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  1. Stevie
    December 6, 2020

    We are going to church my wife sorry hubby says she’d love me in style 7 especially the heels and clutch bag she really wants to show our new relationship off she says I should offer to help the ladies of the church


    • Zoona
      December 15, 2020

      We’re glad to hear all your feedback and comments Stevie. Do try the style 7 in this case, we’re sure you’ll rock it.
      Kind regards,
      Team Outfit Trends


  2. Stevie
    December 26, 2020

    Oh my the ladies of the church were so helpful let me join them and promised to find a nice skirt and blouse or maybe a dress to wear in future you’ve got to look pretty for hubby


  3. Stevie
    December 30, 2020

    Jen said as she left for work don’t cook tonight I’ll take you out iron a pair of pants and a shirt for me.Carols coming round to help you get ready.I did my house work put a wash on my phone beeped round after lunch love Carol.Oh daddy lets start bubble bath moisturise oh yes that body lotion I’ll do your hair and makeup put the body shaper on.Yes daddy time for a dress yes blue and white maxi dress blue heels and clutch dad just the look mum wanted when she took you out first time..I hear the van quick shower ill be down.Carol hugs me its fine your eating at Connies you’ve been hundreds of times just enjoy .Jen comes down wow darlin stunning link me Carols dropping us down.oh Jen i’m a bit nervous so I don’t feel too hungry just have a salad like I use to have.Connie welcomes us compliments us on our looks if you need to powder your nose Stevie just shout ill come with you .Jen your having a tee bone everything with it If you want a steak honeythere’s a small riump and salad ladies special .


  4. Stevie
    January 2, 2021

    Oh Jen darling will you finish my steak I’m full of course you don’t eat as much now not if you want me in figure hugging clothes I giggle.oh darling I need the loo Jen calls Connie over can Stevie powder his nose of course come with me you can it’s quiet at the moment let me oh hi Stevie you can come in with me oh thank you Mary he’ll be fine with me Connie.I do my buisness struggle with my poppers on my shaper Mary ask you OK love yes I am now just my bodyshapers poppers oh I know the things we do for fashion.Denis said you and Jen are joining us for a drink.We’ll leave them at through bar talking work we can sit on the veranda enjoy our cocktails have a gossip.we sit outside and Mary has me fill her in on how we decide to let me be the housewife.2 more of our neighbors come out can we join you we’ve left the men at the bar sorry Stevie its oK I like being one of the girls I can have cocktails instead of beer cheers..


  5. Miyah
    March 14, 2021

    Love the ideas !


    • Zoona
      March 16, 2021

      We’re so glad that you did 🙂
      Kind regards,
      Team OutfitTrends


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