How to Wear Lulu Skirts ? 22 Styling Tips

No matter what the season is, Lulu skirts create the cutest outfits that you can where to any place and at any time. The skirts look amazing and never go out of fashion. Many of us are confused about how we can wear these skirts to work? Or about whether Lulu skirts can be worn to school and college? The answer is yes. You can wear Lulu skirts everywhere and we will teach you how.

How to Style Lulu Skirts

#22. For Work

There is a popular misconception that you can’t wear lulu skirt to work. Prove it wrong by looking spectacular in this Lulu skirt outfit for work. Yes, Lulu skirts can give this professional and stylish look to your outfit that everyone will love. For more ideas on skirt outfits that you can wear to work, have a look at these 16 ideal outfits to wear with midi skirts 

#21. With Sequin Top

A little glitter looks great for any formal event so try a sequin top with your favourite lulu skirt. Putting your hair up in a bun further enhances this look.

 #20.With Tights

Feel like wearing a Lulu skirt to school? It would be perfect even in winter. Try layering with a collared shirt and sweater with some nice tights under your skirt. If you are confused about the shoes which would go with this outfit then check out these 14 ideal shoes to wear with tights

 #19. Style it with a Denim Top

Just like lulu skirts, denim is always in. For a casual and glamorous look, wear lulu skirts with a denim top. Grey and blue make the perfect combination for this look.

#18. With Crop Top for Summer

For a sexy summertime look, try Lulu skirts with a crop top and a high ponytail.

#17. With Jumper/Jacket

Here is another Lulu skirt outfit for winter that you can wear everywhere, for a casual day out with friends, for school or even for work.

 #16. GO Denim

#15. Casual Style

#14. With Booties

#13. Street Style

#12. Lulu Lace Skirt

#11. Maxi Dress

Wear a lace or see-through maxi over your lulu skirt and sleeveless top for a different and sexy look. Perfect for a date night.

#10. With Long Sleeve Crop Top

#9. Winter Wear

#8. Corduroy Lulu Skirt

#7. Summer Style

#6. Velvet Lulu

#5. Plus Size Girls Outfit

For more ideas on how plus size girls can look great in skirts, have a look at 20 stunning skirt outfits combinations for plus size 

#4.  School /College Girl Style

Outfit ideas with Lulu skirts (21)

 #3. Fashion Blogger Style

#2. With Check Top for a Professional Look

 #1. With Turtleneck


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