How To Style Rain Coats for Men: 40 Trendy Ways

Raincoat outfits for men – Gone are the days when raincoats were not considered part of our wardrobes, specifically men’s wardrobes. Now, since the chilly winter season, full of gales and rain, is arriving. It is the perfect time to take our long-forgotten raincoats out to enjoy the rain in style.

raincoat outfits for men


Thinking of style? Who says that raincoats are bland, clumsy, unfashionable, and only for bird watchers, etc.? If that’s the stereotype, then let the style of Peter Falk’s detective raincoat break it down for you. These baddie outfits are all men need to show off their masculinity in such cold weather.

With the era of fashion at its zenith, men also have to revolutionize their style to set a new vogue in their rainwear looks.

With this said, let us splash in the gazillion of looks that one might make with this chic outerwear. Continue reading for the best raincoat outfits for men to beat this winter in style.

raincoat outfits for men


How to Style Raincoats for Men?

Raincoats have different shades. They can be styled as formal and casual. Different men wear them differently but the use depends on the prevailing weather conditions. They are meant for every man of any age and colour.

However, only a few make a statement with this so-called “no one bats an eye over it” outfit. How so? That’s because they know how to style them correctly and appropriately. Brand and expense won’t matter if you look queer in the outfit.

Wearing rain jackets with outfits that have both style and water resistance will be the best combo the men could ever ask for in their whole lives. So, to ensemble rainwear with different outfits, described below are some simple tips and tricks that might assist you this winter.

raincoat outfits for men


Raincoats can be styled to look either formal or casual and can be worn differently depending on the occasion, the time of the day, and the degree of weather prevailing outside. Men of all ages can carry raincoats well, by customizing these jackets according to their own age.

Whether hooded or hoodless, we have several ways to make these coats look stylish and sleek. Owning a branded or expensive raincoat is easy, but making it look trendy and a head-turner is another story. To achieve this goal, you need to remember a few key features and follow the advice which we will be providing to you.

Styling Tips

  • Fabric And Handling: The fabric of the rainwear should be lightweight and waterproof. They should also be packable, making them more convenient to handle so that you can have the luxury to enjoy your outfit with or without it.
raincoat outfits for men


  • Footwear: As raincoats are worn during the cold winter weather, the shoes worn with them should be closed, warm and comfortable. Depending on the look you are going for, whether casual or formal, anything from white sneakers to black leather Chelsea boots can look good with raincoats.
  • Accessories: To make the raincoat-based winter outfit even more snug and stylish, some accessories can be added. Beanies and gloves can make this style even more trendy and fashionable.
  • One thing which must always be remembered while styling this type of coat is that layering is essential.
  • The choice of color should always be towards the darker side, like black, navy blue, and brown. This makes styling these raincoats several times, in different ways, easier.

40 – Black Rain Coat Over A Black Suit

If you have to look formal and go to a board meeting and at the same time stay warm and comfortable, this outfit should be your go-to style. Wearing a black coat over a suit will provide you with a sleek look that you require to impress bosses and investors. To accessorize, a black tie can be added.


39 – Dark Blue Rain Jacket Over White T-shirt

This combination of a dark blue jacket over a white t-shirt can be very useful while going out with friends or getting chores done on a rainy, winter day.

Over the T-shirt, a blue hoodie can be worn to make the look even more trendy. With this outfit, light-colored pants can be used (white, grey, beige), and either loose-fitted pants, tighter-fitting pants, or sweatpants can work really well with this look.


38 – Light Green Rain Coat Paired with Matching Button Down

Sometimes, even in the rainy winters, we like to wear pastel colors and lighter shades. For that purpose, this outfit is very appropriate. This raincoat looks stylish, trendy, and casual. It can be worn to a daytime brunch or a hang out with a group of friends a night.


37 – Olive Green Rain Coat Over a White Formal Shirt and Grey Pants

This sleek outfit consisting of a green rain jacket with gold buttons, worn with beautiful black dress pants reminds us of royalty. Looking for an outfit for a formal occasion? You must look no further. Under the coat, a crisp white button-down shirt and a fancy tie can be worn to complete the look.

Additionally, this outfit is great for managers and bosses who must inspire their junior colleagues during company meetings.


