How to Wear a Pinafore Dress? 22 Outfit Ideas

How to wear a Pinafore dress: Essentially, Pinafore outfits are decorative pieces of garment that are usually worn over a dress, blouse, or jumper. It’s always going to be collarless and sleeveless and almost looks like an apron.

They are essentially an apron that got widely famous in the 1800s. Most pinafores have button detailing on the straps and fall above the knees.

Pinafores were a child garment back in the days to protect the girls’ dresses from getting dirty; however, over the years, pinafores have become a fashion piece, and women have been rocking the pinafore look since then.

Pinafore Outfit Ideas

Coming in a wide variety of materials from cotton, corduroy, denim, or leather, these apron-like garments are a great way to add to your boring outfit. These simple yet fashionable pinafores come in all sorts of colors and look exceptionally beautiful in the fall months and help add a layer to your summer outfits creatively so you can stay warm while looking trendy.

Pair your pinafores up with a button-up shirt, or a cute blouse, or perhaps even a t-shirt or a sweater, and you are good to go. Add heels, flats, sneakers, or boots according to the weather and occasion. Stockings and boots paired with a sweater and pinafore look exceptionally cute for a fall look.

pinafore outfits how to wear a pinafore dress

Styling Tips

  • Take risks. Opt for Pinafores with a bit more pattern and make that the statement piece of your outfit. Keep the entire outfit simple and throw on a patterned pinafore to achieve the look.
  • A white blouse will look good with almost any colored or patterned pinafore.
  • Avoid wearing a brightly colored shirt with your brightly colored pinafore. You can get some ideas about the right shirts to wear with such pinafores from these Burnt Orange Outfits.
  • Make sure the pinafore fits you right at the waist as it starts looking loose and unflattering if it’s not well fitted.

↓ 22 – Corduroy Pinafore

We have a rust orange corduroy pinafore, paired with a white blouse with ribbon details at the front. Instead of opting for a plain white button-up, pair a similar blouse like this to add a bit more to your outfit or perhaps make it a tad bit fancier. Add a black cross-body bag as well as black boots to complete the look. If you’re a fan of corduroy fabric, then do check out these Corduroy Pants Outfits for Women.

↓ 21 – Trendy Pinafore

This is one of the trendiest pinafores I have ever seen, and they will soon be one of the trendiest styles in the coming months. Here we have a brown leather pinafore, with a deep v cut at the top and pleats at the bottom, truly transforming the entire look. Brown has been the hit color this year, and this is a great way to follow that trend. Pair it up with a white button-up, brown heels, and a brown shoulder bag, and you are good to go.

↓ 20 – With Thigh High Boots

As winter approaches, thigh-high boots will become your trendy new best friend. Style your boots with a black pinafore and a white shirt under. It’s a simple yet very fashionable look, and you’ll look so presentable and cute without even trying too hard. Here are some more ideas on Stylish Outfits to Wear with Long Boots This Season.


↓ 19 – For Plus Size Women

Plus size women can definitely try this look as it looks so flattering, in my opinion. Don’t hesitate to try a pinafore look this year. Pair a colorful pinafore with a white blouse and some black boots. These colors go together so beautifully with each other and will definitely wow everyone.

↓ 18 – Spring Pinafore Dress

This minty fresh color is perfect for the spring months. A white half sleeve turtleneck is paired with a mint pinafore and some brown boots. A big bag can be paired with this outfit to complete the look. Don’t forget to add minimal jewelry such as necklaces and rings to complete the look.

↓ 17 – Black Pinafore

This outfit is great for work as it’s not too casual and not too out there either. A black pinafore will take you a long way as it will go with almost anything in your closet. If your pinafore is plain, try pairing a patterned shirt under with your outfit to change things up a bit.

This introduces color and pattern to your outfit and spices things up a bit. Pair a cute bag and some heels or black flats with this look. If you like this look, check out these Outfit Ideas on How to Wear The Little Black Dress.

↓ 16 – Celebrity Style

Emma Roberts rocks a green pinafore with gold button details at the front. It’s such a simple yet cute outfit, and she’s paired it up with a striped shirt and some leopard print pumps, which I adore so much.

↓ 15 – Date Night Outfit with a Pinafore

Date night calls for something a bit more glam and dressier. This pinafore is super unique as it’s cut out at the top, has ruffled straps and pleated bottoms. It gives off a very different yet sexy vibe to the outfit.

You can pair up a plain blouse under; here, we have a pink one paired with PVC heels and a mini bag. The pinafore almost looks like a dress and adds so much to an outfit.

↓ 14 – For Fall

Pair a chunky knit sweater with a black pinafore this fall. These neutral tones look perfect in the chilly months, and you can wear stockings and rock some black boots with this look.

Accessorize with some sunnies, a bag for your essentials, and your everyday jewelry. You can always use an extra layer of warmth in the fall months, and pinafores are a great way to do just that.


↓ 13 – Casual Pinafore Outfit

Looking for a casual yet cute outfit? Try keeping the outfit very minimal. Black and white are colors that will look good no matter but look effortlessly casual at the same time too. A black pinafore looks perfect paired with a white shirt and some black stockings, and a pair of combat boots.

Add a beret to the outfit and some big hoop earrings to complete the look. I totally adore this look, and I think you should definitely give it a try this year!

