Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry outfits – Good jewelry is essential to a good outfit. Jewelry is something that can make or break an outfit. It is something that can make a simple outfit super cool and make a classic outfit even chicer. People think jewelry can be tricky but it’s not. You just have to find your style and see what works for you and then stick to that. When you wear what you like you won’t find jewelry confusing anymore.

Jewelry can be worn on any occasion. There is different jewelry for all different types of occasions. You can choose to wear jewelry every day which would be super simple and classic, then jewelry for a wedding would be different and jewelry for a party would be different. Always wear what you like and not what other people think is right. As long as you stick to your style and personalize stuff then you will look good in everything. This article has 20 statement jewelry outfits that you can choose from.

How to Take Care of Your Statement Jewelry?

If you have a few favorite pieces and you’re scared they will get ruined then you need to take extra care of them. Make sure to not wear jewelry in water and when you are sweaty because that will ruin the color of your jewelry and it will fade. Buy stainless steel or real gold/silver jewelry is you really want to wear your favorite pieces everyday because then they won’t fade.


• DO wear your favorite jewelry without hesitation.

• DO wear what you want to.

• DO find your style and stick to it.

• DONT care about what people say.

• DONT wear your jewelry under water.

• DONT wear what’s in trend wear what you like.

What To Wear With Statement Jewelry?

Now, let’s look at how our favorite bloggers and style icons are wearing their statement jewelry.

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry

↓ 20 – How To Wear Jewelry With A Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are trendy and chic always. They never go out of style so pairing them with a little bit of bold jewelry would be the perfect statement. Pair a plain black turtleneck with some thick and intricate gold chains and big round hoops for a classic look. Tie your hair in a low middle part pony and dont forget your shades! Here are some of my favorite Ways To Style a Turtleneck.


↓ 19 – Alt Style

This style is super in trend these days and most teenagers are trying it out. It includes wearing silver chains and rings and harnesses. All-black outfits look the best with silver chains so wear some skinny jeans and a crop top with this harness and silver accessories to get all the attention in the room. This outfit would look super cool if you wear it on your own birthday or somebody else’s or even on a day out with friends, everybody will love your outfit!

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry
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↓ 18 – How To Wear Chunky Necklaces

Chunky and big necklaces seem harder to style than normal jewelry because of their size. Normally, people assume that you need to wear necklaces like this with deep necks but they can also be word with a turtle or mock neck and look good nevertheless. This silver statement necklace looks perfect with this black turtleneck and the cheetah print clutch adds even more glamour to the look!

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry
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↓ 17 – What To Wear With Eastern Clothing

Eastern clothing can seem very complicated to people from different cultures but look at it this way: its just very extra. This plain white blouse looks stunning with this heavy gold choker necklace and long dangling earrings. The bangles and rings are even better. This is a very classy desi look and would look amazing on a wedding.

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry
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↓ 16 – How To Style A Dress

Don’t know what to wear with a dress? We got you covered. If you are worried about what jewelry to wear with a dress then try wearing a bold necklace like the one in the picture. This necklace will add a cool look to your formal dress and just by adding the necklace you can then wear this outfit to a party or lunch/dinner. Here are some more tips on styling the Little Black Dress.

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry
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↓ 15 – Jewels

Big shiny necklaces full of diamonds are show stoppers. This stunning copper blazer paired with a plain with shirt and black pants looks amazing. The jewelry is what makes this outfit even prettier. There are four bigger necklaces and a dozen other thinner ones. This is the best way to wear different types of necklaces together. This outfit is a bit more formal so you could wear it a birthday dinner or maybe a party.

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry

↓ 14 – What Statement Jewelry To Wear With A Mesh Outfit

A mesh outfit always looks pretty. Just make sure to wear a pretty bralette underneath it because that always makes it look even better. Try wearing looks of necklaces on top of one another. Wear different designs that you like and even try attaching longer chains from your pants to your necklaces that will add a super cool look to your outfit.


↓ 13 – All White Outfit

This outfit is super pretty. In the picture the person is wearing a white jacket with cutout sleeves and chest area. The shorts are also distressed and in white. There is no shirt under the jacket which looks super sexy. Wearing lots of golden necklaces underneath which are of all length, shapes and designs.

