19 Fabulous Ideas on How to Wear White Wide Legged Pants

How to Wear White Wide Leg Pants. There are some clothing pieces that are notoriously difficult to style. Wide leg pants are one of them. After all, how do you wear them without overwhelming your figure? How do you look chic and not frumpy? Make them white wide-leg pants and the playing field gets even trickier. Are white wide-leg pants even in style in 2020? What shoes do you wear with them anyway?

If this sounds familiar to you, never fear, Outfit Trends is here!

Not only will we answer all these questions, but we are going to show you 19 ways to style your white wide-leg pants to perfection. From formal outfits to casual weekend looks, find out what shoes to wear with your wide-leg pants, what tops to pair them with, and what length pants to go for. Plus, we include some helpful tips like what types of undergarments to wear and how to avoid stains!

So keep reading to learn how you can rock your own white pants with style and confidence.

Tips for Wearing White Wide Leg Pants

Let’s get started with our top tips for styling white wide-leg pants.

  • Wear skin-colored undergarments, not white undergarments. White on white may seem like a smart choice but white undergarments will stand out visibly against your skin if your pants are even remotely sheer.
  • If you want to avoid a faux pas, make sure you opt for sturdier or thicker fabrics and avoid sheer materials. Unless, of course, sheer pants is the look you are going for!
  • Consider shapewear for extra support. No matter your size or shape, shapewear is a neat trick to hide undergarment lines and create a smooth streamlined look.
  • Experiment with the length of your pants. Don’t be afraid of going too long! It can actually look very classy and modern to wear extra-long wide-leg pants with heels.
  • To avoid stains, try not to wear your white pants on a rainy day (or the day after heavy rains: hello mud!). If you have to sit down somewhere that doesn’t seem super clean, try laying down a jacket first or putting down paper towels!
  • If you notice a stain, be sure to take care of it ASAP. Keep the stain wet if it’s fresh. Use cold water and dab, don’t rub.

how to wear white wide legged pants

Now let’s check out those outfit picks!

↓ 19 – With Wide-Brimmed Hat and Flats

Need a cute weekend look? How about a casual ensemble you can throw on before hitting up your favorite cafe? This outfit will do the job nicely. Start with your wide-leg pants (not too long) and pair with a white tee featuring your choice of logo, motif, or graphic. We like the soft colors in this one! Alternatively, you can go for a plain white tee-shirt. But that’s not as fun. Next, top off the look with a wide-brimmed felt hat and some comfy flats. Swipe on some red lipstick and you are ready to hit the town!

white wide leg pants outfits for women


↓ 18 – With Denim Jacket and Slip-On Shoes

Got a target run to make? Brunch with your girlfriends? This casual but cute look will fit the bill nicely! Pair a white tee with your wide-leg trousers and add a denim jacket to finish off the look. You can tie it around your waist or pop it on if it gets chilly. Have fun with your accessories. Layered necklaces, some bracelets, and some cute slip-on shoes will tie the look together.

white wide leg pants for women

↓ 17 – With Side Slit Crop Top

Here is a gorgeous way to style wide-leg pants for a formal event. A side slit crop top and oversized statement silver earrings will highlight all your best features and ensure you’re the hit of the party!

white wide leg pants outfits for women


↓ 16 – With Tank Top and Loafers

Perfect for vacation days, touring new cities, or grabbing coffee with friends, this simple but super stylish look is great for all occasions. Pair up some wide-leg capris with a sleeveless tank and some loafers. Lastly, add a white purse and let your hair down to finish off the look! Here are some more ideas on Outfits to Wear with Loafers This Season.

With Tank Top and Loafers


↓ 15 – With T-Shirt and Block Heels

If you are looking for style inspiration for a casual look (or maybe you are just a fan of casual looks in general) this cute ensemble will do the trick nicely. Pair a cute t-shirt (in this case, a Captain America tee) with some slim-fitting wide-leg pants. Note the length and the fit around the hips and thighs. This is the best fit when going for a looser top. Next, add some cute accessories like a woven bag and hoop earrings. Lastly, a pair of cute block heels elevate the look and lengthens the leg. Perfection!

With T-Shirt and Block Heels


↓ 14 – With Puff-Sleeve Top

If you have a holiday party coming up, a fancy dinner date, or a family photoshoot planned, this gorgeous look is a great option. Pair a ruched mock neck top with puffed sleeves with your white pants. Opt for a pair that don’t overwhelm your figure and end right at the ankle. Some simple strappy heels and dangling earrings are the only accessories you need. Lastly, pull up your hair in a pony and let a few pieces fall loose to frame your face. And voila!


↓ 13 – With Camisole and Sandals

For your next vacation look, try this super classy and stylish ensemble. Tuck a camisole into a pair of high-waist paper-bag style pants tied with a tasseled belt. To get a similar look, go for “high water” pants (a hem that hits right at the ankle or above it) and pair them with white sandals. And there you are, a monochromatic vacation look, perfect for boating or lunching on a veranda!

white wide leg pants outfits for women


↓ 12 – With White Cropped Sweater

For a trendy and very modern take on the white wide-legged pants, try this Influencer-inspired option. Opt for pants in a drapey material (it’s okay if they are a little long) but make sure they fit snugly around the waist. This high-waist pair is the perfect piece to pair with a cropped sweater. Accessorize with neutral-toned pieces like a creamy beige-pink clutch. We recommend high heels with this outfit, particularly because the pants are on the long side.

