17 Cute Spring Date Outfits and Ideas for a Sexy Date Look

Spring Date Outfits Ideas. It’s that time of year where your wardrobe starts to come back life, and the huge trench coats, woolly jumpers, hats and gloves get put away for another year. But what is the ideal spring date outfit? What accessories should be used? How would you do your makeup for spring date? Well, Outfit Trends is here to help ease those stresses and make your spring date a very memorable one indeed.

Nine out of ten girls will venture towards a dress for a first date and why not? Dresses are a simple solution to any outfit dilemma. They are fantastic for showing key features such as legs, shoulders and waistline and will easily create a stunning silhouette. Why not go for a sassy yet innocent lace dress? Lace is a great fabric and seeing as most lingerie is made from, or contains an element of lace, what better fabric for a first date? Matcha lace dress with a pair of cute girly sandals for a truly vintage look.


If a dress is not your thing, but you still want that girly flair why not go for a striking skirt with a plain button-up top? The bold colour will show your fun side and also promote confidence. If you’re anything like me and not a huge fan of showing off your legs then why not match a skirt to knee-high boots? Knee high boots are a great way to hide your legs but still wear skirts. Not only do knee high boots boost confidence but they will also add an appealing sense of attitude to an outfit. They should have a slight heel to them but choose the height wisely! Too high a heel can denote domination and a ‘my way or the highway’ image whereas complete flat soled boots can give a sense of being too casual. Both of which can scare off your date so getting the perfect footwear is essential.


Accessories and Make-Up

Bright coloured sunglasses are a fun and simple accessory for a spring date outfit as they keep spring colours alive. Try to stray away from heavily patterned sunglasses as these can take attention away from your outfit. Instead, go for block colours. Any jewellery should ideally be floral, yet simple and matching with your style. Key colours for spring are green, yellow, purple and pink. With daffodils and tulips growing as well as the trees becoming once again green, these colours scream spring and will keep your outfit in tune with nature as well as bring out features such as eyes and lips. Make-up should be bright and fun. Not too bright like you’re going to a rave, but comfortably bright. Your makeup should allure your date not frighten them!

Be sure to check out date outfits for summers and winters date ideas in case the weather shifts to either side. Take a look at the images below and create your own spring date look. Remember, spring is that time of year where everything comes to life, so make sure your date outfit does the same! Have fun!

 First date outfit spring cute spring date outfits (8)

cute spring date outfits (2)



cute spring date outfits (4)

 Teen girls Spring Date Dress.

cute spring date outfits (5)

 Short Date Dress for Tall Girls. cute spring date outfits (1)

cute spring date outfits (6)

 Dress to Impress.

cute spring date outfits (7)


casual date outfit idea


cute spring date outfits (9)

 Skirt with Long Boots.

cute spring date outfits (10)

 Spring Date Night Outfit Combination.

cute spring date outfits (11)

 Why not copy a Selena Gomez Simple Yet Stunning Look?

cute spring date outfits (12)

 This Dress will Surely make him fall for you.

cute spring date outfits (13)

 Spring is all about colors .Try floral Upper with a simple top and jeans. A perfect Daytime date outfit.

cute spring date outfits (14)

 Polka dot Long dress is yet another trending style these days for the spring season.

cute spring date outfits (15)

 A Sexy outfit with a perfect hairstyle for a date.

cute spring date outfits (16)

cute spring date outfits (17)

 Simple and Classic.

cute spring date outfits (18)


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