10 Cute Summer Outfit Ideas for Middle School Girls

The summer time is the best time of year for any school girl. Six weeks away from school, enjoying the heat and the great outdoors. But what should you wear for this time of year? What footwear is ideal for these outfits? This article has all the basic you need to create your own perfect middle school girl summer outfit.

Hair Styles for Summer

Braids and plaits are always a hair style favourite which are frequently seen throughout the year however they hold a bright and cheerful aura and thus are seen commonly in summer. Long, free flowing hair with a singular plait will create a simple style with a touch of detail. Or for a more structured look why not use braided buns and fishtail plaits? These can be quite formal but with the right outfit can bring a sense of sophistication to any age. image (via)

Simple Summer Clothing Styles
Floral prints are the obvious solution for any school girls summer outfit and why not? This print is seasonal, bright and works wonderfully as full print or even just a detail such as floral hemlines or necklines. This is apt for both dresses and tops and bottoms combinations. Try and keep fabrics breathable such as cotton and linen. These are lightweight fabrics and will keep you cool in summer. They are also easily washable as this can sometimes be a worry for some parents.

Other girl’s styles for summer include polka dots and block pastels. Pastels are fantastic for keeping outfits bright yet subtle. Primary colours will also keep outfits alive with colour but can sometimes be a little overpowering hence why pastel shades are a favourite.For those slightly chillier summer evening why not add a bolero style cardigan to your summer outfit? Short waist styles are in fashion this summer and chunky buttons add a feature and a hint of finesse.Why not also see some of the fashion ideas in 18 Super Cool Fashion ideas For Kids.

Summertime Footwear for Middle School Girls

Sandals are an essential summer shoe and for the schoolgirl, this is even more so. Fantastic for all occasions and suitable for all types of styles, sandals and flip flops are a desired shoe during the summer season. Why not choose sandals, flip flops or ballet pumps with floral decoration? This adds a touch of detail to your footwear and will match floral type attire beautifully. Simple low top sneakers are also a great summer option especially if you plan on doing a spot of walking or sightseeing if you’re off on holiday. They are durable as well as breathable so an ideal summer shoe.

The summer school girl has such a vast array of styles, dresses, footwear and hairstyles that it is impossible to list them all. I have focused on just a few simple basics to get you started. But why not have a look at the following images of this summer school girl styles and create, mix and match your own.

What to Wear at School In Summer Season

10 – Plaid/Flannel Shirts

summer outfits for middle school girls


9 – Tie-Dye Prints

summer outfits for middle school girls


8 – Knee Length Dresses

outfits for middle school girls


7 – Summer Hairstyle for School Girls


6 – Complementing Accessories

5 – Cute Frocks


4 – Refreshing Combination of Pink & Green


3 – Floral Dress

2 – Polka Dot Dress for School Parties


1 – Tees with Shorts

summer outfits for middle school



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