Hijab With Glasses – 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

Hijab with glasses can modestly add elegance to your looks. Now the question is how to wear sunglasses with a hijab? Which glasses to wear? What are the latest trends in matching your hijab with some cool glasses? Today we are going to answer all these questions for you.

Once there was a time when sunglasses were only about protecting your eyes from the sun. But it is no longer the case. Shades are all about adding style and charisma to your personality. Be it summers or winters; you must have your shades with you to create a chic look. Also, if you are a hijabi and wondering how to wear them with your headscarf on, this article is all that you need to go through.

Ideas to Wear Glasses with Hijab for Chic Look

Most hijabi’s find wearing hijabs with glasses a tedious task. They are always confused about whether the temples of their glasses should be inside the hijab cap, the headscarf, or over the scarf. Also, slipping of the glasses or shades hurting the ear is another big problem almost all hijabis have faced at some part of their life. But don’t worry girls, now you can style up and cherish each event if you follow to given below simple steps.

  • For wearing a hijab over the headscarf, opt for a fabric that has a strong grip like cotton or linen. Avoid fabrics that are too silky like chiffon or silk.
  • Keep your head cap, and scarf loose when wearing glasses under the hijab. Opt for styles like dupatta hijab, ponytail style to turban style. This way, your shades won’t hurt your ears.
  • Make sure your frame fits you perfectly. If it is too big for you, you’ll have to fix it on and off. Moreover, if the frame is small, it will eventually hurt your head and ears.
  • Don’t compromise on your style and make sure whatever style you are going with is comfortable.
  • When wearing oversized shades- especially those that have large arms, wrap your hijab very loosely.
  • Don’t be scared of accessorizing with earrings while wearing a hijab as well as sunglasses.

From the following images, you can get a lot of ideas about styling your hijab. You can look as chic as them. You can style the same way or just get the ideas and inspiration from their styling combination, and create your own unique looks. These styling trends have been included by top fashion bloggers in their latest looks. Let’s see the collection now.

↓ All That You Need to Know About Shades

Transparent glasses, also known as zero glasses, are a quite popular trend these days that are just worn for a change of look. There are a lot of stylish glasses available in the market. In the sunglasses,  cat-eye sunglasses with hijab or aviator with hijab are the most popular trend these days. Talking about the hijab street style, which has brought hijab fashion to a whole new level, glasses are one of the must-have fashion accessories for street style fashion.

You always find top hijab fashion bloggers wearing some elegant sunglasses that match their outfit. It’s not about just putting on any shades you have. You have to carefully choose those glasses which go with your hijab outfit if you want to look unique.

Here we have discussed the different styles and kinds of hijabs that you can wear with glasses. Note that fashion is never restricted by rules, though, so feel free to experiment further with these ideas. The kind of hijab you chose will depend on a lot of factors, but the most important one will, of course, be your personal preference. Always go for hijab colors and fabrics that you feel comfortable with. Other factors may influence the decision like the occasion, the weather, or the outfit that you plan on wearing.

↓ 25 – With White Top and Printed Skirt

You can wear and slay sunglasses with any type of outfit. Be it a girly outfit or menswear inspired one. All you need to make sure of is that your shades vibe with your outfit. Wear a plain top with a printed skirt and finish off your look with a plain relaxed headscarf and oversized shades. It is an ideal look for a day out at the beach, lunch, or friends get together, especially if it is hosted outdoor.


↓ 24 – Beach Style

Looking forward to creating a cute beach look? Make sure you have all the accessories that can protect you from sunlight. If you are not a hat person, then make sure you have a good pair of sunglasses. Wear them with your favourite outfit and enjoy the cool effect that the shades provide to your eyes. Also, make sure you have applied sunblock as sunglasses can only protect your eyes, not your skin.


↓ 23 – With Maxi Outfit

Girls love wearing maxi dresses, isn’t it so? Well, most of the hijab wearers avoid wearing sunglasses with maxi and headscarves because they think it will make them look shorter and curvier. Well, it’s right to the extent, and you shouldn’t cover yourself in clothes from head to toe, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear sunglasses. Instead, get your styling on point.

Wear a maxi with the top portion well fitted and wear a hijab that is neatly wrapped around your head. Also, avoid wearing oversized frames, instead, opt for a medium-sized or small frame, so your entire face isn’t covered.


↓ 22 – Hijab with Mask and Glassess

Here is another incredible style that you can try out while going out in summers during coronavirus quarantine.

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab


↓ 21 – Office Style

Sunglasses are an essential part of a chic office look. True that you don’t need them while you are inside and working, but they are important while you drive all the way to the office and back home. Moreover, they look sassy with sophisticated work outfits like pants, tops, coats, and hijabs.

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab


↓ 20 – Vacation Style


↓ 19 – For Mid Day Shopping

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab


↓ 18 – Sports Style

Working outside on a hot sunny day? Make sure your hijab is neatly wrapped and not bothering you at all. Also, if it is too sunny, prefer getting on hands on a pair of shades that are oversized but have thin temples.


↓ 17 – Mirrored Sunglasses with Hijab

One of the latest trends in sunglasses has been that of mirror lens sunglasses. These look great with pastel-colored hijabs and matching lipstick. Here are 12 Great Ideas for Organizing Hijab for Every Day Routines.

