Outfits with Bell Bottom Pants-23 Ways to Wear Bell Bottom


For past few years skinny jeans had been ruling the fashion world. Every girl was obsessed with wearing skinny jeans, be it for work or a casual hangout. It was a must have for the closet. The mantra was the skinnier the better. When I look back at my own pictures in skinny jeans back in the day, they honestly haunt me. I never really understood the hype of those. Bell bottom pants were completely out of the picture for quite some time and had been replaced by skinny jeans. Now, that these pants are back in style we see them styled in so many different ways and I honestly am a huge fan of bell bottoms. No matter how old these are, probably from our grannies time, they really haven’t lost their charm. 

Nowadays, the 60s and 70s style is back on the ramp and so are the bell bottoms. So why not take out those old pair of bell bottom pants out that you once thought were out of fashion and wear them once again with a kick!

How to Wear Bell Bottom Pants

One thing about these pants are they have a high wearability. You can style it any way you want and create a look out of it. If you are looking for a hippie look, or a casual outfit or even so a party look, these flares should definitely be your first choice. Another thing that we girls get a bit worried about is how jeans fit our body type. Trust me these jeans for with all sorts of body sizes and height. They make you look more curvy, which is even better. I’ll be showcasing 23 trending outfits to wear with bell bottom pants that will give you a chic and classy appearance. Flare pants can be styled with any sort of shirts for a party or a night out; or to college.  

Outfit Inspirations

#23. Cow Girl Look

Easy! To get this look style bell bottoms with contrasting scarf and a suede or leather jacket. Tie a wild rag around the neck to give more of a western cowgirl vibe. Adding a touch of leather is a must; it can be a leather belt, shoes, jacket or hat. I’d say keep in minimum but give the rustic vibe. It will give you sort of a cowgirl look.



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#22. Hippy Styled Flares

Looking for a casual-chic look? I’d say if you can be effortlessly chic with all the messy hair and drapes in the look, you are a true fashionista. Get those jeans out. They could be faded old jeans or printed boohoo ones too. Anyway you like. Match them up with baggy shirts, kimonos or open button down shirts with cropped tops. Accessorize with a classic bandana or Sunnies. You can go all out on the bracelets and bangles if that’s what you like. Keep the wavy hair just as it is. It’s all about how you carry yourself at the end of the day.



#21. Flare Pants with Hi-Neck

My favorite look is got to be the one with the hi-neck. You know why? Because it requires zero brain energy to be put in for deciding an outfit and it still does wonders. You can make this outfit look good for slaying at your work place, or just a coffee date with your friends. I’ll tell you how. So first, go to a store and get a bunch of hi-necks in different colors and fits. Then get a few pair of bell bottoms; a one or two in denim and a few in some formal fabric. When dressing up, you can pair the outfit up with sneakers, ankle boots or closed-toe heels too! Keep the hair sleek, open or tied. And voila, you are ready!



#20. Work Wear Outfit

If you are looking for a much sophisticated look for an office day then go for this look. Style with plain bell bottoms dress pants and pair it with a sleek sweater, blouse or dress shirt. You can go for a contrast or nude on nude, white on white sort of look. Add in a tad bit on statement old jewelry and you’re all done!



#19. High Heels and Ornaments styled with Bell Bottoms

So bell bottoms look way better with heels. Why? Because it shows the flare properly and gives a heightened look too. I personally think bell bottoms should just be worn with high sole shoes/heels. Add colored denim bell bottoms in your collection and style it with high heels and antique ornaments. This could be your summer daytime look for a luncheon.



#18. Teenage Girl Style

Like I said bell bottoms have high wearability. Even teenage girls can wear them with sneakers and cute tees. Braided hair will look super adorable or you go for a summer hat too!



#17. Denim on Denim

Easy to go. Easy to style. Denim flares and a button down shirt. Contrasting or the same. You know it already!


#16. Formal Style

Looking for sleek formal style? For a dinner date? Remember the pro tips; Get yourself a nice shoulder bag with a tad bit of bling. High heels that go perfectly with your bag and pants. Do great hair and subtle make up. No one going to look more stylish than you!


  #15. Bell Bottoms for Plus size Women 

This style of pants suits all shapes. So all curvy girls out there you can dress up with these bell bottoms and look gorgeous. Wear it with a dash of elegance by adding a blazer or jacket.


#14. Outfit with Big Hats

Holy Moly! Going to attend a polo match or just want to enjoy a fancy outdoor brunch? Dress up fancy by wearing a big hat and sunglasses. These accessories are a must with bell bottoms. Add a chic blouse or shirt. No one can resist a classical style.



