Sweater Vest Outfits 20 Ways To Style A Sweater Vest This year

Sweater Vest Outfits  Sweaters never go out of style, especially in chilly weather. Whether they’re knitted, woollen or oversized. These vests are the perfect wardrobe staple to have and to layer with other articles of clothing. They can be simple or chic or vibrant, it’s all up to you! Long gone are the days when sweater vests were considered outdated as they’re once again back in style. A simple addition to your outfit can not only make it look elevated but also keep you warm and snug through your winter adventures. 

How To Style Sleeveless Sweaters?

Sometimes, layering sweater vests can make a huge impact on the way you present yourself so let us tell you how to make your sweater vest outfits look bold, trendy AND comfortable. You can always wear sweater on sweater such as pair a vest with a sweater dress or you can wear these vests with skinny jeans and chunky sneakers, it’s upto you. with these simple tips, you’ll be able to present yourself as the true fashionista you aspire to be.

Tips For The Perfect Sweater Vest Outfit

  • Always layer your vests! Layering adds sophistication, whether that’s skirts with sweaters, with collared dress shirts or jackets. Not only that but layering keeps you warm and comfortable during winter so you look your best while not compromising your comfort when stepping outside.
  • Decide your style. Sweater vests come in all designs, sizes and forms. From picking the comfiest fabric to choosing the boldest patterns, it’s all up to preference. So, make sure you choose wisely according to the style you’re going for!
  • Accessorize! V-neck sweater vests can elevate your outfit but only if you pick the correct jewelry to go along with it. Having gold link chain necklaces and chunky chokers can further accelerate your sweater vest outfit’s potential.
  • Shoes are an important add-on to any outfit and sweater vests are no exception to this rule. Long boots and chunky heels are a must-have for such winter looks. 
  • Always color-coordinate. If you’re picking a sweater vest with a bold pattern, make sure you stick to the neutral or bright side of the color scheme so your sweater vest outfit can look as cohesive and well-put together as possible. 

20 – Argyle Pattern Vest With Pink Plaid Shorts

The argyle pattern is all the rave in the latest trends. Whether it’s colourful, neutral or earthy tones, this pattern is bound to bring out the best in your outfit. Sweater vests are renowned for their ability to make the patterns in your outfit pop so choosing an argyle pattern will definitely do the trick as it’s not only trendy but also super easy to find and shop for!


19 – Pair A Floral Summer Dress With A Purple Vest

Whether you’re into hearts or reindeers, sweater vest patterns have truly got the variety. Bold patterns on your vest can easily be colour-coordinated with your pants and shoes for a convenient outfit that looks chic and modern in winter! These patterns are not limited so if you want to be experimental with your style yet be decent, these bold patterns are the perfect option to go for.


18 – Red Skirt With A Pink And Red Heart Vest

It’s no lie that skirts can be paired with just about anything. Sweater vests are not an exception! Whether it’s a tennis skirt or a long skirt, sweater vests fit perfectly with it. Choose a skirt that’s the length, colour and material of your choice and you have an outfit that’s playful and modern. The best part is that a skirt is such an essential staple to most people’s wardrobe, that you don’t have to do much to put together an elegant sweater vest outfit.


17 – Match A Vest With A Plain White Collared Shirt

Whether it’s a collared dress shirt or a collared crop top, sweater vests go along with them. This adds an academic aesthetic to your outfit and makes it look sophisticated like you’re just stepping out of a coffee shop! Collared shirts can be found in a variety of styles and colours to bring out your sweater vest game to the next level. 


16 – Wear A Blue Vest With A Denim Skirt And A White Wool Scarf

Since sweater vests are worn in chilly weather, wearing a nice scarf can provide the extra layer of warmth and comfort you might be looking for. It can be an oversized scarf or a much modest scarf, with the knot and tying of your choice. This sweater vest outfit combo is a must-have when it’s cold outside!


15 – Wear It With A Tshirt Underneath And White Jeans

It’s no lie that a good pair of jeans can make or break your outfit. Mom jeans ripped jeans and flared jeans are in fashion when it comes to pairing your sweater vest, it’s all about preference. Corduroy colored jeans are perfect for a bold outfit that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Keep the outfit tones in choice and your sweater vest outfit is bound to look stylish. 


14 – Pair A Beige Vest With A White Shirt Dress

Now, this may seem like an unconventional approach to layering a sweater vest but it is the trendiest and easiest trick in the book. Pairing a previously owned dress can quickly elevate your vest and make you achieve that thought-out look that you might be going for.  


13 – With A White Turtleneck And Black Pants

Winters are all about the warmth. A thermal turtleneck can bring so much elegance to your look. A black or white turtleneck is all you need to further elevate your sweater vest outfit. The best part is that you don’t have to look too far to find an appropriate turtleneck to match your look, it’s probably readily available waiting to be added in your closet. 


12 – A Diamond Print Vest With A White Shirt And A Pink Beret

This cute hat can bring the best your aesthetic Parisian look has to offer. Sweater vests and berets go hand in hand as it makes your outfit look well accessorized and stylish. Berets are available in a variety of adorable styles and colours so go crazy! 


