20 Wine Tasting Outfits: What to Wear to a Winery?

Wine Tasting Outfits. The summer is not over yet, and if you haven’t visited a winery yet – the month of August is your last chance to indulge in this super fun activity. So call your friends, google the nearest winery and start planning your outfit.

A wine tasting is not only a super fun group activity for you and your friends, it is also a highly fashion-focused outing.

How Do You Dress for Wine Tasting?

You mustn’t underestimate the power of a good outfit when it comes to a special once in while outing such as this one. You want to be comfortable of course because you will spend most of your time in the sun. However, don’t forget about fashion – you might want to take a couple of pictures, or just elevate your experience in a way that only fashion can.

We have prepared a rundown of winery-appropriate outfits for you to choose from. So just keep reading and enjoy.

  • Don’t wear Heels: Naturally, wine tastings are outdoor events, therefore they are out in nature and heels are not the most appropriate choice of footwear.
  • Do Bring a Cross-body Purse: A wine tasting outfit must be one of comfort. Keep your hands free, by wearing a cross-body purse. It will keep all your essentials close whilst remaining maintenance-free. After all, you will need your hands to hold your wine glass.
  • Do Wear White: Although you might be compelled to stray away from white in your outfit because you’re afraid of getting yourself dirty – your thinking is all wrong as white outfits look beautiful in the winery pictures.
  • Don’t Underdress: You might be interested in wearing something on the fancier side, so you will feel as if you are having an elevated experience. Hence wear something classic chic; you will look fancy and have an opportunity to snap some unforgettable images for your social media as a bonus!
  • Don’t forget a hat: When planning your outfit, try your best to choose something that pairs well with a hat. Since you will be out in the sun, a hat will easily pair with your look will add to your comfort. Whereas an outfit that doesn’t go well with a hat will leave you constantly worrying about the sun being in your face, and nobody wants that distraction.

For Summer

22 – Go For a Casual Wine Tasting Outfit with a Black Romper

To start off the list, we have selected many casual outfits that would serve as great wine-tasting looks. The first one in this category is a super simple black romper outfit. It pairs great with a round straw hat, so you will be able to hide from the sun well when spending time outside.


21 – Go For a Cute All White Pantsuit Moment

Alternatively, you can try creating an outfit with all white. This look can be a romper outfit, or alternatively, you can just color match a white top and pants. This will give you the option of choosing a top with a cut and fit that suits your comforts best.


20 – Pair a Loose Grey Top and Pants with Nude Accessories

The color combination of grey and nude is still within casual fashion bounds, yet is elevated. For a relaxed stylish effect, combine a t-shirt and pants, both in a loose silhouette in a matching grey color. Next grab a round hat, purse, and sandals in a nude finish.

For more advice on styling all-grey outfits check out this article!


19 – Juxtapose Elegant White Co-Ord with Black Leather Accessories

In an effort to quickly create an outfit that would be fashionable attempt to juxtapose certain elements visually. For instance, a good option is to opt-in to an elegant white co-ord top and skirt. Next throw on some grungy leather accessories – like a purse and sandals.


18 – Go For a One-Piece Black Button Down Dress Outfit

As we gradually move towards more elegant options, we would first like to propose several which are still very simple to put together. Furthermore, this outfit is made up of a dress you most likely already have in your closet. It is a simple black button-down midi dress. Delicate attention to detail can entail matching a neutral hat to the buttons on the dress.


17 – Combine a White Floral Print Dress with White Accessories

Another option with a printed dress is super comfy and super cute. Find yourself the perfect maxi dress with a white floral print. Next match the white base color of the dress, in the shoes and accessories.



16 – Match a Nude Fringe Top to Nude Studded Sandals

Alternatively to the previous outfit, color can be added in a more subtle way. For instance, the addition of a nude top, preferably in a voluminous fringe silhouette will still add that color. Even without being a largely bright color. Not to mention a nude top gives you an opportunity to style some gorgeous studded sandals into the look.


15 – Create an Elegant Wine Tasting Outfit with a White Linen Set

Similar to the outfit above, this is an all-white option. However, it is far more elegant due to the textile on the clothes. Not to mention it is the perfect summer outfit, also due to the fabric. This linen set will be perfectly breezy therefore the perfect option for a warm summer day.


14 – Create a Casual Wine Tasting Outfit with a Pair of Jeans and a Fishnet Bag

Even while we are on the casual end of the spectrum, the outfits can have something special in them. For example, this look contains no special items – it is a simple combination of denim jeans and a white blouse. However, the addition of a very trendy fish-net bag makes it immediately exciting.


13 – Get Yourself a Maxi White Skirt for an Elegant Winery Appropriate Look

If you are looking for a winery-appropriate outfit that is slightly on the dressy side, this might be the option for you. Try pairing a maxi white skirt, with a white crop top. Finish the outfit off with a woven hat, and matching nude shoes.


