Windbreaker Outfits – 43 Ways to Wear Windbreakers for Women

Windbreaker Outfits for Women: As the winter is coming to an end, but the warm summer days are not yet upon us – it is time to resort to mid-season clothing necessities. A windbreaker is one of those special items that are just perfect for the interchangeable weather. They are both warm and light, and their best quality is their ability to deter from strong springtime winds.

Originally these windbreakers came into style in the 1970s as a fully functional-based option. Then ten years later in the 1980s, a stylish trend takeover began with the increased production of highly colorful windbreakers. Even options in neon colors were produced and served as a mass hit. As of now, these nylon jackets are pushed forward to retail shelves due to both factors. As 21st-century consumers, we enjoy how practical they are, and as fashion lovers – the various takes on their designs are also incredibly pleasing.

Types of Windbreakers

  • Thick: There is an option of thick multi layered windbreakers. These can serve both as mid – season only clothes, or as winter jackets as well. This is a good option if you are stocking your closet on a budget. Additionally this option of jacket will make it possible to simply wear a t-shirt underneath on the warmer spring days.
  • Extra light: Alternatively there is the option of thin windbreakers. These feel as light as air, and seem like there is practically no fabric used to construct it. This option is very good if you own a lot of thick sweaters. This way you can pair a warmer layer underneath and a thin layer on top.
  • Hooded: A very useful option for this jacket type is the addition of the hood. Especially if you live in an area where spring weather entails a lot of rain. These hoods can be retractable or fully detachable.
  • Cinched at the waste: Some of the new additions of these nylon jackets include more form fitting options. These are largely useful to add to your closet if you dress elegant. Therefore, you might want to pair your outerwear with dresses and skirts, and this is the best option.
  • Flared: The second best option of this nylon outerwear to add to your closet is flared jackets. This option is similarly compatible with dresses and skirts. However also pairs very well with loose street style like slihouettes of pants.
  • Short sleeve: Last but not least on the list are jackets with short sleeves. These options are very fun and can make your outfit look very elaborate without trying too hard. Although, if you are only investing into one, we don’t recommed that it be this one. Instead buy one with long sleeves for higher practicality.

How to Wear Windbreaker Jackets?

Windbreaker jackets are used to protect us against harsh weather conditions. Also, when you’re feeling a little cold during the monsoon season but don’t want to carry the weight of a jacket, is when these windbreakers will come to save your life. These windbreaker jackets are lightweight and their purpose is to keep you warm and comfortable.

Windbreaker Outfits - 43 Ways to Wear Windbreakers for Women

Windbreaker jackets were popular in the 1990s, and as many old trends are making a comeback, windbreaker jackets are one of them. However, in 2021, you can take it up a notch and style your windbreaker jacket outfits with style and elegance. If you’re looking for some stylish ways to wear windbreaker jackets then you’ve come to the right place. This article will teach you how to style your windbreaker jacket outfits in a classy way.

These jackets are the most fashionable and basic items of clothing that you may wear with any outfit. These windbreakers jacket outfits are excellent for ladies since they can wear them in various stylish, casual, and even fancy ways. Windbreaker jacket outfits are suitable for different occasions such as going to the gym, jogging, and cycling. You can also wear these jackets when you need to meet up with a friend. In short, these jackets must be in your closet. Here are several stylish ways to wear your windbreaker jacket. Before we get into the various ways to wear a windbreaker jacket, there are a few points to consider and some tips and tricks for styling your windbreaker jacket.

Tips For Wearing A Windbreaker Jacket

  • First and foremost, keep the rest of your outfit basic when styling a windbreaker jacket, it shouldn’t overtake your look.
  • Combine a multicolored windbreaker jacket with a basic plain t-shirt or a tank top outfit to make it appear more attractive.
  • In cold weather, avoid wearing windbreaker jackets since they don’t keep you super warm, try to wear warmer clothes underneath a windbreaker for further warmth.
  • Always use sneakers with such clothing to keep your overall look classy.
  • Pair your outfit with a leather purse to look stylish and high-class.

43 – With Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are the most popular item of clothing in every girl’s wardrobe. To complete the girly vibes, combine your shorts with a windbreaker jacket. These jackets look great with denim shorts. You may make stylish windbreaker jacket outfits by pairing your pretty windproof jacket with denim shorts.


