How to Wear Footless Tights ? 22 Styling Tips

Want to ditch jeans for the day? Footless tights are your thing. Comfy, chic, and stylish, tights offer a lot more than just looks. Pair them up with shirts, skirts, dresses, or sweaters and there you have it, a stunningly unique outfit.

With a variety of different colors, patterns, materials, and styles, tights are your perfect go-to article in your wardrobe. Mistaken for the concept of not making an outfit look chic or even stylish, tights can be tricky when it comes to that. But they can add a modern hint to your everyday attire and turn it into a completely different look when styled and paired with the right items from your wardrobe.

Outfits To Wear With Footless Tights

Need tips on what to pair your tights to make a perfect outfit for the day? Here are ideas to rock that pair of tights without looking frumpy. Time to play dress-up!

  • These tights can exclusively be worn with your preferred skirts, sweatshirts, coats, jackets and I believe it goes with every piece from your wardrobe, isn’t that amazing?
  • The donts of wearing them are never going out without thoroughly checking your tights for any damage or tear since some of them are quite delicate and can easily be torn. That will definitely ruin your whole outfit for you that day!
  • Never forget about your go-to color combinations. If you want to stand out in a crowd, invest in vibrant colors and if you are a fan of pastels or neutrals, buy some basic neutral colors.
  • You can also make use of all the socks that have been in your closet for ages, they’ll look great paired with different tights.
  • You can wear these in every season, yes you heard me. In summer, when the heat is unbearable decide on tights that have low thread count and are lightweight, similarly opt for tights that are warm enough to keep you from catching a cold in winter!
outfits with footless tights

22 – Snaked Tights  

Some prints are just breathtaking. These tights are for all the gymaholics, Invest in a pair of stunningly printed spandex tights, and you can lift some dumbbells whilst looking and feeling great. Complete your outfit with either trainer shoes for the gym or cool uggs like these for a shopping spree with your best friends. Here are some more of my favorite Animal Print Outfits for Women this Season.


21 – Hoodie pairs

Need something for a casual stroll? Pair up your favorite pair of tights with a hoodie, a sweatshirt, or a t-shirt and you’re good to go. A comfy outfit for any time of the day. Accent your look with a pair of Jordans or converse, do a messy bun, and voila! Here are some of the Best Shoes to Wear with Tights.

18 best Footless Tights Outfits (15)


20 – Plaid Raid

A plaid shirt is a common article every girl owns. Experiment with bolder colors of tights with your plaid shirts to get a chic outfit for a day at work or a weekend brunch. Accessorize your outfit with a pair of dangling earrings and a nice watch. Your outfit will be the talk of the town for a good period.

18 best Footless Tights Outfits (10)


19 – Wrap Around style

Nothing would look better than a pair of tights and a denim jacket wrapped around the waist. A graphic t-shirt tucked in or a cropped top worn with a pair of ankle boots or a pair of casual sandals. Adorn your hair by giving them cute beachy waves and put on any of your cool sunglasses. It’s every bit perfect in every way for an afternoon outing with the girls!

18 best Footless Tights Outfits (7)


18 – Denim magic

Ditch your regular pair of jeans for tights to pair with denim shirts or tunics for that chic, simple country outfit. Denim never disappoints, if you have on an oversized denim shirt tie a belt over your waist for a neat touch. Enhance your attire with a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of Chelsea boots. Here are some Cute Outfits To Wear With White Tights/Leggings This Season.

18 best Footless Tights Outfits (9)


17 – Elegantly chic

There are plenty of ways to style different kinds of off-shoulder tops with a variety of tights. Make your evening outfits even cozier and elegant by donning a pair of leather leggings with an off-shoulder top. Go clubbing in stylish yet comfy attire. Have a look at these ideas on how to wear Patterned Leggings.


16 – Split-Hem


Aren’t these split-hem tights a work of art? Not to mention so stunning. These tights have chic and vogue written all over them, you can wear them to your office lunches or fancy dinners. We have these sorts of tights in many options, from different fabrics to different styles. High heels and a neat ponytail would be the best combination. You’ll look like a showstopper from head to toe.

15 – Blazer Charm

Be it a day at work or a night out with the girls at the club, don a stylish blazer with your favorite pair of tights for a sophisticated outfit. It can be a printed, peplum, cape, or any other blazer. If you want to try something new, think of attire with a gorgeous skirt over sheer tights and a blazer completing the entire ensemble. Complement your outfit with some dainty earrings or a statement necklace and you’re good to go. Here are some of my favorite Outfits with White Blazers.

18 best Footless Tights Outfits (2)


14 – Cosy day out

Comfort and capes go hand in hand. Capes are the thing! Turn your casual attire into an even more stylish one by pairing a long cape with a pair of tights. Accessorise with a fanny pack or a cross-body bag. Don’t forget to dab on some mascara and a lip tint. Perfect for your casual day out in the city. Your me time just got interesting and cozy.

