Aesthetic Outfits – 21 Aesthetic Types to Uplift your Style

Aesthetic Outfits. Diane Von Furstenberg said, ” Style is something each of us already has, all we have to do is find it” and we agree. Aesthetic outfits that aren’t only fashionable, but also match your personal style is the perfect way to uplift your style game. Our free-spirited hearts rejoice when we showcase our personality to the world and look stylish while at it.

2020 gave us a chance to discover and explore the uber comfortable cosycore aesthetic. But with the world finally opening up, 2021 has brought with it a new wave of fits that are all about sexy backs, scarf tops and minis. While top designers scrouge to bring back the fashion trends of the 80s-90s, when it comes to fashion, there is an air of experimentation. From celebrities to influencers, the ‘ootd’ trend has once again picked up the pace with people now sporting stylish aesthetic outfits for their day-to-day chores.

How to Choose an Aesthetic?

To figure out your clothing aesthetic, you first have to discover your personal style. And for that, you have to ask yourself some important questions – what do you like to wear? What makes you feel the most confident, beautiful? What are you comfortable in? What makes you feel stylish. And once you have chalked down a basic checklist of different types of clothes and styles that you love, then you can easily discover your aesthetic that caters and works just for you. Check out our list below of 21 popular types of aesthetics to take your style game to a whole new level.

aesthetic outfits

Tips to keep in mind while choosing an Aesthetic

  • Experiment. Try and test out different aesthetic outfits to know what suits you the best and makes you feel the most stylish and confident.
  • Comfort is the key. Don’t follow an aesthetic just because your favorite celebrity is flaunting it or it’s in trend. Follow your heart, discover your style, find what works for you cause when you like your outfit, you walk with confidence that is unmatched.
  • You can have more than one favourite aesthetic. Check out our list below and find what you love.
  • Don’t mix and match. While choosing an outfit, stick with one aesthetic. Be it spacecore aesthetic outfits, Y2K aesthetic or even grunge aesthetic. Choose whatever fills your heart with delight, and rock your outfit like the fabulous diva you are. If you need help with layering, do go through these Tips to Layer Your Clothes like a Pro.
  • Pick out colours and pieces of your favourite aesthetic and slowly build a wardrobe. You can start by adding jewelry pieces and accesories and then move towards clothing items of your favourtie aesthetic.
  • Most importantly, don’t forget to have some fun!

21. Y2K Aesthetic

Inspired by and covering the late 90s and the early 2000s, Y2K aesthetic highlights the infamous tech glitch and features futuristic prints in vibrant shades, low waist jeans, baby tees, and much more. An interesting blend of tech and pop culture from the early 2000s, Y2K fashion with its glitchy patterns, shiny accessories, bubblegum pink clothing and velour tracksuits have made a smashing comeback and is here to stay.

20. Cottagecore Aesthetic

Think floral dresses, picnics in the country, with a gingham print mat and hot tea in floral saucers. Romanticizing the easy and slow country life, cottagecore aesthetic is as dreamy as it could get. Super high on trend and tiktokers favourite, Cottagecore fashion is easy to pull off, super comfortable and can uplift your style in a hot second. For a cottagecore aesthetic outfit opt for a summer dress in soft florals or solid pastels, pair it with untamed hair, matching bandana and a book or picnic basket filled with fresh fruits and you’re ready for your beautiful country life.


19. Dark Academia

A popular aesthetic amongst literature lovers, dark academia fashion is all things poetic and scholarly. Revolving around gothic and greek architecture, literature, arts, and academics, this moody aesthetic has a curious whiff of mystery to it. Dark Academia fashion is heavily eclipsed with muted earthy tones and runs a beautiful palette of neutral and dark shades. A sophisticated aesthetic, dark academia is classy and elegant. Opt for classic pieces in neutral shades of browns in luxurious fabrics like cashmere, pair it with oversized jackets or coats, and some minimal gold jewellery to complete the look.

18. Soft Girl Aesthetic

Satin camisoles or romantic lace tops in pastel shades, wide-legged jeans or skirts in muted tones with chunky shoes, baguette bag and you’ve got yourself a soft girl aesthetic wardrobe. Brownie points for adding a soft glow to your pictures with beautiful clouds as the perfect backdrop for that insta-worthy post.


17. Grunge Aesthetic

To counter the mainstream fashion of the 80s and 90s, grunge aesthetic took its form in dark chunky combat boots, leather jackets, thick liner and band tees. Heavily influenced by the 80s underground music, punk rock and metal bands like Nirvana, Melvins, and Black Sabbath, grunge aesthetic outfits are splattered with dark shades of black, grey and coal. If you are an all-black lover with a heart for graphic tees then grunge aesthetic is the way to go. You can also go through our detailed post on Grunge Outfits for Girls To Try.

16. Baddie Aesthetic

Baddie aesthetic outfits are all for our badass girls out there. A Kardashian clan favourite, this super hot aesthetic is made popular by musicians like Doja Cat and Cardi B. Baddie aesthetic is an up-and-coming fashion trend that demands your attention. Think fitted dresses, leather pants, hair on fleek, contour that is done to kill and the attitude of a badass queen and you’re ready to rule the world.


15. Hypebeast Aesthetic

Are you a perpetual patient of FOMO? Do you love being up to date with the latest fashion trends? Do you just ‘have to’ get that trendy shades or that Zara dress everyone is wearing? If your answer is a resounding yes, then you are a hype beast aesthetic girl. Hypesbeast aesthetic is simply when you switch your style according to what’s in fashion.


