Country Concert Outfits For Women – 24 Styles To Try

Country Concert Outfits For Women: The time for concerts is all year round and dressing for them is a significant part of the day! After all, you will be looking back on this day as one of your fondest memories. Thus, looking your best is a given on this occasion.

However, you might need to make some changes to elevate your outfit if you plan to attend a country concert after your newly-found love for country music! And all of us have been fans of country music at one point or the other in our lives!

Any girl going to a country concert would have the wardrobe dilemma of, “is it too much or too little?”. The idea behind what to wear to a country concert is to remain comfortable while still looking trendy and having the best time ever.

You must choose an outfit that allows movement if you are anything like me and love to dance! Moreover, you want to blend into the crowd while still having a unique touch to your look. So keep reading to get inspired!

What to Wear to a Country Concert for Women?

Dressing for a country concert is one of the simplest outfits to style, as you can’t go wrong if you follow a few foolproof trends. Showing off the legs is a modern and appropriate trend for country concerts; thus, short shorts, skirts, and mini dresses are popular and mainstream.

Going hand in hand with the country scene is plaid shirts, denim garments, and fringe jackets, all of which are a great asset to any country girls’ wardrobe.

Moreover, consider investing in a plaid pattern mini dress. It is perfect for the summer weather if the fabric is light, breathable, and carries the country image effortlessly. Denim waistcoats are a gorgeous addition to any country outfit.

cute country concert attire

Tips on Styling Country Concert Outfits:

  • Opt for light and breathable fabrics as you might get sweaty in the big crowds.
  • Throw on a cowboy hat and boots to get a country touch without putting in much effort.
  • Pair fringed kimonos over a summer outfit for a boho country look.
  • Go for waterproof make-up to make it last all day long.
  • Make sure to carry a scrunchie with you!
  • Go for tribal jewelry to nail country accessories.
  • Fringe, bootcut pants, kimonos, cowboy boots, and hats are all staple wardrobe items for a country outfit.
  • Wear short shorts under your dress in case the wind gets wild.

Have a look at the following images for some beautiful country-style outfits to wear to your next concert!

↓ 24 – Fringed Kimonos are the Easiest Way to Make your Outfit Country

Whatever outfit you decide upon, the easiest way to give it a country vibe is to opt for a fringed kimono. This look is an inspiring way to dress for a concert. It is stylish, chic, retro, and hits the target with everything you want to achieve for your perfect country concert look! Here are some Kimono Outfit Ideas for your inspo.

cute country concert attire women 1

↓ 23 – Add on a Belt to the Waist to Bring Out your Figure

This graphic tee shirt dress is super comfortable and stylish. I would advise opting for a belt on your waist to bring attention to your figure. Furthermore, adding a fringed denim jacket will help make this outfit perfectly country, just as you wanted! And finally, trendy statement jewelry pieces are the way to go!


↓ 22 – Pair the Boots with Hints of Turquoise in the Scarf or Accessories

Now, this outfit is the ideal example of how to make an outfit country using accessories and your styling game. Take an ordinary black romper out of your closet, and pair it with bright turquoise boots. Add a hair scarf around your neck similarly, and grab accessories that are a mix of boho and country style. Finally, add the icing to a fabulous outfit with a cowboy hat!

cute country concert attire women 2


↓ 21 – Stand Out in a Colourful Birthday Suit for the Concert

You deserve to shine and sparkle on your special night if you are the birthday girl. And what better way to do it than in this gorgeous sparkly romper that is brighter than a day?! And the pink fringed jacket and boots hit the mark of a country outfit perfect for a concert!

Who knows? If you are close enough, your favorite singer might even notice you! Here are some Cute Outfits for Concerts.


↓ 20 – Opt for Faded Black Denim for an Edgy Grunge Look

How trendy and bold is this gorgeous look?! The accessories, styling, and details of the outfit are on point, And so, this outfit is deemed perfect for a country concert!

cute country concert attire women 3


↓ 19 – Get the Vintage Vibe Inspired by Dolly

Dolly is at the top of the list of women’s country singers. Her sky blue embossed jacket with matching boots looks ideal paired together. Go for a similar look if you can get your hands on a blazer and boots in this shade of blue!

cute country concert attire women 4

↓ 18 – Choose Slogan Tees for Country Music Concert

Get your hands on a slogan tee that matches the country concert mood for a chill and comfortable look, and layer it with a kimono for the perfect combination.

This outfit would also look great paired with a straw hat; thus, here are some more gorgeous straw hat outfits. Moreover, whenever you feel doubt, go for bootcut pants and denim. They are bound to give you the country vibe you want to achieve!

cute country concert attire women 5

Shop the pants below:

Stripes Stretch Jeans $68.99

↓ 17 – Get Fun & Flirty in this Summer Country Concert Look

A beautiful lace cami top with distressed shorts and leather cowboy boots is perfect for a country concert look. Go for a natural matte make-up as the crowd and dancing will make you sweat and turn your matte look dewy. And leave your hair down in perfect beach waves. Do have a look at 20 Cute Outfits with Top Bun Hairstyle to Compliment Style.


↓ 16 – Pair Denim-on-Denim with Cowboy Boots when in a Hurry

Denim jeans and shirts with matching embroidered diamonds paired with brown boots finish this look. Opt for a camel-colored hat and boots to complement the denim-on-denim outfit! Here are 32 Beautiful Denim Dresses to Inspire your daily Fashion.

cute country concert attire women 6

↓ 15 – Opt for the Appropriate Accessories for a Boho Look

Accessories have the power to make or break your outfit. In this case, the jewelry, hair, and clothing contribute to the boho vibe that is equal parts country concert. You might want to carry a small backpack to carry your earrings as your ears will get tired halfway through the night of the weight they have had to carry!

cute country concert attire women

Grab the jeans:

Acid Wash Distressed Jeans $68.00

↓ 14 – Keep your Outfit Simple & Let the Statment Skirt Stand Out

If you have got a statement, sequined skirt in your closet, it is time to get it out! Pair it with a graphic tee shirt and add the boots, hat, and fringed earrings to complete the look.