18 best Footless Tights Outfits (16)

13 – Vest it up

Who said vests were old news? They are still in. Bring out the edgy side of you by donning a tuxedo vest over a plain shirt worn with tights. This look lies perfectly between the line of formal and informal. A little experimenting never hurts, does it? Tuck in your shirt for a more business-appropriate look and wear a blazer on top. Last but not the least, put on your prettiest court shoes or stilettos. Here are some Stylish Ways To Style A Sweater Vest This Year.

18 best Footless Tights Outfits (8)


12 – Date night

Upgrade your usual date night outfit by adding a pair of tights and some boots to a dress. Doesn’t it give you slayer biker vibes? Opt for monochrome attire. Top the look off with a delicate necklace, some earrings and curl your hair to complement your perfect date night outfit

18 best Footless Tights Outfits (4)


11 – Furtastic

Opt for a flattering night out look with a pair of tights and a fur blazer jacket. Stay warm and in form. Absolutely nothing can go wrong with a pair of leather tights and your favorite fur jacket. You can always go for a fur coat as well as an oversized one, a little fur never hurts anybody. Experiment with tan tones and monochrome. A pair of high-heeled boots and a statement necklace will be all to put your favorite outfit together.

18 best Footless Tights Outfits (5)


10 – Velveteen


Ahh to own a piece of velvet is the ultimate bliss. These super adorable and cozy velvet tights are much-needed this winter. Paired with a turtleneck or a sweater are some alternatives, wear an elegant and plain silver necklace along with cute ear studs for a more semi-formal look. This will become your go-to look this winter.

9 – Baggy sweaters 

Looking for stylish attire with tights without looking like a slob, add a touch of glam to your everyday fall look by ditching a pair of jeans for some leather tights worn with a baggy sweater. Wear a cropped top or a camisole beneath it. Style the outfit the way you want to, tucked in or complementing it with a belt. Don’t forget to style your hair, and put on some makeup. Comfy and chic.

18 best Footless Tights Outfits (11)

8 – Bomber Game

18 best Footless Tights Outfits (17)

Whether you’re going to the gym or simply dressing like it, a bomber jacket layered over a tee and a pair of tights is a quick way to achieve a cool, off-duty look. Gigi Hadid shows perfectly well how to elevate your comfy style game. Besides Hadid sisters are one of the trendsetters of the fashion industry. Super cool combat boots or ankle boots would look stunning with this combination as well, try them out!

7 – Leather Tales

Leather can make everything and anything look better. Especially when it’s about a pair of tights. Pair it up with a crop top, a cropped sweater, or just a hoodie, and take your athleisure style up a notch. A leather jacket along with chunky platform shoes would be an addition that’s too tempting to resist.

18 best Footless Tights Outfits (18)

6 – Puffer Affair

Elevate your plain all-black tights and t-shirt outfit by pairing it with a puffer jacket to complete the look. Make them look even more stylish with a pair of converse or jogger shoes. Wear an oversized puffer or a puffer vest, a full-length puffer coat, or a faux leather puffer jacket. I’d guarantee you’d look flawless nonetheless. Adorn your ensemble with a watch or a charm bracelet, earrings and let your hair loose. What else could make a chilly afternoon better, right? Don’t forget to check out these 20 Ways to Wear Black Tights.

18 best Footless Tights Outfits (14)

5 – Neutral Shades


I live for neutral colors. Whether it’s a neutral or a pastel coat, a shirt or bottoms, I’d buy them without a second thought. This outfit is the ideal attire for fall. It’s so simple yet so enticing. You can pick and choose your fave neutral tights and pair them with a baggy sweatshirt, a turtleneck, or a t-shirt. Add to the outfit with a pair of converse or a pair of sandals.

4 – Pop of Colour

Who says you can only wear black, white or grey tights? Add a pop of color to your club night attire with bright-colored tights to make you the limelight of the night, get it? As for your shirt, go for a ruffled one or a peplum or anything fancy. Paint your nails in a lovely neon color. Complement your look with a pair of dangling earrings and have the sophisticated outfit every girl dreams of and be the life of the party!

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3 – Patterned Beauty

Embrace the printed tights style by pairing your favorite pair of patterned tights with pastel-colored shirts or blazers. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your patterned pair of tights as long as you are pairing them with plain shirts or tunics. Keep your look simple and elegant by topping it off with a statement necklace or a bracelet. Choose either ankle strap or slingback heels to go with the attire.


2 – Metallics

Want to experiment with your tights’ style? Don a pair of metallic tights with a plain button-down or plain shirt to take your style game up a notch. These metallic tights are everything, keep your other accessories dainty and minimal. Finish your look with a narrow-brimmed hat and you have a uber chic outfit. If this is a look that you like then you must check out these Ideas on How To Wear Metallic Outfits For Girls.

18 best Footless Tights Outfits (3)


1 – Sequined tights

The idea of sequined tights fills our heads with images of flashy, dazzling tights. But it is completely different. Make your weekend attire glamorous with a pair of sequined tights worn with an earth-toned shirt, blazers, tunics, or turtlenecks. A pair of hoops are perfect for topping off the look.

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