How to Wear Sequin Skirts ? 21 Outfit Ideas

Sequin Skirt Outfits. Who doesn’t crave a little glitz and glam in their outfits? This year’s trend is definitely sequins. It is often believed that sequins are only made to wear for a night outing, however, the trends on the Spring and Summer catwalks have proven otherwise.

Although sequins are by nature eye-catching and festive, there are certain ways to style them to be fitting for daytime looks. The shinny, sparkly and textured finish of this skirt is always going to have you in a happy mood. Keep reading to find out how to complement the festive look with sequin skirts, or learn to tone it down for a more casual, everyday outfit.

What to Wear With Sequin Skirts?

Let’s start with some tips on how to wear sequin skirts:


  • Mix Fabrics: When styling sequins, it is imperative that you create a balance in textures and fabrics. Your top and blazer should be of a complementary, untextured fabric to pair most seemlessly with your skirt.
  • Pair with a simple cut top: The cut of the top is one of the most under spoken of elements to creating a well balanced outfit. Primarily, the cut must be proportional to the skirt, it shouldn’t be more asymetrycal or eye catching than the skirt itself.
  • Find the perfect fit: The size and fit can make or break your outfit. For example, if your skirt is too large for your body type it will look unproportional.
  • Explore all options: Many times people think sequins and think of a black or silver only skirt. However, the world of sequins is so much larger. There are so many magnificent options of green ($24.99), brown ($170.00) and blue ($29.99) skirts that are going to guarantee original outfits.
how to wear sequin skirts


  • Don’t go overboard with your accessories: These skirts are an eye catching piece of clothing, therefore one must pay careful attention to match the shoes, bag and headwear carefully. Stear clear of bags and shoes with metal fastenings, opt-in to simple one dimentional finishes.
  • Mix too many colors: Because the sequins reflects light and generates a lot of color, stear clear of adding more. It is best if you pair a skirt within one specifc color family. For instance, try creating monochrome looks, or only pair two colors together.
  • Skip your jewlery: Depending on how large and bright the sequins are on your skirt, you might need to skip on jewlery. An important rule of styling a skirt is to maintain balance in the bright and shimmering elements of the outfit. Sometimes those elements are jewlery pieces and therefore should be avoided.
  • Choose the perfect skirt for your bodytype: As with any skirt, it is our style tip number one to follow the rules of dresing for your body type. The most important thing is for you to be 100% comfortable and confident.
  • Forget the occasion: Many people often shy away from sequins because they believe the only appropriate occasion is a party. However we can vouch for the oposite, it is absolutely possible to style a sequin skirt for day-to-day outfits.

21 – With a Black Blazer

A classic way to style a light-colored skirt is with black, therefore opt-in for a black blazer. Similarly, black boots and even a purse can make your classic look cohesive.


20 – All Grey Outfit

As these skirts often feel like they are a party-only clothing item it is possible to achieve casualty through a monochrome look. For example, pair your silver sequin skirt, with a loose soft woven sweater, as a result, you will have a comfortable casual outfit.


19 – Sequin Skirt Party Outfit

Because such skirts are so eye-catching and sparkly it is easy to comprise fancy outfits using one. Simply choose clothing that is equally as decorative, for example, a fluffy coat, a pair of brightly colored heels, and a studded top. Here are some more ideas on how you can style skirts with sweaters.

sequin skirt outfits


18 – Brown Sweater and Boots

Due to the bright and shiny appearance of a pink sequin skirt, it is possible that you wouldn’t imagine it in a casual outfit. Although, when paired with a deep brown sweater and boots it takes on a whole other appearance.


17 – Pink and White – Best Color Combination for Fall

If you are looking for the girliest version of styling a skirt, this outfit is for you, as it screams gentle chick. Since the pairing of pink and white is a classic in itself aims to combine those colors, however, the additional effort of styling in matching white boots this Fall season is something that will make the outfit come to life.

sequin skirt outfits


16 – Night-time Outfit

Since these skirts have a flare, it is very easy to amplify them and enjoy a fancy nighttime look. If you get your hands on a green sequin skirt, make sure to pair it with a simple navy t-shirt and a feathery green jacket to match.


15 – What to Wear with a Black Sequin Skirt

As you have already chosen to wear a black skirt, it is only reasonable that you don’t stop there, and wear it with a matching black sequin top. However, it is important to keep the outfit classic with the cut of the top and skirt, making sure they are plain to compromise for the glamorous finish of the skirt and top.