36 – Light Brown Over Coat With Black Sweatshirt and Grey Pants

This light brown raincoat, styled with grey chequered pants is a complete and rather impressive outfit that any man can choose to wear at either a night at the club or an early family dinner. It can clearly serve multiple purposes. Furthermore, need to impress a lady on a date? This can definitely be your go-to style.


35 – Black Puffy Rain Jacket Worn Over a Grey Polo Neck

Dressing up for a day out in a black puffy rain jacket and a turtle neck will not only help you look stylish and suave but will also help keep you warm and comfortable during the cold winter months.


34 – Chequered Brown Knee length Rain Coat With Polo Neck

Pairing this brown raincoat with a beige polo-neck shirt and dark brown pants will make you like like you have just come out of a fashion magazine. It will not only make you appear very stylish but will boost your confidence levels as well.

You can accessorize this look with a brown hat and a cool pair of shades to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays during the daytime.


33 – Brown Leather Ankle Length Rain Coat with Polo Neck and Chinos

This new look surely belongs in rainy weather. It consists of a long brown leather raincoat with a shiny, rather than a matt finish. A dark brown turtle neck can be worn underneath with lighter-colored slim-fitting and perfectly tailored pants, along with a pair of ankle boots.

To finish the look off, a trendy silver chain, holding a pendant, can also be added. The small dog is obviously a bonus!


32 – White Hooded Rain Coat with Black Pants

Even though the woman in this look shown below looks elegant and breathtaking, our focus shall stay on the man. This look showcases a man wearing a stylish white, hooded raincoat that ends at the knees. Additionally, the jacket is worn with black pants, which really emphasizes the crisp white color of the coat.


31- Black Rain Jacket Worn With A Pair Of Jeans

Black shall always be a favorite color of most individuals, especially men. This is why we must add another look with a black rain jacket which can be worn over a brown round-neck t-shirt and blue denim jeans along with white sneakers.

This look will surely make you appear casual and stylish and can be put on at a sports game or a day out with friends or a girlfriend.


30 – Blue Long Rain Coat With Denim Shirt And Jeans

If you are trying to look fabulous without going out of style this season, just wear your long raincoats with denim. Denim on denim never goes wrong so you can pair it with a denim top or a blue colored sweatshirt. Wearing brown boots in contrast can further highlight the look. To accessorize, you can wear a cap with it.


29 – Blue Hooded Raincoat with Sweatshirt and Black Sweatpants

If you are in the mood to look casual but also trendy, then pair up your zip-up hooded raincoat over a sweatshirt or a t-shirt with sweatpants. This is perfect for a night out on the weekends. You can accessorize it with some rings and a watch.


28 – Transparent Raincoat with Shorts & White Knitted Sweater

A transparent raincoat styled with shorts is a statement outfit for rainy days in summer. It not only looks chic but also so easily perfect.  

A white or light-colored tucked-in shirt or v-neck knitted sweater with grey or black knee-length shorts and a transparent raincoat is never wrong. add platform ankle boots to complete your look. A belt always adds details to your outfit so a belt with narrow straps can also be used as an accessory.


27 – Mustard Raincoat With Olive-Colored Shirt

A mustard raincoat with an olive shirt is a deliberate fashion silhouette choice. This color combination is perfect for the fall season and if you are going out on a rainy day, this should be your go-to.

Add white color to your outfit to cancel the gloomy effect such as a white vest and sneakers can be considered. To lift your mood complete this look with blue or beige colored pants.


26 – Black-on-Black Poncho Raincoats

When it comes to having a black outfit, more is less. and since that is the case then owning a black raincoat is a must. A black waterproof poncho raincoat is perfect if you are aiming at appearing classy.  Combine it with black pants and black shoes to look dashing on a rainy day. You can adorn this look in the office too.

For some contrast, you can wear white sneakers with a lighter-colored cap as well.


25 – Green Raincoat With A Maroon Sweater and Khaki Pants

Layering is a go-to style in winter and it further compliments the raincoat. It completes the entire outfit. You can add a bucket hat to the look and accessories with a scarf or a long chain.

A waterproof or windproof raincoat over your sweater or sweatshirt comes in handy. Stick to two or three colors and you will not go wrong. In the picture below, the maroon of the sweater brings elevates the green of the jacket and the beige color of the pants.