↓ 12 – Patterned Pinafore

This black and white houndstooth patterned pinafore looks so luxe and beautiful. It’s so different and equally gorgeous. It’s paired with a white blouse, which has big puffy sleeves, and a black ribbon at the front, which ties in the whole look together.

You can pair this outfit with thigh-high boots or even combat boots. If you are going for the classy look, Chanel pumps or flats will look great with this outfit.


↓ 11 – Stylish Pinafore Outfit

This pinafore is so well fitted, it almost gives the illusion of a mini dress. The pattern is so aesthetic and pretty, paired with a white shirt and some boots. This look is perfect for a festival, carnival, or a cute day out with your friends.

↓ 10 – Blingy Pinafore Outfit

Who knew a Pinafore could look like a million-dollar bucks? Here we have an embellished pinafore with detailing at the bottom of the dress. You can pair this up with a white button-up and some black patent leather boots. This look is super cool, and you can accessorize it with a red bag and some retro shades.

↓ 9 – Denim Pinafore

I can’t forget about the denim pinafore. It’s the classic! The metal buttons and the cropped pinafore look great. You can pair this up with a white shirt and some nude pumps.


↓ 8 – Olivia Culpo in a Pinafore

Olivia Culpo is such a fashionista and can pull off anything. Here we have a patterned pinafore, paired with a long dress shirt and some long combat boots. This outfit is the perfect combo of dressy and casual. I would totally recreate this outfit, and you should too.

↓ 7 – Day Look with a Pinafore

If you are looking for an outfit for the daytime, we have got you covered. This nude plaid pinafore is the perfect pinafore for daytime and almost looks like a beautiful dress. You can easily pair this up with a white shirt, and you will be good to go.

She’s paired it up with a white Chanel bag and some cute sunnies. Don’t forget to add a watch and some layered necklaces to finish the look.

↓ 6 – Cute Pinafore Outfit

A beanie is always a great way to add a bit of cuteness to your outfit. Here we have a warm, beige jumper paired with a black striped pinafore, stockings, and beautiful boots. What makes it breaks the outfit is the beanie which is so big and totally matches the sweater.

The neutral color palette will look great on everyone, so it’s time you try this lookout.

↓ 5 – With a Button up Shirt

It has to be the chicest pinafore I have ever seen. This leather jacket looking pinafore is so edgy and unique. The zip, belt, and silver button detailing look amazing paired with a white striped button-up shirt. You will definitely make heads turn in this look.

Try pairing the outfit up with combat boots and a cute handbag.


↓ 4 – For Teenagers

A cute, comfy way to dress up is by pairing your pinafore with some white trainers and a white top. This outfit is so easy to carry and very breathable.

↓ 3 – Long Pinafore Dress

Pinafores can be long and short. Here we have a long one, which almost looks like a midi dress but is not. The two-button detailing is super cute and fashionable. And the skirt at the bottom looks so flowy and elegant.

This look is perfect for a business formal event or a work meeting. You can pair it up with black heels, and you are good to go.

↓ 2 – How to Wear Pinafore Dress In Summers

This beachy vibe pinafore is perfect for the summer. Blue and white are great summer colors, the shirt under the pinafore will be super lightweight, and so will the pinafore be. Pair it up with some sandals, and you can even add a straw hat to your outfit.

pinafore outfit

↓ 1 – Date Night Pinafore Outfit

A well-fitted pinafore dress looks identical to a dress and can double as one on your romantic nights out. Here is a black tweed pinafore paired with a fitted black shirt and some heels. The black with the tweed looks super sexy, glamorous, and stylish.

You can always add a pair of gold hoops or studs and rings to complete the look. It’s the tiny details on the pinafore dress that truly stand out, such as the fitting and the buckle on the straps in this one.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I style pinafores in the Winter?

A. Pinafores are quite easy to style as you can wear a thicker sweater under your pinafore and layer up under the pinafore. Next, you can add a shearling jacket or a faux fur jacket on top for extra warmth. Add stockings and knee-high boots with the outfit. To add dimension to your pinafore, you can add a belt. Don’t forget to accessorize with jewelry and a cross-body bag. If you need layering ideas for your pinafore dress, go through these Ways to Layer Your Clothes like a Pro.

Q. Where to buy Pinafore Dresses?

A. You can get a good range of Pinafore dresses from these brands; we’ve listed some of our favorites:

Zara denim pinafore dress

Shein Single Breasted Flare Hem Overall Dress

Boohoo V-Neck Cord Button Front Pinafore Dress

Asos vila dungaree mini dress

Q. Can adults wear Pinafores?

A. Yes, for sure! Pinafores are still used for uniforms for little girls; however, they’ve become a fashion trend among women: many influencers, models, and celebrities rock pinafores on a daily basis.

Q. How to style Pinafores in a way that you don’t look like a kid?

A. Pinafores have the inherent cute vibe to them; however, there are ways to work around it. And even if you style them, you won’t end up looking like a child. A great way is to opt for a fancier blouse with ribbon detailing, a pattern, or perhaps puffed sleeves. Moreover, you can opt for patterned pinafores instead of the usual grey or black ones to not look like a uniform either. You can also add heels to the outfit to really add a lot of glamour to the overall look.

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