How To Dress In Your Thirties – 25 Outfits For Women Over 30

Dressing Style for Women in Their 30 and Thirty Plus: You can’t stop your cells from growing up or convince the time to keep your features and body shape like how you exactly desire. But you can adapt to it still, be informed with which dressing style that suits you, and gets all of your ducks in a row.

Briefly, Your age will force you to make some mandatory changes in your wardrobe. It’s up to you to take it or leave it. Being a 30 or thirty plus-year-old lady doesn’t mean your dressing style has to merely run of the mill.

What To Wear In Your Thirties & Beyond?

In this article, I am your instructor to let you know of any omissions related to your look. I will provide you with a guide on what you should wear and what you should not wear in your 30s. Moreover, I’ll give you wardrobe updates, which stores are best and instances from celebrities and bloggers who have the same age experience.

outfits for women over 30

↓ 25 – Bike Shorts

If you haven’t tried the bike short trend yet, do give this post a read: Different Ways to Wear Bike Shorts for Women.

Outfits For Women Over 30


↓ 24 – Casual Outfits

For casual wear, I recommend that you buy lots of tees in your favourite prints, colors and most importantly – fitting. Look for shapes and cuts that complement your body shape.

Outfits For Women Over 30


↓ 23 – Dressing Up For Parties

Parties are where you most likely feel your feminity. In your thirties, individuals expect you to dress more femininely and dress smartly in a way that reflects your maturity, specifically at parties and rite of passage occasions. This lace bodysuit and low rise jeans would match up with a white satin duster. Having a duster is one of your 30 plus wardrobe checklist I have for you. You can choose to make a ponytail and carry a leather purse. This is such a tactful and practical outfit to shove on. Do have a look at these beautiful Ideas On What to Wear to a Dinner Party.


↓ 22 – Well-dressed Celebrities In Their Thirties

You know what? I won’t leave you without a module. As a matter of fact, we need to feel inspired to create art sometimes. I assume these celebrities in their early 30s are the ones to inspire you on how to dress elegantly. Emilia Clarke, Vanessa Hudgens, and Melissa Benoist are who you should look up to.  Their off and on camera ladylike outfits are on point and go with their age.

↓ 21 – 30+ Bloggers & Style Icons You Should Follow

Traditionally they say age is just a number, however, it’s never a bad idea to act your age and dress according to it. These bloggers and style icons who are over thirty prove that we restrict ourselves through resistance and procrastination, and it’s never the age’s fault. The beautiful blond blogger, Chiara Ferragni who’s in her 30s made it to The Forbes. She’s definitely glimmering in these pink blazer, white shirt, and skinny black pants with pointed ankle high heels boots. Venessa Hong, The Haute Pursuit is another blogger in her 30s who continues to break the internet with her impeccable style. The Germany based blogger in her 40s, Claudia who’s the mastermind behind glam up your lifestyle blog captures the eyes of everyone wearing this formal black suit. The classy german-based style icon who’s over 50 and known for her blog, the lady of style astonishes us through these floral print red skirt, white top, and grey blazer.

↓ 20 – How To Dress For Weddings

If you wish to have a classic look, search for the right dress at the black dresses clothing racks first. Dress up for weddings with this cut-out side crew-neck long sleeve dress and these black high heels. It’s better to make your hair raised wrapped in a bun instead of keeping it loose.


↓ 19 – Winter Work Attire

Show off your womanhood with this black suit and turtleneck beige soft cotton sweater. If you weren’t used to sunglasses and handbags in your 20s, you will have to start wearing them to add to your chic look. You can always wear a white shirt instead of a sweater in springtime or summer. It’s up to you to make your hair into a low bun or leave it loose but avoid pigtails and braided hair for sure.


↓ 18 – What Not To Wear In Your Thirties

They will tell you to avoid this and this until you find your wardrobe empty. You will conclude that your age is like a prison that KEEPS YOU AWAY from wearing whatever you like. In order to avoid or to break this endless cycle of frustration, you have to be cautious.

Being 30, 40, 50, etc isn’t a barrier from specific pieces, but your choices on how to wear them is. Apparently, you can wear anything as long as your outfit is well organized and fits your body shape. Nevertheless, I don’t expect you to wear such teen and 20s stuff like a funky cartoon, illustrations, and animation caricatures printed T-shirts or ankle-length embroidered pants. And definitely get rid of your overalls. 

↓ 17 – Fashion Trends For 2020

In 2020, blazers are the most trending pieces to wear for women over 30. Since 2013, we hadn’t heard any about neon, and we’re so glad that it’s back! Straight hair is the most common with bold matt lipsticks. Gold and bronze highlighters are widespread used make-up that fashionistas wear frequently and trending this year.

↓ 16 – Where To Shop For Clothes

To wear the most fitted clothes, you have to find the right store for your thirty and thirty plus wardrobe. First, Prada and Zara are the international brands you have to visit from time to time to ensemble your wardrobe. The vast majority of women find them expensive, but at least their garments are worth your money! One piece of Prada starts from 89$ (most common) to 435$ while you can find on Zara’s tags prices starts from 5$ to 322$ – Of course, Zara’s pricing range is more moderate and budget-friendly. Try to save in your piggy bank for seasonal changes outfits or for buying your yearly haul.