24 – Brown Jacket Over a Turtle Neck

If you are trying to style a raincoat on a very cold day, just style it with a turtle neck underneath. It not only provides you warmth but also gives you the confidence to leave the coat buttons open without the risk of your body developing hypothermia.

You can wear a bucket hat with it and if you want to accessorize it further you can add a scarf.


23 – Black Raincoat Over a Wind-breaker

The classy charm of a raincoat with a parachute jacket underneath provides not only the warmth of a coat but also protection from the rain. You can wear it in two ways: front open or closed.

Regardless, it looks trendy.  Go for pants that are dark blue or navy blue to perfect the look.  You can wear a blue or black denim shirt underneath your denim jacket.


22 – Knee-length Belted Raincoat or Trenchcoat

If you are going to the office on a rainy day and still want to appear smart and trendy, then wear a belted long raincoat or a trenchcoat over a dress shirt. Complete your look with dress pants and leather shoes with or without laces. This outfit will make u look and feel classy, simultaneously.


21 – Camouflage Pattern Rain Jacket with Ripped Jeans

Another type of raincoat that can be purchased is the one with a camouflage print on it. This can be worn while casually going out, sure! But, it can also be worn on a boys’ hinting trip or to the highlands.

This can be paired with ripped jeans to give a trendy and cool appearance. This type of rain jacket, however, is most suitable for younger men and boys.


20 – Style The Mac Like Ryan Reynolds

Who better than Ryan Reynolds to tell us how to style a raincoat? With his plain and creaseless mac, pulled over an olive green button-down shirt paired with cosy pants. He has proved that you look stylish as well as charming in rainwear.

This suit is the best option for newscasters as rainwear is not a fair weather friend. So, if you have a piece of news to cast and some rain to beat then recreate this look.

Pull over a shirt with contrasting pants. Layer them with a mac and accessorize the outfit minimally with a pair of glasses. With some hair gel in the hair and a smile on your face, you are all set to be a head-turner.

raincoat outfits for men


19 – Outdoor Hiking Outfit for Men

If you have a lot to conquer in this world, especially if you are a mountain climber, then a cosy, hooded jacket should be the number one item in your backpack. However, if you also want to look cool in the selfies over the peaks, then the outfit below says Hi! to you.

Pull over your warmest outfit for a hiking trip in winter and layer it more with a cosy windbreaker. Accessorize it a little with some shades and a P-cap. With this done, live up to your dreams and tag us in your selfies.

how to style rain coats for men


18 – Olive Green Raincoat for A Sophisticated Look

Everyone step aside as men’s own fashion director, Shuhei Nishiguchi is here to make a statement with this trend. With the pairing of formal and casual elements, he explicitly demonstrates how you can be and not be in the “off-the-rack” category. So ace the look below and pull over your overly-sized mac.

Under the layer, add a cozy pair of dark pantaloons, and continue to ensemble it with a darker shirt. Layer the shirt more with a classic waistcoat. A cocky chain dangling from your neck and some nice pair of embroidered footwear.

With that done, you are all set to slay the winter with this sophisticated yet quintessential outfit.


17 – Military Rainwear Outfit For Men

Yes, we know that boys are adventurous. So, another type of outfit that is sure to become the go-to outfit for boys is the camouflage pants paired with the same print jacket. If you have a hunting game ahead of you, this outfit is here for you as it calls for a hunt but can also be used for a boys’ night out.

Recreate the look with this rain suit. To add a hint of passion to the heat of the hunt, wear a white T-shirt underneath.

Accessorize your outfit with laced black boots. Now, this camouflage outfit allows you to wander in the wild.


16 – Family Trip Outfits for Men

For men, families are all that are significant and are always prioritized. So, if your child insists on wearing a rainy-day outfit for a family trip. Then don’t fret as the best family outfit is here for you. How casual and cozy will the outfit look when layered with a lightweight mac?

So, show how loving a man you are by following the family theme. Pull over a pair of ripped jeans and pair it with a black sweatshirt. Layer the whole outfit with a lightweight windbreaker.

Minimally accessorize this outfit with sneakers. With everything ready, you are all set to enjoy your day off.


