Easter Outfits – 35 Women’s Outfits to Wear on Easter 2022

Outfits to wear this Easter: Easter is the time of year when everyone is celebrating and enjoying. The best part is women, men and children gather in their best dresses to eat, participate in colorful egg hunts and celebrate together. Easter is fun, full of food and joys.

Planning what to wear on Easter is one of the toughest tasks as everyone wants to look their best, especially ladies. This is the time when the weather is in transition and you can’t be sure at times. It is true that Women can experiment a lot with their dressing and thus look different and glamorous at Easter. Whether it is still chilly or summer is finally knocking on your door, we have the best outfits for you to try. We have compiled 20 best ways in which women can opt and look the best this Easter!

How to Dress on Easter 2022?

Easter Outfits Ideas – Easter signals the height of spring with little lambs and baby chicks bouncing around, Easter eggs appearing in every household and the season’s flowers coming into full bloom. What would you wear for Easter? Which colors are suitable and attractive? How would you do make-up to fit in with this season? Outfit Trends bring you this article to help with these queries.

Women Easter Outfit Ideas

Here are a few tips to follow while dressing up for Easter:

  • Always opt for bright dresses with beautiful and bold patterns.
  • It is time to flaunt all your stunning accessories for Easter Sunday.
  • Always pay keen attention to your footwear for Easter depending on how you plan to spend the day.
  • It is better to stick with flats or supportive heels.
  • Using hats or floral headbands is ideal when going for stylish Easter Look.
  • Always keep a light cover up or sweater with you in case the weather gets chilly.
  • Do keep shades, wet wipes and sunscreen with you if you will spend most of the day outside.

35 – Best Color to Wear This Easter

Yellow is definitely going to be the color of the year for Easter 2022. One outfit I really liked and will definitely be trying is this combination of a white off shoulder top with Yellow pants.

what to wear this easter for women


34 – Latest Trend to Try for Easter 2022

Our absolute favorite trend this year is the choice of feminine colored, check print dresses. They’re available in a variety of colors and styles these days but we absolutely adored this look by blogger Alexis as she has flawlessly styled a dress with puffed bishop sleeves. Loving the Gingham vibes of this look.

women easter outfits

This dress is available in both pink and green colors and you can buy it here for USD64.

33 – Matching Mother Daughter Easter Outfit

If you’re a mom to a little doll then Easter is just another occasion to dress up with her in a matching outfit as it’s the most adorable feeling ever and you only have a few years to enjoy it. Here’s a cute look and for more inspiration, you can check out our post on the cutest mother-daughter matching outfits on the internet.

matching mother daughter easter outfits


32 – Know The Right Accessories

Sometimes you may not want to wear a dress that is super extravagant but still want to look your best. For such situations, the best solution is to go for a pair of light skinny pants with some light printed top. To add glam to your outfit, wear a bold statement pearl necklace along with some colorful bangles. Adding on the right accessories can make you look super stylish in no time. Another great idea is to go for statement hats like baker street style hats to give you a modish look.

Outfits for easter (2)
Outfits for easter (1)

31 – The Jumpsuit Lady

Another useful tip and dressing idea for women who don’t get much time to shop or need something that is easy to wear is that they can go for jumpsuits. Wear a peach-colored or any other pastel-toned chiffon jumpsuit to make you appear taller with heels. Go with a traditional cowboy-style hat for an edgy look. Here are some more Cute Jumpsuits Outfit Ideas With Ideas On How to Wear Jumpsuits Rightly

Outfits for easter (3)

30 – The Funky Fun Easter Look for Teenagers

Stripes are back in the game and we don’t mind it one bit. Everyone needs to carry at least one dress in stripes because they are so flattering. You can wear a multi-colored striped mini dress with a waist-length coat for a fun and sophisticated look.  Carry your hair in a top knot and wear either ankle boots or wedges. This look is fun for teenagers as well as girls in their mid-20s. They can look stylish yet smart in this style of dressing. Here’s our detailed post on Easter outfits for teenagers.

Outfits for easter (4)
Easter outfits for women (1)

29 – Be the Chic Lady in White Jeans

Women love looking all chic and pretty. A nice idea to do is wear a tea pink feminine top with off white skinny pants and to add more glamor wear heels of the same shade as your top. This will add a dramatic yet subtle look to your dress. To add on more you can wear a delicate necklace or the watch of your choice for some glam arm candy. Here are some more fabulous Ways to Style White Jeans.

Outfits for easter (5)
women easter outfits latest

28 – Simple Yet Beautiful

Who says women who wear plain or simple dresses can’t look lovely this Easter? Wear your favorite black mini dress with your hair pulled in a low messy bun and wear a pair of heels. You are ready to rock, as this look is simple yet very enchanting and can make you look fresh even after hours of celebrations. Sometimes, simple is all you need to stand out from the crowd.