42 – With Denim Jeans

If you don’t want to wear shorts or it’s a bit cold outside, pair denim jeans with a windbreaker jacket. Such jackets have the advantage of being worn with almost anything, including jeans, shorts, and even a skirt. Style up your windbreaker jacket with stylish denim jeans. Add some classy shoes that are in contrast with your outfit and some minimal casual jewelry to your look to make it more interesting. Finally, if you want to make it appear more attractive, wear sunglasses.


41 – Windbreaker Jacket Set

Windbreaker jackets are also available as a complete set that includes a jacket and matching trousers. Wear this lovely windbreaker jacket set if you don’t want to wear it separately. This attire is suitable for visits to the grocery store, the gym, or cycling. This outfit is available in a variety of colors, and you can pick your favorites.


40 – For Cycling

If you love cycling and go for a ride frequently, this cycling windbreaker jacket outfit is perfect for you. If you’re going riding and it’s drizzling, add a fashionable windbreaker jacket to your attire. Wear a multi-colored jacket with black plain tights and matching sneakers to complement the look.

How To Wear Windbreaker Jacket Outfits
How To Wear Windbreaker Jacket Outfits

39 – Long Windbreaker Jacket Outfits

Do you want to know how to style a long windbreaker jacket? Then this is the guide for you. Combine your sweater attire with a windbreaker jacket. With your single grey sweater, you may contrast numerous hues of windbreaker jackets. Here’s a choice for you: green, red, and black will all match your long sweaters. Wear knee-high boots with your outfit to make it more fascinating; it will complement your style and make you look more attractive.


38 – Colorful Look

Are you attracted to vibrant colors and looking for ideas for colorful windbreaker jackets outfits? Then these lovely brightly colored windbreakers are ideal for you. You may match your windbreaker outfit with your friends and wear it to university or college together.

If you want to add more colour to your look and make it look fancier, pair your windbreaker jacket with matching handbags and footwear. Keep in mind that if you’re wearing bright jackets, you should wear a plain dress or shirt under it to balance it out.


37 – Keep Me Warm

Another great stylish idea for cold or rainy weather is this keep me warm windbreaker outfit. To make your overall outfit look interesting, wear a fitted complete set windbreaker and pair it with some fur slippers and a wool cap.

How To Wear Windbreaker Jacket Outfits

36 – Vintage Windbreaker

Windbreaker jackets in a vintage or retro style were popular in the 1990s and are now trendy again. You may still look classy in a retro design windbreaker jacket like ladies looked in the 1990s. Wear high-waisted pants to complete the outfit. To make your clothing more interesting, use as much colour as possible.

Windbreaker Outfits - 43 Ways to Wear Windbreakers for Women
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35 – For A Bike Ride

Are you going on a bike ride? Here’s a great look for you. Over your inner top, wear a light-colored windbreaker jacket. Wear it with shimmering leggings and riding joggers. To complete your look, style your hair in a bun or ponytail.


34 – Black Windbreaker Jacket Outfits

There are times when some women choose to wear all black instead of wearing bright clothes. Is it possible that you’re one of them? Then there’s a fantastic outfit suggestion for you. Wear this full-set windbreaker outfit, including a jacket, pants, and a cap in the same print. Add a stylish pair of sunglasses and a pair of sporty sneakers to complete your look.


33 – With a Skirt

You can wear a windbreaker jacket with a skirt as an alternative to trousers, jeans, and shorts. Yes, you read it correctly: a windbreaker jacket may be worn with knee-length skirts as well. Firstly, match solid-colored knee-length skirts with a decent contrasting top, then wear a windbreaker jacket matching your top. Finally, complete your look with a pair of trendy sneakers. This outfit is suitable for university and college.


32 – With A Trouser

A windbreaker jacket with trousers is another decent option for a windbreaker jacket outfit. Pair your crazy top with a bright-colored skirt and trousers. Then, for a perfect look, pair your overall look with sneakers. You may also add a trendy leather bag to your appearance by wearing a cropped shirt with these trousers and an oversized windbreaker jacket.


