18 Best Pony Hairstyles for Men

Boys pony hairstyles. It is a well-known fact that your hairstyle can make or break your look, and this rule applies not only to women but also to men.

Gone are the days when men would stick to boring old short hair. We now live in a time when being groomed and following all the latest trends have become a must for everyone. Boys’ hairstyle ideas have started gaining popularity these days, and they are essential if you are looking forward to creating your style statement and unique look.

Suppose you are a boy with long hair – good news! You now have many stylish hair options; the most popular and in-trend hairstyle these days is the pony look. Whether you have neck-length or shoulder-length, straight or wavy, we have compiled many pony hairstyles for you to choose from for every occasion.

#18 – Undercut Pony

You can now merge your two favorite hairstyles and pull them off amazingly! Such as this extremely classy undercut style with a short pony. It looks best with stubble and is suitable for almost every occasion, whether casually chilling with your friends or attending a party.

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#17 – Rolled Up Pony

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#16 – Semi Bun Pony

Confused between a pony and a bun? Now you can go for this semi-pony bun hair look! It will surely make you look classy and handsome. To further enhance your look, you can wear bold black glasses to give the in-trend nerdy boy look.

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#15 – Half Pony Style

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#14 – Classy Hair Style For Short Hair

Who says you need to have long hair for a modern hairstyle? Being a guy with short hair, you still have many options. Such as this undercut look with a small half-tied pony. You cannot deny it looks classic!

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#13 – With Beard

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#12 – Simple Pony Look For Casual OutingsPony Hair Styling Ideas(7)

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#11 – Boys Hair Style For Curly Hair

Dealing with hair that is curly can be very tricky, especially if you are a boy. One way to tame your hair is with this super cute style of half-tied hair that is extremely simple and will make your stay comfortable. Depending on your choice, you can go for a pony or a half bun,

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#10- Cool And Preppy Style

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, #9 – Unique Double Pony

Why always go with the conventional look? Let your imagination go wild! Instead of one, you can tie multiple ponytails to achieve this trendy look for formal parties. With this hairstyle, we assure you the spotlight will be on you!

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#8 – Hair Style For Long Length Hair

One of the biggest advantages of having long hair is that you can experiment with different styles now and then. One of such styles is this multiple bands style that is very unique and distinctive. All you have to do is tie multiple hair bands at different levels of hair length, and tada! You have transformed your hair into an amazing, stylish look.

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#7 – Mid Half Bun Hair Style

This half-mid bun style looks great on men with a beard. If you want a unique and different idea to make your style statement, this is the one! To further enhance your look, you can dye your hair a different color from the ends, which will give your hair a whole new, fresh, and trendy look.

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#6 – Hair Style For Parties And Events

Didn’t you always want to follow all the hot trends on the covers of fashion magazines? Well, here is your chance! This half-rolled pony looks smart, stylish, and super cool. Try this style when attending parties and other semi-formal or formal events to make all heads turn your way.

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#5 – Hair Style For School And College

This style is perfect for you if you are a school-going or college-going boy. It will keep you comfortable and carefree throughout the day and give you a stylish, handsome look that will attract everyone’s attention, so get ready to impress everyone around you and make lots of new friends!

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#4 – Style For Waist Length Hair

If you struggle with long hair, this simple, ultra-easy style is perfect. Tie your hair into a high ponytail, which is not only easily manageable but will also give you your desired fashionable and modern look.

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#3 – For Work And Meetings

How cool does John Lennon look in this super classy hairstyle? If you are looking for hair ideas suitable for meetings, offices, and other large social gatherings, search no further because this look is ideal for your purpose!

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#2 – Cute Hair Style

If you are looking for a cute and boyish hair styling idea, what can be better than this look of Harry Styles? This high pony looks amazingly modern and classy, and the best part is that it is suitable for casual and formal outings.

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#1 – For Sophisticated Look

Here is a very cool and trendy hairstyle of the famous Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan with a pony. It is perfect for formal events and will add extra sophistication to your overall look. Ideal for shoulder-length hair.

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