Birthday Party Outfits For Girls To Wear This Year

Birthday Party Outfits. Every girl wants to look extra special on her birthday. At their own birthday party, they want that one outfit that will stand out from everyone else’s and look amazing. But what are the best birthday outfits to wear?

And what are the appropriate accessories? What makeup styles will get heads turning at your party? Outfit trends will be answering these questions as well as giving you some good pointers in this enlightening article.

This season seems to be bringing in a rekindled love of the humble sweetheart collar dress. These are a common choice of dress for the perfect party host. Sweetheart collars are great for accentuating collar bones and can give the illusion of a fuller cleavage if matched with an appropriate bra. These dresses can be strapless or not, the choice of that is completely up to you and how you want your style to look.

Dresses with straps will give a subtle and casual feel whereas a strapless one will denote confidence and popularity. Dresses with Ra-Ra or circle hemlines have stunning shapes so use them to their full potential. They add volume and depth to an otherwise potentially boring silhouette.

What to Wear On Your Birthday

Have a look at the following outfits and create your own personal birthday image. Give everyone the WOW factor and get those heads turning on your special day!

birthday party outfit ideas women

birthday outfits for girls

↓ 20 – Classy All-White Jumpsuit

If you love a classy and sophisticated look, this pantsuit (or jumpsuit) is a fantastic option for celebrating your birthday. Pair with nude heels. Here are some more Ideas How to Wear Jumpsuits Rightly.

cute birthday party outfits


↓ 19 – Flowy and Feminine Look

Here is a lovely dress to wear on your special day! Pair with sandals or strappy heels.

cute birthday party outfits


↓ 18 – What to Wear on My Birthday for Plus-Size Girls

Sometimes, finding clothes we love and feel confident and beautiful in can be a challenge, plus-size or not. But don’t let anything hold you back on your special day, girl! Here are two fantastic options for birthday outfits for plus-size girls. For our first look, this gorgeous mixed-print maxi dress looks fabulous for a house party or a dinner date. Pair with beige or nude platform sandals.

Birthday Party Outfits For Girls


For our second look, it’s all about color! A midi dress in a solid color (we love this blue but you can just as easily switch it out for a color you prefer or feel most beautiful in) makes a statement. Pair with gold accessories and white sandals. This is a lovely look for a photoshoot as well!

cute birthday party outfits


↓ 17 – What to Wear to a Birthday Party at a Restaurant

For a fancy dinner at a restaurant, a beautiful midi dress is a perfect choice. This off-the-shoulder number is sequined and in a flattering nude color that is extra classy. Pair with long statement earrings and gold metallic heels or nude pumps. Sleek hair and a glam makeup look are all you need to tie the look together.

cute birthday party outfits


↓ 16 – Vivacious Red Jumper & Heels

When in doubt, rock a monochrome red look. This vivacious ensemble is sure to get all eyes turned your way. Celebrate your birthday with a splash in a bold red jumper with heels and some matching earrings. This look is great for a party or even a dinner out.

Birthday Party Outfits For Girls


↓ 15 – Perfect Shoes for Birthday

Choosing the right footwear for your party is crucial. They should be practical seeing as you will be on your feet all night mingling and dancing but should also be eye-catching and attractive. Most girls will go for a high stiletto heel for parties.

These are great for short parties as they can start to hurt after a while. This season, however, cage heels and peep toes are in fashion. Why not choose a suede fabric shoe and accessorize with a dazzling anklet? Shimmering anklets are great for catching the eye and drawing attention to your footwear. Or choose a shoe that has already been accessorized with a bow or flower.

Cage heels break up block colors with your skin tone and are super sleek and sexy and just the shape of them alone will turn heads while peep-toes give a cheeky feel to any outfit. Other options are cute booties! Check out this fantastic look, great for any gal who loves a dress with booties.

