Striped Pant Outfits – 22 Best Ways To Wear Striped Pants

Outfits with Striped Pants. Love wearing striped pants but can’t decide what to wear them with? We understand the confusion, they aren’t the easiest pants to style but they look great and of course, they’re always in style so you just can’t help but love them, right?  Everyone these days is in awe of the totally Tumblr and artistic attire.

Aesthetic is the new cool, and what could be more aesthetic than a striped pants outfit styled perfectly with the right shirts and accessories. If you’re having trouble choosing the right striped outfit, then worry not. You have come to the right place to clear all your doubts and confusions about how to styles your stripes.

How To Wear Striped Pants This Year

Do’s and Dont’s of the striped pants:

  • If you’re new at wearing stripes, start by using them as a layering piece since its always easier and more fun.
  •  If you’re curvy, avoid wearing anything horizontal on your thighs as they can make you look wider.
  • The length of trousers has a huge impact on your proportion and height so consider wisely.
  • When wearing oversized stripes, choose minimal accessories to avoid overdoing it.
  • If you’re petite, horizontal stripes are a great way to give off the illusion of curves or broad shoulders.

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↓ 26 – Beach Style

how to wear striped pants

↓ 25 – A Polka Dot Top

Here is a neat and crisp look for all mature women. For more ideas, you can check out these 20 Dressing Styles for 40 Plus Women.

how to wear striped pants


↓ 24 – With A Flashy Leather Jacket

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↓ 23 – With A Colorblock Top

how to wear striped pants (1)

↓ 22 – With A Sweater

Striped Pant Outfits-21 Ideas What to Wear With Striped Pants

↓ 21 – High Raised Flared Striped Pants

Flares are one of the most exciting things to happen to the basic look that skinny pants and jeans present. Now, add some stripes to these flared pants and you have basically presented a whole new trend. To look stylish and low-key hot, go for a high raised flared striped pants. These pants give a very modern and flattering getup. They can be worn in different colors, which make the whole look even more contemporary. These pants look best combined with a plain shirt or tank top as you don’t want to overdo the print and have it overshadow the stripes. Wearing this outfit for a casual party or gathering is the smartest choice, for it gives quite a modish effect.


↓ 20 – Black And White Striped Pants Outfit Ideas

Having trouble choosing the right colors according to your mood in a striped outfit? Getting in a weird state where all the colors seem too vibrant or too dull to pull off? The ultimate black and white combination is the answer to all your mood swings. Not only is this combination very sassy, but it also is a great facade for any sort of frame of mind. This black and white combination is easiest to style and pair up with any color of your choice, be it vibrant colors or nude ones; this combination flatters whatever you choose to design it with.

↓ 19 – Stripes On Stripes

In case you’re planning to attend a casual gathering or a meeting with friends and you want to look well dressed and sophisticated, stripes can be your savior. You can choose the colors of the stripes that suit you the most, and style it with a shrug or an accessory and voila! You have your super classy outfit ready.


Striped Pant Outfits-21 Ideas What to Wear With Striped Pants

↓ 18 – Striped Palazzo Pants

What’s better than showing off a completely artistic outfit? If you’re in for the aesthetics of your ensemble, these striped palazzo pants are your best friend. The best thing about these pants is their unique characteristic to be able to give a formal, and also a casual look. If you want your costume to be more casual, all you have to do is style these pants with a baggy t-shirt or a tank top. For more of a formal attire, all you need to do is choose a voguish, fancy shirt to combine your pants with and you’re good to go. Here are 28 Modern ways to Wear Palazzo Pants with other Outfits.

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↓ 17 – Plaid Pants

Plaid pants appear to be the victor of the battle of patterns for fall. They have become the key item to update our closets for a total chic and trendy look. If you’re on the hunt for a casual yet attractive disguise, wear a tan blazer with plaid pants. Both items are incredibly comfortable and look great when paired together. These plaid pants can be paired with sweaters, blazers and coats and give a complete stylish winter outfit.

↓ 16 – High Rise Striped Pants

If you’re a short girl reading this right now, we have the best tip for you; HIGH RISE STRIPED PANTS. These pants are a short girl’s lifesaver. When worn with a tucked in shirt, they give a perfect illusion and make your legs seem taller and hotter. Vertical stripes are of course recommended, as you don’t want the horizontal stripes unless you want your legs to look broad.

↓ 15 – With An Oversized Shirt

The prime and most common colors of stripes; black and white striped pants are easily everyone’s favorite.

how to wear striped pants

↓ 14 – Blue And Black Striped Pants

Like feeling dark and grunge? Black and blue combination is perfect for you. A blue and black striped pant is highlighted best with a black or dark blue top, either tucked in or out. Combine this outfit with a good pair of sandals and throw in some matching accessories to complete your attire.

↓ 13 – Black Striped Pants Outfit

A complete dark look is very vivid. Black striped pants combined with a black shirt, of whatever kind; a tank top, crop top, dress shirt, and even sweaters and jackets look incredibly chic and radiates a very cool-Tumblr-girl vibe. This outfit can be styled with either black converse, high heels or sandals. Any sort of black shoe will go with this outfit.

↓ 12 – Wide Striped Pants

If you’re in for comfortable fashion, consider wide striped pants a life saver. These pants are not only the most comfortable and easy to wear and carry, but also very very fashionable and trendy. These pants look great in color, whether it be a bright color combination or a dark one. They usually look best with slim fit t-shirts as too lose t-shirts could give you a wider image than you have, with the pants being lose too. Tucked in shirts also go incredibly with these striped pants and can be layered with a good matching sweater or jacket.

