20 Cute Sporty Style School Outfits That Every Girl Must Try

Cute Sporty Outfits for School. You don’t have to be on a sports team to enjoy wearing athleticwear or athleisure. In fact, sporty looks can be worn by anyone, anywhere! Whether you like to go full-on sports girl with your attire or you like to incorporate a sporty piece here or there, in this article, you will find out just how to do it!

How to Dress Sporty for School Girls

Some of the benefits of wearing sporty clothing to school are as follows:

  1. You can be super comfortable while also looking cute.
  2. You will be prepared anything, whether an impromptu game of volleyball with your friends or dashing to your next class before the bell rings.
  3. You will be able to dress your outfit up or down as you need to.
  4. It’s a great way to show off some of your favorite brands!

Here are our top tips for dressing sporty for school:

  • Mix in sporty pieces with your regular clothes. Instead of going to school in head-to-toe Lycra, pair a jersey sweater with a jean jacket or skinnies with sneakers. You don’t want to overdo it.
  • Be mindful of your accessories. Pearl studs look super cute with crewneck sweaters but that crewneck sweater won’t look as cute with a glittery belt. Make sure that your overall outfit blends well together. (If you need examples of how to do this, we have 20 outfits below to show you!)
  • Check your school’s dress code. Leggings might not be an option for you. If they are, great! If they aren’t, then be sure to swap out your leggings for skinnies, jeggings, or other pants that look similar to leggings.
  • Don’t be afraid of bright colors. You can easily indulge your love for bright pinks or crisp reds by incorporating these colors into your sporty outfits.
  • Opt for fitted pieces rather than loose or overly tight pieces. A cute, fitted sweater looks much better than a sweater two sizes too big for you (unless you like that look, in which case, have at it!)

Keep reading to check out our 20 awesome sporty outfits to inspire you!

sporty school outfit ideas

↓ 20. Cute Sporty Outfit for High School Girls

This right here is probably the quintessential “it girl” outfit you think of when you think of sporty outfits. This girl has it all. The cute, black-rimmed Tumblr glasses. The cool blue sweater and the high-water jeggings. What makes this outfit so great for school is the baby pink Converse (which perfectly matches the heart on the sweater!) which keeps the look from being too sporty. Give this look a shot and feel free to have fun with it. If you would rather wear sneakers or want to switch out the sweater for a hoodie, the world is your oyster!

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (41)

↓ 19. How to Dress Sporty Casual

Here’s the deal: learning how to masterfully blend various styles and pieces to achieve an overall well-configured outfit is an art form. And it might take a little time to learn! But that’s okay. Outfit boards like this one give us a great advantage as they show us the individual pieces that make an outfit. And isn’t this a cute one?!

You might not have thought that pearl studs would pair well with sneakers but here they are! They totally do. If you love this look, then go ahead and give it a shot. You’ll need a baby blue pullover sweater, black leggings (or jeggings if your dress code allows it), a sporty watch, pearl stud earrings, and sneakers. This necklace is super interesting as the silver findings complement the silver earrings and pair well with these sneakers. The black and silver pendant pulls all the elements together. And there you go!


↓ 18. Super Casual Sporty Outfit for School in Summer

So we know we said avoid super baggy items but this look might be the exception. A fitted tank offsets the baggy sweatpants in a really cute, sporty way. Plus, if tank tops are not an option for you, you can always switch it out for a fitted tee. Add some black sneakers or Vans to tie the look together.

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (38)


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↓ 17. Sporty After-School Outfit

You might not be able to wear shorts to school but you can definitely pop them on for some after-school fun with your friends! Whether you guys hang out together to do homework or hit up the local library, this cute, sporty look will keep you looking and feeling amazing. We love this snake-print varsity jacket and matching tee, especially when worn with a girly high bun like this teenager rocks.

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (23)


And since we’re talking about varsity jackets, did you ever think about pairing yours with a super girly dress?! If not, why not give it a whirl? It’s an adorable look and shows how easily two very different styles can work together and create a stylish masterpiece! Accessorize this look with a bow scrunchie, sunglasses, and earrings.


↓ 16. Urban Chic School Outfit

Here is a great example of using bright colors in your sporty outfits. This cute sweater and sneakers combination is all about fun, eye-catching colors. (Again, be mindful of your school’s dress code! If shorts aren’t an option, try leggings or jeans.)

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (24)


↓ 15. Sporty Back-to-School Outfit for the Fall

Here’s how you rock a sporty look in the fall when the air just starting to get a little crisp.

Pair a gray jersey tee with a chambray shirt and gray joggers. Add a chunky knit infinity scarf and white Converse. You’ll be warm, super comfortable, and adorably chic. Last but not least, tie up your hair in a ponytail and add some Aviator sunglasses.

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (26)


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↓ 14. Business-Casual Sporty Outfit for Highschooler

Sometimes, a girl has got to show that she means business. And this fitted blazer does just that.

This outfit is best suited to high school girls, especially seniors and is a great option for those chilly autumn days. Pair a blazer or well-fitted suit jacket with a fitted knit sweater and jeggings. Take note of the single accessory which is a thick gold collar necklace (it perfectly ties in with the gold buttons on the jacket). Last but not least are some sneaker heels that dress down the look without making it too casual.

