College Tour Outfits: 34 Ideas What to Wear on College Tour?

College Tour Outfits: Dressing up is always an excellent method to express yourself and your individuality. However, dressing up for an occasion that is going to be a defining moment of your future is even more significant. Therefore, it only makes sense to look your absolute best when visiting colleges and universities where you are going to study.

A college tour is a somewhat formal and important affair as this might be your first opportunity to make an impression. You might end up running into people of interest and taking photographs to look back on your experience while choosing the college you want to attend.

So looking memorable in your best outfit should be a priority if you want to make a lasting impression. Besides, you never need a reason to dress up other than you want to, so I will break everything down for you in this article!

What to Wear a College Campus Tour?

Dressing up for college and campus tours depends on a few factors: first and foremost is the weather! For the cooler & chilly days, you want to layer and bundle up. However, you can go for a simple blouse with jeans or shorts for hot days with the sun shining down on you.

And secondly, the type of tour you are going for matters as well. If your visit consists of meeting up with the faculty, admin, and student body representatives, you want to level up from the casual tee shirt and jeans and wear something a bit more formal. However, anything casual and comfortable for a standard campus tour is fine! Keep scrolling to find out how to slay casual and formal looks in style!

Tips on Dressing Up for a College Tour:

  • Wear comfortable shoes as you might have to be up on your feet all day long.
  • Carry a bag with you to keep all your essentials in one place. Also, another great use is to shove all sorts of brochures and pamphlets in there!
  • Please make sure to keep a few snacks on hand.
  • Don’t forget to wear your watch!
  • Carrying an umbrella might prove helpful.
  • Layer your outfit strategically to stay comfortable all day long! Tie a cardigan over your waist if it gets hot, and it will also keep you warm when it gets chilly out there.
  • I would advise avoiding sandals as they might be uncomfortable and blister your feet.
  • Incorporate the latest trends into your look to stay on top of the game!

In this article, I am going to help you figure out how to do just that and give you tons of ideas and inspirations to create your unique look. Keep scrolling to take a look!

34 – Put on a Gorgeous Blouse

A gorgeous blouse and washed jeans are a simple yet phenomenal way to dress up for the campus tour! You will look chic, put together, and ready to tackle the day in style.


33 – Matching Your Top to Your Shoes is a Great Way to Ensure a Cohesive Look

Color blocking always helps create a cohesive look in your outfit. It unifies all the individual pieces you want to wear without worrying about matching. This outfit is the perfect example of that! She paired her hoodie perfectly with similar-colored shoes and classic blue jeans. Simply stunning!


32 – You Know No One Can Mess With you in This Gorgeous Street Outfit

If street style is your calling, there can be no better outfit for you! The makeup, accessories, and way she carries this outfit remind me of street vibes.

Plus, this look is a great way to stay true to your style and look perfectly presentable on your college tour. After all, this article is all about doing college tours and visits looking fashionable.

college tour outfits campus visit looks 1


31 – Add a Pair of Chunky Hoops to Add Drama to This Look!

You might join the student council or become the teacher’s assistant if you continue to dress smartly and perform exceptionally. You can opt for white ankle boots or sneakers with this look. I would also advise going for chunky gold hoops as they add a little spice and drama to your outfit!

college tour outfits campus visit 2


30 – Stockings and an Oversized Blazer Make Everything Ten Times Better!

Go with an oversized blazer with stockings for a perfectly imperfectly formal look! You can leave your pants behind and opt for short shorts, as the oversized blazer will do its job to cover you up. And the addition of stockings makes this look appropriate for a college tour.

With this outfit, you’re telling everyone you’re here to mean business and not mess with anyone. And that is exactly the way it should be!

college tour outfits campus visit 3

Get the look:

Long Jacket $39.99

Minimalist Chelsea Boots $29.00

29 – Match Your Dress to the Statement Piece in Your College to Pay Respect

If your university is the kind that has historical corners and pieces, then matching your dress to that is the perfect way to show off if you are serious about that university.

A printed summer dress in similar colors or patterns is a choice that can not go wrong. I believe a half-up half-down hairstyle would look gorgeous and show off your beautiful features!

college tour outfits campus visit 4


28 – A Great Pair of Pants Makes Everything So Much Better & Easier

These days flared pants are making a comeback. Therefore, consider investing in a good pair as you might be getting a lot of use out of these! For a college visit, style a similar outfit for a sporty and feminine look. Match the color of your pants to the cardigan and pair the two with a plain white top. And you are all set!

college tour outfits campus visit 6

27 – What to Wear on a College Tour in the Summer?

Skirts and dresses are your best friends for dressing up for a campus tour in the summers! You can also wear shorts; however, you might have to style them in a way they are deemed appropriate.

college tour outfits campus visit 9


26 – Skirt Outfits to Wear to a College Tour to Look Pretty!

This outfit is easily a favorite and is right up my style alley! An all-black outfit is always needed and looks phenomenal. And the fitted shirt paired with a printed midi skirt and sneakers make this outfit stand out. Add a small shoulder bag to carry your belongings and stay hands-free!

college tour outfits campus visit 7

Shop the outfit:

Rib-knit Solid Tee $7.00

Side Split Midi Skirt $34.00

25 – How to Wear a Cardigan for a College Tour in Summer?