#13. Collared Shirt Tucked In

A casual formal look would be a tucked-in shirt to show off those curves. It could be dress shirt or even a tee. Another option could be tying a knot at the center or any corner of the shirt. You can this up with a chunky necklace or hoops.



#12. Printed Shirt with Denim – Spring Wear

Printed shirts have always been my favorite. You can do so much with printed shirts. Boohoo prints, patterns, embroidery, florals and what not. They are easy to carry and should be considered for day time looks, especially.



#11. Cropped Shirt paired with Hat and Scarf

We have seen the trend of cropped shirts increasing day by day. Especially with high-waist bell bottom jeans, they are really killing it! Show them abs by pairing these two up. Add a hat or headband or any neck accessory. Because accessories are a must!



#10. Casual touch

Okay so we got you if you are fed up of too much styling. Do you want to wake up and just put on some clothes and run errands? I can totally relate to the days where you cannot be too much bothered. Here are some ways you can still look presentable. Pro tip is wear sunglasses to avoid looking dead. Second is to make a messy bun with that old hair or just leave them open if they are freshly washed. Play less with the colors. Wear a neutral top with denim bell bottoms. Pick up a never-full bag, wear some perfume. And you are ready to step up!


#09. White Pants & Plain Shirt

Something that is for the conscious sophisticated ladies. White jeans, can go very wrong or can give you the perfect elegant look. If you think you can be very ladylike or conscious around the pants then wear them with a plain simple shirt. You can play with the material of the shirt. I’d say only wear this for occasions that are short lived.



#08. African Styled Printed Bell Bottoms

We have seen women incorporating the African dressing style in western clothing too, especially in braided hair and pants. These prints when coupled with the flared pants look really bubbly and cute. Pair these up with a plain blouse or white cropped tee. Add up some bangles and African style bracelets to give you that ethnic look!



#07. Street Style

The utter level of being fashionable and defining the fashion world too, the street style. The Britain originated fashion, which intersects from mainstream fashion, focusing on individualism and a new approach to fashion. This is the new comprehensive approach to fashion that has been setting trends for quite a while now. So get your bell bottoms out, dress in anyway unconventional way you want. Pair these put with chunky boots, sneakers or anything that gives you a strong chic feeling. You can pull an oversized coat on your shoulders, wear a cropped sweater or hefty jacket. Just remember this is all about YOUR style and how YOU carry it.




#06. Leather Bell Bottom Pants

The old-style pop fashion, the leather pants, not fail to amaze us. A preferably night outfit like the leather bottoms can be matched with a top or blouse that good perfectly with it. Heels, that are a must, should be worn for the pants to turn our crisp looking. Go for a hair blow out, some nice earrings and boom, you are all set for this perfect look!



#05. Checkered Shirt

This one’s a casual look or a look perhaps for girls that aren’t very girly type, precisely prefer dressing as a tomboy or I’d say going easy-going folks. This look includes checkered shirts that we find in every brand stores. This is the classic style that perfectly goes with denim bell bottoms. A checkered shirt is a must have in your closet and pairing it with pants would make it a casual perfect look for college or study date.   



#04. Coat with Pants

You can add a little formal touch to your denim bell bottoms by pairing it with a nice summer blazer or perhaps create a formal look in its own by getting a matching pant suit. I love a contrasting long coat with one of my bell bottom pants. My personal take would be making a sleek hair bun with my long oversized coat and wearing pointy heels or high sole sneakers with it. If you think about it you do have an ample variety of coats to choose from. Summery, formal, blazers, long coats etc. You can create an office look, a winter look or whatever suits your style but always go for the unorthodox, that will always stand out!



#03. Party Wear

Bling Bling! Get that 60’s party look by taking out those party pants and adding a little sparkle to them. Sequins really go for party looks and as we know these have been a popular trend lately for blouses and dresses. Get yourself a sequins embellished blouse and put those bell bottoms on. Or another party look could be a lacey net blouse with black bell bottoms but I’d say I like the bling better.



#02. Loose Top

Another kind of tops that look really cute and boohoo too, are the kaftan tops. These loose tops complement the flared pants too. Loose tops look the best in materials like chiffon so I’d say get a silk or droopy top to perfectly with the jeans. Do beach waves for your hair, you also can add in a floral crown headband for pictures!



#01. Vintage Styling

Striped or plain pants with the classic point white points giving you a little lift with that small block heel. Probably if you are going to a thematic party that says vintage, opt for the outfit. Simple untied hair with black sunglasses or aviators with half sleeved tees giving you that fitted look, is the picture perfect look for a vintage styled woman.  

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