11 Hipster Outfit Ideas For Girls & Styling Tips

Hipster fashion derives from the original hippy or ‘flower power’ era of the ’60s. It is about being carefree, keeping it bright, and returning the vintage.

Achieving the hipster look is probably one of the easiest to attain, with the trend covering everything from neon to paisley. This style consists of non-brand names and the desire to support the more obscure and local attire, so remember, the best place to start for this type of attire is your local vintage wear stores and even thrift stores and charity shops!

It is basically – Anything Goes! Hippie and Gypsy combine to create some incredible Boho fashion for hipster girls.

How to Dress Like a Hipster Girl?

Being a hipster is mainly about an attitude rather than a fashion sense, but over the decades, specific trends have indeed become their hallmarks or identities.

Below you’ll find some basic tips:

Styling Tips

  • Flannel. Tartan can make any girl look cuter in an instant. Moreover, apart from the fact that you can look perfect, it’s also incredibly comfortable to wear – making it a win-win.
  • Vintage shirts. Hipsters, of course, were the first to realize how great vintage shirts are, and by now, the whole world has started accepting and seeing them their way. On the downside, this has led to a dramatic increase in the prices of authentic vintage shirts.
  • Cardigans. Yes, sweaters and cardigans had existed much before the hipsters did, but they have undoubtedly been worn the most by them. They are surely a basic necessity of the wardrobe. If you plan to buy one, go for a cardigan with a deep V-neck.
  • Sweatshirts. These have to be pull-over ones with some cute print or in a vintage look.
  • Bottoms. When buying jeans, always go for skinny ones for a casual chic look; it would be best if you can get ones with a bleached look or just splatter some paint on it yourself.  Other options include leggings, khakis, sweatpants and of course shorts.
  • Peace sign: Originally created as a symbol of peace and unity, this sign has become associated with various countercultural movements over the years, including the hippie movement of the 1960s. In contemporary hipster fashion, the peace sign is often worn or incorporated into clothing, accessories, or even tattoos as a nod to this history of counterculture and social activism.
  • Make-Up and Accessories: Well, this is an easy one. Hipsters do not wear make-up if it can be helped. But if it cannot be avoided, then the modern hipster will wear the very minimal, such as a strike of eyeliner and a touch of nude-colored lip gloss.
    Accessories wise it is the opposite; big glasses are a must-have, as are vintage necklaces and bracelets, preferably with floral patterns. Bright colors are always seen throughout the hipster subculture so why not incorporate a pink and blue check belt or a bright neon nail polish to finish off your look?
  • Footwear: It can range from flat soled girly shoes to the 5-inch heeled boots. Sandals are thrown into the mix and even cowboy boots. What shoes you wear will mainly depend on your outfit.
    For example, cute, simple suede cowboy boots with a small heel are a great combination with any vintage dress, adding that sexy zing whilst still looking natural and relaxed.
    Simple sandals or even a pair of vintage loafers can be the perfect input to match skinny jeans. You can have a look at these Cute Outfits To Wear With Gladiator Heels/Sandals This Season.
White lace dress and brown suede cowboy boots.

Where to Shop For Hipster Clothes?

  • American Apparel
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Zalando
  • Nordstrom
  • eBay
  • Levi’s 

Hipster Outfit Idea

11 – One Piece Outfits

The modern hipster girl will have a vast collection of vintage dresses, and she will have no fear of flaunting them for any occasion.

Cute, floral, and short-sleeved dresses are always a winner. This clothing style does not need to be well-fitted – as dresses with no shape can also be brought in by that bright and beautiful belt.

Not all dresses have to be printed, but floral patterns, paisley, and even tartan are great patterns for the dress.

Here are some more Cute Floral Print Outfits Combinations for Spring

hipster outfits for girls

10 – Two Piece Outfits

Skinny jeans or jeggings are an ideal addition to any modern hipster’s wardrobe.

These are acceptable in any colour or fabric as the trend encourages a unique and ‘do as you feel’ way of life. Combine these with an oversized, open button-up shirt revealing a bright tank top.

Why not venture further into the carefree side and tie shirts around your waist?

Not only does this enhance the look, but it is also a great and yet simple way to break up any clashing colours between top and trousers.

hipster outfits for girls


hipster outfits for girls

9 -Street Style

Hippie is all about floral prints and designs, and it is a must to have something flowery in your dress for the day.

If planning a trip for the outdoors during summer, take up this sense of style with a collared floral printed shirt matched perfectly with a simple black pleated skirt.

