What To Wear In Dubai In Winters? 16 Outfits & Packing List

What to wear in Dubai in Winters? While winters may be the most awaited season in several countries, there are many who dread the cold. This is likely of the people living in colder parts of the world, who already suffer from a winter-like climate throughout the year, thus their distaste towards the harsh winters. Thus winter season is likely to be a call for vacations to escape such conditions, and what better place to go to other than the gulf? Dubai is a priority for tourists all around the world which is why it foresees a huge number of visitors in the winter season.

On the contrary, many people may want to discover the atmosphere of Dubai and enjoy visiting it regardless of the seasons. However, all these people will at some point face the same problem? What should we pack? What should we wear in Dubai?

Therefore I am going to help you find the answers to these questions by proposing winter outfits and ideas that can inspire yours in Dubai. First and foremost is the packing list which needs some mandatory items important for your trip to Dubai. The list is as follows:

What To Pack for Dubai Winter Trip?

  • Boots are a staple for winters in every country, but beware of velvet boots because Dubai is full of dust and sand which will make it difficult for you to take the pair back in the same condition that you brought them in. I would advise to take leather boots, preferably black or brown.
  • While winters in Dubai may be barely noticeable, it is still quite windy so it would be advisable to bring along an adorable beanie or a chic bucket hat.
  • Stockings and leggings are a must because the cold is bearable at night time, it is your chance to wear all the cute outfits you just couldn’t because of the leggings or tights being too thin.
  • You are definitely going to need an umbrella but not just for rain, for the sun as well. Make your outfits ten times more chic by adding an adorable umbrella with a cute print to the mix .
  • Sunscreen is your only best friend when it comes to the sun in Dubai. You will need constant protection against the sun on sunny days even in Winters. Thus a sunscreen with high spf will be incredibly important on this trip.
  • Knee length dresses can be given an easy pass in Dubai in winters, especially all those winter dresses you want to buy but you never do because of the harsh realities of winter. Well it is time to get your hands on them! And if you’re unsure about layering these dresses in the cold, here are tips on how to match your jackets with dresses.
  • Shawls are super handy in countries like Dubai where you never know when you will need to cover up a revealing outfit you have put on; a trip to the mosque etc. Moreover they come in need when the winds there do not seem to stop, and a jacket does not complement your outfit as well. Squeeze in a lightweight shawl into your bag and you are good to go.
dubai winter travel outfits

1. Knee Length Dress for Sunny Winter Days in Dubai’s Atlantis

As mentioned earlier, knee-length dresses can be your go-to this winter in Dubai. Although it is winter and it seems that dark and grunge colors are in style, I suggest you go for fresh colors like lime green which will complement the atmosphere of Dubai since there are sunny vibes all over.

Pair your dress with some trendy sneakers and slip in a white or beige shawl into your purse that you can cover yourself with when necessary.

dubai winter travel outfits


2. Look for Comfortable & Stylish Options

The preppy schoolgirl look is an integral part of dressing up and you do not want to miss out on it. However, you can twist it up with the design, for example instead of a plaid skirt, get something like the leopard print, and rather than going for the usual white button-up, buy a denim one!

For shoes, you can do a pair of black boots or low-top shoes with knee-length socks to match the vibe. This is comfort and style, two in one.


3. Don’t Forget Your Boots

Skirts and shorts are my go-to when I feel like wearing knee-high boots. Pull out and slip them on with a classy tube skirt or shorts of the same color, preferably dark, and then contrast it with a lighter color on top.

A simple blouse or button-up, both will do the job equally efficiently! Wearing hoops with this outfit would be the perfect cherry on top.


4. Layer Your Matching Sets With a Stylish Jacket

There is nothing more stunning than a matching top and bottoms set! Whether you have a suit you brought together, or you are just lucky with two items that completely match, this look won’t disappoint.

Black may be harder to assemble together because of different shades but it is worth the effort, so add an outfit like this to your shopping list if your suitcase is lacking it.

Add on a denim jacket to give it a cool vibe, so you do not look like you are going to work either; because of how decent this outfit can look.

Gold minimalist jewelry always goes best with black outfits so do not forget to slip some on.

Here are some more ideas on styling matching sets.