You can opt for a chunky knit cardigan with a fitted top, or you could go for a similar look as shown below! It is sweet, trendy, and extremely cute, and not to forget, perfect for a college tour as it is so easy to carry! Make your outfit trendier by adding chunky jewelry and platform Chelsea boots!

college tour outfits campus visit 10


24 – Tuck in Your Sweatshirt With Semi-Formal Pants To Appear More Put-Together

Are you wondering how to elevate your sweatshirt to the college tour scale? This outfit is the answer you have been looking for! Let the collar of your button-down shirt peek through similarly. And for bottoms, I would advise going for cotton pants that are a bit more formal or pleated. Tuck your shirt in, and you are all set!

college tour outfits campus visit 11

23 – A Classy Black Dress with a Bandanna Will Make Your Outfit Classy & Fashionable!

college tour outfits campus visit 12


22 – Yellow Pants are Here to Save the Day (& Brighten it Up!)

If you want to stand out in the crowd and have a unique look, bright & popping pants are the way to go! Pair them with an all-white outfit to make them the statement item of your look.

college tour outfits campus visit 13


21 – Style a Cute Look with a Sweater Vest for College Tour Clothes

Classy, fashionable, and bossy lady vibes exude from this phenomenal look. You sure are here not to be messed with!

college tour outfits campus visit 14


20 – How to Wear Leggings to a College Campus Tour?

The best way to wear leggings to a college tour is with a skirt, an oversized blazer, or a mini dress! Style it tastefully with a trendy outfit and add sunglasses to your look.

college tour outfits campus visit 15

19 – Swap Those Sandals for a Comfortable Pair of Sneakers

This gorgeous dress is a great option for this occasion. However, you might be exhausted due to the uncomfortable shoes. Thus, go for a look with white sneakers as they will keep you on your feet and pair wonderfully with this dress.


18 – Pull Your Hair Back in a Half-Up Half-Down Style With a Yellow Hairscarf

The yellow and black hair scarf would compliment the colors of this outfit and tie the entire look together.

college tour outfits campus visit 16


17 – A Perfectly Modest & Trendy Dress for Hijabi Girls Out There!

And that is how you stay on top of your religion and the fashion game! I adore this gorgeous look!

college tour outfits campus visit 17

Grab the dress below:

Luella Dress $48.25

16 – You Can Not Go Wrong With a University Logo Tee With Shorts

Show off your spirits by joining the college with a campus logo tee!

college tour outfits campus visit 18


15 – A Lightweight Chunky, Oversized Cardigan is Just What This Outfit is Missing

A chunky cardigan is just what is needed to knock this look right out of the park.

college tour outfits campus visit 19


14 – Go for the Classic Combination for a Chic Look

A white button-down shirt with dark blue jeans is a match made in heaven as it will never fail you! Pull your hair back in a classy yet messy bun and opt for chunky gold hoops and loafers for a fantastic look.

college tour outfits campus visit 20

Alternatively, you can also go for pants instead of jeans:

13 – When in Doubt, Pair a Tennis Skirt With a White Button Down

college tour outfits campus visit 21

Get the outfit:

Textured Button-Up Shirt $6.20

Mini Tennis Skirt $32.00

12 – Play Around in Tones of Ivory & Creams for the Perfect Winter Look

Pair your light sweater with light-washed jeans in blue to look like you walked right out of the magazines!

college tour outfits campus visit 23

11 – Printed Midi Skirts Prove to be Chic Regardless of the Occasion

You can either pair your midi skirt with a blouse or a simple tee. The options for this garment are endless!

10 – Go for a Messy Outfit with Ripped Jeans for a Street Look

college tour outfits campus visit 24

Shop the look below:

V Neck Sweater Vest $42.00

 High-Waisted Ripped Jean $75.00

09 – Style a Summer Dress with Sneakers and Jacket for a Chic Look

Add on a denim jacket to appear a bit more at ease during your tour!

college tour outfits campus visit 25


08 – Cute College Tour Outfits with a University Hoodie!

college tour outfits campus visit 26


07 – Introduce Color Blocking to Your Outfit Effortlessly

A quick way to make any outfit appear effortless is to add color blocking elements.

cute college tour outfits 1

06 – Style a Cardigan with Black Jeans for a Classy & Fancy Look

college tour outfits campus visit 27

05 – College Tour Outfits for Mom to Match Your Indie Daughter

All the moms out there need to make sure they dress exceptionally so that the mother-child duo leaves a lasting impression!

college tour outfits campus visit 28


04 – Add a Pop of Color With a Bright & Bold Bag

college tour outfits campus visit 29


03 – A College Visit Outfit for Every Age Group

college tour outfits campus visit 30

02 – Go for a Trendy Hairstyle to Keep you in Style

01 – Match the Colors of your Outfit to Your University’s Logo Palette

college tour outfits campus visit 31


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you stand out on a college tour?

Research is the key to standing out on your college tour! Get a glimpse into the social life on campus through social media. This will help you get an idea of the kind of clothes most frequently worn there. And next, you need to add your magical and unique spin to make the outfit trendy, chic, and truly yours.

You would also want to get an idea about the latest trends and clothes that are worn fashionably. Incorporate those pieces into your look to truly stand out in the crowd. Moreover, bold colors, accessories, and attention to detail are another great way to stun those around you!

Q. What should a mom wear to a college tour?

Looking your best is necessary, but it is equally significant for the moms out there accompanying their kids on this important day. The foolproof method to dress comfortable and chic is to go with comfortable shoes, which will keep you on your feet all day long.

Moreover, worn-in pants or leggings should be paired with a chic blouse or button-down shirt. You can add a scarf and other accessories to make your look stand out. I would advise carrying a jacket and a purse with an umbrella or sunglasses. You never know when you might need something!

Q. Can I wear leggings to a college visit?

You absolutely can! The trick is to style them cleverly so that you appear put together and not like you just rolled out of bed. Pair your leggings with a dress, a skirt or oversized button shirt, topped with a sweater vest. Add sparkle and bling to your look through accessories.

I would advise opting for longer shoes, such as long boots and knee-length shoes.

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