Monday Outfit Ideas For School-18 Dressing Options For Girls

Monday Outfit Ideas For School- Dreading Monday after a great weekend? Having to go back to school after the weekend is surely not the best feeling. Well, guess what? Monday mornings do not necessarily have to suck. The best way to brighten up your Monday and begin a flawless brand new week is by putting an effort into styling your outfit for the day. Putting together a good outfit especially for this day will not only make you feel good and confident about yourself but it will also impress everyone around you.

Since it is the first day of the week at school, you need to look fresh without spending too much time dressing up in the morning. For that, we have compiled 18 stylish dressing options for you girls out there to help you decide your outfit for school and beat the Monday blues. Have a look!

What to Wear to School on Monday?

The day has begun and you are all ready to roam in the High School corridors in your high-end silhouettes. Sounding like an exceptional impression? Well, you have to keep in mind a few school customs in mind before picking your attire for the first day of the week. Keep a close eye on the Celsius scale before picking an outfit, wearing boots and jacket on a summery day will obviously make you look like a goof. Do not forget to check on the forecast a day before. You gotta stop over thinking about your look as contemplating your attire a bit too much will definitely compromise the end result. Make a choice and stick to it for an effortless look.

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Don’t overdo your attire, instead keep it classy. No need to go super funky like wearing a sequenced top with a neon skirt and a bamboo hat is not a great idea for a Monday morning. Keep your style subtle as it’s your school, not a festival you’re dressing up for. It’s totally fine if you want to dress up hot on a sunny day but going to school in lingerie tops and booty shorts is far from classy. Do you want to wear shorts? Perfect! Just go for a classic formal blouse with it that covers well and keep it classy.

Monday Outfit

↓ 18 – How To Wear Denim For School

Everyone knows that denim trending this season. So why not wear it to school as well? Whether the day is sunny or chilly, you can wear denim in every weather in different styles. Such as a denim short dress for summers, denim jacket for winters or the much-hyped denim on denim look.

During summers, I would definitely suggest you wear your pieces of denim with slides as slides are known for adding an edge to a casual look. Double denim look is marvelous if you know the key to styling. Even no accessories and a jacket over jeans will do the job. Overdoing will only worsen the denim-on-denim look. For more ideas, here are some really cool School Outfits for Girls in Summers

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↓ 17 -Keep It Simple

Keeping in mind the limited amount of time you have to dress up in the morning, simplicity is the way to go. Apart from the fact that it will require minimal time and effort to dress up in a simple outfit, it will also make you look elegant and casual. For that, you can simply pair a tee with tights, and add a scarf for an extra chic look.

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↓ 16 -Sports Day Outfit For School Students

There is no better outfit for sports day than this super cool games shirt paired with ripped jeans and a denim jacket! To further enhance this look, you can pair them in the same colour tone, but that is completely optional.

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Another way to look cool on your sports or gaming day is to opt for an athleisure look that is both athletic and casual, all at the same time. Wear your casual tee, half-sleeved or no sleeves, with some super-sporty yoga pants for a classic look. Joggers are the best option to opt for with such a sports girl look. Tie your hair in a high ponytail to complement your attire and the day as well. For more ideas, here are some Cute Sporty Style Outfits for School Every Girl Must Try.

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↓ 15 -Experiment With Contrast And Colour

To look fresh and unique, play with different bright colors that will make you stand out. Such as this turquoise shirt with coral pants. This combination is to die for! If you have a presentation or event in school, you can add extra accessories to this outfit for a complete semi-formal look.

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what to wear to school on monday

In case its fall and you wanna contrast a bright neon high-neck knit with something more neutral, well what can get better than black chinos as these can compliment anything, let it be a sweatshirt or a hoodie. Wear leather boots to kill the ensemble. Neon colors usually do not ask for much accessorizing, however, if you are fond of putting on jewellery then some funky studs will definitely do the job.

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↓ 14 -Statement T-Shirts For School

Make your own style statement this Monday! And the best way to do that is by wearing these super cool textual shirts that will attract all the attention your way. You can pair it with absolutely anything – shorts, pants or even a skirt depending on what you are most comfortable in.

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Summers are perfect for tees as you can go all sleeveless, revealing your beautiful tan, while styling with ripped denim pants or shorts. You can wear slides or classic flip flops to create an appealing look and anklet would work as a cherry on top of it.

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↓ 15 -Create Statement with Prints

If you are tired of the same old boring look, experiment with different designs and prints. There are a lot of options to choose from such as floral prints, geometrical prints etc that will give you a cute and unique look.

Prints are a little complex to style. You can opt for animal prints or stripes as well. Going for youthful prints will enhance your style. You can wear a striped or tiger print short onesie with a plain earthly toned shrug and white sneakers. A simple silver bracelet with a top bun will complement the ensemble.

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↓ 12 -Mini Skirts For a Unique Look

How cool do these short leather skirts look? If you do not own one of these, get your hands on them as soon as possible because your school outfit collection is incomplete without them! Wear converse shoes to complete the look.