5. Match the Sunset for Your Cruise Day in Dubai

Dubai is famous for its cruises, and I bet you will be taking one in the winter sun because sunsets in winter are magnificent.

Choosing an outfit may be tricky in this case because there are two ends of a spectrum; whether it should be dark or bright. Light colors are not an option because you truly want to stand out.

Thus, I would suggest going for colors that match the sunset palette, such as orange or yellow.

On the other hand, dark colors like black may work just as well if the cruise is at night but that is rare in winters.

You can get a yellow boho dress in your favorite style and match it with a white crop jacket on top to protect you from the winds. The two colors will match and contrast really well.

You can check out our previous post for more ideas on what to wear on a cruise.

6. Invest in Good Quality Black Leather Pants

Dubai is home to all the bad and boujee architecture of the world, so why not match the skyline with some bad and boujee fits?

An all-black look with black leather pants is an instant head-turner so you better keep that in mind. A turtleneck would go best with these pants and some Nike airs!

I would suggest leather boots but that won’t catch someone’s eyes at first glance as they will blend in with the background way too easily thus it is better to slip on a pair of bright shoes with this outfit.

The best part about leather pants is that you can wear them in the morning and carry them into your night look as they are equally feasible for day and night.


7. Try Flannel As Your Shopping Outfits

Flannels have remained in fashion for decades now and you can certainly take advantage of that.

Dig out some old flannels in your wardrobe and pair them with corduroy pants to achieve an optimum look.

The best thing about this duo is that if the flannel you wear is not winter material, the pants will be and will keep part of your body warm – which is honestly enough for a place like Dubai.

You can take your look up a notch by wearing some yellow-tinted ray bans!

What To Wear In Dubai In Winters


8. Wear Bright Coats on The Coldest Days

While neutral-colored coats and jackets are everyone’s favorite, I have to intervene and say that bright colors are way too underrated.

Yes, they do not match every outfit but if you are a lover of trying new things then you must have at least one bright-colored coat on you like the red one shown below.

It can be paired with a black or white dress, or even neutral colors as long as they do not steal the coat’s spotlight, thus they should be plain.

Such coats will be your best bet on colder days and nights. Don’t forget to put on a bright lipstick to match your coat.

What To Wear In Dubai In Winters


9. Dubai is The Best Place to Wear Animal Prints

Keep warm in your favorite print – leopard print by layering underneath it.

Grab a warm black long-sleeved shirt to go under your body con!

Since the cold in Dubai is bearable, you need not wear bottoms if you do not feel like it, instead pair your outfit with a set of knee-length boots and you are good to go!

You can do the same for many other body-cons of your favorite prints, whether it is tiger or zebra stripes.

What To Wear In Dubai In Winters


10. Choose Velvet & Sequin Outfits for Clubbing in Dubai

The chances of having more clubbing nights than lunch days are very high in Dubai because that is when the city comes to life. And you know what looks the best at night? Definitely velvet!

Especially dark colors like black, burgundy and olive.

I would suggest getting yourself tailor-made velvet dresses so they fit your dimensions perfectly as that is what we want.

Moreover, there are many varieties in velvet, such as an embroidered base or a glittery base which is perfect for a fancy night.

Pair these dresses with some Christian Louboutins for the ultimate upper-class look! Here are some of the most trending velvet outfit ideas for this year.

What To Wear In Dubai In Winters


Another good option for clubbing is to go for sequin outfits since they’re all about a fun night out. You can also layer them with blazers or coats if it gets cold outside.

what to wear in dubai in winters


11. Wear Turtle neck Dresses on Colder Days

While turtlenecks are a go-to in today’s fashion, let us not forget about turtleneck dresses which are just as fashionable.

They hug your curves in all the right places and keep you warm at the same time, fulfilling all the major requirements of a stylish winter look.

Moreover, they come in unlimited colors as well!

You can always pair them with jackets or coats of your choice to uplift your look as well as add extra warmth.

Another clothing item that you can pull off with turtlenecks is definitely mufflers!

What To Wear In Dubai In Winters


12. Wrap Dresses for Dinner

Winter dresses have the most variety, only if you spend ample time discovering your options. Among these options are wrap dresses which are made of super comfortable and made up of warm material.

