Modern Vintage Outfits: 21 Ways To Make Modern Clothes Look Vintage

Modern Vintage Outfits: The evolution of fashion has led to some pretty repulsive trends that we never want to try again (remember when guys used to wear saggy pants with the waistband hanging as low as their thighs, yuck!) but it also led to some revolutionary trends that we still incorporate in our modern-day looks.

You can mix and match some old fashion staples with some present-day trends to make the perfect fit. Finding that balance between the modern fashion wave and vintage fashion by using old inspiration back from the fashion-forward eras is exactly what you need for 2023!

How to Make Your Modern Outfit Look Vintage?

Whether you’re going on a grocery run or you’re going to a night out with the girls or even if you’re going on a date night with your boo, you can wear your modern vintage outfit and command whatever room you walk into!

The range of outfits is diverse and can be worn whenever and wherever if you know how to style them and that’s exactly what we’re here for so let’s jump straight into it!

Do’s And Don’t:

  • Thrift Store Finds Are A Must. One great and budget-friendly way to find vintage pieces is thrifting. Not only do you find gems hidden in the abyss of clothes but it also is way cheaper.


  • Let The Hero Piece Shine. Too much vintage can be overkill so find that star piece and start building your outfit around it to have a more balanced outfit.


  • DIY The Old. Not every thrift find will look good on you but that’s okay because you can just alter and tailor your outfit to fit you (or get a tailor to do it for you).


  • Accessorize Accessorize Accessorize. The best thing about old fashion was the bold, eye-catching accessories that came along with the outfit so don’t miss out on them.


21 – Chunky Knee-High Long Boots With Laced Top And Yellow Overlayer Dress

This grunge aesthetic is straight from the late 80s with its knee-high laced chunky black combat boots and laced full-sleeved black top.

Add a yellow overlayer dress for that modern pop of color, throw on some versatile jewelry like an onyx black ring and you have nailed the aesthetic.


20 – Blue Wide-Leg Denim Buttoned Jumpsuit With Pointy White Heeled Boots

This article cannot be complete without throwing in a blue jumpsuit for a blast from the past!

It features a wide-legged dark wash denim jumpsuit with buttons going down to the waist and half-sleeves. Matched with it are some pointy-toed heeled white boots as well as thin present-day delicate gold jewelry.


19 – Yellow And Black Block Colored Bra With High-Waisted Cargo Pants

We just couldn’t resist adding in another punk rock-inspired outfit. This outfit showcases a two-tone- yellow and black- O-ring backless sexy bra. Add in some of today’s trendy high-waisted pants with a side silver chain and some classic pair of black and white laced vans.

To bring the whole look together, add in some gold necklaces and rings, and voila, you’re ready to rock the day!


18 – Crochet Multi-Colored Short Dress With White Canvas Tote Bag

Crochet is making a comeback and we are here for it! This modern vintage outfit highlights the multi-colored beach vibes crochet mini dress with long flowy full-length arms and a crew neck. Paired with it are some cute brown thong-strapped sandals and a white shoulder canvas tote bag for a relaxing day at the beach.


17 – Textured Crochet Sweater With Bright Orange Pants And Sherpa Coat

This next outfit draws from the big, bright, and bold 70s with a contemporary twist.

It features a blue crochet textured sweater french tucked into Gen-Z orange boot-cut pants. Throw on a camel brown long Sherpa coat to keep yourself warm and add in some chunky jogger shoes to complement the outfit.

Don’t forget to accessorize with some funky-looking socks, a blue crossbody mini leather purse, some chunky big white sunglasses, and a pair of cute gold hoops.


16 – Circular Printed Mid Length Dress With Brown Handbag And Buckle Belt

The absolute Queen of vintage-inspired contemporary styles, Taylor Swift herself! This celebrity outfit idea features a simple middle-east style print on the short dress. It is half-sleeved and has a U-neck with a thin black belt around the waist.

Pair this outfit with a cute leather handbag with a gold structure and some bright Red lip tint to truly embody her Red album era.

15 – White Cargo Pants With Cropped Denim Jacket And Vintage Leather Bag

It’s raining denim! This look highlights a leather backpack-style crossbody bag and a light wash classic cropped and full-sleeved denim jacket. The modern twist is the pastel-colored pink laced pink sole jogger shoes with a pastel dull pink cropped bralette top.

Balance the entire look with some high-waisted white bottom-cuffed cargo pants with exaggerated side pockets.


14 – Bandana Top With Distressed Loose-Fit Denim Jeans And Checkered Slip-Ons

Bandanas are not only an accessory but can also be an entire piece of clothing for your fit, adding that zing to your outfit. This off-shoulder dull orange bandana top with a white design is tucked into some dull greyish-blue loose-fit distressed denim jeans that are high-waisted.

The look cannot be complete without the rustic silver belt going around the waist or some cute boho beaded bracelets. Additionally, add in some checkered slip-on shoes to complete the look.


13 – Bold Lingerie Outfit With Printed Orange Flames, Fish Net, And Tinted Shades

This look makes a bold statement and is perfect if you want to step out of your comfort zone at a festival like Coachella. It features a lingerie outfit idea with a sexy flame bikini with straps around the abs. Paired with it is matching flame underwear with a chained chunky belt on top.

Add in some fishnet for your legs, some 70s-inspired thick sunglasses with orange-tinted glass, and a tie-dye blue hippie-style long frayed shawl in case it gets chilly.