Fringed bags are another hippie trademark and to have one with you on a trip is a great thing. Match this attire with nice maroon shoes and big horn-rimmed glasses.

Hipster Style outfits Girls (2)

8 – Travel Outfit  

Flowy dresses/outfits are the key to this genre of dressing, and if you associate yourself with hippies, then you must own a cute loose graphic t-shirt sleeveless for the summers and jazz it up with a pair of baggy white pants in silk or chiffon.

Accessorise with a vintage shoulder bag for your beach necessities. Here are some more Ideas on How to Dress for a Road Trip.

Hipster Style outfits Girls (3)

7 – Concert and Festival Outfits

Cropped pants can also be worn with loose vests and jackets. Simple neutral shades in t-shirts or bold colors can jazz up your look. 

Hippie fringed bags and sunglasses are a must-thing. Here are some of the coolest Ideas on How to Wear a Graphic Tee.

Hipster Style outfits Girls (4)

Midi skirts with t-shirts showing your relaxed sense with gladiators look nice for a Sunday dress code.

Hipster Style outfits Girls (5)

6 – Teen Girl Style

Hipster Style outfits Girls (8)

This is what you call vintage gear.

Gorgeous embroidered patterned jacket and shorts. Keep the shirt underneath plain and simple but in mesh and accessorize with lots of necklaces and braids in your hair to give a complete look.

Hipster Style outfits Girls (9)

5 – Sleeveless Vests + Shorts

You can always go a little away from the floral prints and try new dressing styles like this hip-hop sleeveless vest and shorts with metallic embellishments.

Hipster Style outfits Girls (10)

4 – College/University Girl Style

Simple yet elegant for a day in college. A green vest with grey chino pants cropped up with oxfords, and a high ponytail will give you just the right amount of hippie vibes.

Hipster Style outfits Girls (11)

3 – Summer Wear

What we are now witnessing is the rise of hipster fashion again and by the young generation of the streets because of its natural flow and “do as you feel like” motto.

Shearling shorts are always a risk to wear in summer and require your openness towards fashion. So try on fitting nice denim studded shorts with a denim dual shade jacket and a graphic shirt for emphasis.

This headpiece adds quirkiness to the fit. Minimal makeup with the look but maintain your hair as the main accessory.

Hipster Style outfits Girls (1)

2 – Spring Ready

Vibrant colors as this canary yellow is an absolute hit with the ladies and a little rigged pair of shorts to go with the outfit in spring.

Wrap yourself in a black fringed peacock-colored baggy jacket. Wear lots of bracelets and chunky rings with oxfords.

Hipster Style outfits Girls (6)

Frocks with quirky prints are also a part of this hippie culture. The skeleton graphic on this skater-styled frock is an awesome dress to have in your wardrobe. Highlighted hair and high-heeled lace-up boots in black will be a nice touch with this outfit.

Hipster Style outfits Girls (7)

1 – Winter Look

These two are our favorite looks for this winter. The first one is a vintage pullover sweater with ripped jeans and totally messy ponytail.

A crossbody bag and some silver rings are the only things needed to accessorize on point here. A casual, minimal and chic look for any young girl.

Also, have a look at these 18 Best Styles of Sweaters for Women

hipster outfits for girls

This next one is more on the cute side with a baggy pink sweater, black tights and nerd glasses with oversized frames. You can also see that one of the most popular hipster hairstyles – the braid, has been incorporated very nicely into this look.

hipster outfits for girls

Hipster Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow

Here’s a list of some amazing bloggers and we’ve also picked some of their modern looks that we loved!

Nifesimi is a skinny girl who has beautifully combined hipster fashion with her Nigerian-American roots. Her blog is all about stylish and budget-friendly outfits.

girls hipster outfit ideas

Hungry-Hipsters is an extremely creative and playfully designed blog by an engaged couple Breann Chiero & Christian Medice. Here are some of our favourite outfits for Bre’s.

girls hipster outfit ideas

If you’re looking for a space with modest hipster trends to follow, then the Hassidic Hipster Girl is the one you should be following. While her blog may be very simple looking, it has lots of great outfit ideas for girls who want to be on a budget.

hipster outfits for girls

And finally, we have Sara Dinkin from the blog Fancy Hipster, whose trendsetting and inspirational style has made her a celebrity stylist. Through her blog, she also works towards discovering new and sustainable brands. Of course, as evident by her blog name, her style is more fanciful, and the prices are on the comparatively higher side, but you can always take inspiration from her style and look for more affordable similar options.

outfit ideas for hipster girls

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