How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas

Sundress outfits are basically summer dresses of all types, usually towards the casual side, with floral prints, drawstring bows, slightly puffed sleeves, a smock top, or perhaps a sweetheart neckline. Sundresses are so beautiful, and feminine and look great on everyone.

Coming in various colors and designs, everyone seems to be rocking them in the summer. They really are the perfect outfit to wear on a hot summer day. These easy-to-style, lightweight and easy-breezy dresses are a great way to look cute and stylish throughout the season and are super trendy these days.

What to Wear with a Sundress?

Sundresses can be dressed up or down according to the event. All it takes is a pair of heels and some jewellery to dress up a sundress, and a pair of Converse or flats to make it casual. 

The sweetheart neckline sundress is perfect for a date night, it looks so romantic and feminine. Sundresses are the perfect summer dress because of how breathable they are. They are a summer classic; however, many seem to rock this beautiful dress all around the year.

Midi sundresses look great with a pair of ankle boots and a sweater on top. You may also pair the dress with a leather jacket.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas

Styling Tips

-Sundresses look best in pastel or bright floral prints, or even fruity prints such as oranges and limes.
-The dress does the talking, you do not have to focus on accessorizing too much with this dress.
-Fitting is key for these dresses, they need to fit you perfectly at the chest for the perfect look.
-If you want to accessorize, try pairing the dress with some pearl headbands, or add a ribbon to your ponytail, necklaces look really cute as well, hoops and bracelets are also a great option as well as a cute bag that isn’t too big.

↓ 29 – Floral

Here we have a beautiful wrap-style sundress, the low-cut neckline with the slit makes the dress look so sultry and feminine. The red shade is also beautiful, and the floral print is a classic. Pair nude heels and a red lip with this outfit and you are ready to go! Here are some more tips on styling Floral Print Outfits.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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↓ 28 – Plus Size

I love the color of this dress so much; the smock top and the ruffle bottoms look so chic and elegant. These flowy sundresses are perfect for the summer, as well as the off-the-shoulder style of the dress. Pair the dress with PVC block heels and a matching bag.

Pearl hoop earrings look great with this dress and match with the white polka dots of the dress, you can add a pearl headband as well to complete the look.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas

↓ 27 – Green Palm

Here we have such a cute white and green palm leaves dress. The puffy short sleeves are everything. This look is great for a picnic or a summer brunch. Pair the dress up with brown flats, earrings, and a headband.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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↓ 26 – Casual Wear

Hailey Bieber looks oh so adorable in this white floral sundress. It really is the perfect sundress, with the puffy sleeves and that gorgeous neckline that looks so effortlessly sexy. Try pairing the outfit with white trainers as they are the best choice for a long day of errands. You can always accessorize with your daily jewelry pieces.

↓ 25 – Beach Sundress Inspiration

Sundresses are actually a great choice for the beach when you don’t feel like going in the water or want to tan and want to relax by the water instead. It is also a great bikini coverup. These beautiful prints look so elegant by the beach and for photos as well.


↓ 24 – Fall Outfit

Sundresses look really good with your fall jackets too; they aren’t just limited to the hot summer days. Pair your long sundresses with a black leather jacket, add a belt around the waist as well as a black crossbody bag to complete the look.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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↓ 23 – Fancy

Want to dress up your sundresses? A great way is to style them with big earrings, a headband, and heels. These little details will turn your ordinary sundress into something more. The all-pink outfit looks so lovely and can work for a fancy lunch or even a dinner.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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↓ 22 –  Summer

Bright colors look so stunning in the summer and here we have a beautiful dress with oranges and leaves all over. The vibe screams summer! I love everything about this look, from the long sleeves to the tones. Add a pair of heels that match one color of the dress to really bring out that color.


↓ 21 – Boho

The boho style was so popular a few years back, and we have a lot of fans of this style to this day. Sundresses come in all sorts of prints and look exceptionally good in boho prints. You can pair them up with some boots and a hat to complete the look.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas

↓ 20 – Romantic

I think this dress would be so perfect for Valentine’s day or date night outfits. Sundresses are so romantic and a guy’s favorite dress on a girl according to some sources.

The style of these dresses is the right amount of cute and sexy. Pair this up with heels and small hoop earrings or perhaps pearl ones and you are ready to steal someone’s heart.


↓ 19 – Black Sundress

Black sundresses can be paired with black lace up heels and a white bag. Always try to accessorize or pair heels with a color you can see in the print instead of the base color of the dress, it gives it a very fashion forward look to the outfit.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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↓ 18 –  Organe

Color is always the best option! Orange is such a running color in the summer, if you’re not a fan of color you can always wear prints which have color in them instead of a solid bright color. Pair an orange and earrings with this look, as well as white shades and heels.