14 – Glow in Red

If you are brave enough to wear a bright red skirt, this next outfit is for you. Firstly, try to find a long red skirt as opposed to a mini one, to avoid it looking too provocative. Secondly, go all out, pair it with a soft, loose lilac sweater. To finish add accessories of a deeper violet color, like a bag, glasses, and shoes. Check out our How To Wear Lavander to get more lavender outfit ideas.

sequin skirt outfits


13 – With a Denim Shirt

Pairing a rainbow skirt with a denim shirt is a good idea for two reasons, firstly the rainbow sequin reflects a light blue and the shirt will match the skirt. Secondly, it is a great way to make a laid-back outfit.

sequin skirt outfits


12 – Can I Wear Sequin Skirts to Work?

If you are looking for a skirt that could be office appropriate, aim to style it with a large blazer, preferably in the same color as the skirt.


11 – Laidback Outfit

A foul-proof styling tip for when you want to make a casual day-to-day look with a skirt is to wear an oversize sweater dress with it.


10 – Mini Skirt Outfit

A classic way to wear a skirt is always by wearing classic colors such as white and gold. As an option, pair a mini skirt in gold with a white blouse and matching gold strappy heels.


9 – With a Fitted Sweater

In an effort to amplify the glamour of sequins, one must aim to pair it with a fitted sweater, perhaps one with flares at the shoulders.


8 – Steal the Show

A sequin-on-sequin outfit is already a party staple, although if worn in a glamorous light-reflecting silver color, you are on your way to stealing the show.

sequin skirt outfits


7 – Sequin Tube Skirt

One unexpected way to wear a skirt, more specifically a sequin tube skirt – is with a flannel shirt. Although, it is important to maintain a balance in style between the two clothing articles. Since we know that flannels have a casual appeal it is important to choose one in a sophisticated colorway, for example, black and brown.


6 – Red Statement Pieces

Although the skirt is eye-catching it is possible to create other statement pieces within an outfit, for instance, style in recurring red pieces – like a sweater and bag.


5 – All Green Outfit

An unusual color for a sequin skirt is forest green, however, if you get your hands on one – make sure to accentuate that color by wearing it all over.


4 – Winter Outfit

A white and pink sequins skirt outfit does not only have to make for a highly glamorous look as you would expect. Conversely, if styled with white sneakers you will successfully downplay the sparkle of a pink skirt.

sequin skirt outfits


3 – Summer Outfit

If you are aiming to style your skirt in an unconventional manner, play around with the textures of your top. For instance, wear a see-through black blouse, and the layered sequins on the skirt will pop.


2 – With an Oversized Blazer Outfit

One way to turn your skirt into a casual article of clothing is always an oversized top. For example, an oversized blazer to cover the majority of your maxi sequin skirt. Here are some more tips on wearing oversized outfits.


1 – Brown and Green

Create an unusual skirt outfit by mixing surprisingly complementary colors such as green and brown.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you wear a sequin skirt to a wedding?

A. These skirts are the perfect party outfit. It is possible to style the skirt into your wedding outfit easily due to the large availability of sequin finishes and color options. This article offers some ways to style these skirts for more fancy outings as well as more laid-back styles, so choose whichever suits you best. However, it is always best to check with the bride on what outfit you will be wearing to make sure it is acceptable to her personal preferences.

Q. What top goes best with a sequin skirt?

A. Short answer – any top you like! Unlike popular belief sequin skirts are very wearable, there are simply certain rules that you must remember. Matching the color of your top to your skirt is one way to make sure they will pair well. For instance, wear a monochrome look or wear complementary colors like black and white, black and pink, or white and brown.

Similarly, look to the fit of the top, if your top is slim fitting and casual it will always work very well with a stand-out skirt. Lastly, it is always an option to double up on sequin, and wear a matching sequin top with your skirt, read above to see just how to style this type of outfit.

Q. Can sequin skirts be casual?

A. Absolutely! Since it is the styling that really sets the tone of your outfit, remember that as with any article of clothing you can turn your skirt into something casual. For example, styling a long skirt with a flat shoe will immediately make the outfit look more laid back. Similarly, wearing a long and loose top to go with your skirt as opposed to a slim-fitting fitted one, will also downplay the outfit. Here’s our detailed post on what shoes to wear with skirts.

Q. Can you wear sequins during the daytime?

A. It is completely possible to wear a sequin skirt during the day. Read above to see outfits we have compiled that work best as day-to-day looks. However, one important thing to watch out for is that you are abiding by your workplace rules.

Q. What fabrics pair well with Sequins?

A. The secret to a good sequin pairing and one-dimensional fabrics. The best fabrics to pair with sequins are always those which are contrasting in texture. Since sequins have a highly textured and layered finish it is best to pair them with something smooth and one-dimensional.


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