Outfits for easter (6)
Easter outfits for women (2)

27 – Multicolored Skirt

Colorful skirts are an excellent choice for Easter but pair them with simple, solid-colored tees or tank tops.

Outfits for easter (7)

26 – Celebrity Style

Selena Gomez is known for her wonderful sense of style. Well, you can wear your favorite white lace dress with a pair of glittery heels on Easter like Selena. This dress will instantly uplift your overall look and is easy to carry. In case you want to go with a modest style, pair up the mini dress with white denim or colorful slacks for a stunning look.

Outfits for easter (8)

25 – Play with Colors

Women who are not sure which one specific color to go for this Easter can play with multi colors. You can wear a long maxi dress which has abstract print and is multi-colored. This dress will be your instant mood lifter and will make you look all enthusiastic about the Easter meet and greet. Also, isn’t Easter about lovely colors, so why not?

Outfits for easter (9)

24 – The Combination of Pastels and Florals

We all agree to the fact universally that pastels and floral prints go well with each other and make one look fresh. You can wear this same pattern on Easter too. The contrast between a plain shirt and a printed skirt is a match made in heaven. You can wear a pastel-colored top with a floral skirt. To add glam wear a pearl necklace and that’s it, you’re ready to rock Easter. You should choose elegant styles of shoes with this outfit like square-toed heels or pointed stilettos. Check out these cute Spring Outfits With Floral Jackets.

Outfits for easter (10)

23 – Latest Easter Fashion Ideas

Young girls are usually anticipating most of the important events and celebration days because it gives them an opportunity to flaunt their interesting fashion sense. You must wear dresses that make you appear playful as well as pretty. For Easter, we suggest that you try opting for a knee-length floral dress. To add to this, let your hair be loose in beach waves along with a matching clutch and nude pumps. This look is ideal and refreshing.

Outfits for easter (11)

22 – Yellow Skirt Outfit

Outfits for easter (12)

21 – Smart Casual Easter Attire

Jeans might be your solution to every occasion however, this time we ask you to digress. Instead of opting for your skinny or distressed jeans, you ladies can also benefit from high-waisted paper bag pants. High-waisted paper bag pants combined with a plain tee and loose hair create an awesome semi-formal look and can give a pleasant persona. You can go for this outfit at Easter lunch with friends or family.

Outfits for easter (13)

20 – All Pastels

Another interesting yet chic way is to go with pastels completely. Wear a light pink chiffon skirt with a white lace top.  A complete pastel look may appear boring or hard for you to carry but in reality, it gives a subtle look and is simply stylish. You can carry a shimmery clutch or a statement necklace to look further on point. Don’t miss out these Cutest Pastel Color Combinations.

Outfits for easter (14)

19 – Go Neon

Ladies who love to wear bold colors and want to look enthusiastic about the event can wear bold neon colors. However, you must be careful about making the contrasts that complement each other without looking odd. Blue and pink is an ideal combination with a pair of beige color heels for an Easter get-together! Other great combinations to try are yellow and green, neon orange and blue, neon colors with black.

women Outfits for easter (15)

18 – Outfit Ideas for Easter Night

If you are looking for the perfect dress to wear during the nighttime celebrations, we have a great idea for you. Sometimes the easiest way to look stunning and glam is to go in a completely girly fashion. Wear a pink off-shoulder top, which can be worn as a dress or with pants along with wedges, and add some nice accessories to look chic and girly. Go with close footed heels like wedges and a nude handbag for carrying all your important stuff. Spray a light floral scent and nothing could spoil your Easter evening.

Outfits for easter (16)

17 – The Fairytale Look

If you want to look extravagant, the ideal hack is to get a lace or net skirt with a contrasting top. You can go for plain jersey tops or more intricate embroidered tops for an impeccable style. This is a simple outfit, yet gives a grand and stylish look. You can make this look more creative with DIY skirts. You can even fluff your skirt with a cancan or add layers.  Go with a delicate statement necklace in a similar color scheme and there! you are all set to look like a queen.

women's outfits to wear this easter


16 – Cute Spring Outfits

We always need some cute spring outfit ideas in our wardrobe. The best thing to do is to have at least one colorful skirt with you for setting a strong base. This skirt can then be matched with various styles of tops according to the weather you are experiencing. You can either go with full sleeve tops or carry a sweater in case there is still a chilly breeze surrounding your town. Pair this along with some cute printed leggings and feather stiletto for the charismatic look.

women Outfits for easter (18)

15 – A Printed Easter Themed Dress

Another easy solution is a light and airy printed dress. Most of us like to stay outdoor for Easter. In case you have planned games and egg hunting with kids, you want a dress that will be fancy and yet comfortable for all the fun activities. Also, these kinds of dresses are best for family holidays because you can match it with your nieces or even your own daughters for a charming photo session. You can wear them with a chunky bracelet or a sophisticated watch and layered necklace for an elegant look. Stick to flats or pumps in case you need to run around a lot.