↓ 17 – Lemon Tart

This lemon-yellow color is so pretty and the button detailing of the dress is so trendy. It adds so much to the dress, as well the cuts and sleeves of this dress. Two toned outfits are great, the bright pink bag totally goes with the outfit don’t you think?

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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↓ 16 – For a Date Night

Date nights can be tough, because you want to look good, but you also don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. The best option is a sundress, it fits you well, shows off your legs and all the right places. This off the shoulder dress looks so stunning and will definitely wow your date. Here are some more popular Date Outfits For Women.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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↓ 15 – With a Sweater

Here we have a unique way of styling a sundress, a long sundress can be worn in autumn with a plain sweater on top. The bottom of the dress looks like a skirt and can be paired with brown boots and a brown bag.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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↓ 14 – White

White sundresses look so sophisticated. Look at this beautiful white one, with puffed sleeves, a sweetheart neckline and button detailing. It can be paired with a nude bag as well as nude heels.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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↓ 13 – Flowy

White is a color you need to wear when it’s way too hot outside and what can be better than a flowy dress. The black buttons amp up the plain white dress, you can pair shades and a hat with this look to protect yourself from the blazing heat.


↓ 12 – Baby Blue

Blue sundresses just hit differently. A short sundress like this one, with drawstrings at the front and spaghetti straps has been all over my Pinterest board for months. It’s so trendy and looks effortless. You can pair the dress up with any flats and you are good to go with this one. 


↓ 11 – WorkWear

Instead of opting for a floral chiffon summer dress, opt for one with neutral coloring and plain patterns. This outfit still looks chic, here we have a blue lined summer dress, fitted at the top flowy at the bottom paired with nude heels and a tote bag for your essentials.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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↓ 10 – Winter Outfit

Sundresses can work with your winter wardrobe too. A sundress can be paired with tights, boots and a thick coat on top. Most people rock this look at fashion weeks and even though this look is not everyone’s cup of tea it looks good in my opinion, and you can always give it a go.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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↓ 9 – Influencer Style

All Instagram models seem to be rocking sundresses lately.  Here we have a pastel yellow floral dress, which is super long and stunning. It’s simply paired with a pearl necklace which is also very much on trend these days and a shoulder bag.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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↓ 8 – Party Outfits

Sundresses are versatile and work for parties too, a rather fitted one like this with a nicer material looks super fancy and stunning for a party. All you need is layered necklaces and a pair of heels or trainers depending on the kind of party and you are ready to dance the night away.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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↓ 7 – Ribbon Detailing

The ribbon detailing on the straps adds so much grace and beauty to the dress. This look is perfect for a baby shower, reception, or a fancy brunch. Pair it with white heels and that’s all you need for this look. The dress does the talking, and everyone will have their eyes on you.


↓ 6 – Fairytale

Feel like a princess in this white flowy dress, it’s giving me so many fairytale vibes and I am all for it. Sometimes all you need is a dress like this. The fitted smock detailing to the intricate detailing and puffs on the sleeves are so beautiful and you can pair this outfit with a pearl necklace, studs, and a bag.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas

↓ 5 – Short Sundress

Short sundresses can be paired with a beautiful bag, some flats, and a headband. Try opting for bright colors such a teal blue like this one.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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↓ 4 – Strawberry Dreams

The strawberry print went viral recently and what’s better than a strawberry sundress? That’s right, nothing. It can be paired with white sneakers and a cute straw bag.


↓ 3 – Vacation

Sundresses look lovely on a vacation; you will feel comfortable and feel pretty throughout the day.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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↓ 2 – Pretty Blue Floral

A blue dress like this one can be paired with nude heels, some blue earrings, and some shades. It’s the perfect look for a vacation as well.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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↓ 1 – Polka Dots

We all adore black so much, this black polka dot sundress will look amazing on everyone. Add a belt to add dimension to the flowy dress and pair it with patent leather pumps. This outfit is so chic and glamorous. Here are some more ideas on How to Wear Polka Dot Dresses.

How to Wear a Sundress ? 29 Outfit Ideas
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the best brands to shop for sundresses?

A. ASOSMiss Selfridge Petite gingham chiffon midi in pink
Zara Polka Dot Midi Dress
Shein Ditsy Floral Split Thigh Cami Dress
FashionNova Holy Slit Dress

Q. How to wear a sundress at night?

A. Long sundresses can be worn at night, or short ones with the off-the-shoulder style. Instead of going for a dress that is flowy, try opting for dresses that fit a bit better at least the top. This will give the dress a night or an evening look. Pair heels with the outfit, some more makeup than usual and basic minimal jewelry.

Q. Do you wear a bra with sundresses?

A. That is usually a personal preference. Most dresses can be worn with strapless bras but it’s up to you if you feel comfortable enough to not wear one. Some dresses can be easily worn with the regular strap bras and some sundresses are sheer and require you to wear one. For more on this, check out these Best Bras To Wear With A Backless Dress For The Perfect Look

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