↓ 13 – Nail the Country Concert Outfit with Your Date

Get ready for a romantic night out with your significant other. And the best part is getting to get dressed up! The sequined top makes this ivory outfit stand out spectacularly! This is the perfect look for attending a summer country concert or even a wedding with your date. Here are the 20 best outfits to wear on a date.

Shop the look below:

Embellished Top $82.00

Leather Skirt $38.00

Leather Boots $295.00

↓ 12 – Don’t Shy Away from this Glamorous & Sparkly Combination

For a more glamorous country style, add a bit of glitter, whether it be a glitter top or glittery belt buckle. In this case, the top gives the illusion of glitter and complements the shoes very nicely.


↓ 11 – Mix Pink Accessories to Complement Those Gorgeous Boots

Why not try a dress for a concert? A stunning mini dress with cowboy boots makes a beautiful silhouette. Here are some beautiful outfits to wear for a country concert and these would look great on any curvy woman: 12 Hot Plus-Size Street Style Fashion Ideas for This Season.

cute country concert attire women 8

↓ 10 – Show Off your Leg Chain Jewelry with a Wrap Dress

Every girl loves a maxi dress, and matching one with a chunky belt and ankle cowboy boots makes a stunning outfit. If your maxi dress is a wrap or has a slit and allows your leg to show through, opt for leg jewelry and nail that country boho look. Add face jewels for a bedazzled look! Here are some more tips on How To Style A Wrap Dress.

cute country concert attire women 9

↓ 9 – Nail the Outfit Goals Vibe for a Country Concert with your Besties

What a great look for those exciting nights out with your best friends?! Of course, everyone likes to dress to their comfort but having all of you twin in your outfits would be taking styling to the next level. You can opt for shorts, skirts or dresses. Simple jeans and a brown leather jacket with boots, belts, and accessories look amazing.

↓ 8 – Opt for a Romantic Two-Piece Set for a Soft Look

Romantic, feminine, dainty, and lovely are the synonyms that immediately fall into my mind looking at this outfit! Talk about how to turn heads your way! Do check out these 30 Cute Dresses To Wear At Night Club.

↓ 7 – How to Wear Flannel to a Country Concert?

A flannel shirt with denim shorts and cowboy boots is a combination you can not go wrong with. Are you not a fan of wearing flannels? Then why not simply tie it around your waist? You’ll surely like this look. If you’re looking to try something unique and daring, how about wearing these shirts backward? Here’s how you can do that: How To Wear A Backward Shirt.


↓ 6 – Country Concert Outfit with a Cowboy Hat & Low-Rise Belt

Pretty in pink look by Shania Twain with a white button-down shirt, floor-length fringed pink skirt, and Stetson. Here are 25 Ideas on How to Dress Like Cowgirl.

cute country concert attire women 12

↓ 5 – What to Wear to a Country Concert when it’s Cold?

Here are 13 Cute Minimalist Outfits for Winters.

cute country concert attire women 13

↓ 4 – Dress for Indoors Country Concert in a Gorgeous Lace Dress

Lace is a great choice for indoor country concerts. Lace dress with stunning turquoise cowboy boots.

cute country concert attire women 14

↓ 3 – Opt for your Comfiest Pair of Shoes when Travelling for a Country Concert

If you’ve decided to attend a country concert then a road trip is always a good and fun idea. While people mostly want to wear cowboy boots for a country concert, why not try something different and wear your outfit with flat shoes instead? Loafers or espadrille flats can be other good alternatives. Here are the 15 Best Walking Shoes for Travelling.

Get the outfit:

Butterfly Sequin Top $43.75

Bold Platform Sneaker $120.00

↓ 2 – Stand Out in Bold Red Pants

↓ 1 – Add a Sleeveless Fringed Kimono to Complement the Tee Shirt Dress

Country Concert Outfits 20

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I tuck my jeans into my cowboy boots to a country concert?

The answer to this question comes down to two things, including the style of jeans you are wearing and the type of cowboy boots. It is best to tuck your skinny jeans into your cowboy boots regardless of their length. However, avoiding tucking your bottoms away in boots is a must for bootcut jeans and flared pants. And the topic of tucking can be avoided altogether with ankle cowboy boots.

Q. What do you wear to a country pop concert?

I would advise going for a casual dress or jeans for a concert look that is spectacular and also super comfortable! Pair your pants with a fitted cami top and add a belt to your waist with a dress. Moreover, make your outfit country by opting for fringed garments, graphic tees, unique jewelry, belted waists, and cowboy boots and hats. Thus, mix all these trends to create your perfect pop concert look!

Q. How do you look hot at a country concert?

Make sure your dress is loud, sexy, and chic. The best way to ensure all three things is a bold-colored garment – either a top, bottom, jacket, or shoes – and keep the rest of your outfit muted. Furthermore, adding a statement piece to your look is a must which could be a bag, shoes, or jewelry; it is entirely up to your choice. You could go for turquoise boots as shown in look 22! Play around with trendy silhouettes yet complement your body type and keep you comfortable all day long. And lastly, don’t forget the staple country clothing aspects to your look!

Q. Where to buy country clothing for a concert?

You can buy country outfits at various stores. Check out brands like Punchy Blonde, Boot Barn, Whiskey Darling, and Triangle T Boutique for trendy country options. You can also find great pieces at SheIn, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Zara if you keep your eye out for country outfits!


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