Women’s Fall Colors – 21 Best Colors to Wear this Fall

Women’s Fall Colors: Fall season has officially begun! It is time to say goodbye to your summer crop tops and dresses and prepare for the chilly weather that autumn brings. It’s safe to say that not only are the leaves and temperature changing but so are the wardrobe styles and color palettes.

The shift in season comes with its own set of questions. What do I wear? Which colors should I go for? What is trending this fall? The confusion is endless. While adapting your clothing with the latest season trends is not easy, it is also not that complicated once you have a good place to start from. And this is exactly why we at Outfit Trends have compiled this article to help you solve all your fashion-related problems and give you a clear idea of what you need to do this season.

What Colors To Wear In Fall?

Fall fashion is not rocket science. There are no strict rules and getting a basic understanding of the stuff in trend is not at all hard. The most important aspect of the fashion style this season is color. Your wardrobe, accessories, and makeup’s color tones are what will make or break your look. Since it is getting colder by the day, you also need to know how to layer the right way. Here are a few colors trending in all the major fashion weeks and being followed by celebrities this fall:

  • Yellow
  • Mustard
  • Orange
  • Different shades of red such as burgundy, ember, and maroon
  • Navy blue
  • Shades of green such as olive green, emerald, and turquoise
  • Rose pink
  • Gray

Keep in mind that you do not need to necessarily incorporate each and every fall color in your outfit. Your outfit should look effortless and well put together at the same time. We can bet you already have all the colors you need this season lying around in your closet. All you need is a little style inspiration to design your outfit and we are here to do so! We have rounded up a list of 21 fall colors and styles you should definitely take a look at and follow.

↓ 21 – Cool and Fabulous

We love a cool shade of brown and this soft satin mini dress fits the bill nicely. This rosy almost-taupe shade is utterly mesmerizing and embodies a subtle nod to fall coloring without being in-your-face about it. For this look, an oversized denim jacket can be just the thing you need to stay relatively warm and also adding the perfect layering piece. Finish off the look with booties or even thigh-high boots if it’s a chilly day!

fall colors for women


↓ 20 – Camel Brown

A soft, inviting shade of camel brown is always a treat for the eyes. And never so much as during the fall. You can take a black-and-white ensemble and instantly bring new depths of season-feelings just by adding a piece like a camel brown blazer. We love this balloon-sleeve top paired with vegan leather shorts and cute pumps. A tailored blazer is the perfect pièce de résistance to complete this utterly chic look! Here are some pro tips on How to Style Camel Coats.

Camel Brown for women


↓ 19 – Charcoal Gray & Deep Green

Do you have a favorite charcoal gray or deep green top? Pair it up with a denim skirt for a super simple go-to fall outfit you whip out on a warm autumn day. You can choose to bring it to the next level with some black ankle booties or even burgundy ballet flats. A long, loosely styled hairdo really adds the finishing touch to this look. Pro tip: paint your nails a coordinating hue of deep red to tie it all together.

fall colors for women


↓ 18 – Navy Blue and Mustard Yellow

A less traditional but absolutely lovely fall color combo is navy blue or deep purple with mustard yellow. This particular maxi dress features other fall-approved colors as well like brown, russet, and orange. The little wood-style crossbody bag also brings extra warmth to the look. We are in love with this ensemble and think it perfectly displays a fresh take on a classic look.

fall colors for women


↓ 17 – Colorblock Cardigan and Olive Booties

An easy way to bring fall colors into your wardrobe is with a cardigan. You can throw a cardigan on and achieve an instantly more “autumnal” look, given that it’s in one of the more recognized fall colors. This lovely color block cardigan does the trick nicely. Wear it over a long-sleeved tee in a corresponding color with your favorite jeans and some olive booties and you’ve got yourself a cute and stylish look.

 Colorblock Cardigan and Olive Booties


↓ 16 – Warm Browns

Nothing is more quintessentially FALL than the various shades of warm browns we see here. This lovely combo of a cardigan, rib-knit top, and a midi skirt is absolutely chic and gorgeously feminine. Pair with heels or flats and keep your makeup on the natural side.

Warm Browns for women


You can also create some classic Fall looks with a plaid, rust-brown blazer like this one:

women fall outfits


↓ 15 – Burgundy

Easily one of the hottest colors for this season is burgundy. You must have seen plenty of celebrities wearing this color and there is no reason why you should not. Here is an example of an all burgundy look with a matching blazer, crossbody bag, and boots. If you do not want too much of this color you can simply wear a burgundy colored top or jacket with black pants.


best color to wear in fall for girls

↓ 14 – Can You Wear Green in Fall?

Greens look great in this season whether it is teal, emerald green, or olive green. This is one simple look with a matching shirt and heels to make the color really stand out. Perfect for casual wear. Check out these 20 Latest Fall Fashion Ideas for Girls.


↓ 13 – Fall Accessories Colors For Women

No outfit is complete without accessories. Your accessories should complement your clothing and not look out of place. It is best if all your accessories are matching with each other such as does this brown scarf, bag, and boots.


Another awesome must-have Fall accessory is a shawl since it can give the coziest Fall vibes to any outfit.

women fall colours


↓ 12 – Wedding Colors

As the chilly weather is approaching, all the long coats and jackets are making their way. One of the best coat colors in camel brown and it looks fantastic when paired with a black shirt. Here are the 19 Best Winter Dresses for Wedding.