Birthday Party Outfits For Girls


↓ 14 – Birthday Make-Up and Accessories

The birthday girl’s makeup and accessories should always stand out from the crowd. Glitter is great for parties as even under the disco lights it will sparkle and shine. A pale glitter lipgloss is a perfect makeup item for any party girl. Keep eyeshadows in keeping with your outfit.

If you choose a pink dress either match it with pink eyeshadow or contrast it with a daring streak and flick of black eyeliner. Check out How to Dress up for Night Party.

Try to invest in corresponding jewelry sets for a complete party look. Mismatched jewelry can create a sloppy image. Jewelry sets are perfect for keeping a theme together. Single pendant necklaces add a cute and innocent feel to any outfit.

An ideal jewelry set would be one that contains your birthstone as these are very fitting for the celebration at hand.

↓ 13 – 21st Birthday Outfit

If you want to look casual then you can wear skinny jeans with a dark brown loose top with it. With this dress, you can wear any kind of dark brown or black matching accessories and jewelry. Another option for you is to wear gold jewelry, it looks pretty as well. Check out 15 Dressing Ideas for 21st Birthday Party.

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cute birthday outfits girls (1)


↓ 12 – Street Style Birthday Outfits

When it is a birthday party, everyone should look like a star at the birthday party and nothing looks better than a cute sleeveless party dress.

The best thing about these dresses is that they can be worn on any occasion whether it’s a formal meeting or a party or friends get-together you can definitely wear a sleeveless dress and look like a diva.

Pair the dress up with matching or contrasting jewelry. If the party is in winter then you can even go for a sleeveless blazer. Here are 16 Cute Outfits with Sleeveless Blazers.

cute birthday outfits girls (2)

cute birthday outfits girls (3)

↓ 11 – Celebrities Birthday Outfit

One of the best ways to get birthday party ideas is to follow celebrity style. What celebrities wear at a birthday party is always trendy and any good fashionista will take inspiration from them. Here Selena Gomez shows us how to look hot on a birthday. She is rocking a beautiful tribal patterned crop top with matching white shorts.

cute birthday outfits girls (4)

cute birthday outfits girls (5)

↓10 – Best Polyvore Birthday Outfits Combinations

You can never say no to a sparkly dress and when it is worn to a birthday party it looks even better. These sparkly sequin dresses are largely available in the market these days and one can find them easily according to their taste and choice.

For example, you can buy a black dress with dull gold sequins on it. And match golden accessories with that dress including the bag. For shoes, you can wear them in contrasting colors, for example, green or blue, etc. Here are some fabulous Sequins Wardrobe Essentials.

cute birthday outfits girls (6)

↓ 9 – Summer Birthday Bash Dress

This dark blue pleated dress looks gorgeous when worn to a birthday party. You can wear matching or contrasting shoes with this type of dress or you can opt for silver high heels.

cute birthday outfits girls (7)

↓ 8 – Winter Birthday Clothes

When you have to go out in winter, you will need to play around with your dresses to see what goes with what. For perfect combo. Pair together a sparkly dress in golden with a dark blue coat for extra warmth. Wear any kind of blue jewelry with this dress combo and don’t forget a blue belt for more fun.

cute birthday outfits girls (8)

↓ 7 – Funky Birthday Top

If you want to wear something different for your birthday party, then find yourself a cool and funky birthday top and wear skinny jeans and sneakers with it. This will make you look casual but funky and cool at the same time.

cute birthday outfits girls (9)


↓ 6 – Floral Outfit for Birthday Girl

Floral knee-length skirts are the best, they can be worn just the way you want to. If you are deciding to wear a knee-length skirt at the next birthday party that you are going to attend then match it with a contrasting top, tucked insides. Wear high heels in nude colors to complete the whole look.

cute birthday outfits girls (10)

↓ 5 – Semi-Casual Outfit for Birthday Dinner

cute birthday outfits girls (11)

