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  1. Busra Yildiz
    November 1, 2015

    Dear admin,

    Recently I saw a photo of myself on your website placed without my permission. The photographer is also sure that she didn’t give you or your website any permission to do so. It’s regarding the lady in pink sitting on a bench.
    I would like you to remove the picture as soon as possible. I wouldn’t want to take any legal action against it.
    When the photo is deleted from the website, I would like to receive an e-mail from you with a current update.

    Hope to hear from you soon in a positive way.



    • outfit Trends
      November 1, 2015

      Please provide us some proof that said pic belongs to you , we would be happy to remove it
      You can email us by using contact us form


      • Busra Yildiz
        November 1, 2015

        My message to the contactform doesn’t seem to be delivered, I’m not getting any respond to it. How do you want me to prove that I am indeed that person on the photo?


      • outfit Trends
        November 1, 2015

        Mail us at

        You any one can claim to be owner of any pic
        So you need to give us some proof
        So we can remove it


  2. Tasneem Khan
    February 11, 2016

    The ideas are great. Most of the styles take easily with cotton hijabs, the reason why I prefer cotton hijabs the most. These hijabs gives perfectly neat folds and never goes out of fashion too.


  3. Fatima
    June 14, 2016

    These are only models wearing hijab you can’t apply it to yourself most of the dresses are so tight to clearly reveal their boobs and busts. As far as I know some basics of dressing of a muslimah the curves of a women should not be so much visible .I myself want to dress myself fashionably and would like these dresses to hang on me but sorry to say these dresses would only misguide Muslim women to do what is wrong in the sense of religion.


    • Farzaneh
      September 27, 2018

      Ah! FINALLY! Finally someone actually mentioned that 90% of the content that is shown as hijab on the internet is NOT hijab! Hijab is not just about covering our hair and body. It is about avoiding to draw the attention of men to ourselves. In this case, as you said, hijab should not reveal the curves and body size as much as possible.


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