31 – With Sportswear

Are you a sports person seeking to style a windbreaker jacket? Then here’s a suggestion for you. Wear a white windbreaker jacket over a sports top and shorts. Dress up your outfit with your sports footwear. You’re all set to go for running.

Windbreaker Outfits - 43 Ways to Wear Windbreakers for Women
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30 – Matching Look

Here’s another way to wear a windbreaker jacket in fashion. Are you a fan of the colour turquoise? Then check out these lovely windbreaker jacket outfits.

Dress up this turquoise windbreaker jacket set, which comprises of a windbreaker jacket and matching shorts in the same shade. You can also select the colour of your choice. Make a bun with bangs in the front. Sunglasses and plain white shoes round out your look.

Windbreaker Outfits - 43 Ways to Wear Windbreakers for Women

29 – White And Black

Here are some styling tips for windbreaker jacket outfits if you want to look stylish. This windbreaker outfit in white is the most attractive and trendiest attire. To match the combo, wear a black and white windbreaker jacket outfit with a simple white tube top inside. To seem more trendy, use black sunglasses.

28 – Off-Shoulder Windbreaker Top

Are you a fan of off-the-shoulder tops? Then this off-shoulder windbreaker top with matching shorts is a perfect choice for you. It also includes pockets where you may put your little essentials. Accessorize this look with some simple casual jewelry, such as minimal earrings and a decent pendant.

Windbreaker Outfits - 43 Ways to Wear Windbreakers for Women

27 – With A Matching Bag

Women want to look and feel their best all of the time. They are obsessed with looking great in all of their attire, matching handbags, hair accessories, and everything. This windbreaker jacket outfit with a matching purse is yet another choice for such ladies. You could wear this to the grocery store. Add a beautiful hairstyle with a bandana to appear more classy. This windbreaker will keep you warm and stylish while protecting you from the wind.

Windbreaker Outfits - 43 Ways to Wear Windbreakers for Women
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Windbreaker Outfits - 43 Ways to Wear Windbreakers for Women

26 – With A Matching Mask

This pandemic season requires the use of masks. What if your windbreaker jacket came with a matching mask? Does this sound good to you? Yes, a windproof jacket with a matching mask would be great! You will be protected from both the pandemic and the weather while looking smart and fashionable at the same time.


25 – Cropped Windbreaker Jacket

Cropped tops have been popular for a long time. A cropped windproof jacket is now available. Try this windbreaker jacket with denim shorts or jeans if you prefer cropped tops. These jackets include an adjustable strap that you may adjust to fit your size. This outfit is perfect for females who are studying in college or university.


24 – With Ripped Jeans

Women’s ripped jeans are the must-have trend, and they look great. You can also wear a windproof jacket with ripped jeans. Wear a striped windbreaker with a solid-colored inner. Pair your attire with a pair of white sneakers and you’re all set to go.


23 – Pastel Tones

Pink and purple are stunning colors as we all know. You may wear a purple-pink windbreaker jacket with anything you choose, even simple shorts or jeans. Your purple-dyed hair will go well with the rest of your look.

Windbreaker Outfits - 43 Ways to Wear Windbreakers for Women


22 – Styling an Oversized Windbreaker Jacket

This eye-catching oversized windbreaker outfit is something you may try. This street-style and oversized-style windbreaker is the most fashionable outfit. To complete a street-style outfit, pair your windbreaker jacket with high-waisted, loose-fitting jeans.

Windbreaker Outfits - 43 Ways to Wear Windbreakers for Women
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21 – For Artists

You’ve probably seen musicians or singers in their favourite brightly colored outfits. An oversized funky colored windbreaker jacket fits artists’ personalities perfectly. Dress up your look with a pair of denim pants and a pair of brightly colored sneakers. To complete the musician vibes, add some jewelry. You’re ready to rock the stage.


20 – Hooded Winderbreaker Jacket

Windbreaker jackets also come with a hoodie. If you like wearing hoodie outfits, try this windbreaker with a hoodie. Wear a high-neck shirt with a dark-colored windbreaker. Combine with a leather mini skirt and knee-high boots. Finally, match your purse to your clothing to complete your appearance.


19 – Floral Printed Jacket

Floral designs are the most popular and stylish prints that every lady adores. Put on a flowery pattern windbreaker jacket, a plain inner, and dull green pants. Finish off your look with a matching headband. You’re all set to go.