11 – With A White Top And A Long Coat

A long coat is the best trick if you’re going for a modest and warm outfit. That extra layer will make your sweater vest outfit look toned down but elegant for almost any occasion. You can wear this to school, a job interview or coffee with a friend. 


10 – Style It With A Grey Blazer And Black Pants

This ones for the professional girls that want to add that extra flair to their sweater vest outfits! A cute and neutral-toned blazer can keep your arms warm all while making you look sophisticated. A blazer is a perfect addition for many occasions as it compliments your sweater vest and makes it look all the more professional and event-friendly. So, whether you’re doing your day job or at the library, your sweater vest outfit will be on its A-game. 


09 – Pair A Vest With A White Shirt Dress And Matching White Boots

Chunky platform soles, block heels and long boots are an essential item to unlock your sweater vest outfit’s full potential. Good footwear can not only be the perfect finishing touch for a flawless look head to toe, but a good boot can also keep you comfortable throughout the day. No more worrying about sore ankles, these boots will compliment your sweater vest and make sure you’re not compromising warmth.


08 – With Wide Legged Jeans And Chunky Sneakers

When has wearing sneakers ever gone wrong? If you’re having trouble finding the perfect shoe to go with your sweater vest, look no further than your average pair of Converse. Easy, simple and chic!


07 – With Some Stunning Gold Necklaces

We all know that accessorizing is what truly makes your overall outfit look more refined and sweater vests are the absolute best clothing article to utilize this trick with. Layer your favourite chain necklaces together for an effortless yet edgy look. The V-neck design of sweater vests has an impeccable placement for such jewellery items. 


06 – With Bucket Hats, Ripped Jeans And Tennis Skirts

Buckets hats are the new wave for headwear. If you’re going for a flirty and fun look, make sure to pair a colourful bucket hat with your sweater vest outfit. Bucket hats are perfect for dates and picnics. You can also pair these colourful vests with ripped jeans or a tennis skirt.


05 – Striped Shirt With A Brown Vest And Denim Jeans

If you’re going out, a pair of sunglasses are bound to be at the bottom of your bag. So, reach in and pair it with your sweater vest for that elegant look that adds to your face. Not only that but protect yourself from UV rays all while looking stylish and having your sweater vest outfit look unique. Wear a brown sweater vest with a striped collared shirt and some blue denim jeans.


04 – Wear Plaid Pants With A Slitted Pink Sweater Vest

This one is a personal favourite! Patterned bottoms and a patterned sweater vest with neutral layering is the best method for that model look. Patterned bottoms can be easily matched with your sweater vest outfit to elevate it and make it look bold. Perfect for going to parties! This trick helps colour-coordinate your entire outfit all while making sure you’ve got the most eye-catching outfit in the crowd. 


03 – A Pastel Blue Sweater Vest With A White Mini Skirt

Accessorizing your hair is just as important for your sweater vest outfit as any other accessories you might add. This simple yet cute detail can add more depth and with the infinite choices in styles and colours of hair clips, the sky is the limit. Using colourful hair clips with your sweater is bound to make you stand out. Pair this baby blue sweater vest with a white collared t-shirt and a white mini skirt for a fun outfit!


02 – Black Shirt With A Black And White Vest

Want to go for a girly look? Try a hairband! Hairbands are the perfect accessory for dates and picnics. This outfit looks good as a black shirt is paired with a white sweater vest that has a black lining on its collar.


01 – Match Your Vest With Pink Jeans

Wear your pink and yellow vest with bright pink high waisted jeans and some matching chunky rings to bring your outfit together.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you wear a sweater vest with short sleeves?

Ans. Absolutely, you can! Make sure to have the sleeves an appropriate length so that they do not clash with the sleeve hem of your sweater vest. You can find multiple cropped short-sleeved tops that fit perfectly under your sweater vest. As long as you’ve got a jacket with you in case it’s cold outside, nothing should stop you from wearing a sweater vest with a short-sleeved shirt. 

Q. How to wear a long sweater vest?

Ans. You have two options: You can wear it as a dress or you can pair it with flared jeans. If you’re choosing to wear it with a dress, buy thick thermal stockings to keep you warm. Sweater vests are designed for comfort and style so don’t worry if you’re wearing them in an unconventional manner as long as you’re comfortable. Flared bottoms go well with longer tops so sweater vests are no exception to this rule. Flared bottoms and a long sweater vest can truly make for an excellent look. 

Q. Are sweater vests still in style?

Ans. Absolutely! It’s a simple and elegant article of clothing. More contemporary versions of sweater vests allow you to curate the perfect outfit with a variety of patterns and colours. You can even choose an oversized one for comfort as they’re extremely trendy.

Q. How should a sweater vest fit?

Ans. This is completely up to personal preference. Some prefer it to be oversized while others like a tight fit. If you want your sweater vest to look more refined and fitted, you can tuck them into your waistband and have the fit of your choice. 

Q. Can you wear a sweater vest if you’re plus-size?

Ans. They’re for people of all sizes. For a better fit, you can find an oversized one and use a belt to cinch your waist. This allows for a less baggy look and makes your sweater vest outfit have more flattering proportions. There are no hard and fast rules for sweater vests so do you as your heart desires. Sweater vests come in all sizes so experiment until you find a fit that suits your body type. 

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