outfits to wear this easter


14 – What to Wear on Easter Sunday Church

Lastly, if you want to look super flawless for Sunday Church, then a long maxi dress is your best pick. This dress would look best for the Church without breaking any fashion or religious rules. You might be facing weather that is still on the chilly side and a maxi dress would be ideal. You can go with different patterns and see what excites you. It can be floral or with a color blocking technique for an alluring look. In case you think a maxi dress is too typical, enhance your look with the right makeup and amazing accessories. Go with minimal heels if you want a slim and smart look.

outfits to wear this easter

13 – Easter Makeup Ideas

Along with beautiful dressing, Easter also calls for the right makeup to be done. Ladies can go for various looks be it nude look, bold lips and whatnot, but the most wearable and stylish look will be light smokey eyes with the right winged eyeliner and a soft lipstick to look radiant and fresh throughout the day. Finish off by adding a delicate touch of light pink blush on the cheeks. If you like bold spring colors, you can go with either vibrant two different eye shades that complement each other or a nice eye-catching shade of lipstick. The most popular lipstick shades for this year are orangish-red, burgundy, and bright pink.

For casual gatherings on Easter, keep make-up for this annual celebration simple but creative and bright. Colour trends include pastels and naturals such as purple, pink, yellow and blue. You would benefit from a simple pastel eye shadow and a dash of pink lip gloss. Lip gloss is better than lipstick for this season as it is more subtle and will give your complexion a natural glow. Add a hint of blusher for depth; it will also shape your face accordingly.

But if you feel like being a bit extra, these pastel eyeshadows are really trending as an Easter eye makeup look:

outfits to wear this easter
outfits to wear this easter


12 – Easter Hairstyles

Easter hairstyles are expected to be pretty and perfectly groomed. Plaits, buns, flowers and bows are all frequently seen during this time of year. Natural looks are just as good as prim and proper hairdos although make sure hair is clean and brushed properly. Great Easter hairstyles can include accessories such as bows, headbands, and colorful floral clips so why not give your hair some Easter TLC and add some to your desired look?

what to wear this easter

If you’re short on time, we suggest that instead of making complicated hairstyles and messing up with buns or other hairstyles this Easter, go for a simple yet classy look. Go with beachy waves or loose curls, as these hairstyles not only go with all types of outfits but also give a fresh yet effortlessly chic look. You wouldn’t need excessive time for these and you will get ready in a jiffy.

11 – Styling a Long Lace Dress for Easter

Simple V-neck flowing dresses are perfect for showing off your feminine side during Easter time. Ideally they should be in floral or pastel prints and in light fabrics such as cotton or lace. This will keep your style alive and in keeping with the light and bright season of Easter. Match this outfit with a bright pair of peep toe heels or sandals and accessorise with colourful jewellery and bags. Why not add a sleek and tailored blazer or cardigan? This will not only keep you a bit warmer on chilly spring days but will enhance your outfit style by creating volume with layers.

The images (courtesy Chicisimo) below will give you an idea on how to create your own stunning Easter outfit.

outfits to wear this easter

11 – Casual Easter Outfit

easter outfits for girls (1)

10 – Try This Unique Color Combination

easter outfits for girls (5)

9 – Cutest Easter Costume with a Bunny Headband

easter outfits for girls (6)

8 – Try a Shirt Dress This Easter

Women's Outfits to Wear This Easter

7 – Pretty in Pink

women's outfits to wear this easter

6 – Easter Picnic Outfit

women's outfits to wear this easter

5 – Add a Denim Jacket to Your White Dress

women's outfits to wear this easter

4 – Matching Co-ord Set

women's outfits to wear this easter

3 – Add a Sweater Cape

women's outfits to wear this easter

2 – The Little Black Dress

outfits to wear this easter

1 – Red Dress for Easter

women's outfits to wear this easter

Q. What shoes to wear on Easter?

A. Peep-toes, sandals and heeled pumps are favorites for this time of year. Flat sandals will give any outfit a natural and classic look whilst heels will add a more poised and confident boost. It is acceptable for shoes this season to be accessorized with bows and flowers however do not overdo it! Too much detail can look overwhelming and can stray away from you look you are trying to achieve.

Q. What to wear if it's cold on Easter?

A. We’ve shared plenty of outfits above where layering has been done through sweaters or blazers. If you’re wearing a dress, it’s always a good idea to wear it with tights to protect yourself from the cold.

Q. What color should I wear for Easter Sunday?

A. Some of the most popular color trends for Easter 2022 are going to be white and pastel colors like blush pink so I highly recommend giving them a try this Easter sunday.


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