white wide leg pants outfits for women


↓ 11 – With Cropped Gingham Top

One of the great benefits of wearing a white piece is that you can wear it with pretty much anything. And in this case, we see how different shades of blue can pair beautifully with white wide-leg pants. Start with a white and blue gingham top (or checks) and accessorize with bright blue accessories. A silver-chained purse and electric blue heels are fun and funky and take the look to the next level. Lastly, go for a casually pulled-back pony and add silver jewelry. Note that these close-fitting pants fit perfectly around the waist and hips, and they aren’t so wide throughout the leg that they overwhelm the underlying figure.

white wide leg pants outfits for women


10 – With Fitted Sweater and Loafers

Perfect for the busy college girl or the new college grad, this minimalistic look can be created from a basic budget and on a time crunch. Double-win. An outfit like this says, “I’m here and I’m serious.” Plus, it’s easy to throw together! Simply pair a fitted v-neck sweater with some midrise white jeans that hit right at the ankle. Pair with brown loafers and your choice of jewelry.

white wide leg pants outfits for women


9 – With Loose Sleeveless Top

Black and white are undoubtedly the most famous combinations for some white pants. It’s chic and basic yet infinitely stylish. We love this look for a work event or even dinner while on vacation.

white wide leg pants with black topVia

8 – With Halter Top for Petite Women

If you are on the petite side and you are feeling daunted by wide-leg pants, here is a great way to wear them without being overwhelmed. Fitted jeans that hit right above the ankle and have a wider leg is the pick for you. Notice the high waist, the fit around the hips, and the loose width around the thighs. Pair with a cute halter top and heels and you are in business, lady! If you like this look, don’t forget to check out these Cute Ways to Wear Halter Outfits Everyday.

white wide leg pants outfits for women


7 – With White Lace Top

Hollywood actress Lauren Conrad was rocking the wide-leg pants before we even knew it was cool. Here she paired them with a white long-sleeved lace top and nude heels. We love her makeup too: clean, fresh, and dewy!

white wide leg pants celebrity style 2


6 – Street Style

Here is a dressy street look, both chic and cozy. Pair a loose v-neck sweater, lightly tucked into a pair of wide-leg silk pants, with black strappy heels. Accessorize with a sequined clutch and chunky bracelet.

white wide leg pants street style

5 – With Razorback Tank

If you love a minimalistic outfit, this might just be the one for you. To get this look, all you need is a black knit razorback tank and your wide-leg pants. We love the addition of a wide cloth belt to tie in a bow in front and cinch the waist. Style with heels and your choice of jewelry.

white wide leg pants outfits for women


4- With Cold Shoulder Top 

Designing the perfect outfits for date night can be tough! But if you think that wide-leg pants are not a good option for a date, think again! Here is a super chic way to style white wide-leg pants for a date. Pop them on with a black ruffled cold-shoulder top and style with heels. Accessorize with statement earrings and a coordinating purse. And voila! You are ready for a romantic evening out with your significant other.

white wide leg pants outfits for women


3 – With Coat for Winter Work Attire

The best thing about long coats is that these can be paired up with almost anything and yet give a complete look. Here is our first pick for a stylish winter work outfit.

white wide leg pants outfits for women


And here’s that pretty girl from Smurfs, Olivia Palermo, looking as fresh as ever in this gorgeous look. We are loving her winged liner here. If you need some tips on wearing your liner as perfectly as her, then don’t miss our post on How to Wear Eyeliner for Beginners-Tutorial.

white wide leg pants winter celebrity style


Another great way to wear your white trousers to work is by tucking in your shirt in Jessica Alba’s chic style.

work outfit with white wide leg pants


2 – With Button-down Top

When in doubt, wear white. Pairing a white top with white pants may scare a lot of people, but when pulled together, a completely white monochromatic outfit looks beautiful. Here are some more Fresh Outfits With White Shirts.

How to Wear White Wide Leg Pants (9)


1 – With Band T-Shirt

To style some seventies-inspired retro pants, pair it up with your favorite band tee and a pair of round sunglasses. These flared trousers will have you feeling trendy and cute.

white wide leg pants with tee


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about how to wear white wide-leg pants plus how to style them!

Q. Are wide-leg pants in style in 2020?

A. Yes, ma’am. Wide-leg pants really came into their own in the seventies but they may just be the official comeback kid because they are back… and they’re here to stay. From influencers rocking wide-leg pants to models showing them off on the runway, this trendsetting and very stylish article of clothing is a must-have for every aspiring fashionista.

Q. What shoes look best with wide-leg pants?

A. There are definitely a few tried-and-true shoes that look best with wide-leg pants. Here they are:

  1. High heels
  2. Sneakers
  3. Booties
  4. Loafers
  5. Mules
  6. Flat Sandals

Q. What body type should wear wide-leg pants?

A. Most if not all body types can wear wide-leg pants. But it may take some clever styling to make sure they shine… without losing the shape underneath. Plus-size gals or thick-set women do best with tailored wide-leg pants, which will create structure and support. Opting for vertical stripes on the pant may be a good option as well.

Q. What are wide-leg pants called?

A. If you are wondering if wide-leg pants are known by any other name, you may be thinking of Palazzo pants. Palazzo pants are trousers specifically designed for women that flare out from the waist, are long, and have a very wide, loose leg. They are great for summer as they are usually made of light, breathable fabrics. However, wide-leg pants come in a variety of materials and styles, so while Palazzos are the most popular, they aren’t your only choice.

Are you loving our outfit picks? Are you feeling inspired and ready to tackle styling your wide-leg pants? Let us know in the comments below!


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