Women over 40 Outfits – 20 Dressing Styles for 40 Plus Women

 Fashion ideas for 40 year old women can be challenging to locate. This is because women love the fashion of all ages. However, most stores like Forever 21, Adidas, Marks, and Spencer, etc., focus on young female fashion trends. They do not cater for older women fashion or in particular latest fashion trends for women over 40. We have collected these up to date fashion trends based inspired by some of the top 40 plus women fashion bloggers. You can get a lot of ideas from this collection as what to wear after 40, how to wear, perfect hairstyles for women over 40 and much more.

Fashion Tips On How To Dress After 40


#1. Smart yet Stylish and Sleek

For winter fashion, stick to white and black clothes. Wrap a cotton scarf with tassels and pair it with cheetah boots for a dose of color and pop of style.

cute outfits for women over 40 10


#2. Casual Outfit

Who says only younger girls can wear purple? Grab a comfy purple t-shirt for a trendy top and stylish wardrobe.


cute outfits for women over 40 11

#3. Working Women Wear

The perfect wardrobe for teachers is sophisticated. Stick to beige colours and add a colourful scarf and pearl earrings.

cute outfits for women over 40 12

#4. Funky Look

Those who love colourful clothes will love this black and red knee-length dress. Pair it with a chunky necklace and hoop earrings.

cute outfits for women over 40 13


#5. Fun Mom Wardrobe

For mothers seeking fashion, grab a cotton shirt, and pair it with a beige sweater. Match this cute outfit with a designer handbag and patent leather boots.

cute outfits for women over 40


#6. Plus size over 40 Women Style

The perfect outfit for curvy women is a lacy red top with jeans. This will suit all trendy housewives and moms too.

cute outfits for women over 401

#7. Simple Casual Style with Jeans

If you are a grandmother, then this outfit is for you! Wear a loose chiffon top with fitted jeans and suede boots.

cute outfits for women over 402

#8. Street Style

The perfect autumn wardrobe for mamas is a jean jacket with crop pants and a funky scarf.

cute outfits for women over 403

#9. Summer Brunch Outfit

Choosing an outfit for a Sunday brunch with friends can be tricky. Play it safe with stylish coral pants and a pale blue top. This makes the perfect summer wardrobe.

cute outfits for women over 404


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#10. Celebrities over 40 Style

Jennifer Aniston’s wardrobe is super stylish. Copy her style by pairing a minimalistic black vest and cargo shorts.

cute outfits for women over 405


#11. Short Hairstyle and Cute Makeup Look

Winter fashion is all about bold colors. So stick to a stylish red coat from Macy’s with black leggings and boots.

cute outfits for women over 406


#12. Minimalist Fashion

If you need clothes for the outdoors, then stick to summer fashion and wear bright colours. Red, black, and white are trendy options for a fresh and feminine wardrobe.

cute outfits for women over 407


#13. 40 Plus women Accessories Styling Idea

cute outfits for women over 408

#14. Working Women Style

work wear over 40 women


#15. Ugg Outfit

women over 40 ugg shoes


#16. Boyfriend Jeans with Animal Print Flats

women over 40 boyfriend jeans


#17. House Wife Style

Spring outfit 40 year women

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#18. Chic Style

over 40 model style


#19. Sleeveless Top with PJ and Sneakers



#20. Holidays Wear

beach outfit women over 40


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