41 Chic Ripped Jeans Outfit Ideas with Styling Tips

Are you bored of wearing mainstream jeans and looking for different outfit ideas that could make you stand out? If the answer is yes, it is time to get inspiration from some amazing ripped and distressed jeans. We bring you many ideas that you will find quite helpful. You can easily DIY (do it yourself) your jeans to make them ripped and distressed if you do not wish to buy new ones. But the more important thing is, what outfits should be worn with ripped jeans?

 What to Wear with Ripped Jeans?

Nowadays, shredded jeans have transitioned into a street-style staple, and the denim style has evolved a lot of change in the past few years. You can wear any outfit with it whether it be a blazer, cardigan, short dress, peplum top, crop top anything, in short, would be perfect to wear with the jeans. Moreover, accessories and shoes are significant in making or breaking your outfit. So get your gorgeous jewelry, bags, and shoes out and prepare to style!

distressed denim jeans outfits for women

Styling Tips:

  • When it comes to ripped jeans, less is more. Since your jeans are a statement article of your look, keep the rest of your outfit simple and classy.
  • A classy white or black button-down is the way to go if you feel overwhelmed while styling.
  • Denim on denim is an absolute yes if done right!
  • Layer your outfit with the appropriate coats, blazers, leather jackets, and more.
  • Do not forget to accessorize! Grab your favorite pair of sunglasses and gold hoops. These two items will get you anything and everything!
  • A pair of white sneakers or ankle boots are the way to go when dressing casually in ripped jeans. For a more formal look, go for heels!

41 – Pair Your Vests with Ripped Dad Jeans

Dad jeans are super cool and trendy due to the high waist and loose-fitting. Pair your jeans with a vest similar to the one in the image below to complete the vibe. You can also go for a collared shirt topped with an oversized sweater vest French tucked at the front. The possibilities to style distressed dad denim is endless!


40 – Mix Pastel Colors with Light Washed Denim Jeans

Styling light blue jeans can be extremely fun! An excellent way to wear your light-washed denim is to pair it with pastel colors, creams, beiges, and whites. Moreover, you can get away with various tops, from crop tops to cute blouses with flowy, puffed sleeves. A pair of sneakers is a well-suited choice, and gold hoops are here to save the day! The image below is a fabulous way to style light blue jeans for an everyday look and to get you inspired!

39 – With Kimonos

I adore this look! This lady checked all the boxes when styling a pair of ripped jeans. The muted cami top and light-washed jeans work wonderfully with the bright printed kimono. And to compliment the long kimono, we have got a hat and shoes. Go for a smaller pair of hoops if you think you will not wear larger earrings similar to the ones below. An A-plus for effort and execution on this wonderful outfit!

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38 – Add a Plaid Blazer for Street Style Vibes

Talk about being a girl boss! The style of the jeans works effortlessly with the modern street-style vibes going on with this outfit. The plaid blazer looks phenomenal with the jeans, and the contrast of the blacktop, beret hat, and shades brighten up the look. The shoes are just what was needed to tie the entire look together.

37 – Pair with a White Shirt for a Classic Look

You know you can not go wrong with a classic white button-down paired with light-washed jeans. Add in the rips, and you have got a cooler, edgier look on your hands. Throw on an oversized blazer to make this look modern street style in the best way possible! Here are some more of our favorite white shirt outfits.


36 – Use Fishnets Under Your Ripped Jeans

A phenomenal way to elevate your outfit is by styling your denim by wearing something underneath to shine through the rips. For this purpose, fishnets will be your top choice, as proved in the image below! Another fabulous option is printed or patterned stockings.

35 – Add Floral Prints for a Feminine Look in Spring

First look at this outfit, and my mind jumps to spring! The colorful and floral vibes exuding from this outfit are right n brand with the flowery season of the year. I suggest keeping your makeup fresh, light and natural with bronzed, sunkissed skin and glossy lips. Push your hair back in a sleek bun at the nape of your neck, and you have got a look that is perfect for an official meeting!

34 – Pair Ripped Skinny Jeans with Statement Sleeved Tops

Ripped skinny jeans are so diverse and styled in endlessly versatile ways. Go for a puff-sleeved, fitted blouse or a bristol top and pair it with knee-high boots. Add on a clutch bag with the right accessories to compliment your outfit. For a more formal look, go for a pair of court stiletto heels to stand out.

Contrarily, if you wish to make your outfit edgier and street style, throw on a graphic crop top or tee shirt. Pair it with a bandana, classy chunky hoops, and combat boots to complete the look. Talk about being effortlessly chic and trendy! This look is super cute and straightforward for a day-at-the-office look!

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33- Add a Bright & Eye-Catching Yellow Blazer

Here is another example of the classic white top and blue jeans combination! However, this look has been made unique by adding a yellow blazer. You can go for a similar look but make it more trendy by opting for a shorter top and a blazer in mint green. Accessorize with a black purse and heels for a modern chic look!

what to wear with Distressed and Ripped Jeans

32 – Add a Light Colored Long Coat with Black Ripped Jeans

Visiting an art gallery, going to the office, or simply taking a quick run to the market? You will never know because of the versatility of this simple and eyecatching outfit! Do not forget to throw on your best pair of heels to look more professional and notable.