15 – Layer Your Casual Outfit With A Stylish Black Coat

If you are desperate to set a street-style trend, do take classes from Sixx king. He looks so good in that black Adidas mac which so elegantly enhances the monotony of his outfit. Now shun the lame excuses and ace this casual all-black outfit, which is sure to make a statement.

All you need is a black raincoat for a layer, a black shirt, and black bottoms. To minimally accessorize your look go for Ray-Bans and black sneakers. With hands tucked in your side pockets, strut the streets with your signature move and outfit.

raincoat outfits for men


14 – Lazy Day Outfit For Men

Feeling a bit lazy and cold but have a dog to take for a walk? We feel your pain but no worries, as we have the best casual lazy day outfit for you. This outfit is not only cosy but also classic. How trendy the layering of a lightweight trench coat looks on this outfit. My best advice to the reader is to step into this outfit.

To break the cold wind, wear a white sweatshirt and black pantalons. Layer the outfit more with an open shirt.

Accessorize your outfit minimally with a bucket hat and black shoes. Now, put on your shades and enjoy the winter days.


13 – Blue Mac Over Formal Pants

Getting hired as a detective? A formal blue outfit layered with a perfect blue Mac is all you need to impress your employer. So, don’t wait and recreate this look.

Pull over a white shirt, adorn it with a blue neck-tie, and Layer it with a waistcoat. Striped formal pants will look best with this outfit.

For perfect detective vibes, a beret and gloves are a must. A pair of glasses will add a more intellectual look to this outfit. With that done, congratulations you’re hired.

raincoat outfits for men


12 – Winter Outfit For Men

For boys out there waiting for the perfect brunch outfit, we present to you our best winter brunch outfits collection. All you have to do to look cool is to utilize your hooded windbreaker.

To add more style and chunkiness to this outfit pair a grey crewneck sweatshirt with some beige pants.

Accessorize minimally with a watch and runners. Now, to make every girl faint slay the look with a perfect crooked smile.


11 – What to wear with a taupe suit?

This can only be answered by Lieutenant Columbo who also wore a beige-coloured raincoat over his taupe suit. So take inspiration on how to style a mac from none other than iconic Peter Falk. To rock and roll on a rainy day, ace this look.

Put on a taupe suit, enhance it with a pin-dotted tie and make a statement with a Mac layer like Peter Falk.

raincoat outfits for men


10 – Classic Outfit For Men

This outfit promises a model-out-of-fashion-magazine look. The outfit actually gives luxuriously morocco vibes. So, if you want to wander in the streets of morocco in trend, then follow this look.

Pull over your formal button-down shirt. Add more richness to its elegance with a contrasting brown waistcoat and necktie. Pair the top with khaki pants. Now layer the whole outfit with Mac.

A pair of chunky shades and good pair of boots is all you need to slay this Moroccan outfit.


09 – Cream-Coloured Jacket Over Turtle Neck Shirt

This outfit should be the go-to outfit for men in winter as it is cosy and stylish. If, you want your outfit to be a head-turner then recreate this look.

Pull over your turtleneck shirt and layer it with a cream-coloured windbreaker.

With a pair of long boots, you are all set to slay in this outfit.

raincoat outfits for men


08 – Black Toggle Coat For Winter

Who Knew that Mac will diversify into lightweight toggle coats too? So, if you’re in the mood to enjoy the pouring rain outside then pull over this stylish outfit.

For an exotic look under the rain don your favourite black denim pants and black shirt. To beat the wind and stay warm pull over the cosy black toggle coat.

To break the monotony, add a blue cap and the alluring Chelsea boots to this outfit. Now, walk and splash the puddles with style in this outfit.


07 – Puffy Rain Jacket Over A Poloneck Shirt

This outfit might assist our early office birds to feel warm and cosy in freezing winter outdoors. Also helpful for blocking the rain, if you missed the bus. If you want a cosy but bossy look then ace this look.

Layer the polo-neck shirt and khaki pants with a puffy rain jacket.

To add more style to it minimally accessorize it with long boots, mittens and mufflers. Now, you are all cosy for the chilly winters.

how to style rain coats for men


06 – Best Professional Outfits For Men

Teachers know that a morning walk is good for health but in winter precautionary measures are significant as rain waits for none. So, protect yourself with style in winter with Mac as it is for every age.