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Another way you can slay a miniskirt is by wearing it with long suede boots which could be knee-length or thigh-length, as you desire. The shoes are going to add an appealing touch to your ensemble, however, keep your skirt subtle. You can wear a blouse for a semi-formal vibe, however, a t-shirt will do fine as well. I would suggest you straighten up your hair and let them drape around your shoulders, especially if you are opting a luxe blouse with the skirt as it will give more of a classy vibe.

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↓ 11 -Tie And Dye Shirts For Girls

In school, it is very important to look distinctive and extraordinary. For that, we have found these extremely cute and perfect for everyday wear shirts. You can get them in different colors and simply wear them over jeans and you are good to go.

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Since tie & dye shirts have a retro vibe associated with them, these are amazing if you want to create a hypnotical look which will distinct from any other look. You can wear these with a unique denim skirt for an enchanting look.

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↓ 10 -Vintage Sweater for Winter School

The simplest yet modest look that you can create during fall is one with the huge sweater gifted to you by your granny on one of your birthdays. Wear a turtleneck or a geometric print sweater with black chinos and flat pumps. The look seems under-done so you can opt for a bright silk scarf that compliments the sweater and knot it around your neck in a graceful manner. This could be your effortless style statement for the winters. The oversized sweater will give away a sort of celeb vibe as everything a size extra is being considered trendy nowadays in the world of glam. Do have a look at these Cute Outfits with Jeans for School for a Perfect Look.

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↓ 9 -Nerdy Look For School Girls

It is a well-established fact that people are often drooling over the nerdy and geek look, especially the school goers. So why not hop on to that trend? Wear a knotted shirt over cool patterned jeans and do not forget the bold glasses as the glasses are the key to the ultimate nerd look! To further add to this look you can tie your hair in loose braids. We assure you this outfit will make every head will turn your way!

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↓ 8 -Amp Up your Retro Style with Polka Dots

Go all old school and vintage this week! Take out all the polka-dotted outfits that you have been waiting to wear. With this look, you will surely stand out and impress everyone around you. To further enhance this look, tie your hair in a loose ponytail to look the classic cute. Wear them with simple white converse for a comfy look or block heels during summers for a slightly formal look. A little bit of delicate jewelry or wrist bands will definitely add to this adorable look.

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↓ 7 – What to Wear on a Windy Monday?

A little bit of flutter and barrel leg pants are your ultimate idea for a chilly breezy Monday morning. A fluttery top with floral prints and super chic cut can be worn with corduroy pants to greet the winds. However, summer dresses are a big no for windy and chilly days particularly. Wear these with flat sandals for a soft and easy look. Dressing for windy and rainy days is never easy which is why we created this exclusive post on Raniy Day Outfits Ideas.

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↓ 6 – Monochrome for a Monday

If you consider your Mondays typical black and white, then consider it with a fashionable and eye-catching monochromatic look. A suede black or a gingham print skirt with a white tee and black leather jacket is the look for it. Black boots are the best option for a completely black n white ensemble. A little bit of makeup or slightly smokey eyes will look best with this ensemble.

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↓ – 5 Checks Never Go Out Of Fashion

If there is one style that is always in trend, it is checked shirts and dresses! No matter what season or occasion it is, you can wear it any time in a number of ways. It gives a classic casual look without putting much effort making it ideal for school wear. Either wear a check shirt with a knot around your waist and casual jeans or a check shirt thigh-length dress for a smoking look. Here are the best Winter Outfits For College/High School Girls.

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↓ 4 -Lacy Top For A Trendy Look

Laces are trending the streets nowadays. Lacy dresses and tops will make you look glamorous and classy without putting in any extra effort. Moreover, such tops easily compliment any type of jeans and can also be worn on slightly formal occasions with a blazer on top of it. Thus, a lace top is a win-win in every case.

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↓ 3 -Simple Tank Top For Casual Look

Wondering what to wear in that unbearable heat? Tanks are the answer to all your questions! No need to struggle with complicated time-consuming outfits. Simply wear a cute tank with jeans and off you go! You can add some lip and cheek stain to look fresh in the scorching heat and tie your hair in a pull-up bun.

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↓ 2 -Funky Look For School

Wear some quirky tees with your regular jeans or skirts for a funking it.

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↓ 1 -Florals For Spring Monday

Spring is all about flowers and colorful prints. Choose some bright colour and a floral printed outfit. It can be a top, skirt or a dress –  whatever you like and pair it with matching accessories.

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Using these tips and dressing options, you can design and style your own outfit for Monday with minimal effort. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your outfit for long hours of school is that you should be comfortable in whatever you are wearing. Furthermore, if you carry it the right way we believe that you will be able to pull off absolutely everything and anything! So kick start the new week in style and do not forget to let us know your favourite look in the comments section. Happy Monday!


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