For the bridesmaids, red, burgundy, and maroon are always great Fall favorites.

fall colours for bridesmaids


colours for fall weddings


And if you’re attending the wedding as a couple then nothing beats royal blue. You can easily coordinate it with your partner’s outfit or even spice it up by mixing with more awesome Fall colors like yellow.

fall colours for girls


↓ 11 – How to Wear Stripes in Fall

If there is one style you can follow regardless of the season, it is stripes. Try to incorporate your favorite Fall colors with the striped outfit to look fashionable and chic. Check out these fabulous Striped Shirt Outfits.


how to wear stripes in fall

↓ 10 – Seventies Inspired Look

Metallic sweaters are the talk of the town these days. You mostly see them in gold or silver but since it’s fall, you might want to get yourself a brown one as they look super cool! Navy blue and yellow sweaters also look pretty good. Do check out these 25 Celebrities All Black outfits Styles for Fall to Copy.


↓ 9 – Fall Outfit Colors For Day Wear

If you want a soft and subtle look for your day events, teal is your color! You can wear coats and blazers in light shades of turquoise to look cute and stylish.


↓8 – Floral Prints

Do not put your floral clothes away just yet! Who says you can’t wear flowery prints in autumn? Here is a major style inspiration for you to see how these prints work just as well in fall too. Here are 20 Ideas How to Style Floral Skirts.


fall outfits for girls

↓ 7 – Best Jacket Colour for Fall

For those who love to make a style statement, this color is for you. It is bold and looks absolutely stunning on every skin tone. You can wear a red jacket with a white shirt and black pants to balance out the look.


↓ 6 – Yellow Sweatshirts

Love yellow? Don’t miss out on these 14 Chic Ways to Wear Yellow outfits.


↓5 – Best Pastel Colours for Fall

Guess what? Your summer outfits do not have to be uselessly lying around until next year. You can make it suitable for fall by adding a good blazer and accessories such as boots. Here are some beautiful pastel-colored outfit ideas for Fall. And here are 18 Cutest Pastel Outfit Combinations and Ideas to Wear Pastel.


fall pastel colours


↓ 4 – Rich Dark Blue

If you want to go somewhere formal or look professional, dark blue is the best color for you. This color, when paired with brown, gives you a perfect sophisticated look. Here are some Cobalt Blue Skirt Outfits that we’re drooling over this season!


↓ 3 – Plaid Scarves

Your scarves usually add the finishing touch and make your outfit look complete. So make sure it is Fall appropriate such as these checkered scarves in all the best Fall shades.


best fall colours for girls


↓ 2 – What Color Shoes to Wear in Fall

Shoes to wear in the fall include boots with or without heels and sneakers. Sage, brown, and maroon usually stand out among other colors. Have a look at the 20 Best Fall Clothing Fashion Tips.


↓ 1 – Best Fall Color Clothes for Outdoor Pictures and Photoshoots

Fall is the perfect time to get photos taken outdoors, whether it’s a casual photoshoot or some everlasting family photos. There are lots of styling options but some of the best ones for women include tartan patterns with ripped boyfriend jeans or black skinny jeans as these textures go really well together and add variation to photos. Moreover, tartan and plaid prints are timeless classics so they never get out of style even if you look at these pictures after decades.


It might seem cheesy but it’s super fun to wear coordinating (notice, we didn’t say matching!) plaid shirts for a photo op. Whether it’s sisters getting together or childhood girlfriends, these looks are not only super autumnal but they are color-approved as well!

fall colors for pictures

Viafall colors for pictures

Viafall colors for pictures


Frequently Asked Questions

We always like to include some frequently asked questions in case we missed anything on our topic. Check out these frequently asked questions about what colors to wear in the fall and what colors are currently trending.

Q. What colors can you wear in fall?

A. As it turns out, you can wear most colors in fall! We are all accustomed to the typical shades of brown, red, orange, and yellow… so mixing it up with some deep blues, forest greens, charcoal grays, or even black-and-white combos with a pop-of-color piece can really give you a fresh take on typical fall colors.

Q. What colors are in style for fall 2020?

A. It just might surprise you but runway fashion is, as always, the official trendsetter and style establisher for the masses and the runways have spoken. According to them, the colors in style for fall 2020 are:

  1. Green (specifically chartreuse, mint, and olive)
  2. Sorbet pink (think pastel)
  3. Earth tones
  4. Head-to-toe black
  5. Slate gray

If any of these feel too “out there” for you, try incorporating a piece or two into your wardrobe, or even adding an accessory in one of these colors to your normal fall ensemble.

Q. What do women wear in fall?

A. For great ideas on what women wear in the fall, simply look through our curated picks to find a look that best suits you! From leather skirts to plaid scarves and velvet coats, women can wear any number of things during the fall. It all boils down to how you style them.

If you want to be the center of attention and have your outfit liked by everyone, the main thing to remember is to choose the right color combinations and carry it well. Do not try to fit every style in one outfit. Choose something you are comfortable in and we are sure you will rock that look. Do not forget to give us your feedback on this article in the comments section!

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