22 Trending New York Summer Outfits Ideas to Try

New York is where dreams come true, and looking your best is essential to see your dreams become reality.

But if you are in New York to enjoy your time as a traveller, local, or just looking for a guide to dressing up in the summer, we have got you covered!

Before jumping into the looks, you need to get an idea of good summer travel outfits.

Generally, the climate tends to stay hot and humid during June, July, and August. The nights are much more pleasant and cooler.

With that being said, it is best to glance at the weather forecast before planning your outfit for the day!

How to Dress Like a New York Girl in Summer?

The simplest answer to the question above is less is more. The goal is to achieve the NYC girl aesthetic and appear rich and elegant without looking like you put in a lot of effort. 

The best way to blend with the locals is to keep your color palette neutral and muted. Look into tones of white, beige, grey, olive black, or any other shade that is not too flashy.

Moreover, you need to incorporate an oversized article of clothing to fit the aesthetic effortlessly. I suggest avoiding skinny jeans at all costs; instead, go for wide-legged denim and pair it with a crop top and oversized leather jacket for a night out. This is an effortless way to achieve a stunning outfit!

Your accessories, hair, and make-up play a significant role in ensuring you blend right in. Scroll down to get useful tips on nailing the NYC girl aesthetic!

Styling tips

  • Keep your outfit light and breathable on sunny days to avoid excess sweating and stay comfortable.
new york summer fashion for women tips
  •  Please make sure to carry a jacket on cloudy days and nighttime as it may get colder.
new york summer fashion for women tips
  •  Keep your accessories tasteful and to a minimum: a classic gold watch, small hoops, and dainty gold chains for an effortless appearance.
new york summer fashion for women tips
  •  Do not forget your sunglasses at any cost!
new york summer fashion for women tips
  •  Hairstyles vary vastly depending upon the region and occasion you are dressing for! A few of the options include a sleek bun, messy waves let down, and hair held back by a claw clip or a bow.
new york summer fashion for women tips
  •  Keep your make-up fresh and bronzed to achieve the ultimate sun-kissed look. Psst, drawing on a few fake freckles would not hurt!
new york summer fashion for women tips
  •  If you wish to elevate your casual outfit, add a silk scarf! You can wear it around your neck, add it to your purse, or style it as a hair accessory.
  •  Your shoes and bag can make or break your outfit. Think of clutch bags held below the arm to blend with the locals and slightly dressier flats or sneakers for shoes.
new york summer fashion for women tips

Shorts & Skirts

22 – Blend Shades of White and Brown to Blend Right in

This color palette is light and refreshing, perfect for the summer! Moreover, the oversized tee and cotton shorts are bound to keep you comfortable and breezy, even on the hottest days.

Ensure to add dainty gold jewelry to complete the look.


21 – Add a Waist Chain to a Mini Skirt to Elevate Your Outfit

This look is a personal favorite due to its effortless charm. The long-sleeved top pairs wonderfully with the mini skirt, and adding the long boots tie your look together.

Paying close attention to accessories is essential to make or break an outfit. Thus, opt for unique pieces, for example, a waist chain, a bandanna, and chunky gold jewelry.

new york summer fashion for women 17


20 – Keep Your Accessories Minimal and Tasteful for an Effortlessly Chic Look

If you need to head out quickly, use your time wisely! Opt for a matching top-and-bottom set and take the rest of the time to perfect your hair and accessories.

The messy hair look is flawless, but a sleek bun at the nape of the neck will stand out just as much, if not more. Other than that, the accessories and no-makeup make-look help achieve the effortless I-woke-up-like-this vibes.

new york summer fashion for women 16


19 – Add a Statement Belt in Black With a Gold Buckle to Complete the Fit

Here is another way to style your favorite pair of denim shorts. Pair it just as done below, but do not forget to add a statement belt to complete your outfit.

Let your hair down in messy waves and keep your make-up light and dewy for a natural, sun-kissed look.


It’s All About Dresses

18 – Opt for a Scarf or Light Oversized Jacket in Case the Weather Becomes Moodier

An excellent way to take this look to the next level would be to add a scarf around the neck or an oversized jacket for when the sun goes down.

If neither of those options floats your boat, opt for a summer cardigan with your black bodycon dress. You can go for a black or white option, but if you wish to introduce color to your ensemble, pink would look fabulous!


17 – Swap the Sneakers With a Pair of Platform Loafers With Gold Details

Sneakers are the easiest way to stay comfortable throughout the way. But if you wish to look more unique and add a bit more personalized touch, swap them out for a pair of black loafers with gold detail, such as these right here!