They give you full coverage and look very chic as well. I think they are perfect to wear to a place like Dubai because you do not need to add a sweater or jacket to this outfit and can just flaunt your curves and legs easily.

Try pairing them with fishnets if you are not fond of flashing skin! Here are some of my favorite ways to style a wrap dress.

What To Wear In Dubai In Winters


13. Choose a Smart But Practical Outfit to Explore Dubai Expo or Global Village

Dubai’s Expos are usually held in the Winter season and it is a very popular event for which people visit from across the globe. The event is like a global village with countries having their own pavilions where they showcase their cultures. It is a mind-blowing experience but you need at least one whole day for it and even then you probably won’t be able to see it all.

Coming towards the outfits, we love blogger Safaa Rauf’s look as she went for a white tank top and a matching set but when it got too hot, she was able to wear the jacket around her waist to be more comfortable.

what to wear in dubai in winters

14. Keep a Headscarf or Bandana for Dubai Safari

Safari in Dubai is definitely the most fun and wild experience and you’ll need a long hot bath once its over as being in the desert your hair gets full of sand. This is why many travelers choose to wear the traditional Arabic headscarf, also known as a Ghutra to cover their hair for this trip.

And it’s not just to protect your hair but also because it looks super cool in the pictures, as you can see below.

If this makes you wonder where to buy the Emirati Ghutra in Dubai, then don’t worry as you’ll easily be able to find it at any major departmental store, the local markets or you can even request your safari driver to arrange one for you.

As for the outfit, you of course need something super comfortable for this and nothing too fancy as you might not be able to wear it again on this trip because of how dirty the clothes get there. So just go for simple jeans and tops, jumpsuits or a casual tee with shorts.

However, if the plan includes the dinner and belly dance show then keep something warm in your backpack such as a shawl or a kimono to cover up when it gets cold.

what to wear in dubai in winters

15. Yes, You Can Wear What You Want at Dubai Beach

There’s often the misconception that you can only wear modest clothes in Dubai and its beaches. But the truth is that Dubai is one of the safest countries in the world where women easily wear whatever they want.

So whether you want to go to the beach in a burkini or a bikini, you’ll find plenty of women wearing them both.

What To Wear In Dubai In Winters


16 – You Can Pair Your Dresses with Sneakers

While we all love wearing dresses with heels, that is not a practical idea when traveling in Dubai. Enjoying in this city means there will be lots of walking – whether you’re going to one of the panoramic spots or going to the mall, you’ll be easily walking 20 to 30 thousand steps a day.

So make sure to take your favorite pair of sneakers along or buy new ones from Dubai since it is the city of shopaholics.

The picture below is proof that dresses look as good with sneakers as with heels.

what to wear in dubai in winters


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I pack for Dubai in January and February?

You can pack long sleeve tops of light material, flowy dresses with matching shawls, short-sleeved turtlenecks which aren’t too heavy on the body, lightweight jackets that offer warmth while looking stylish.

Q. What can female tourists wear in Dubai?

Dubai is not strict on coding clothes therefore you can wear whatever you want in Dubai, as a female. This can range from sleeveless tops to backless dresses and even bikinis on the beach.

Q. What should I wear in Dubai at night time in winters?

Believe it or not, the desert is likely to get cold in the night and much colder on winter nights therefore beware and make sure you have a jacket or shawl on the standby with your outfit. A sparkly dress for nights in Dubai is perfect!

Q. Can you wear ripped jeans in Dubai?

It depends on the time, place and a lot more. You can wear ripped jeans in summers but I would not recommend them in winters because of the chilly nights. You can still wear them in the daytime or when hanging out in the mall. This is because wearing them in places other than religious sites like mosques is permissible, however, the religious sites themselves will not tolerate such clothing.

Q. Is there a dress code for Burj Khalifa?

No, you are not restricted to wearing only a certain type of clothing upon visiting this famous landmark. Dubai is home to every style and culture, and what better way to express yourself other than at the infamous Burj Khalifa

Q. What is Dubai's Winter temperature like?

December, January and February are generally considered the coldest months in Dubai with temperatures ranging from 26° to 16°. Days are usually warmer while nights can get cold and chilly, especially in open areas.

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