22 Stunning Geometric Print Outfit Ideas

Geometric print outfits seem like a bold fashion statement and something people usually stay clear of. But geometric prints are still in fashion, and anyone can rock them with the right choices and confidence. 

So, it’s now the right time to hit the stores and fill your closet with geometric prints because why go with plain and boring clothes when you are an extra queen yourself?

How To Wear Geometric Prints?

One of the biggest trends this season has been geometric and structured shapes, patterns, and prints. We have seen it a lot on the international runways. Mixing geometric patterns and flaunting geometric prints in separates, dresses, and accessories is the current trend and since all the forecasters say it’s here to stay, you might as well master it.

Geometry might not have been your thing, but the good news is that you don’t have to solve for X to appreciate how cool geometric patterns are when printed on fabric.

Here are some awesome and bold ideas to inspire you to try the trend this season:

  • Pair Geometric Prints with Geometric Prints – opt for co-ord such as a crop top and pencil skirt in the same print.
  • Pair Them with Geometric Patterns – Geometric patterns are fast catching up with geometric prints. A pattern is something that is a part of a fabric or woven into the fabric.
  • With Plain Pants or Tops – A geometric print maxi skirt teamed with a plain top, or a plain black top paired with a geo print mini skirt can make for a breezy but fantastic day look.
  • Add Geometric, Minimalist Accessories – There’s something about perfect and delicate shapes that makes geometric accessories worth going after. Sporting the geometric trend with a geometric-shaped bag or clutch is always a good idea.

Now moving on to your perfect guide to help you wear geometric prints this season. we have selected a collection of geometric dress designs that might help you find your own special dress. We have compiled 22 ideas to help you style up in geometric prints easily and comfortably.

22 – Go for Funky Colors

If you like adding colors and funky elements to your wardrobe, geometric prints are the most fun way to do it. You’ll have to browse around to find the right colors for yourself, but the search will be worth the results, I promise. Dresses like these are perfect to be worn as birthday party outfits.

how to wear geometric prints


how to wear geometric prints


21 – Abstract Geometric Prints

Abstract prints are everyone’s favorites lately and geometric abstract prints are even better since they look cute on women of all age groups.

For an outfit like this on a beach day, keep your accessories natural like a bamboo or cane bag and wood earrings.


geometric print dress


20 – With Basic White Pants

Inducing subtle breaks of geometric prints to an otherwise plain look is the easiest way to accentuate your wardrobe without making a fuss about it. To tone down the geometric printed top, pair it with basic white pants. Use minimal accessories or none because your dress will speak on your behalf.

 Geometric Print Outfits


19 – Stunning Summer Look

Printed dresses are your friend whenever you’re in the mood to dress up and look fresh without being over the top. Don’t use too many accessories with printed outfits. This dress with black circles creates a stunning outfit for elegant appearances and the design would also look great as a poppy dress.

The style is suitable for special occasions like a dinner date outfit or for sightseeing in the city.


18 – Checkered Co-ord Sets

Want a fresh take on the familiar summer dress? A geometric print set like this is all you need. Dress it up or down according to the occasion and don’t be afraid of keeping it simple either. We love the versatility of this set in particular.

We love this look for a travel outfit, a weekday date, or even a lazy day in.

 Geometric Print Outfits


17 – Geometric dress with Slingback Sandals

Here’s a simple and chic work-appropriate outfit. Simple slingback sandals are the perfect mate for a busy geometric-print wrap dress. Add a clutch that can take you from day to night with ease. This outfit is perfect when you don’t want to try too hard but still want to look cute and presentable.

 Geometric Print Outfits

16 – Best in Black and White

Black and White’s combo never goes wrong and geometric prints look the best in this combination. Compliment your look by wearing subtle makeup, hair, and some statement jewelry. This beautiful mini geometric print dress is perfect for the summer, it’s super breathable, and you will look fashionable and feel comfortable throughout the day. 

15 – Geometric print Maxi Dress

A navy blue dress gets a modern upgrade with a white top in geometric patterns. This maxi design of the skirt is an alternative to the nautical dress and is suitable for late spring and summer weddings because of its casual but still elegant style. A look like this demands little to no accessories, so pair with nude heels and go for a natural makeup look.

 Geometric Print Outfits

14 – Geometric print Sweater Vest with White Button-down

If you’re looking for a Sweater vest that’s more versatile than any other, a classic black and white geometric print sweater vest is your answer. Accentuate your white button-down look with this sweater vest. Pair one with white joggers, or switch into your favorite heels for dinner that evening.

13 – The Bohemian Style

Be the fashion risk-taker and fill your wardrobe with prints. Try out the boho style. Tuck your shirt into your stylish skirt and use statement jewelry. A rough hair bun will really compliment your look.

This is the type of dress that combines boho and ethnic styles. The horizontal blue and red stripes create a balance with the striped geometric patterns. This outfit is perfect for summer days and you can style it with boho sandals in black.

 Geometric Print Outfits

12 – Striped Pants with Black Blazer

You can never go wrong with stripes. They look astounding and are perfect for any moment or time of the day. Stripes make you look like a boss who conquers the meetings during the day and parties in full swing at night. Despite her busy schedule, she still has her life in control.

Do try out these Striped Pant Outfits.

 Geometric Print Outfits

11 – Matching Geometric print Set

The geometric top features a keyhole button back, a boxy fit, dropped sleeves, and a cute square pattern. Pair this top with matching bottoms, or throw it on with your favorite pair of jeans. We can’t get enough of this cute geometric top! This hat is for sure stealing the limelight.