Windbreaker Outfits - 43 Ways to Wear Windbreakers for Women

18 – Go For A Pleated Windbreaker To Match With A Dress

Wondering what to wear with a black windbreaker? Try this look. Starting off on the list is an option for when you want to wear a formal, dress-centered outfit. Choosing a pleated, fitted windbreaker is going to fit the style of a formal outfit. Furthermore, make sure you purchase this windbreaker in a neutral color. This example shows a universal black. Similarly, beige or brown tones could work.

Windbreaker Outfits - 43 Ways to Wear Windbreakers for Women


17 – Look For A Form-Fitting Cinched At The Wasit Windbreaker For Elegant Style

The second option in this list is not far in style from the previous one. We are continuing with windbreakers in elegant and formal styles. An ideal choice of a windbreaker to fit this style is a form-fitting, cinched at the waist one. Similarly, if the fabric is thick and not going to fall through or bend, you are guaranteed a windbreaker that will always look very propper. So look for one with layers and not regular one-layer nylon.


16 – Choose A Loose Flared Windbreaker With Puffy Sleeves

Alternatively, windbreakers do not only pass on the impression of elegance and formality when they are tight-fitting and made of thick fabric. It is possible to get that look with an elaborate flared windbreaker. Although, it is important to note that this style will look significantly more youthful. Nevertheless, it works with skirts and dresses, and can even work for a night out.


15 – For A Night Out Look, Dress In All Nylon Neon Yellow Ensemble

Similar to the previous options, this windbreaker pairs well with a skirt. Yet, the skirt is also made of nylon. The trick with these outfits is the identical material and color of both pieces in your outfit. If it is possible to find this as a co-ord from one retailer, we recommend it. This way the color will match perfectly and it is important to have a cohesive look.

Windbreaker Outfits - 43 Ways to Wear Windbreakers for Women


14 – Jacket And Skirt Ensemble In All Black

If all-over neon is not your style, and out of your comfort zone, do not fret. There is a similar option in a much more neutral color – universal black. However, you must note that this outfit looks much more sporty than the previous one. Mainly due to the association with Adidas sports graphics that are so common to us.


13 – Pair Your Windbreaker With Eyewear

We all know that the most infamous windbreakers have bright block-colored designs. As we move forward in the list, we will show how it is possible to style these classics in elegant ways. This first option entails matching additional accessories in matching colors to the jacket. For example, if you have a red jacket, match some cat-eye red shades. This immediately makes it look put together.


12 – Pair A Bucket Hat With A Graphic Print For Increased Elegance

Another option of accessories that elevate a regular nylon jacket outfit – is a bucket hat. In this particular outfit, the bucket hat has a graphic print, matching the graphic print of the jacket. This is a perfect option of using simple decorative elements to create a more put-together outfit.


11 – Coordinate Unique Colors Throughout The Outfit For More Elegance

To build on the previous advice there is an option of matching colors throughout your outfit is also effective. Matching the color of the jacket, bucket hat, shoes and shirt will unify the outfit. Thereby the jacket is not going to stand out as much and not be distracting even due to the silhouette, or material. Lastly, choosing the right color for the job is highly important. In this outfit, the color is a lilac, and the more unique the better.


10 – Find A Rare Long Windbreaker For A One Of A Kind Look

One rare option for this nylon wind-resistant jacket is an extra-long silhouette. This jacket is perfect for a very rainy colder day when you need to be out of the house and don’t want to get all wet. Similarly, it is very helpful if you want to pair it with soft pants – a material that normally gets wet easily.


9 – Pair An All Beige Nylon Co-ord With Heels

An alternative styling option with a nylon jacket is with matching nylon pants. Similar to the previous options, this outfit can be made more elegant with additional accessories – only in this case, it concerns shoes. If you are a lover of heels, you’re in luck this outfit is centered around them. Surely during rainy periods open heels are not the rational option, so choose something faux leather and with closed toes.


8 – Check Out A Co-Ord With Jacket, Top And Pants As An Elevation Of This Style

To build on the previous option find a retailer that offers all items in nylon. Thereby also including a cropped top made of the same material and the same print.

