20 Best Butterfly Tattoos on The Internet That You Must Try

Best Butterfly Tattoos: Are tattoos still a thing? The answer is yes! Tattoos have not just been a passing trend but an evolving form of body art. We can agree that time has only made tattoos more symbolic and a reflection of something meaningful. More so, Butterfly tattoos have become the in-fashion it-girl new-talk of the modern yet classic approach to empower and acknowledge unspoken feelings and thoughts.

Butterfly tattoos have a spiritual value. More than depicting beauty and grace, they have symbolic meanings. The spiritual value behind a tattoo is different from person to person. But speaking of the metamorphosis of the butterfly, from a crawling insect to a beautiful flying creature, is truly inspirational. We often see women getting butterflies tattooed to represent their metamorphosis from a girl to a woman and eventually a step on the way to spiritual freedom. From delicate tiny species to big bold and colorful creatures, butterflies are one of the most versatile and beautiful creatures to exist. Their uniqueness and beauty on their own is just a symbolic representation of you owning your own beauty, so why not get them inked?

Which Butterfly Tattoo Should I Get?

Butterflies hold great value as they are considered to be a symbol of growth, change, and evolvement. It emphasizes the different changes one has to go through to see the beauty of it in the end. There is a gazillion of meanings behind getting this stunning creature tattooed and it looks impressive in any art form as you like.

The real question is that how can we make butterfly tattoos a symbol of expression yet very chic? From a fashion point of view, butterflies can be made highly creative and trendy, and at the same time holding symbolic value. So I say, wear those wings with pride!

Check out our take on butterfly tattoos that you can get in 20 beautifully balanced ways!

20 Best Butterfly Tattoos on The Internet That You Must Try

20 – Ankle Butterfly Tattoos

Get all boohoo and get a tattoo on that ankle that will match all the summer sandals. Not to forget the shorts that will go perfectly with the butterfly bling. Ankles are considered to be the best spot for elegant, subtle, and small designs. A slight worry is that it is also one of the delicate areas.

The icing on top is that this tattoo can be the wearer’s little secret and can be concealed for formal events. But this photo-catchy tattoo will definitely be insta-famous once you style it with all those summer outfits.  

20 Best Butterfly Tattoos on The Internet That You Must Try

19 – Wrist Butterfly Tattoos

Tattoos anywhere on the arm look extremely trendy. But getting one on the side of the wrist or the inner side of the wrist, especially a butterfly is aw-dorable! This area is visible and close to you all day long. The wrists act as a perfect canvas for getting a tiny design enough to not be so eye-catchy or something big and symmetrical the wraps around the wrist. Getting a butterfly on the wrist will be effortlessly noticeable and would go hand in hand with cute summer outfits. It can get a tad bit painful due to the veins closer to the surface, but it is unbelievably worth it!

18 – Ear Butterfly Tattoo

How much do we love wearing a tattoo as an accessory? I am hearing a big YES! Are you tie your hair at the top kinda girl? Get a butterfly or butterflies at the back of your ear. That’ll definitely give you a beautiful and balanced tattoo look. Believe me. A humble ear tattoo is a fine personal placement and can be concealed quite easily.

Once you tie up your hair in a messy bun or get hair summer hair dye and do yourself a high pony, style up with some hoops and all the studs; I’m telling you the tattoo is going to definitely be the style statement and look impressive. I’d say don’t go for too intricate designs as it is a sensitive area and might not hold the ink for too long. A little flying butterfly or two might be perfect for the first time.

20 Best Butterfly Tattoos on The Internet That You Must Try

17 – Collar Bone Butterfly Tattoo

All about showing off the collar bones beneath all those cute summer tops? Say goodbye to the bicep, the new chic place to get a tattoo is the collar bone. This spot was made popular by famous celebrities like Ruby Rose and Rihanna; collar bone being a daring yet delicate spot for confident women to get artistic. Highlight those sexy bones with a trendy butterfly tattoo that, sure, is going to give them a pop.

16 – Shoulder Butterfly Tattoo

Want a feeling as if you’re walking through a butterfly garden with one sitting on the shoulder? Show off your tattoo with spaghetti tops and off shoulders this summer. Add a little more feminine touch by getting a butterfly on your shoulder that’s only visible when you want it to be. It looks chic and beautiful! There are no rules, you play with colors and designs here, as long as you go to a reputable artist as it is one of the most visible areas. Keep a check on the quality of the ink and take care of the tattoo as sun exposure might fade it faster.

20 Best Butterfly Tattoos on The Internet That You Must Try

15 – Waist Butterfly Tattoo

Get an intimate butterfly tattoo on the side of your waist. Let it be low-key and make it high-key with one of those summer cropped tops and obviously swimsuits. Butterflies will definitely give you a cute feminine pop and represent a confident personality. Always go for the bold, sexy and beautiful!

14 – Finger Butterfly Tattoo

The finger butterfly is literally an accessory, just like a ring, or I’d say a cute nail color. A butterfly tattoo having all the symbolic meaning, will fill the hand with a beautiful design that will really stand out and make your hands look are gorg! Also, I’d recommend going for easy and tiny designs.

13 – Joint Butterfly

Just like a split best friend necklace, you can also get a split butterfly tattoo either sharing the other half with someone special or on another part of your body. It could be one half on each finger, that would join together to form a beautiful butterfly or anywhere else that can be joined together. This is not only unique but it’s going to hold a deeper meaning.

