Hijab With Glasses – 15 Stylish Ideas to Try

Be it sunglasses or perscription glasses, they don’t just protect our eyes but they also help make a style statement. And as for sunglasses, on hot days, they are pretty much a necessity.

But is it possible to wear hijab with glasses? Of course, and we’re here to make it easier for you by discussing the following:

What to Consider When Buying Glasses as a Hijabi?

When choosing glasses to wear with a hijab, consider the following factors to ensure a comfortable and stylish combination:

  • Frame style: Opt for glasses with frames that complement your face’s shape and style. There are various frame styles, such as round, square, cat-eye, or rectangular frames. Select a type that you feel confident and comfortable wearing.
  • Frame colour: Consider the color of your glasses frames about the colours of your hijabs. If you wear various colours, neutral-coloured frames like black, brown, or silver can be versatile and match most outfits. Alternatively, you can choose frames that coordinate with or accentuate the colors in your hijab for a coordinated look.
  • Frame size: Pay attention to the size of the frames as compared to your face. Ensure the frames are not too large or too small, as they should complement your facial features without overwhelming them. Frames that are proportionate to your face size tend to look balanced and more flattering.
  • Lightweight frames: Opt for lightweight glasses frames, as they will be more comfortable to wear with a hijab throughout the day. Heavy frames can cause discomfort or leave imprints on your skin when combined with the pressure of the fabric.
  • Avoid wide temple arms: When wearing a hijab, wide temple arms (the part that extends over your ears) can be more challenging to accommodate. They may interfere with the fabric or create bulkiness. Look for glasses with narrower temple arms that are more streamlined and sit closer to your head.
  • Consider adjustable nose pads: Glasses with adjustable nose pads can be beneficial as they allow you to customize the fit and prevent the glasses from sliding down your nose or causing discomfort.

Styling Tips

  • For wearing a hijab over the headscarf, opt for a fabric with a strong grip, like cotton or linen. Avoid fabrics that are too silky like chiffon or silk.
  • Keep your hijab cap, and scarf loose when wearing glasses under the hijab. Opt for styles like dupatta hijab, ponytail style to turban style. This way, your shades won’t hurt your ears.
  • Make sure your frame fits you perfectly. You’ll have to fix it on and off if it is too big for you. Moreover, if the frame is small, it will eventually hurt your head and ears.
  • Don’t compromise on your style and make sure whatever style you are going with is comfortable.
  • Don’t be afraid of accessorizing with earrings while wearing a hijab and sunglasses.
  • If your glasses have temples that hook around your ears, ensure the hijab fabric is not folded or bunched up underneath them. Smooth the fabric around your ears and temples, ensuring it remains comfortable and secure.
  • Once your hijab and glasses are in place, ensure they are both comfortable. Adjust the fabric and glasses if necessary. Ensure that the glasses do not press too tightly against your face or cause any discomfort around the nose or ears. Also, check that your vision is not obstructed.
  • To keep your hijab in place throughout the day, use hijab pins or clips to secure it at strategic points, such as the sides or back of your head. This will help prevent the hijab from slipping or shifting, which may affect the position of your glasses.

Everyone’s preferences and face shapes are different, so feel free to experiment with different hijab styles and glasses positions to find what works best for you.


15 – Go for Contrasting Colors

Here is a pretty look created with the help of a red hijab and purple sunglasses as such contrasting colors work really well for those who want to create fresh, fun look.

Hijab With Glasses-25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

14 – It’s Okay to Add on More Accessories

Wearing glasses doesn’t mean that you need to restrict yourself in any way as you can still add as many more accessories as you want or need.

For example, I love how adayinthelalz accessories her hijab outfits with hats, ear muffs and other interesting accessories, along with the most eye-catching sunglasses and hijab combinations.

13 – With Mask and Glasses

Here is another incredible style that you can try out while going out in summer, inspired by the epidemic days.