Shoes like these will boost your height and match the accessories and jewelry effortlessly as well.

new york summer fashion for women 14


16 – Opt for Black Accessories and Gold Jewelry with a Denim Dress

It is best to keep things straightforward when styling a denim dress. You can not go wrong with gold or silver jewelry paired with black sunglasses or a snapback hat.

I suggest swapping the white and red sneakers for black Converse or chunky ankle boots.

new york summer fashion for women 13


15 – Add Character to Your Fancy Fit by Pairing Printed Stockings to a LBD

On your fancy nights out, you deserve to feel every bit fabulous and special. And what better way to do that than with a little black dress (LBD)?!

An excellent way to amp up your dress is to pair it with printed or fishnet stockings. Continue with the trend and opt for similarly printed shoes to make your legs look longer.

new york summer fashion for women 12


14 – Opt for a Boldly Colored Hair Scarf With a Muted Dress to Balance Your Look

This dress is the perfect pick for NYC summers in its light, pastel tones and breezy silhouette. You can add more character and uniqueness with a hair scarf and a bold lip color.

new york summer fashion for women 11


13 – Go for a Flowy Beach Dress Over Your Swimsuit When Doing Water Activities

New York harbors some great water-related activities, so keeping your swimsuits and cover-ups is essential.

Whether you decide to go snorkeling, on a jet ski tour, or to a waterpark, a cute cover-up dress over your swimsuit will leave you looking stylish all day long.

Please ensure to wear water-resistant jewelry. An anklet will be a great option to keep your feet looking cute!

new york summer fashion for women 10


Pants for Every Occasion

12 – Add a Printed Scarf to Your Neck to Look Polished and Expensive

Dressing in New York is all about looking your finest with minimal effort. And the easiest way to achieve that is through a printed silk scarf. Hermes silk scarves are widely famous, and even if you can not afford one, you can get an excellent knock-off from Amazon!

Simply tie the scarf around your neck and pull your hair back to show off your features. Add a bold red lip color to accentuate the grey pants, and you are all set!


11 – Pair a Corset Top With Loose Bottoms to Balance Your Clothing

The trick to achieving a fabulous outfit for formal occasions is to pair a fitted clothing item with an oversized one. Baggy-on-baggy looks super stylish but is more appropriate for streetwear. Thus, opt for a fitted top with loose bottoms.

new york summer fashion for women 9


10 – Pair a Pinstriped Pant Suit With a Crop Top and Sneakers

The best thing about a pinstriped suit is that you can style it for formal, semi-formal, and casual wear! The outfit below is the ideal example of a semi-formal/ casual outfit.

The white crop top and sneakers take down the formality of the suit a notch, making it perfect for a brunch date with the girls!

new york summer fashion for women 8


09 – Add Different Colors When Pairing Denim-on-Denim for a Balanced Appearance

It can be tricky to style denim-on-denim, but there are a lot of factors that need to be considered especially the silhouette.

The silhouette of this outfit makes it easier to style it. The sleeves and cropped shirt make it easier to pair it with flared denims. Adding different denim colors will introduce depth and prevent you from being overwhelmed by blue denim fabric.

new york summer fashion for women 7


08 – The Most Effortless and Stylish Outfit for When you are on a Time Limit

This outfit is ideal for when you are on a time crunch! A similar tank top or a corset top with flowy sleeves will pair effortlessly with white flared pants. Add platform sneakers and tie your hair in a ponytail with a hair scarf, or pop on a snapback according to your taste to complete your outfit!

new york summer fashion for women 6

07 – Pair a Solid Black Blouse With Printed Pants to Look Effortlessly Stylish

Khaki, red and black are ideal colors that look perfect with each other. Style a cropped black button-down with printed pants in khaki and red and pop on a red lip color for a bold and daring look.

new york summer fashion for women 5


06 – Opt for Glitz and Glamour in Sequined Pants for a Fabulous Night Out

Sequined Pants in a bold color are relatively easy to style and look great on a night out! The key to looking effortless is to color block.

Opt for your top and footwear in the same color, either white or black, and introduce hints of color through your accessories, that is, your clutch and jewelry. But ensure the color is the same or compliments the pants.

Sleek hair, fabulous make-up, and you are all set!


Celebrity Outfits to Slay the Streets of NYC

05 – Channel Your Inner Barbie in a Pink Dress Inspired by Margot Robbie

new york summer fashion for women 4

04 – Keep Things Street Style in an Oversized Button-Down and Chunky Hoops

new york summer fashion for women 3

03 – Add an Oversized Leather Jacket in Black to Match the Shoes and Accessories

new york summer fashion for women 2

02 – No One Does Blue Better in the Streets of NYC than Gigi Hadid

new york summer fashion for women 1

01 – Stay on Top of the Fashion Game With Bella Hadid in a Top-and-Skirt Set

new york summer outfits

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