12 – Cluster of Butterflies

Confused? Why don’t you get closed opened, both, wing butterflies than just getting one after all? A cluster of butterflies represents harmony and togetherness and adds to the symbolic value of just one butterfly.

11 – Butterfly plus dragonfly/ groupings

Seen together in nature butterfly and dragonfly are a great combination to be tattooed. These two hold meaning that when seen together really compliment each other’s symbolism. Chic and feminine, these two represent traits of love and growth that make them beautiful.

10 – Floral Butterfly

What else than to see a butterfly with some flowers. Creativity has no limits and when it comes to butterflies, a little floral vibe wouldn’t hurt much, would it? Wings can be used as spaces to add in a little floral touch. It could be your favorite flower or your favorite color. Getting this would only make your tattoo more eye-catching! The combination would hold great value, as the Greek word for butterfly is psyche, which is the name of the Goddess of Love as well. So flowers that are used as an expression of love too, paired with the butterfly will have a profound symbolic meaning.

9 – Eye tattoo

Wanna go all deep and detailed? Butterfly eye tattoos are lesser-known as the sideways butterfly. The tattoo takes on an even deeper meaning. Like butterfly’s ink represent the soul, the eye gives a more profound look. It signifies the eye of the soul and gives a little tad of fierceness to the tattoo.

You’re unique in your own way and so should be your tattoo. Make your own symbolic meaning, whatever makes sense to you! Do research before committing to a creative tattoo, I’m sure it will turn out to be perfect.

20 Best Butterfly Tattoos on The Internet That You Must Try

8 – Traditional colored tattoos

Old school much? Looking for eye pleasing black bold lines and a bright color palette to go perfectly with your butterfly? Traditional tattoos go way back. The everlasting design includes vibrant ink and is a symbol of ultimate independence. Go for a traditional tattoo that includes a color palette of three to four colors and is unique in its own way. It is great for a first timer.

20 Best Butterfly Tattoos on The Internet That You Must Try

7 – Close winged

Depending on your personal preference. A closed wing butterfly shows a more settled state and mind whilst still signifying the attributes of beauty and delicacy.

6 – Open winged

The usual pretty and beautifully balanced butterfly tattoo is the open winged one that not only embraces grace at its bloom but also shows colors and symmetry in the tattoo. It looks great in every size and any part of the body plus it can be chosen from a ton of designs and patterns.

5 – Tiger butterfly tattoo

Looking for a ferocious ink adventure? Do you want feminine yet a tattoo of strength to go perfectly with your voice? Then go for a Tiger Butterfly tattoo that is nothing but powerful!

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4 – Tribal Art

If you are into ethnographic art or primitive art then get your butterfly tattooed with designs of the historical period. A tribal tattoo holds a lot of significance for its wearer and has a symbolic meaning of its own, that when it is incorporated with a butterfly becomes deeper. Together the meaning of the tattoo depicts rebirth, beauty, and good fortune. This simple ink looks anywhere on the body, but if you are looking for a bigger impact then go for larger canvas spaces on the body.

20 Best Butterfly Tattoos on The Internet That You Must Try

3 – Celtic Butterfly Tattoos

Another form of historic art, Celtic art, in which knots symbolize the eternal bond between two humans or nature. They represent unity and strength of the bonds that eventually are synchronized with the notions of grace and beauty.  

2 – Monarch  Butterfly

All the ladies that believe in the ups and downs of life and the essential transition to grow should also look at the option of getting a monarch butterfly. This is the only type of butterfly that does two-way migration, they know when it’s time to migrate back to survive.

These could hold a great deal of meaning. Plus the monarch butterfly is a timeless design and compliments are a guaranteed deal. It is one of the most detailed and intricate designs so make sure to look for a reputable artist.

1 – Butterfly Fairy tattoos

Do you believe in unicorns and fantasy? If so, what do you think of the butterfly fairy tattoo? These mystical creatures hold a great deal for people who live in their own world. And what’s bad about that? Get that inked boo!

20 Best Butterfly Tattoos on The Internet That You Must Try

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does butterfly tattoo symbolize?

A. It symbolizes beauty, grace, and growth. It shows the stages one needs to go through in order to be as beautiful as a butterfly in the end. Butterfly carries feminine traits, especially the metamorphosis, that is taken as a representation of the transformation from a girl to a woman.

Q. Why are butterfly tattoos so popular?

A. The reason why butterfly tattoos are so popular among women is many. They look chic and beautiful in many places where they are inked. It works well in situations and is accepted socially as well as professionally in most places, as long as it does not have very dark connotations.

Q. What is the best place to get a butterfly tattoo?

A. The shape of the butterfly makes it great to go anywhere on the body. Hence there is no specific place that you should get a butterfly tattooed. However, the wings make a great frame for bigger tattoos that can be done on the collarbone, lower back, neck, and bottom of your chest.

Q. Does it hurt?

A. Yes, I won’t lie, it does hurt. But it’s quite relative. Depending upon the tolerance of pain, it can vary from person to person. However, the beauty of the tattoo and the pride associated with it are enough to bear a little pain here and there. Do check our detailed guide on permanent tattoos.

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