13 Non Muslim Celebrities in Hijab:Hollywood Celebrities in Hijab

Ever wondered how top non Muslims celebrities look in Hijab ?Which all Hollywood celebrities wore hijab Islamic outfit ? check out this collection of some top grossing actresses and politicians who wore hijab.

Hollywood Celebrites in Hijab

#1 – Kim Kardashian In Islamic Outfit

Non Mulsim Celebrities in Muslim dress


Kim Kardashian In Hijab

#2 –  Jlo in Islamic Outfit

Jennifer Lopez in Hijab

#3 – Paris Hilton in Hijab

Hollywood celebrities in Hijab

#4 – Angelina Jolie in Islamic Head Scarf

angelina jolie in Hijab

#5 – Rihana in Hijab .

After this photo-shot in sheikh zayed mosque rihana was reportedly forced to leave the mosque because of violating the sanctity .

American Celebrites in Hijab

#6 – Queen in hijab

queen elizabeth in Hijab

#7 – Hillary clinton In Hijab

Non Muslims Celebrities in Hijab

#8 – Kate Middleton in Islamic dress

Kate Middleton in Hijab

#9-10 – Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid wearing Hijab in UAE

kendall jenner in hijab

#11 – Jacqueline fernandez Wearing Hijab

#11 – Famous Instagram Sensation Amanda Cerny Wearing Hijab


#11 – Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez Wearing Hijab

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