Pull over your sincere white shirt and khaki pants. Add more elegance to your outfit with a blue waistcoat and chunky multi-colored necktie. Now, the only thing missing in this outfit is a beige Macintosh.

With boots flawlessly polished and outfit ready, you are all set to astound your students with this classic trend.

raincoat outfits for men


05 – Street Style Outfit For Men

Can’t take your eyes off this look? Me neither, as this look perfectly showcases Gen Z street-style outfits for men. How bold and seductive the outfit looks. Definitely a head-turner. Do recreate this look and put the streets on fire with this outfit.

Pull over your best white shirt and contrasting pants. Spice it up more with a tantalizing blue mac.

Finish off this look with a sleek hairdo and a cosy muffler. See how those heads turn to you when you strut the streets in this outfit.


04 – Black-On-Black Outfits for Men

One can never get enough of black, especially men. For men black is all about intoxication. So, if you have a meeting overboard and want to look formal, spice up your formal outfit with this alluring black trench coat.

For more bossiness, a sleek hairstyle and a fascinating black watch will give you celebrity vibes among your peers in this outfit.

raincoat outfits for men


03 – Olive Green Jacket Outfits with Beanie

Here is another street-style inspiration for men in winter. For this look, all you have to do is to put on a cozy shirt with formal pants and add a layer of olive green rain jacket to it.

Finish off the look with chunky pendant chains, some shades, and a cute yellow beanie. Now, you are set to sail and go fishing in this outfit.


02 – Brown Macintosh Over Chinos

This outfit clearly belongs to rain lovers. If you and your dog are all set to enjoy the rain together. Hence this look. Just tuck yourself up in a black turtleneck shirt and beige chinos. Pull the brown mac over yourself and your dog.

Finish off the look with chunky chains and leather boots. Stay dry and trendy in the rain with this outfit.

how to style rain coats for men


01 – It’s All About Style

Told ya that raincoats are meant for every age. Still don’t trust me? Then catch a glimpse of the memorabilia below. The only thing missing from the moment of friendship is chess. So, if you have your same old chump with you then recreate this moment with your pal and macintosh.

Pull over a nice pair of shirts and pants. Elegantly style them with a waistcoat and camel-colored tie. Now, layer them over with a mac.

Chelsea boots will look best with this outfit. With everything done, now pick up the chess board and play it like a pro with style beside your companion.



Q. What is the best quality raincoat?

Ans. Polyester and nylon are the best quality materials for raincoats as these are water-repellent and dirt-resistant. Plus, polyester and nylon don’t tear apart easily which makes them used for a longer time.  These materials are beneficial against water, sun, and fire.

Q. What the function of a raincoat?

Ans. A raincoat must be waterproof. waterproofing is the main function of raincoats. if the raincoat is not waterproof enough, it is useless and a total waste of money.  Other than waterproofing, raincoats are now used against the wind too.  You can wear a lightweight raincoat on your hiking or outdoor field trip too.

Q. Which colors are the best for raincoats?

Ans. The days are gone when yellow-colored raincoats were the only choice available. Now we have a full range of colors available but blue, black, white and brown, and sometimes grey or beige colored raincoats are considered to be always in fashion. They not only look unique but also make you look trendy.

Q. How do i take care of my raincoat?

Ans. You can take care of your raincoat and extend their shelf life by following the maintenance guidelines given or the instructions written on the label. You do not need to wash your raincoat on a daily basis as long as it is not muddy. You can use them without washing them for weeks. After washing they can be dried out in the sun or inside a dryer.

Q: What do you wear over a suit in the rain?

Raincoats are the best option for a down-pour as unlike umbrellas which work well in moderate rain, raincoats, rain jackets, and trenchcoats are the best options. They will not only protect you from rain but will also keep your outfit dry.

Q: How do i choose a raincoat?

While choosing a raincoat, the first thing to keep in mind is the fabric of the coat. It should be 100 % water-proof and be made of nylon or polyester as they are water-resistant. All the seams should be sealed to make the raincoat more waterproof.

The length of the raincoat should also be considered because if short, it might cause drenching of the exposed area. The hood of the rainwear is also important as it keeps your face dry. It should also be breathable to let out your preparation to avoid sweating. These things should be taken into consideration while choosing a raincoat or rainwear.

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