12 – Mirrored Sunglasses with Pastel Hijabs

One of the latest trends in sunglasses is mirror lens sunglasses. These look great with pastel-coloured hijabs and matching lipstick.


11 – Glasses Under Hijab Cap

Here we see the model wearing her glasses under her cap, which is a unique way and is recommended if you want your glasses and hijab to stay in place for the longest time.

Another noteworthy thing here is the use of metallic accessories to match the glasses. It is an excellent way to access any outfit, so buy many accessories to match your glasses.

Hijab With Glasses-25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

10 – Stylish Look for College Girls

College girls who are often running late and don’t have much time to wear fancy hijab styles can just opt for this simple and elegant look that can be achieved within a minute.

Simply wrap half of your hijab around the head, pin it, wear your glasses, and then wrap the other half over them.

Hijab With Glasses-25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

9 – Elegant Look for Working Women

Here is a quick and stylish look that any working woman can try out.

Sexy hijab sunglasses

8 – Turban Hijab with a Printed Neck Scarf and Ray Bans

Turban hijabs are undoubtedly the best choice for wearing glasses with a veil. But the problem with this hijab style is that it leaves your neck and chest uncovered, and many of us are not comfortable with this idea.

So what you can do instead is, wear the turban hijab and then cover yourself with a scarf. The entire combination gives off feminine and stylish vibes.

Here are some more similar ideas on styling Hijab With Infinity Scarves.

Muslim girls in sunglasses

7 – Cute Turkish Style with Shades

How to wear sunglasses with hijab

6 – Sunglasses with Hijab and Eye Makeup

hijabi sunglasses

5 – Plaid

If you like wearing printed hijabs, then you probably have a plaid headscarf. The best thing about them is that they usually come in many different colours, allowing you to wear them with different coloured outfits and, of course, different coloured glasses as well.

Hijab With Glasses-25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

4 -You Can Even Wear Glasses on Top of Your Scarf

Hijab glasses tumblr

3 – Black Hijab with Black Framed or Lens Glasses

Hijabi chics

2 – Try a Blue Hijab with Blue-ish Shades and White Outfit

Hijab With Glasses-25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

1 – Turban Hijab with a Bun or Knot

Here’s another turban hijab style but with a twist, this time as the hijab has been folded above the forehead into a bun.

Funky glasses hijab style


Here are some of the most asked questions about wearing sunglasses with hijabs. Do give it a read, one of them might be on your mind as well.

Q. What fabric is suitable for a hijab with shades?

A. It depends on what style of hijab or shades you are planning to wear. You can go with almost any fabric for frames with thin temples. For thick frames, opt for a flowy material like chiffon or silk. Moreover, for wearing sunglasses under the hijab, any fabric will work.

Last but not least. For wearing shades over your hijab, go with fabric that provides a good grip, like lawn, cotton, or linen, and refrain from silk and chiffon.

Q. What type of sunglasses suit round face type?

A. People with round faces should wear frames that can help them contour their faces. Avoid wearing oversized round shades and go with cat-eye frames or small frames.

Q. What is the best way to wear mirrored glasses with a hijab?

A. Mirrored sunglasses give a very luxurious vibe. So, it is advised to wear them with minimalistic headscarves. Avoid wearing them with vibrant or printed hijabs if you want a sophisticated look.

Q. Do the temples/arms of the sunglasses have anything to do with the hijab style?

A. Yes, the size of your shade’s arms has much to do with your comfort. The larger the temples are, the higher the chance they will hurt your head and ears. So, whenever wearing them, make sure your headscarf is loosely wrapped. For thin temples, you can go with tight wraps or even head caps.

Q. Can I wear oversized sunglasses with a hijab?

A. Yes, you definitely can wear oversized shades with hijabs. They look gorgeous. Just make sure that your wrap isn’t so tight. Wear them with turban style, dupatta style or knot, and ponytail style hijabs for added comfort.


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