Want the best prices? H&M’s apparel average price points at 21.40$ while Zara is 48$. Target’s clothing section for women is highly recommended doubtlessly! It has affordable, sometimes really cheap and suitable clothes, average points at 3$-39$. We also love the collections at Nordstorm and ASOS and you can pretty much find all sizes here along with the latest trends.

↓ 15 – The Right Fashion Accessories

Accessories are an important supplement to add to your thirty and thirty plus dressing style, but keep your choices as simple as possible. Watches and handbags are the most essential to have in your thirties and thirty plus wardrobe.

I recommend gold or black leather watches and minimal pieces of jewelry, petite necklaces specifically. It’s advisable to buy handbags in bigger sizes so you can carry all your important stuff. Here’s a complete list of Fashion Accessories That Every Girl Should Have.

↓ 14 – The Right Shoes

It’s common for 30 plus women to wear these trendy pointed-toe pumps and kitten heels. If you are going to walk and need comfortable flat shoes, you are free to wear any type of sneakers or slippers, especially athletic kicks.

↓ 13 – What To Wear On A Night Out

Want to look ladylike on a night out? Go for a lightweight turtleneck, cut white top tucked in palazzo pants. Wearing a silver highlighter would spice your appearance up further.


↓ 12 – Best Jeans To Wear

If you can’t make heads or tails of which jeans to wear at that age, dark wash jeans are the best to wear always. Mom jeans are another great choice for casual wear. Here are some ideas on Outfits with Mom Jeans.


↓ 11 – What To Wear Clubbing In Your Thirties

This trio would be the best to revamp your closet for clubbing outfits or nights out. A lace jumpsuit tucked in black leather pants for a catchy and sophisticated look. If you want a modest option, you can dress in a lightweight long sleeve shirt and striped wide-leg pants instead. If you are looking for a spicy look, pick the last one, a crop tiger print top and black flared pants. It’s notable that they are all high-waisted pants.

↓ 10 – Casual Friday Style

In this age group, you are the queen of casuals. Stuff your closet with various amount of tops and wide-leg trousers as much as you can. You can wear this lightweight cowl neck black top tucked in a wide-legged, striped, square trousers with a red cardigan for the weekend outing. The necklaces collection is kinda extra, yet they are shapely and symmetric.


↓ 9 – Summer Essentials

Soon we will be enjoying the sunshine. It’s this specific season when we have to focus on our skincare routine and choose outfits that are comfortable. Black and white are basic colors to wear abundantly. White is more recommended in summer since science believes that white object reflects instead of absorbing all the wavelength of light, so the light of the hot sun will be rejected by your white garments and won’t be sweating. Instead, you will feel fresh and energetic. In hot days, try this lace half sleeve white top with this summer trendy flower print ankle-length skirt. If your hands become sweaty frequently in summer, you better buy a waist purse. If you feel like wearing black there’s no stopping you of course, but try to choose something loose and flowy. A strapless yellow top with striped pants will give you the summer vibes.

↓ 8 – Beach Style Guide

Summer is around the corner and we will be visiting the pool or the beach after a long time. To be honest, your beach style is a piece of cake. If you are confident enough with your body shape, all your scars and stretch marks, you can still wear any swimsuit in your thirties. Your age doesn’t restrict you from wearing a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit.

Bring your sunglass and cap for extra smartness and sun protection. You can also bring along a lace-up cover-up dress or kimono. Take in your consideration to take off your pieces of jewelry to avoid losing them in the water.


↓ 7 – Winter Fashion & Outerwear

Winter blooms your femininity in a very special way. Sweaters, high waisted trousers, and trench coats are what you must-have in your wardrobe for winter. Increase the blacks for warm outings. Try a turtle-neck baggy or a tight sweater tucked into a pencil skirt for a slim-fitting look. In your thirties, you have to avoid lavishness and win attention instead, through simplicity and natural look. So, focus more on neutral colors and monochromatic outfits.

↓ 6 – Formal Dinner Attire

This black lace jumpsuit and the bloody red suit will knock everyone’s shoes off and make you look on fire.


↓ 5 – The Right Haircuts For 30+ Curvy Women

Curvy-women struggle to find the right cut at some point in their lives. In our 20s, we are more reckless and enjoy trying different edgy styles and looks like we dye our hair pink, white or we try pixie haircut, for instance. But in our thirties, we are almost done with the arbitrary choices and experimenting so we tend to find the best thing that fits on us. From wavy to curly to straight shoulder-length haircut, you choose your favorite.

↓ 4 – Dating Outfits

Here’s the navy blue collection to inspire your dating outfits in your thirties. A simple designed tight dress or a pleated maxi will procure the most fitted look. You don’t have always to shove on dresses, but a strapless jumpsuit will give you an effortless and appealing look too.

↓ 3 – Traveling In Style

Follow the fashion percepts and travel in style wearing a white top tucked in high waisted pink pants. For adventures’ vibes, buy yourself a cowboy hat.


↓ 2 – Workout Clothes

Whether you are going to lift weights or jog, take your leggings on with a sports bra or a random cotton jacket. You can also go for a tracksuit and athletic kicks for sportswear.

↓ 1 – Casual But Sharp & Comfortable

If you are looking for a comfortable streetwear style, opt for a black shirt and white trousers or a pink blouse with ripped pants. Want a sharp casual look? Try a lightweight top and black leather coat with printed trousers.

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