15 Non Muslim Celebrities in Hijab:Hollywood Celebrities in Hijab

Ever wondered how non-Muslims celebrities look in Hijab? Which all Hollywood celebrities wore hijab Islamic outfit? Check out this collection of some top grossing actresses and politicians who wore hijab.

Hollywood Celebrites in Hijab

#1 – Kim Kardashian In Islamic Outfit

Non Mulsim Celebrities in Muslim dress


Kim Kardashian In Hijab

#2 –  Jlo in Islamic Outfit

Jennifer Lopez in Hijab

#3 – Paris Hilton in Hijab

paris-hilton hijabHollywood celebrities in Hijab

#4 – Angelina Jolie in Islamic Head Scarf

angelina jolie in Hijab

#5 – Rihana in Hijab.

After this photo-shot in Sheikh Zayed mosque, Rihanna was reportedly forced to leave the mosque because of violating the sanctity.

American Celebrites in Hijab

#6 – Queen in hijab

queen elizabeth in Hijab

#7 – Hillary Clinton In Hijab

Non Muslims Celebrities in Hijab

#8 – Kate Middleton in Islamic dress

Kate Middleton in Hijab

Here’s another simple but beautiful look of Kate Middleton from the 2019 Royal visit to Pakistan. She wore this gorgeous green shalwar kameez and headscarf on her visit to Badshahi Mosque in Lahore.

non muslim celebrities in hijab

#9-10 – Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid wearing Hijab in UAE

kendall jenner in hijab

#11 – Jacqueline Fernandez Wearing Hijab

#12 – Famous Instagram Sensation Amanda Cerny Wearing Hijab

#13 – Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez Wearing Hijab

#14 – Lindsay Lohan in Islamic dress

Lindsay Lohan in Islamic dress

#15 – Avril Lavigne In Hijab and Abaya


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