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (25)


↓ 13. Sporty Winter Look for Fashionista

Every now and then a girl likes to indulge her inner fashionista. Here’s a look to help you do that. It’s all about that cool gray coat, girls. It pairs incredibly well with some gray joggers and a white pullover hoodie. Add some trendy sneakers and voila. A plain silver collar necklace is all you need.

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (27)


↓ 12. How to Dress Sporty Like a Skater Girl

Do you love the carefree style of sporty skater girls? We do, too! To get the look for yourself, it’s all about balancing cute, fitted clothing with some baggier, less structured pieces. In this look, you’ll need a white graphic tee and some black joggers (points for fun, bright logos!). Add high-top Converse, a baseball cap, and sunglasses and you’ll be hanging with the skater crowd in no time.

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (28)


↓ 11.  Sporty, Business Casual Style for College Girls

For our college ladies, check out this ultra-stylish look! Let your confidence shine with a deep blue pullover, white button-down and pin-striped trousers! Keep it sporty and casual with some Adidas sneakers and add a crossbody purse to tuck your phone and wallet in. Note the simple accessories which include a couple of bracelets and sunglasses. That’s all you really need. Now go crush it!

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (29)


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You can also check out this video!

Step by Step Video Tutorial: Quick and Easy Sporty Hairstyles for School

↓ 10. Serious Business Sportswear for School

Here we have another college girl look that perfectly blends sporty with business-casual. All you need is a deep plum-colored suit, white turtleneck sweater, and little white sneakers to show everyone in town that you’ve got what it takes and you’re going to look good while doing it!

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (30)


↓ 9. Cute and Sporty Summer Outfit

Okay, how gorgeous is this ensemble?! We love the combining of floral trousers, little white sneakers, and a high-necked shoulderless top. Tie your hair in a low bun and add a backpack purse. So chic!

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (1)


↓ 8. Sporty Outfit for Middle School Girls

There is so much to love about this look! Simple but stylish, this is one you are going to want to try ASAP. Get yourself a white tee and tuck it into a pair of high-waisted shorts. (Add a black belt! It’s a simple way to accessorize an outfit.) For footwear, white sneakers (Adidas are super cute) look great, especially when paired with some tall socks. Braid your hair and call it a day.

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (31)


↓ 7. Leggings & Plaid for Highschool Girls

While rocking a bare midriff might not work for school hours, here’s an easily adapted look that is so adorable. Get yourself a long-sleeved white top and some black skinnies. Adidas sneakers and blue Aviators look especially cute with a plaid tied around the waist. Add a backpack purse and toss that hair up into a high pony. You are good to go!

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (33)


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sporty school outfit


Even a checked shirt with capris or rolled up jeans would do the trick if you know how to carry the look.


↓ 6. Girly Athleisure for School Wear

Once again, we see a stellar example of how to take different pieces to make a great look. This time, the pearl studs are complemented by a white hair bow (so cute!), leggings, a long-sleeved tee, and pink sneakers!

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (34)

↓ 5. Sporty Outfit for Game Day at School

We all know that certain brands like Nike and Adidas are most popular for sporty outfits. So at times when you can’t decide what to wear, you can simply resort to one of these brands. They can create some really cool sporty outfits that are ideal for game day or watching a sports event at school. Here are some more Chic Outfits to Wear with Beanies

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (35)


↓ 4. Sporty Outfit with Jeans for Winter

Another outfit for you to try this season is a dark gray, hooded vest with black leggings. So chic and a great option for college gals.

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (36)


If you’re looking for an edgier look, try ripped jeans with a leather jacket, a tee, and white sneakers. We also recommend that you have a look at these super-stylish Outfits with Leather Jackets.

↓ 3. All-Black Sporty Outfit for Highschool Girls

For this simple but ultra-sporty look, add a jean jacket if you get chilly or swap out the tank for a pullover sweater. A cute braided hairstyle is so chic and keeps you ready for any athletic event that may come your way.

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (37)


↓ 2. Neon-Colored Athleticwear for School

Combine your slate gray hoodie with light grey gauntlets and pair these blue leggings with neon sneakers to give your outfit a pop of color. A super-high ponytail is the best hairstyle for this look!

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (39)


↓ 1. Sporty Skirt Outfits for School Girls

For our last looks, we wanted to show you the last roundup of sporty outfits you can try ASAP. Do you love skirts but want to try and incorporate them into a sporty outfit? We have got you covered! Combine a white skirt with a turtleneck pullover and white sneakers for a chic, girly, and totally athletic outfit.

Sporty Outfits for School Girls (40)


Love a girly casual look? Get yourself some light blue skinnies and a knot a tank top at your waist. Add Nike sneakers and a mini backpack purse. Last but not least, grab yourself a cozy hoodie or even a teddy coat for those chilly autumn days!

How many of us just love a great baseball cap? Pair yours with a graphic tee, skinny jeans, and sneakers and you’ve got yourself a great tomboyish look, perfect for any casual occasion.

funky look for teen girls

Do you love a matchy-matchy outfit? Go all gray with this little ensemble featuring a beanie, gray sweater, and joggers, as well as Adidas sneakers!

cute winter outfit with adidas super stars

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