↓ 4 – Sequin Birthday Party Dress

 What is going to shimmer and catch eyes more than a tight sequin dress for your birthday? If it’s summers then you can wear a shimmery dress to a birthday party and pair it up with contrasting or matching formal clutch. Don’t miss out on these glamorous Sequins Outfit Ideas.

cute birthday outfits girls (12)

↓ 3 – Skirt Outfit for Summer Birthday

 You can further accessorize your outfit with a statement necklace and some cool bracelets.

cute birthday outfits girls (13)

↓ 2 – Skirt Outfit for Winter Birthdays

A really sweet birthday look is one that includes a skirt. We love this winter look that will keep you warm even as you are cute.

cute birthday outfits girls (14)

↓ 1 – Black and Pink Sweet 16 Party Outfit

Black and pink is the favorite combination of girls from around the world and you and wear it to your next birthday party too. Go for a total black sequins dress and match bubble gum pink high heel and a clutch with it. For jewelry, you can go for silver color. Oh and don’t forget to wear bubble gum-colored lipstick as well.

cute birthday outfits girls (15)

Frequently Asked Questions

We like to include some frequently asked questions for our readers here at Outfit Trends, so check out this short FAQ for all things birthday!

Q. How do you slay your birthday?

A. Woot-woot, now this is a fantastic question. Your birthday only rolls around once a year so if you are in the mood to live it up, then here are some ideas and tips to help you absolutely slay your birthday from AM to PM!

  • Sleep IN! This is the one day of the year when no one will begrudge you an extra few hours in bed (unless you have work or school… in which case, you may have to skip this one!) so pull down those blinds, grab an extra cozy blanket and enjoy your lie-in!
  • Indulge in a delicious breakfast. This could mean pulling out all the stops, making yourself some delicious waffles or pancakes, or it could mean going out to your favorite coffee shop for a croissant and iced coffee. Whatever floats your boat, girlie.
  • Get dressed up and do a photoshoot. Hopefully, you got some good ideas for outfits from this article. The best part is, you can rock a great look all day, whether you have a party planned, are going to eat out, or simply want some great photos to commemorate the day!
  • Pamper yourself. Get your nails done, book yourself a massage, run a bath, or take yourself shopping! There are so many ways to pamper yourself so don’t be afraid to do so.
  • Do a fun activity. If you aren’t one for parties, then think of your absolute favorite thing to do (watch Netflix, go for a hike, explore a museum) and invite a friend to do it with you!
  • Party it up. C’mon, you have got to be able to rock your outfit for more than just pictures, right?! Throw yourself a party or let yourself be surprised by friends and family. Enjoy some good music, take pictures with your besties, and dance the night away.
  • Celebrate YOUR way. You may not be up for a party. And maybe you hate being the center of attention and thus dread your birthday. If this is the case, feel free to celebrate YOUR way. If that means sleeping all day, watching Netflix, or staying late at the library to get in some extra reading, you do you, babe!

Q. What to wear to a birthday party at a restaurant?

A. We covered a great option in outfit #17 which you can see if you scroll back up, but generally, you want to stick to semi-formal ensembles. Sequined dresses, cocktail dresses, pantsuits, or a dressy blouse with a sleek skirt or pair of slacks are all great options. Don’t underestimate a great hairdo as well and glam makeup!

Q. How to dress for an outdoor birthday party?

A. Depending on the weather, your goal is to stay cool and fresh (or, alternatively, warm and cozy!) so be sure to check the weather ahead of time. Wear comfy heels or sandals and pair them with a dressy top with your favorite jeans. If it’s cold, add a jacket! Check out outfit #3 for a sweet summer look.

Q. What can I wear for my birthday in Winter?

A. If you are planning on heading out, whether to a party or a dinner at a restaurant, dress warmly but don’t feel like you have to sacrifice style. A wonderful dress can be worn under a winter coat. You can add tights or stockings to keep your legs extra warm. You can also consider jeans with thigh-high boots for a more casual style that is still warm! Check out outfits #2 and #8 for more ideas!


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