This outfit is drastically different from the original implementation of this jacket style. Pairing several nylon pieces together creates a completely novel styling to the original and simple option of just having a nylon jacket.

If you like this look, I would highly recommend that you go through these Best Matching Sets to Wear & Tips on How to Style Them.


7 – Pair Several Unique Items To Create A Show-Stopping Outfit

Yet another opportunity to differentiate yourself from other consumers of this type of jacket is to first get it in a unique style. One unique version is one with a large turtleneck. Secondly – choose the color wisely, a dirty beige is far more unique than a black, blue, or white. Lastly pair with unique accessories, to diffuse the outfit more. In this example, a woven thick hat is included, which completely makes the outfit individual.


6 – Steal The Show With A Bright Yellow Hooded Jacket

An alternative silhouette that is equally unique to the previous one – is a hooded jacket option. Especially if it is in a bright yellow color. Here are some more Ideas on How to Wear Hoodies.


5 – Look For A Jacket With A Printed Slogan

This is a true call to the 80s and 90s jacket designs – looking for something with a graphic text print is a wonderful option. This is an option that is much more true to the original interpretations of this jacket type and thus is street style.


4 – For A Cute Streetstyle Option Find A White Cropped Nylon Jacket

Moving forward with street style and casual options, we present to you the cropped nylon jacket. This is very clearly a highly modern take on the jacket, and the cropped cut is not the most functional.


3 – Match A Cropped Nylon Jacket To Highwasted Pants Or Jeans

A way to build around the functionality lack of a cropped nylon jacket is a clothing trend equally modern – the high wasted pants/jeans. This will allow for the majority of your stomach to be closed off from chilly winds.


2 – Find A Short-Sleeved Jacket For Warmer Spring Time Days

As we have already mentioned before in the list, there is a common shape for a nylon jacket that has short sleeves. This silhouette is most comfortable to wear with hoodies in the warmer springtime days.

For more short sleeve jacket outfit ideas check out this article!


1 – Play Up A Casual Black Jacket And Jeans Outfit With A Bandana

Last on the list is the most casual outfit with a jacket of all. Although, even this one has something special about it. The addition of a bright bandana helps play up and personalize this outfit, within the style of casual, and street style fashion. Here are some more tips on styling your black jeans.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you wear a windbreaker with a dress?

Although these jackets are normally seen as being paired with pants, they can totally be paired with dresses and skirts. One way to ensure their compatibility is to match the colors perfectly. This way the two clothing items will look more in unison. Similarly, you can purchase a windbreaker that has a flared silhouette. Like this one.

Q. What is the best windbreaker material?

Hands down Nylon is the best material. Although it is not a material that is particularly good for the environment – it resists wind perfectly. Just make sure to extend the product life cycle as much as possible when you are no longer using it. Since it is a non-biodegradable material, you might want to donate it or send it to be deadstock for other brands to use.

Q. What is the best color for a windbreaker?

If you can only get one windbreaker these are our recommendations as to the color. If you have more laid-back clothes in your closet – go for a dark brown, white, or black. These colors blend seamlessly as they are natural.

If you have an affinity for brightly colored clothes. Try to get a bright red or a rich blue. Similarly, forest green is a very unique colorway.

Q. Where to shop for women's windbreakers?

I’ve listed below some of the best brands for buying windbreakers:

Q. When should you wear windbreakers?

During the rainy season, monsoon weather, you can wear a windbreaker jacket. Windbreaker jackets keep you dry and warm in strong winds and rain. You may wear these jackets everywhere, whether you’re going shopping, to the grocery store, or the park for a walk or jogging. You can also wear these windproof jackets when going to college or university.

Q. Can we iron a windbreaker jacket?

You can iron your windbreaker jacket, but only when needed. Keep the fabric of the windbreaker wrinkled since that’s how it’s supposed to look. If you wish to iron your windbreaker jacket, be sure to do it gently. For the protection of the jackets, place a lawn or cotton material cloth over it; otherwise, the iron will burn it. Hang your windbreaker jacket on a hanger to keep it wrinkle-free and to avoid having to iron it.

Q. Are windbreakers comfortable?

The windbreaker’s fabric is lightweight, making it comfortable to wear. As a result, you may wear a windbreaker jacket everywhere and at any time.

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