16 Modest Crop Top Outfit Ideas with Styling Tips

Modest crop top outfits: If there were an epitome of chic fashion, crop tops would be it. Rad, chic, trendy and it definitely goes with everything. For all the crop top lovers out there, we have something exciting for you in-store today. Crop tops are generally associated with summers when the sun is shining, it is humid outside, and you need clothing items that are more chic and rad because this is the time to bring out the Kate Spade in you.

While there are a variety of cuts and types of crop tops to choose from, the lose and flowy ones are better for the warmer days as well as for modesty. But, crop tops can be styled for winters too, or spring, for that matter.

How To Wear Crop Tops Modestly

how to wear crop tops modestly

Styling Tips

  • Go high-waisted for the bottoms, as it will provide you more coverage.
  • Crop tops can be the most versatile clothing item with a little layering, so don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • If layering over is not your thing, you can always layer under a crop top and get the job done.
  • Overalls can work perfectly fine over crop tops as well.
  • Low ponytails or messy buns are a good substitute hairstyle for summer to wear with crop tops.

↓ 16 – Wearing Cropped Sweaters For Fall

modest crop top

↓ 15 – Wedding Ready

Crop tops with long maxi skirts look great as wedding guest outfits.

how to wear crop top modestly

For a more ethnic look, you can also opt for a fancy lehnga instead of a skirt, perfect for desi weddings.

how to wear crop top modestly

↓ 14 – Wear It With a Kimono

Aren’t kimonos the best layering item ever made? They’re available in such fun prints and colors these days, and you can quickly turn any outfit into a modest one by wearing a kimono. If you like this look, you’ll love these 20 Ways To Dress Up With Kimono Outfits.

modest crop top outfits

↓ 13 – With A Flowy High Waisted Skirt


↓ – 12 – With High Waisted Jeans

↓ – 11 – With Harem Pants

How to wear a crop top to make it look classy, you ask? Here is an idea for you. For a day at the office or a meeting, you can pair your crop top with harem pants, and it will definitely make a trendy outfit. As harem pants are all you can see on the racks these days as soon as you get into a store, our luck they look the best with crop tops.

↓ – 10 – With Wide-leg Pants

Straight pants, harem pants, palazzo, wide-leg pants, jeans or mom jeans and other clothing items from the same family are a perfect fit for an office look. This look right here is a black and white contrasting attire with white wide-leg pants and a black sleeveless, high neck crop top which looks easy to carry, wear, and find in your wardrobe and is ultra-simple yet modest and office appropriate.

Pair them with pure white flats, and it is a full match. Wide-leg pants and crop tops are made for each other; I like to believe. And if you enjoy wearing them as much as we do, don’t miss out on this post on How to Wear White Wide Leg Pants.

↓ – 09 – With Straight Pants

Another addition to the classy look-book would be the famous and ever loved straight pants. High-waisted straight pants, I believe, is such a versatile clothing item that can go with anything, a T-shirt, crop tops, fancy silk tops or a flowy elegant top. Pair these black straight pants with a simple, long-sleeved top and maybe a statement necklace to add some character to the entire outfit, and you are an office-ready, wonder woman. You can not go more covered and trendy than this, I believe. It is a perfect modest yet stylish outfit for the office. Crop tops are clothing items that can be played around with anything, for any occasion.


↓ 08 -With Bell Bottom Pants

How do we not talk about Bell Bottom when we are talking about the 90’s fashion coming back? There isn’t a way we don’t. As the 90s fashion is gradually coming back to style, with mom jeans, bell bottoms, and straight pants, it is almost necessary to contribute your style to this great cause, because who hated the 90’s?


↓ 07 – With High-Waisted Palazzos

\Crop tops and palazzos are a love story better than Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, and we love it the same. Whether it is a two-piece crop top and palazzo suit or a plain crop top paired with a plain palazzo, it looks the best either way and has been seen worn by celebrities, models, girls at Coachella and everyone.

This outfit in the picture can be worn to the office, to class or on a day when you have to rush to lunch with your girls right after office or class, wear your hair down, put on a little lipstick and you are lunch ready. High-waisted palazzos are better to wear with crop tops as they cover the upper abdomen part adequately and show no tummy. A printed scarf around the neck will make up for the best modest crop top outfit. Here are some more awesome Ways to Wear Palazzo Pants with other Outfits.


↓ 06 – Work Wear

How about trying something different this year and wearing a crop top (instead of a shirt or blouse) with your two-piece suit

how to wear crop top modestly to work

↓ 05 – In Your 40s

Want to fit in the crop top trend but feel like you are too old for it? Don’t worry; you are never too old for any fashion! You just have to turn the style your way, and you can wear the crop tops and look classy even in your 40s. The key is to choose crop tops which are longer and cover your upper abdomen or wear high-waisted bottoms, which always saves the day with crop tops.

You can wear full belly covering crop tops with straight jeans, straight pants, wide-legged trousers or mom jeans and make the trend look your age. You don’t have to worry about losing weight and bringing back the abs in your 40s as you can always turn the fashion your way. Our favorite over 40 fashion blogger, Samantha, has done a fascinating post on wearing crop tops in your 40s and we highly recommend that you check it out. And for more ideas on outfits, here’s our earlier post on 20 Dressing Styles for 40 Plus Women.
modest crop top outfits

↓ 04 – With Ripped Jeans

The Canadian fashion diva Laiba Zaid or else known as Bodmon Zaid loves flaunting in crop tops modestly. You can follow her account for more inspiration.

↓ 03 – With Hijab

Yes, you can even wear crop tops with hijab, that’s how versatile this clothing item can get. You can pair straight trousers with a simple white crop top, throw over a scarf around your neck or wear a turban-style hijab, the options are endless. The best fit for a day at the office or to class, perfectly trendy and modest. We’re sharing below some of our favorite crop top outfits with hijab:

  • Casual Style:

  • Chic & Sporty:
  • Travel Attire:
  • Work Outfit:

  • Semi-formal Party Look:

↓ 02 – Layering For Hijabis

Like a strappy crop top at the store and can’t wear it because of modesty? Try layering under it! Throw the crop top over a white button-down blouse, and you are ready with the ramp-style fashion for every day. If you need some layering tips, check out 27 Ways to Layer Your Clothes like Pro.

A lot of people have been seeking answers to what to wear under a crop top and what works fine with it, so here is a style for all of you who have no answers to what works best under a crop top. Camisole, T-shirts, tank tops or fitted white button-down blouses would work just fine under a crop top to cover the skin entirely.


modest crop top outfits

↓ 01 – Layering Over Your Crop Top

The chicest way to wear a crop top is to pair it with denim overalls and red heels to add some colour to the outfit like shown in this outfit picture right here. You can wear a tank top under the crop top so that the side skin is under the overalls, beneath the crop top.


Instead of overalls, you can also wear a jumpsuit over your crop tops, a great way to wear your jumpsuits modestly too without feeling bulky with layering.

what to wear with crop tops

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