May 2020 Best Outfit Ideas for Women – 23 May Fashion Ideas

May Fashion Ideas For Women – Ladies! It is time to welcome spring, the most beautiful season of all time with fresh flowers blooming all around us. And with this, it is time to put your winter clothes away until next year and update your wardrobe to clothes that are trending at this time of the year. Revamping closet has proven to be a very hefty job despite its glamorous appeal. We all love shopping, but getting the right things for the right occasion and right time is indeed hectic and confusing.

The good news is, you have nothing to worry about because we at Outfit Trends are here to help you figure out the best outfits to add to your collection this May!

What Outfits To Wear In May For Women

Recently, fashion has inculcated comfort as its vital element. The perception that you have to wear thorn-like heels to be “fashionable” is actually outdated. It is all about comfort nowadays and here are some trendy and comfortable options for this May!

  • nothing says comfort like the many trousers picking hype these days. For example, you can go for harem pants or culottes; they are soft, breezy, and super comfortable. Not just that, they also look amazing and are totally in trend!
  • Jumpsuits are also a hot pick this season. You can find something that perfectly fits your personality; it could be a halter neck, sleeveless, backless, or off shoulder. It comes in various materials, although for spring may we suggest you to go for linens.
  • Sundresses are something we are looking forward to the most this season! The colorful, floral prints complement the weather and makes every woman on earth look young, bright, and happy!
  • Knee length dress is also a good option for this May. The latest trend in dresses is that of belts. Some dresses come with a belt intact but if you happen to like a dress that does not have a belt attached make sure you invest in one because they really glam the entire outfit!
  • Tonal dressing is a major hit this season which means you wear the same color from top to toe; it can either be the same shade (say white over white) or you could carry different shades of the same color. This style is very popular amongst famous celebrities like Gigi Hadid!

To give you more outfit ideas for this month, we have rounded up a list of 23 best outfits for you to take inspiration from. Have a look!

may outfits for girls

↓23 – Jumpsuit For Weddings

You can totally go for a jumpsuit, perhaps a one shoulder jumpsuit, to look fashionable at formal occasions such as weddings. Here are 16 Cute Jumpsuits Outfits.

April Fashion Idea (25)


April Fashion Idea (1)

↓22 – Sundress For Beach Wear

What better outfit to wear at the beach than a cute sundress? And don’t forget a cool hat, sunglasses and a cross body bag!

April Fashion Idea (24)


↓21 – How To Style Harem Pants For Women

These pants are great for a laid-back look. Pair them with a denim shirt and jacket to stay comfy this season. Here’s a great post on What Outfits to Wear with Harem Pants?

April Fashion Idea (23)


↓20 – Cold Shoulder Top For A Trendy Look

These days it is all about off shoulders and cold shoulders. The best part about these tops is that you can wear them both casually and formally.

April Fashion Idea (22)


↓19 – Gingham Dress For Women

April Fashion Idea (21)


↓18 – Floral Prints For A Cute Look

What is spring clothing without florals? You can wear these prints in the form of a dress, top, skirt or even pants and look super cute.

April Fashion Idea (20)


↓17 – Outfit For A Formal Look

How classy is the combination of an eyelet top and wrap skirt? You can totally go for the same look this May!

April Fashion Idea (19)


↓16 – Denim Tunic For Casual Look

You can either go for a denim on denim look or pair a denim shirt with culottes.

April Fashion Idea (18)


↓15 – Street Style Fashion For Girls

You can go for denim overalls paired with a white or red shirt for a street style look. Don’t miss out on these 16 Popular Spring Street Style Outfits Ideas For Women.

April Fashion Idea (17)


↓14 – Button Down Shirts For Effortless Look

Button downs never go out of fashion and look amazing paired with absolutely any kind of pants!

April Fashion Idea (16)


↓13 – Halter Neck Top For Women

April Fashion Idea (15)


↓12 – Outfit With Boyfriend Jeans For Girls

These jeans are a must-have for your wardrobe. How cute is this look with polka dotted shirt?

April Fashion Idea (14)


↓11 – Midi Wrap Dress For A Chic Look

April Fashion Idea (13)


↓10 – Outfit With Neutral Look

If you are someone who is not into colorful outfits, you can go for one with neutral tones such as this one. For more simple and minimalistic looks like these, check out 14 Minimalist Outfits For Summer with the Best Minimal Fashion Style Tips.

April Fashion Idea (12)


↓9 – Wide Legged Pants For Women

April Fashion Idea (11)


↓8 – Pencil Skirt For A Stylish Look

April Fashion Idea (10)


↓7 – Lace Dress For A Fancy Look

Lace can totally enhance your outfit whether it’s a lace top or a lacy dress. Pair it with stylish heels to look chic and modern. Here are 26 Beautiful Lace Dresses and Ideas on how to Wear Them.

April Fashion Idea (9)


↓6 – Sparkly Outfit For Parties

April Fashion Idea (8)


↓5 – How To Accessorize An Outfit

To accessorize any outfit, you must have nice jewelry pieces that go with your outfit. Other than that, you can tie a scarf around your neck, carry a statement bag and wear a cool pair of shades.

April Fashion Idea (7)


↓4 – How To Style Printed Pants

Floral pants are perfect for this season, especially if they are in a cute spring color like rosy pink. You can pair them with a striped bow top or any other top of your choice. You would also find some great inspiration from these 18 Ideas What to Wear With Printed Pants.

April Fashion Idea (6)


↓3 – Gigi Hadid Inspired Look

Color toning is the latest trend this season and all of the famous celebrities are wearing such outfits. Here’s one such stylish look for you to take inspiration from.

April Fashion Idea (5)


↓2 – Outfit For An Elegant Look

For a sophisticated look, you can go for a silk maxi dress in your favorite color and impress everyone around you.

April Fashion Idea (4)


↓1 – Outfit For Plus Size Women

As a chubby girl, you can go for a nice patterned skirt and simple top to complement your body.

April Fashion Idea (3)


Needless to say, this season calls for fresh and bright colors so ditch blacks and blues for a change and go crazy with the wonderful colors out there. Don’t forget to give us your feedback in the comments!

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