12 – Checkered Pants Wuth Purple Bomber Jacket And Orange Fleece Cardigan

When contemporary-styled pieces meet the nostalgic bold colors and vibrant patterns of the past, modern retro fashion is born. This outfit stars checkered fitted high-waisted pants with a bright orange fleece cardigan on top. Additionally, the look also features a purple full-sleeved bomber jacket with a light purple woolen scarf.

To truly give off the rustic look, add in chunky black combat boots, a checkered bucket hat, thick orange sunglasses, and a matching orange mini handbag.


11 – Plaid Vintage Dress Outfit With Woolen Black Full-Sleeved Turtle Neck

One of the biggest age-old trends making a comeback this year is rustic and nostalgic old dresses that take you straight back to the 90s. This outfit showcases a plaid green spaghetti-strapped dress with a v-neck and pleats on the bottom.

Paired with it is a thin brown belt, a black ribbed woolen mock neck to keep you warm and a cream beret hat to complete the fit.


10 – Plaid Co-ord Set With Plaid Pencil Skirt And Plaid Fitted Blazer

The article would be incomplete without a co-ord set outfit. This outfit features a plaid green and red co-ord set with a pencil skirt and a blazer. Paired with it is a white sleeveless mock neck, a cute pearl plaid headband, and dangling earrings to bring the look full circle!


9 – Tie Dye Multi-Colored Long Fitted Dress With Heeled Leather Boots And Pendant

We wanted to bring you a 60s hippie look and what better way to do that than a tie-and-dye fashion statement. This fit highlights the showstopping and glamourous tie-dye fitted long sleeveless dress with a polaroid filter color scheme.

Paired with the outfit are some big square black sunglasses with orange-tinted glass, some thick black heeled leather boots, and the iconic gold lock pendant necklace!


8 – Cashmere Heather Turtle Neck With Floral Long Skirt And Black Suede Boots

Vintage Outfit Ideas can also be worn by mature women, there is no restriction when it comes to fashion! This outfit shows a cashmere heather turtle neck with long sleeves that have ribbed cuffs. Paired with it is a classic staple from the past, the black floral long skirt with a black buckled belt going across it.

Don’t miss out on the chance to accessorize by adding some black suede boots, some beaded bracelets, and some cute Harry Potter styled glasses to go with it!


7 – Baby Pink Fedora Hat With Off-Shite Ballerina Dress And Baby Pink Corset

No matter what shape and size you are, you can pull off just about any look so don’t worry, we have the perfect look for you! This plus-size outfit features the cutest baby pink fedora hat paired with a white mini ballerina dress with pleats at the bottom.

Worn on top of the dress is a matching baby pink corset with a belt across it at the bottom. Complete the entire look by throwing in a pair of snake-printed heeled boots to the mix!


6 – Light Pink Furry Vintage Caftan With Matching Rhinestone Heeled Pumps

Continuing with our pastel baby pink theme, we have this rustic caftan outfit. This look features a baby pink furry caftan with a v-neck and loose flowy three-quarter sleeves. Matched with it, are a pair of baby pink rhinestone-heeled pumps and some trendy thin gold jewelry.


5 – Long Sleeved Pleated Dress With White Laced Collars And Black Bow Pumps

If you’re looking for a way to style that thrifted dress you’ve been gatekeeping, this is the look for you! Featured in this look is a vintage black dress with pleats going down the bottom and buttons on top. It has an exaggerated white-laced collar and cuffed full-length sleeves.

Add in some pointy-toed bowtie black pumps and some diamond studs to complete the fit!


4 – Pleated Floral Long Chiffon Skirt With Black Turtle Neck And Brown Heels

This modern vintage-style floral long skirt will make you look gorgeous on that grocery run. We always want to look glamorous no matter what! Paired with the pleated long chiffon floral skirt is a classic staple black turtleneck to keep you warm.

Following the 70s theme, throw on those silver-colored square-toed heels and add in a cute little ring to look like a queen.


3 – High-waisted Black Wide-Legged Pants With Crew Neck T-Shirt And Sneakers

Contemporary fashion meets the age-old wide-legged pants in this fusion outfit starring a white crew neck t-shirt tucked inside long wide-legged high-waisted black pants with a leather buckle belt across it. Throw on a sleeveless black vest jacket, some sneakers, and thin black shades to complete the fit.


2 – White Laced Corset With Buttoned Open Cardigan And Holographic Pants

Holographic pants can help make you look sexy if you style them right. This outfit features a holographic green pair of fitted pants with a white laced corset on top. Matched with it is a button-down style cardigan with cuffed sleeves.

Additionally, wear golden pointed heels, add in gold jewelry, match a golden mini purse and make everyone’s jaws drop.


1 – Green Full-Sleeved Cardigan With Denim Jeans And Bandana Headscarf

Last but not least this look showcases a bright green buttoned cardigan paired with light-wash denim jeans and a brown tank top underneath. Match it with a canvas tote bag, wear a bandana, and some silver hoops.



Q. How do you make a vintage look modern?

To make your outfit look modern, pair it with blue, black, or white denim pieces to give the look a more subdued and subtle look. So if the blouse you’re wearing has a bright yellow check, try matching it with some white denim jeans or pair that crochet dress with a denim jacket to make it more modern.

Q. What vintage items are trending?

Graphic t-shirts, all things crochet, denim, corsets, etc. Accessories like bucket hats, oversized sunglasses, square-toed heels, bandanas, funky socks, and basically any purse with patterns and bright colors.

Q. How do you dress vintage without looking old?

The best way to go about it is the mix-and-match strategy. Pair modern-day pieces with more vintage ones and don’t hesitate to experiment. You’ll be able to rock the outfit without looking old.

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