Cozy Winter Outfit Idea-20 Cute and Warm Outfits for Winters

Cozy outfits for winter- Let’s face it, we hate leaving our warm, fuzzy blankets on a winter morning. Add to that the anxiety of getting dressed, while staying warm and looking stylish. It may sound impossible, but don’t worry we got you covered. 

Cozy Winter Outfit Ideas

Cozy Winters Dressing ideas

So we rummaged through all our favorite bloggers to come up with an impressive selection of outfits that will not only keep you safe and warm, but also make the process super chic.

#20- Trench Coat + Beanie

There’s nothing quite as warm and chic as the classic Trench Coat. It will ward off the winter breeze and keep you warm. Pair it with a beanie when the temperature is really low, or skip it. Either way the outfit is a winner with those distressed white skinny jeans.

Cute outfits to wear in winters (20)


#19- Polo Neck Sweater

Not every outfit goes well with a neck scarf, but when it’s cold you want to cover up as much as you can. When you’re in such a situation, grab a polo neck sweater and look incredible even without a scarf.

Cute outfits to wear in winters (19)

#18- White On White for Work -There is something about winter that makes you want to wear light hues and play with textures. Grab an unorthodox sweater with frill and pair it with the same colored pants and brown accessories!Cute outfits to wear in winters (18)

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#17- The Biker Chic Look

Stay warm and rock a biker chic look with leather pants, leather boots and a jacket with a faux fur collar. Accessorize with a basic black beanie and finger-less biker gloves in white.

Cute outfits to wear in winters (17)

#16- Pink Sweater + Textured Pants

Mix things up with a pair of textured pants rather than plain old denim, and pair it with a girly pink or even red sweater. Finally to bring that high street fashion element, go for a chic black hat.

Cute outfits to wear in winters (16)

#15- Full Length Coat

Now if you’re dressing up for a snow day, opt for a full length coat that provides the ultimate warmth and keep the look cute and cozy with a white beanie.

Cute outfits to wear in winters (15)


#14- Faux Fur And Suede Boots for Formal Day Wear

One of the most warmest and sexiest piece of clothing has to be the faux fur jacket. Wear it with a pair of leather and suede knee-length boots and a pair of boot-cut denim.

Cute outfits to wear in winters (14)


#13- All Black And Cozy Party Outfit

Dress in head-to-toe black for a day out in town. Keep the look spunky and chic with a pair of sunglasses!

Cute outfits to wear in winters (13)


#12- The Teenage Look

For a more teenage, school girl kind of look, go for a checkered scarf and metallic aviators as your accessories. With a long warm brown jacket matched with your handbag. Tie your hair into a messy braid and voila, you have perfected the teenage look!

Cute outfits to wear in winters (12)

#11- Black Over-Coat

Cute outfits to wear in winters (11)


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#10- Warm And Fuzzy Dress

When we think of winter outfits, we often confine them to pants and coats; thinking dresses are for summer. Well think again because this fuzzy looking dress is gorgeous in this modern look paired with a hat.

Cute outfits to wear in winters (10)


#9- Knit Sweater + Knit Beanie

Cute outfits to wear in winters (9)


 #8- Over-Sized Poncho Sweater – Cute outfits to wear in winters (8)

#7- Park Style

No need to look like a marshmallow when headed out during Winter. For a day in the park, wear a green colored coat with knee length boots!

Cute outfits to wear in winters (7)


#6- Grey, Black And White

Even when you don’t opt for bright colors, you can look gorgeous by going for the right kind of jacket.

Cute outfits to wear in winters (6)


#5- Focus On Layers

When it’s cold, you want to make each layer count. Wear layers that are warm but not too puffy, so that your silhouette does not look odd shaped.

Cute outfits to wear in winters (5)


#4- The French Look

A day out on the streets of Paris, the city of love has to be flirty and cute. Go for a flirty lace skirt and coat + sweater for a French look.

Cute outfits to wear in winters (4)


#3- College Girl Look

Cute outfits to wear in winters (3)

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#2- The Statement Sweater

Bored of wearing the same old jackets? Mix it up with statement making sweater that is sure to turn some heads.

Cute outfits to wear in winters (2)


#1- Flirty In Stripes for a Date

A striped sweatshirt looks absolutely adorable with a warm cozy neck scarf and a black hat!

Cute outfits to wear in winters (1)


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