12 – Rock a White Midi Dress

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, heels might be best to avoid on this occasion. Therefore, if you find yourself interested in wearing some sneakers, this would be the occasion to do so. In the case that you also wish to look elegant during this outing, try pairing it with a full midi or mini white dress. The contrast of an elegant full silhouette on the dress will make white sneakers look very cool.


Dresses like these also make beautiful wine tasting outfits for plus size women.

wine tasting outfits

Another all-white ensemble on this list is a wonderful option of midi or mini dress with puff sleeves. Similar to the previous outfits, this is very simple to put together. And yet you can expect to be very picture ready if you desire that.


11 – Try Out a Mini Checkered Print Dress

As we near the end of the list, and transition into outfits that are slightly more dressed up, expect to see an increase in prints. The first in this section is this classic and yet surprisingly unique-looking dress with a large black and white checkered print. Pair with brown or black accessories and shoes to complete the fit.


10 – Stay Comfy at Wine Tasting with a Sneaker-Dress Combo

Another way you can try wearing a floral dress to a wine tasting is with sneakers. It was already mentioned in this list several times – that sometimes depending on the weather and location of the winery, sneakers might be the best option. In this particular outfit, you can see how well they pair with a yellow floral dress.



9 – Create a Classic Wine Tasting Outfit with a Pair of White Jeans and a Black Top

Another casual option will have you pair some wide-leg white jeans, with a black top of your choosing. In this particular one, you can see a black cropped tank top, with a wide strap cut. Next, pair this with a hat or just a pair of black sunglasses to complete the look.

For more black and white summer, outfits check this article out!


8 – Orange Tops for the Autumn Palette

As we gradually move towards more bright and colorful outfits, we propose a slight addition of color according to the Fall palette. If you’re a lover of orange – this look is perfect for you. Match the color of your top to your sandals, whilst leaving the pants white. If you’re not a fan of orange color, try any of these outfit combinations for the Fall season.


7 – Get a Relaxed Cream-Colored Dress for a Laid-Back Wine Tasting Outfit

If you wish to go for a relaxed, almost lazy-like aesthetic for some wine time with your friends, this option is perfect for you. Stay in one color theme, in this instance a dirty cream color is perfect. Obtain a loose dress and pair it with some nude cowboy boots.

wine tasting outfits


6 – Pair a Black Floral Printed Dress with Nude Cowboy Boots

A perfect way to incorporate cowboy boots into your winery-suited outfit is by color matching it to the print on your dress. For instance, this outfit contains a gorgeous black dress, with a nude floral print. Simply wear cowboy boots in the same color as the flowers, and you are all set.


5 – Combine a Yellow Wrap Dress with White Ankle Boots

This shoe option is similar to cowboy boots, that we have mentioned throughout this article since they are a great shoe option for a wine tasting. These low ankle boots have similar positives, they too offer you a comfortable heel to we outdoors in. Pair with a yellow dress, with a floral print – preferably a print that contains white.


4 – Layer Like a Pro

For Winters, I recommend layering your dresses with a warm blazer of jacket for a stylish but warm look. Alternatively, you can also layer with a long coat.


wine tasting outfit


Romantic Outfit for a Wine Tasting Date

3 – Nothing Beats a Red Maxi Dress

Whether it’s your first date to the vineyard or your 100th, a maxi dress in red color will never be a bad idea.

wine tasting outfit


2 – Vibrant, Printed Maxi Dress

If you’re not in the mood for monochrome, a maxi dress in a fun print looks equally amazing!

wine tasting outfits


1 – Steal the Show in a Wine Red Polka Dotted Dress

This wonderful polka-dotted, red dress is the way to go if this wine tasting is also a special day for you and your partner.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you wear jeans to a wine tasting?

You can absolutely wear jeans to a wine tasting if that is something you want. We would recommend styling them with a thin flowy top to create some more flow in the outfit, especially if you are aiming to go wine tasting in the summer.

Q. Can you wear cowboy boots to a winery?

Although it is not recommended to wear heels to a wine tasting because of the location. Cowboy boots are that particular type of heel that will not cause you much discomfort at this particular location. This is due to the short fat heel that this shoe has, which will not make you uncomfortable in the dusty sandy trails of this location.

Q. What type of dress do you wear to a winery?

If you want to wear a dress, I would recommend to neither go for one that is too formal nor one that’s too casual. Tight fitted or bodycon dresses are also not recommended as you want something that is comfortable. So try to go for a flowy midi dress, sun dress or even an off-shoulder dress would be a good option.

Q. What shoes do you wear to a winery?

The simplest answer to this is – any comfortable shoes. If you’re most comfortable in sneakers, go for them. Otherwise you can choose any strappy flat sandals which look really good if you’re wearing a dress. If you’re visiting the winery in Fall or Winter then you can easily go for boots.

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