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab


↓ 16 – Branded Sunglasses with Hijab and Abaya

Dolce & Gabbana recently introduced their hijab line, which left everyone amazed. A range of hijabs was introduced in eye-catching colors and prints, but this floral hijab has been our most favorite amongst them all. It has been paired with chic and girly floral sunglasses. This isn’t something you can wear for casual, everyday dressing but for special occasions or perhaps a birthday party, it would surely look super cute.

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

↓ 15 – With Floral Hijabs

If you have bought glasses with a colored or printed frame, then it’s pretty obvious that you would want to wear it with a matching or contrasting hijab. Try wearing a hijab cap in the same shade or a lighter one than your glasses and then loosely wrap around a printed hijab for a nice and elegant look. The floral prints look especially good for the Spring season.

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

↓ 14 – With Red Hijab

Here is a pretty look created with the help of a red hijab and purple sunglasses. You might want to wear similar shades to your next event.

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

↓ 13 – Winter Look

For Winters, you can choose hijabs that are smaller in size so they can easily be worn under sweaters and coats without making you look bulky.

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

↓ 12 – Glasses Under Hijab Cap

Here we see the model wearing her glasses under her cap, which is a unique way and is recommended if you want your glasses and hijab to stay in place for the longest time. Another noteworthy thing here is the use of metallic accessories to match the glasses. It is an excellent way to accessorize any outfit, so do buy lots of accessories to match your glasses. For accessories to wear on weddings or formal events, you can check out this post on Maang Tikka With Hijab.

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

↓ 11 – Stylish Look for College Girls

College girls who are often running late and don’t have much time to wear fancy hijab styles can just opt for this simple and elegant look that can be achieved within a minute. Simply wrap half of your hijab around the head, pin it, wear your glasses, and then wrap the other half over them.

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

↓ 10 – Elegant Look for Working Women

Here is a quick and stylish look that any working woman can try out.

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

↓ 9 – Street Style Look

Turban hijabs are undoubtedly the best choice for wearing glasses with a veil. But the problem with this hijab style is that it leaves your neck and chest uncovered, and many of us are not comfortable with this idea. So what you can do instead is, wear the turban hijab and then cover yourself with a scarf. The entire combination gives off feminine and stylish vibes. Here are some more similar ideas on styling Hijab With Infinity Scarves.

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab↓ 8 – Cute Turkish Hijab Style with Shades

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

Step by Step Video Tutorial

↓ 7 – Shades and Jewellery with Hijab

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

↓ 6 – Sunglasses with Hijab and Eye Makeup

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab ↓ 5 – Plaid

If you like wearing printed hijabs, then you probably have a plaid headscarf. The best thing about these hijabs is that they usually come in many different colors, allowing you to wear them with different colored outfits and, of course, different colored glasses as well. Here’s our exclusive collection of Hijab Winter Styles.

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

↓ 4 – How to Wear Glasses on Top of Your Hijab

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab↓ 3 – Black Hijab with Black Framed or Lens Glasses

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

↓ 2 – Modern Hijab Style

Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

↓ 1 – Sunglasses with Turban Hijab

Here’s another turban hijab style but with a twist, this time as the hijab has been folded above the forehead into a bun.
Hijab With Glasses - 25 Ideas to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

In the last article, we talked about some cool sunglasses for teenage girls that are trending these days. So you might like to see that latest collection too, to get more ideas.

Whether you are wearing glasses because of weak eyesight or for fashion or only once you are out in the sun, if you know how to style them with your outfit, it can add glamor to your personality. We know that nowadays, teenage girls love to get a funky look. You can see here how to get a funky look with a hijab. Then you can style some sassy sunglasses with it to further enhance your outlook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions related to wearing sunglasses with hijabs. Do give it a read, one of them might be on your mind as well.

Q. What fabric is suitable for a hijab with shades?

A. It depends on what style of hijab or shades you are planning to wear. For frames that have thin temples, you can go with almost any fabric. For thick frames, opt for a flowy material like chiffon or silk. Moreover, for wearing sunglasses under the hijab, any fabric will work. Last but not least. For wearing shades over your hijab, go with fabric that provides a good grip like lawn, cotton, linen, and refrain from silk and chiffon.

Q. What type of sunglasses suit round face type?

A. People with a round face should wear frames that can help them contour their faces. Avoid wearing oversized round shades and go with cat-eye frames or small frames.

Q. What is the best way to wear mirrored glasses with a hijab?

A. Mirrored sunglasses somehow gives a very luxurious vibe. So, it is advised to wear them with minimalistic headscarves. Avoid wearing them with vibrant or printed hijabs for a sophisticated look.

Q. Do the temples/arms of the sunglasses have anything to do with the hijab style?

A. Yes, the size of your shade’s arms has a lot to do with your comfort. The larger the temples are, the higher the chances are that they will hurt your head and ears. So, whenever wearing them, make sure your headscarf is loosely wrapped. For thin temples, you can go with tight wraps or even head caps.

Q. Can I wear oversized sunglasses with a hijab?

A. Yes, you definitely can wear oversized shades with hijabs. They look gorgeous. Just make sure that your wrap isn’t so tight. Wear them with turban style, dupatta style or knot, and ponytail style hijabs for added comfort.

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