How to Wear White Blazer ? 24 Outfit Ideas

Outfits with White Blazer: Blazers have been trending for quite some time now as they instantly give casual attire a serious look and make you ready for formal affairs. White color is a classic color and can be worn with almost every color. To embrace a white blazer is very fad and is purely a summer’s style to give you a fresh and light look.

But come any season, and you are confused about what to wear and how to achieve a decent look for any event. Summers and sunshine can make you warm and want to wear lighter shades as they have a very soothing effect same goes for white, so white blazer is a perfect choice for warm weather or for that matter you can even give it a try in winters if paired with a gorgeous combination. Reading this article will make you a white blazer fan as we have collected some very gorgeous pictures for you.
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 White Blazer Outfit Ideas

#24. Casual Meet up

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#23. Office in Summer

Office dressing style is sometimes semi-formal or formal according to your degree. But this mini dress in yellow is perfect for adding color to an otherwise monotonous wardrobe. Pair it with a white blazer to tone down the eye candy look.

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#22. Inspired by Celebrities

A classic combination always. Pair your black blouse with the same coloured blazer and pants. Accessorize with high heels and a clutch.

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#21. With Long Skirts

Long skirts are especially tricky to dress with, but this royal blue skirt looks gorgeous when teamed up with a grey top and white blazer. Put on your flat pumps with it.

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#20. Pure Summers – Easy breezy hippie printed dresses go nicely with blazers, and you will be rather comfortable with the blazer on as they are quite flirty. Jewelled sandals will complete the look.

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#19. With a Pencil Dress

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#18. Black Lined Jacket

Black lined white blazer gives extra oomph to the pretty floral dress. Put on your pink kitten heels and a nautical bag. Let your hair loose with this ensemble.

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#17. LBD and Boots

LBD is a must to own no matter what as they can be worn to many events. Here we have toned down the party number by pairing it with a white blazer and thigh-high boots.

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#16. Partying Outfit

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#15. Cropped Top Fad

If you are a little chubby, you can choose a cropped top with a black skirt and wear a sleeveless white long blazer over it to look classy and chic.

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#14. Metallics and White in Dressing

Office party ensemble or for a semi-formal event, put on your slim-fit metallic cropped pants with a white button-down shirt and a blazer with metallic heels.

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#13. Plus Size Outfit Idea

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#12. Vision in White

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#11. Work Wear


#10. Jeans and BlazersBlazer dressing ideas (15)

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#09. Denim Dressing Style

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#08. Casual Sunday Attire

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#07. Jacket with Polka Dots

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#06. Lunch Date Dress

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#05. Holiday Outfit

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#04. Styling Idea

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#03. Go Nautical

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#02. Winters Trends

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#01. Classic White

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