14 Best Summer Hijab Styles & Outfits To Wear For School

Summer Hijab Outfits: As you all know, summer is just around the corner, just in time when everyone is about done with the cold weather and ready to get into some summer outfit planning. We sure are, and if you are too then you have landed yourself at the right place for all the useful tips and tricks to look your best for the upcoming warm weather.

With the hectic life of the school and keeping up with fashion, we know how tough it can get to look your best every day, so let’s get into some easy hijab outfit ideas for summer this year. As summer is all about light days, light colors, looking fresh and radiant, and especially all about fun and laughter, let the outfit do the talking for you while you sip on some lemonade, soak in the sun and get through the warm days.

How To Wear Hijab With School Outfits In Summer?

Starting off with some basic tips:

  • Light and fresh colors are more summers appropriate
  • Avoid layering the hijab in summers and if you really need to, for example, to cover a sleeveless top, go for thinner or breathable fabrics like lawn or chiffon.
  • Accessorize your hijab look with sunglasses and some  cute Summery earrings
  • Dresses, skirts, and wide-legged pants are more comfortable than jeans on hot days
  • Stock in lightweight hijabs and clothes to get through warmer days

summer school hijab styles

Below are different styles for summer hijab outfits for school girls:

↓ 14 – Layer With A Kimono

Wearing short sleeves and sheer tops in summers actually becomes possible because of Kimonos. They keep you covered up modestly without making you sweat, hence the perfect school outfits.

summer hijab styles

↓ 13 – Casual Monday Morning Outfit

We’ve already talked in-depth about some chic Monday Outfit Ideas For School, but here’s a simple but really smart outfit that would be perfect for hijabis. After a busy weekend, you don’t always feel like putting a lot of effort into your Monday look, so just go with a plain old button-down shirt or tunic top, pair it with any pastel or light-colored hijab and jeans. Espadrille shoes would really take this outfit to the next level.

hijab outfit for morning


↓ 12 – Hijab Style Paired With Distressed Jeans

When it comes to easy and light summer dressing, which is essential for school, nothing better than distressed mom jeans paired with a black shirt and a lightweight hijab and upper, to top it off with a modest touch. Not all school days are energetic and up to speed, and we totally understand that. A light and yet fashionable outfit to get you through a warm day is the absolute savior for such days, and we acknowledge the fact that even on rather lazy and slow days, fashion mustn’t be left behind. This look can be played with different colored shirts and different patterned uppers and it will still give you the desired chic look. The patterned upper gives a dull black and blue outfit a pop of colour and chic style.

↓ 11 – Hijab Style Paired With Boyfriend Shirts

Boyfriend shirts are a must-have for warmer days, and no you don’t have to have a boyfriend to get through summer school, or do you? Go to the nearest thrift store and pick up the coolest oversized, baggy boyfriend shirts of your choice. Or head over to your favourite brand outfit’s menswear section to fill your closet with them. Striped boyfriend shirt with a light-colored hijab, above the ankle skinny jeans and your ever comfortable striped slippers, and you are ready to put on your sunglasses and head out the door to face the sun without a care in the world. School gives enough academic pressure, to let you off the hook for everyday outfit hunt, we got you covered with a chic yet comfortable style.

↓ 10 – Light Hijab Paired With A Flowy Dress

Nothing can ever go wrong with a white dress. Here’s a white, versatile dress that can be dressed down and dressed up according to the need of the hour. It goes on a sunny day as perfectly as Daenerys goes with Jon Snow – summer is coming girls! Pair the white floral dress with your converse or heels, whichever you prefer, light fabric and colored hijab to top it all off. Add some accessories to your hand or your ears, and you are good to go flaunt through a sunny day. Summer days are all about fashion and light colors so you might as well make the most of it while it lasts.


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↓ 9 – Baggy Long Shirt Paired With Turban Styled Hijab

On hot and humid days, it gets difficult to carry a wrapped up hijab around the neck through a long day at school. To get through days like these, turban styled hijab comes to the rescue. Pair a flowy, oversized patterned shirt with your favourite tights for the summer or skinny jeans, and say bye to sweat and suffocation for a day. This is a basic summer outfit for school, work, late lunching out with your girlies or a day event for a blogger. It gives the body lots of room to breath and stay sweat-free, looks chic, keeps the neck area open for air, basically everything you need to get through a hot day. Top it off with an elbow handbag and some accessories and head out the door without any care in the world.


↓ 8 – Hijab Style Paired With Striped Trousers

Ah, striped trousers! my absolute favourite piece of clothing ever. Nothing can go wrong with the known-to-all striped pajamas outfit. Pair your striped trouser with a plain, round-neck shirt and a light fabric hijab is a cherry on top. Chic, trendy, comfortable, always available, and loved by all, striped pajamas are here to stay. Oh how much I wish! Pair them with your white converse shoes and you are summer-ready. Different colored shirts and hijabs can be mixed and matched to make the look more colorful. Striped pajamas can be dressed down or dressed up according to the need of the day at school. Put on your sunglasses and your comfortable everyday slippers,  and you are ready to seize the day my friend.