14. Minimalist Aesthetic

Loud, bright and flashy ain’t your style? Is less more for you? Then you might just be a minimal aesthetic girl. As the name suggests, minimal aesthetic is a clean, non-fussy and simple style of fashion. Monochrome outfits, minimal jewelry, fresh, dewy skin, clean hairdo and you’re ready to flaunt your minimal aesthetic. Here are some more ideas on Minimalist Outfits for Winter.


13. Softcore Aesthetic

Having some resemblance with the Kawaii aesthetic of japan, the softcore aesthetic is perfect for those who love everything, cute, feminine and glossy. Softcore aesthetic outfits are usually in the shades of pink with glossy lips and cute hair clips.


12. Spacecore Aesthetic

For the lovers of stars, moons and everything astronomical, spacecore aesthetic is the perfect choice to take your style game up a notch. Heavily influenced by outer space, galaxies, and the universe, spacecore’s colour palette oscillates between, midnight blue, silver, greys and blacks.

Spacecore aesthetic outfit

11. Bohemian Aesthetic

For all our Coachella beauties, Boho Aesthetic is here to quench your thirst for some Coachella glamour without having to wait for it. Boho Chic is the way to go when you love everything flowy, vibrant and hippie. The bohemian aesthetic is super comfortable and is super high on-trend. Take some colorful prints in flowy fabric, pair it with layered oxidised silver jewelry, beachy waves or a bandana and to complete your look, opt for a trendy fringe bag and you’re ready to rock that aesthetic outfit.

10. Vintage Aesthetic

The beauty of the era gone by is the vintage aesthetic. For the old souls and retro lovers, the vintage aesthetic is one of the most beautiful fashion aesthetics out there. Vintage fashion evokes emotions, a sense of nostalgia for the time that was. Be it retro fashion, old Hollywood glamour or even the beautiful time of Jazz and some blues, find whatever satiates your old soul and build your dream wardrobe with some classic cuts, period pieces in luxurious fabrics or vintage prints.


9. Regencycore Aesthetic

There is nothing like classic, period pieces for an elegantly regal look and we have Bridgerton to thank for this royal and feminine aesthetic. Imitating the royal, regency era of 90th century London and made popular by Netflix Original Briderton, the Regencycore aesthetic is your chance to turn into Daphne Bridgerton. Think corset gowns in dreamy pastels, flattering empire waist, and statement pearl and feather headbands and you are ready for your debutante.

8. Emo Aesthetic

Made popular in the early 2000s, emo aesthetic has been a part of the fashion world for a while and is inspired by the music bands like My Chemical Romance, Paramore, The Disco and lots more. Eclipsed by the shades of black, Emo Aesthetic finds some similarities with the grunge aesthetic as well. For an emo aesthetic look, opt for a black tee pair it with black jeans, and accessorise it with thick black liner to complete the look. For an even more intense look, try black lipstick and make heads turn.


7. Indie Aesthetic

All about expressing one’s individualism, Indie Aesthetic oscillates between bright colours, oversized hoodies and jeans with small and cropped tops. Indie Aesthetic is influenced by the 90s and early 2000s fashion and has a colourful almost childlike cheerful vibrancy to it. Promoting the essence of the free spirit, Indie aesthetic is a super cool and fun way to uplift your style game.

6. Artsy Aesthetic

Creative, colorful and artistic, Artsy Aesthetic has a variety of branches of styles and is dominated by vibrant shades, stripes and loose fitted pieces. Featuring painted tops and shoes with Van Gogh’s sunflowers or starry nights paired with suede skirts or denim, Artsy aesthetic found its roots in the Arthoe aesthetic that is connected and made popular by the LGBTQIA+ community and the women of colour. For a Tumblr-worthy look, pair your painted top with loose-fit denim, and a tote bag and you’re good to go.

5. Mermaid Core Aesthetic

2021 runway saw a resurgence of pearl and shell accessories with mermaid-inspired pieces grabbing the attention of the fashionistas. As the designers dive into the nautical mood, the fashion world is seeing a wave of mermaid aesthetics with a love for sea queen fashion. From Burberry’s shell-like capes and aquatic prints to Versace star-fish incrusted bra-tops, the mermaid core aesthetic is for all our beach beauties out there.

4. Princesscore Aesthetic

Also known as the royal aesthetic, princesscore aesthetic is a more sophisticated, elaborate and royal version of the regency core. Inspired by the life and attire of the princesses, Princesscore Aesthetic features long, elaborate dresses, gold jewelry, and crowns encrusted with precious stones. This aesthetic is often dominated by luxurious flowy fabrics like silk and organza in the shades of soft pastels, cream or rich gold.

3. E-girl Aesthetic

Originating from the gaming world and having a resemblance with the anime and cosplay realm, E-girl aesthetic has found popularity through Instagram and TikTok. Featuring dual-colored hair, exaggerated makeup, mesh clothing and a choker, E-girl Aesthetic is trendy, edgy and will raise your hotness meter in a hot second.


2. Normcore Aesthetic

Normcore aesthetic is all about comfort fits and classic pieces that are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Think mom jeans, sneakers, oversized jackets in a neutral palette with basic shirts and blouses. Drawing inspiration from 00s sitcom fashion and casualwear, Normcore aesthetic transcends time and will always be a comfortable yet trendy aesthetic. Go back in time and find some OOTD inspiration from some famous sitcoms like Seinfeld, Fullhouse, or everyone’s favorite – Friends

1. Ethereal Aesthetic

Soft, glowy, princess-y, dainty and something so delicate and pure that it looks out of the world is exactly what an ethereal aesthetic is. Inspired by the fairy world, the ethereal aesthetic will remind you of the beauty of angels and fairies. Vastly dreamy and beautifully feminine, ethereal clothing style is all about flowy dresses, flower crowns, dewy skin and dainty jewelry.

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