10 – Flowy Geometric Pants with Leather Jacket

Flowy pants scream ‘ease’. It’s the perfect way to look stylish without compromising on your comfort. Flowy pants with prints can add a touch of femininity to your wardrobe, so you can bring out your girlish charm with every outfit and accessory you wear.

Wear it with confidence and sunglasses for a day out in town.

 Geometric Print Outfits

9 – Fancy Sleeved top with Wrap Skirt

For special occasions, go with fancy tops with puffed sleeves or laced tops. Finding a skirt that’s the perfect length & not distressed is hard to do but this one right here looks chic and dressy. You’ll love trying this look if you love bold pieces and style options.

From the layered ruffles on the cream sweater to the ruffled, lemon yellow skirt, this outfit knows exactly what it’s trying to achieve and we are here for it.

 Geometric Print Outfits

8 – On Wednesdays, we Wear Pink

Look how gorgeous, badass, and feminine she looks. She is wearing a pink checkered blazer, a pair of pink pants, and a white button-down shirt. Square geometric prints look awesome paired with almost anything. Moreover, this look is made to pop even more by wearing the same color pointed-toe pumps.

 Geometric Print Outfits

7 – With Denim Jacket and a Black Shirt

Here’s a gorgeous outfit you can try wearing next time you have a date! If you aren’t looking for a chunky sweater outfit, this black top might be just the thing for you. Pair it with a square geometric print midiskirt and sneaky sneakers. For accessories, simple jewelry and a cute mini-purse finish off the ensemble. Here are some more stylish Outfits with Denim Jackets.

 Geometric Print Outfits

6 – Denim and Button-down Shirt Aesthetic

If you are looking for that perfect “It girl” aesthetic, look no further! This absolutely gorgeous outfit utilizes an oversized button-down, paired with a white crop top and mom jeans. The color combination here is truly fabulous. You could go for chunky sneakers, some nude heels, or a pair of booties. For accessories, simple jewelry, favorite shades, and a cute mini-purse finish off the look.


5 – Here’s What to Wear with Geometric Print Crop Top

The geometric Crop top print is a great addition to a comfortable and fun wardrobe. Pair these with black leather shoes and chunky accessories. For a summer brunch outfit, pair your crop top with loose denim pants and a statement necklace.

 Geometric Print Outfits


4 – With Pastel Pants and Heels

A white and white geometric print blazer paired with pastel pink pants looks super elegant, so ditch the formal dresses and go for this boss baby look instead. Style with black heels and pearl earrings for a beautiful weekend mood. Overall, the outfit is fun and edgy; anyone can pull it off.

 Geometric Print Outfits


3 – Polkadot Supremacy

Polkadots also come in the geometric print category and there is never a wrong time for a polka dots. The look and style of this outfit are perfect for someone who wants to look stylish but does not want to grab an overwhelming amount of attention.

The outfit does not need many accessories to make you stand out. Just style it with minimal jewelry, a pair of chunky black shades, and keep it simple.

Here’s another cute look created with a polka dot blouse.

geometric print outfits


2 – Pinafore Dress Aesthetic

This patterned pinafore looks so luxe and beautiful. It’s so different and equally gorgeous. It’s paired with a white blouse, and a black belt which ties in the whole look together. You can pair this outfit with high ankle boots or even combat boots. If you are going for the classy look, Chanel pumps or flats will also look great with this outfit. Here are some more tips on How to Wear a Pinafore Dress.

 Geometric Print Outfits

1 – Mini Houndstooth pattern Dress Styled With Black Stockings

A cute Mini Dress is every girl’s favorite outfit, especially for teenage girls or women in their mid-twenties. This is a special look for those young girls who want to make a style statement among their peers. In this look, a nice houndstooth pattern mini dress is paired with black stockings and shiny, pointed-toe pumps.

This look is accessorized with a black notebook clutch and a thin black belt worn on the waist to make it more sleek and stylish. Moreover, you can also wear some delicate pieces of jewelry with it.

 Geometric Print Outfits


Q. How do you mix patterns when styling outfits?

Looking stylish and staying on-trend can sometimes seem daunting, especially if you’re unsure how to mix patterns. But with just a few simple tips, you can easily create amazing outfits that are sure to turn heads. Let’s mix patterns for spring- keep these three rules in mind!

  • Match at least one color
  • Vary your pattern size
  • Pair a simple and complex pattern

Q. Why is the pattern called houndstooth?

Houndstooth pattern fashion has taken the fashion industry by storm. The word Houndstooth has its root in the eighteenth century and is referred to as the teeth of a hunting dog used by the ancient shepherds of Scotland. The shepherds of Scotland wear it as outerwear to face extreme weather conditions. Since the pattern was inspired by the structure of the dog’s tooth, so it has been named after it in history.

What does Geometric print mean in clothing?

Geometric patterns consist of repeated geometric figures like squares, triangles, and circles. These patterns can be printed on fabric, creating mesmerizing clothes like geometric dresses. Dresses with patterns are suitable for any special occasion and you can wear them every season, like a winter casual or beach wedding dress. 

Q. Are geometric prints in style?

The last year has been all about loud, statement prints and if there’s one trend that’s been doing all the talking, it’s the geometric trend. Color-blocked patterns that draw all the attention and cover every inch of clothing – that’s the geometric trend this year that’s taking over and we’ll be talking all about how you can wear it. 


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