↓ 11 – Satin Shadow Striped Palazzo

↓ 10 – Green And White Striped Pants

When you talk about stripes, your mind automatically goes to the basic black combined with white combination. However other colors, when combined with white, give a very unique and vibrant look. Like you see in this picture green combined with white giving a very different and fresh look to the entire outfit.


↓ 9 – What Goes With Blue And White Striped Pants

White and blue are known to be universal colors that will fit with anything. Taking into account that the pants are striped, the shirt should not be striped or of any design. A plain shirt would go best with a blue and white striped pant. You could go with orange, green, white, creamy, off-white, blue, navy, Bordeaux, yellow, grey, brown since they all look good with blue. White could be your safest go-to shirt if you don’t want a very bold look. Combining this outfit with a tucked in shirt and denim jacket makes the whole look very flattering.

↓ 8 – With A Halter Top Blouse

how to wear striped pants

↓ 7 – Are Striped Suits In Style?

Striped suits are totally in style, not just today but for eternity. These striped suits give an incredibly stylish & professional look. They can be worn at formal events and also at office parties. They look best styled with a good handbag and a pair of formal shoes or heels. This entire striped suit attire is a great way to show off your bold look with style.

↓ 6 – Stripes And Floral Top – Celebrity Style

Combining stripes with floral designs is adorable, yet a very chic look. The floral tops give the whole outfit a very girly and feminine touch, while the stripes give you cool and stylish vibes; overall giving the whole dress a very different and diverse kind of a look which is very beautiful. It’s a great choice of outfit for 30 plus women, as proven here by the gorgeous Hilary Duff.

how to wear striped pants

↓ 5 – How To Wear Side Stripe Pants

Side stripe pants were once considered strictly casual wear, but not anymore. The stripes make your legs longer and you just need to add high heels for a fabulous night out. But if you like flats or sneakers, pick them, there’s no restriction. You can combine them with everything you want: with shirts, blouses, jackets, crop-tops or even with a maxi dress. Go for your own taste and choose what you feel looks best on you.

how to wear side stripes

And as you can see here, the even look great with leopard print tops:

how to wear striped pants

↓ 4 – With A Crisp White Button Down For Work

When we think of stripes, our mind goes into the basic restrictions of only the black and white stripes. However, it is not necessary to always go for the mainstream black and white combination of stripes, you can choose other colors for your stripes, which will look just as trendy and maybe even more stylish because of the change. Navy blue striped pants are a wonderful and quite a stunning combination for a striped pants outfit. They are different and a very outstanding combination. Worn with a tucked-in white dress shirt, this outfit is a completely stylish and professional look. Style it with a good, preferably a different yet contrasting handbag and a chic pair of heels and you get an absolutely ravishing look.

how to wear striped pants

↓ 3 – Crepe Striped Pants With Crop Top

Crepe striped pants are different from the ordinary striped pants because of their fabric. Crepe is a thin fabric, with a wrinkled surface. This fabric gives the stripes of the pants an illusionary kind of an effect. This effect is what makes the crepe striped pants fancy and stylish. These are usually wide leg pants with a high waist. They look best paired with a half blouse or a crop top and even a tucked in shirt. These pants being cropped look best paired with sandals or heels. To complete your look, don’t forget to style your look with a matching bag.

how to wear striped pants

↓ 2 – Metallic Striped Pants With Fringed Top

Metallic striped pants are very thin and narrow, almost delicate stripes on the surface of the other color. These stripes give a very metallic and shiny look to the outfit. They can be combined with a plain shirt of any kind you like, and even with the same kind of a metallic shirt of the same fabric as your pants. This makes your look quite sparkly and stunning. If you’re a metallic fan, do check out these 26 Best Ideas on How To Wear Metallic Outfits For Girls.

↓ 1 – With Graphic Tees

Aren’t graphic tees just the cutest? If you love wearing them too, then here’s a great post on How to Wear a Graphic Tee.

outfits with striped pants

↓ Where To Shop For Striped Pants

Striped pants are very fashionable, trendy and very in these days. Different famous brands design these pants and outfits in the most stylish, chic-looking and beautiful design. Some of the famous brands of these pants are:

  • Forever 21

Forever 21 is a very famous brand that designs all kind of striped pants and outfits. This brand has some of the best collection of striped pants including multicolor flared pants, striped paperbag pants, and striped twill pants and the best part is that you can get most of them for as low as $20. These cute and fun Striped Belted Paperbag Palazzo Pants, for instance, are available on their website for just $19.90 and you can also get 10% off by signing up on their website.

where to buy striped pants

  •  Nordstom

Another famous and great brand that designs striped pants is the Nordstom. To check out and buy their diverse collection of striped pants, you can follow their online shop. We especially love these funky Halogen wide leg pants that are ideal for regular and petite sized women and they can be bought here for $ 69.00.

where to buy striped pants

  • Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a famous brand that designs striped pants that are perfect for casual wear and street style. Apart from looking great, their pants come in some really unique designs and they’re of course ultra relaxed when it comes to comfort. Check out these high rise pin-up pants, for instance, its cool colors are definitely a treat for the eyes, especially in Summers. You can get them here for $ 49.

where to buy striped pants

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