Ripped Jeans Fashion Ideas For Women

31 – With a Simple Tee and Jacket for the Beach

Distressed denim and beach are an absolute yes! Have a similar look as this when you plan on visiting the beach to have a good time with friends and family or when wanting a family shoot done!

30 – Pair Black Ripped Jeans with Green Tops

Green and black are a pair that is not always the easiest to style but done right looks captivating. This outfit is a nice example of bringing this elite color combo justice. However, I suggest opting for a brighter, almost neon green when pairing it with black to stand out. After all, you have to live up to the saying, “make ’em green with envy,” so you have to look your best!

29 – Pair Dark Tops with Light Washed Jeans

Talk about being cute, chic, and super on-spot with all the trends! This outfit is an excellent way to wear dark tops with light-washed distressed denim.

28 – Wear Them with a Peplum Top for a Semi-Formal Look

Blue jeans and a white shirt are just what you need when you need to hit the door in a hurry! Pair it with a black jacket and shoes and you are all set!

Outfits with Ripped Jeans

27 – Yes, You Can Wear Ripped Jeans with Heels

The addition of heels to this outfit has made this look go from okay to outstanding in seconds!

Cool Distressed Jeans For girls

26 – Create a Date Night Combination with Black & Red

You know you can not go wrong with red and black, and this outfit is the living proof of that!

25 – Keep it Simple with a Sweater or Sweatshirt in Fall Season

This look is simple but super pretty! Let your hair down in waves and opt for white platform boots instead of heels to make this look trendier. Moreover, throw on a leather jacket, and you have transitioned your look from cute to bold and daring!

24 – Play Around with Shades of Blue

Different shades of blue compliment each other in this outfit phenomenally!

What to wear with Ripped Jeans

23 – Add Some Furry Detailing in Winters

Bold, chic, and classy has entered the chat! You are bound to turn some adoring glances your way in this outfit. And that is just the way it should be!

22 – Ripped Boyfriend Jeans Look Best with Well Fitted Tops or Turtlenecks


21 – Wear Ripped Jeans Without Showing Skin By Wearing Tights Underneath

If you need to cover for modesty purposes or do not wish to show skin beneath ripped jeans, go for opaque tights in black. Another option is to go for illusion ripped jeans. These types of jeans have the rips without actually having any tears in them, as funny and confusing as this sounds! A layer of fabric lines the rips and slits, preventing any skin from peeking. So there you go, some foolproof methods of wearing distressed jeans without showing any skin!

Stylish Girls in Distressed Jeans

20 – Match Your Leather Jacket with Your Shoes

Latest Distressed Jeans Fashion Ideas For women

19 – Layer an All Black Outfit with a Green Jacket for Beautiful Travel Pictures

Cool Destructed jeans For Girls


#18 – With High Heels

This undeniably gorgeous black combo of so much awesomeness stands out as the best summer ripped jeans fashion that we so much adore.

Ripped Jeans, High Heels - Summer Style


#17 – With Long Boots

Who knew ripped jeans could bring out so much decent loveliness and perfection? Well, it apparently can. It only depends on your creativity!

Stunning White Beauty Style


#16 – The Sassy Gold Magic

The Sassy Gold Magic

#15 – Work Wear

The Chic in The Color Grey

#14 – Casual Day out

 Swag Outfit with Distressed Jeans


#13 – The Classiness and Cuteness in Pink

What works best on a hot summer day? If not ice-cream, then let it be ice-cream pink! Surely it is the creamiest and the prettiest style.

The Classiness and Cuteness in Pink


#12 – Date Outfit

 School Outfit


#11 – The Nearly Office Look

The bag and the shoes surely gives off an office vibe. The platinum-blond purplish hairdo, the chains, and the mirror glasses is just rocking it further.

The Nearly Office Look

#10 – Casual Wear

The messy bun, the stunning heels, the Taylor Swift Blank Space eye makeup, and the peachy top has all forms of chicness.

Casual Wear


#9 – The Sunday Morning Look

What could be more relaxed than a top that says something about food? Surely, it is the most relaxed Sunday morning look.

The Sunday Morning Look

#8 – Denim on Denim

The Royal Blue Stunning Spell

#7 – Street Style

The Ripped Jeans and Denim Combo

#6 – Winter with Sweater

The Cool Girlish Swag

#5 – With Long Coat and Heels

The Phenomenal Red-Brown Combo 

#4 – Date Look

Heels with torn Jeans - Perfect Footwear

#3 – Spring WEar

The Bluish Ripped Jeans Swag

#2 – The Grey-Pink Combo Fun

The Grey-Pink Combo Fun

#1 – Yellow 

The Simplistic Beauty

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