↓ 7 – Hijab Style Paired With A Skirt Outfit

Skirts are an epitome of modest fashion, stylish and trendy – with a tucked-in shirt that is fully covering and definitely versatile enough to easily dress up and dress down. A skirt paired with a striped T-shirt or button-down denim tucked in is a whole new stylish outfit on its own. Easy to carry and definitely a yes for summers, what could be better than this for a warm school day? Pair a floral or a plain skirt with a top of your choice, a light fabric hijab to top it off and your favourite converse or platform heels, which are easy to walk in on busy school days, and you are good to go for a hectic and humid day in school. So just take out all your skirts for summer.


↓ 6 – High Waisted Straight Pants Outfit With Hijab

High waisted straight pants are a yes this year. Paired with t-shirts, boyfriend shirts or to make it look more event appropriate and fancy – pair it with a fancy silk top. As already mentioned above, look out for clothing items which are versatile and can be played around to make different chic outfits, and straight pants are definitely one of those.

On lazy days, straight pants can be paired with a striped short body t-shirt, or on days when you feel like dressing up and going to lunch after class with your girls, you can wear it with a colorful fancy or floral top to look fresh and vibrant out on the streets in the open sun. The basic summer school appropriate high waisted straight pants outfit would be a basic white top with light-colored high waisted pants and a floral hijab to top it off.


↓ 5 – Bright Casual Daily Wear Hijab Outfit

Straight pants and striped shirts are made for summer. On rather dull days, when you feel like adding some subtle colour to your outfit, nothing tops simple straight pants and a striped shirt to save the day. Light fabric pants, a baggy shirt tied around the waist and a simply done hijab go perfectly well together. You can add different shirts or a layer of shrug to the outfit if you please, and it will give the desired look. We fully acknowledge the fact that students have dull days when no one feels like dressing up or making an effort, but we got you covered with some simple ideas for such casual days.


↓ 4 – Summer Jumper Hijab Outfit

Jumpers have been in for a long time now, and I know how much they are loved by every woman, be it a school girl, a working lady or a housewife. I personally jumpers, because of how super comfortable they are, they are easy to wear and carry, they’re versatile so it’s easy to play around with different styles, be it work, school, an event or a fancy night out, a jumper for every hour. Especially in modest fashion world, a jumper is a perfect fit. It is perfectly covering, the epitome of trendy style and it looks utterly beautiful on hijabis. To look your best on a summer school day, wear a radiant coloured jumper, throw a shrug on top of it or top however you may like it and your favourite Converse or flats is all you need. Put on some shades, hydrate yourself and head out the door to ace a humid day like a boss.


↓ 3 – Summer Long Dress Hijab Outfit

Long dresses, another one of my favourite. How to style a long dress in summers, you ask? I say, nothing better than the summer season for long dresses on hijabis. Long dresses, whether in frock style, long tight dress style or maxi style, long dresses go the best with hijabs. They are perfect for modest fashion, and I know a lot of you hijabis are agreeing with me from the other side of the screen.

For a basic summer school day, pair a plain frock style long dress with your favourite white joggers, a black or a white hijab done above the chest style and you are ready to ace a humid day again my fellow ladies. In my opinion, nothing better than long dresses made of light fabric for the summer season. Stock up your summer wardrobe with the dresses of your choice. Comfort and style, what else does a girl want on a humid, hectic school day?


↓ 2 – Lazy Day Summer Outfit For School

On absolutely lazy and down days, when its mid-week and you have had a long night and couldn’t get proper 8 hours of sleep or more and you can not just get out of your bed to make an effort for an up to the mark outfit and look your best, we have also got you covered for a lazy day outfit, yes ladies. Pick a white full sleeves button-down shirt or a plain white t-shirt and pair it with your baggy, airy and comfortable everyday pajamas, it could even be your night suit pajamas, so you just have to spend get through a day of classes, come back home and sleep. Pair it with your room slippers or sneakers and you are good to head out the door with no-makeup or minimal make-up if it pleases you.

↓ 1 – Ethnic Style Summer Outfit

The ethnic or Asian Kurtis are the most versatile and playable clothing items to have in the wardrobe, and it sure is a blessing in disguise for us Muslim girls. Pair a printed or a floral lawn or any other light fabric kurti with black or blue jeans and a light fabric hijab and you are good to head out the door for a day at school in the summers. Kurti is the absolute perfect fit for summers because of the light fabric they are available in like lawn and cotton, and the style it brings to the outfit. Be it a short plain kurti or a printed knee-length kurti, it will get the job done for you. If you live someplace where kurtis are not easily available, you can opt for shift dresses instead as they pretty much look the same. You should also check out these Different Ways To Wear Kurtis With Jeans For Women.


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