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry
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↓ 12 – All Black Outfit

These black textured pants look super cool. The black tank top with the leather jacket make a statement on their own but the silver jewelry they are wearing is exquisite. They are also wearing a black strap with silver detailing on it which looks so sexy and chic. The big dangling earrings are stunning and so are the shades. This outfit would look amazing if you wear it to a festival, everybody would be drooling over your outfit.

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry
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↓ 11 – Casual Look

This is a super casual outfit but with jewelry that stands out. Wear a plain crop top in any color with plain denim skinny jeans and just throw on a black leather jacket to keep it cool. Now try wearing a gold necklace like the one in the image. Put your hair up in a bun or let it down your choice but dont forget your shades because they look the best.

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry

↓ 10 – What Statement Jewelry To Wear With A Black Outfit

This outfit looks fun and cool with black ripped skinny jeans and a sleeveless plain black top. This outfit is plain which is why the super bold silver necklace looks good with it. Such necklaces need to be paired with plain outfits because they stand out more with them. Wear this outfit to a day out with friends or a dinner at night. The black strappy sandals are super cute too.

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry
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↓ 9 – Beige Overcoat

This white turtleneck looks so crispy with the beige overcoat. Pair it with blue denim jeans and a simple golden necklace like the one in the picture and you are good to go. Hair up in a bun looks sleeker and makes you look put together. You can wear this look to go run errands, to a birthday party, or even a day out with friends. It is a very versatile look as it can be changed from casual to formal just by changing your hairstyle.

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry

↓ 8 – Professional Outfit

Wear a chunky chain with a silk blouse and some formal pants to grab attention in a more professional manner. This look is formal and mostly for the office but try it if you like to wear formal usually. Formal pants give a very sexy look to your outfits, wear them with a pair of heels and you will look even better. Carry a handbag or a clutch if you want and don’t forget to wear rings, bracelets, or even a watch.

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry

↓ 7 – Wearing Statement Jewelry with Coats

A stylish chain always looks good with combat boots. These two are the best combination yet. This outfit is more of a fall time outfit. The houndstooth trench coat is super duper stunning and it looks even better with the black dress underneath. The handbag gives the entire outfit a formal look. You can wear combat boots with almost anything whether its a dress, top, skirts or even a jumpsuit. They look amazing with this black dress and trenchcoat.

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry

↓ 6 – With A Light Sweater

This lemon yellow sweater is the cutest we have ever seen! It looks amazing paired with the grey formal pants. This sweater is worn in a way that is so sexy because in the winters usually everything in covered under layers and layers of clothing. The pearl necklace looks super pretty worn with this gorgeous sweater and the color of the sweater compliments the necklace.

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry
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↓ 5 – With A Formal Shirt

Wearing big chunky chains with a formal shirt has to be a power move. These big flashy chains are the statement. Wearing them to work would not be appropriate but just imagine if you did, that would be the best day ever. You could actually wear them with this shirt to a party or birthday dinner.


↓ 4 – Pretty Colors

This jewelry is different from normal jewelry. Yes, there are golden chains too but the choker on their neck is red and has designs on it which make it stand out. The designs on the choker match the print on their head scarf which looks gorgeous. The shirt that they are wearing is plain white collared shirt and the makeup is minimal too.

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry
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↓ 3 – How To Wear Statement Jewelry With Denim

This denim outfit is super sexy. The denim shirt unbutonned in this manner with these denim jeans looks so amazing. This big silver piece of jewelry is here to add to this outfit and make it even sexier. Some people find these jewels sexy others don’t. Wear them if you like and wear them with whatever you want. This outfit is a little out there but don’t worry, you could still wear this to a party.

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry

↓ 2 – Strappy Tops

This heavy silver jewelry looks so amazing with this brown strappy top and beige pants. The bangles in their hands and the chunky necklaces on their neck look like something right out of our dreams! Super pretty jewelry to wear with yet another simple outfit.

Statement Jewelry Outfits: 20 Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry
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↓ 1 – Off-shoulder Top

These big flashy and chunky chains look so sexy. Why do people think only rappers can wear such chains? No. We all can wear them if we want. They look so cool with this black off-shoulder top. Off-shoulder tops give a very sexy look to your outfit so try one if you like. You can wear it to a party, birthday or anniversary dinner.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is statement jewelry?

A. Statement jewelry is jewelry that is bold and unique. It helps its wearer portray who they are through their outward appearance. Jewelry is something you can use to show people what you like and your style without saying anything to them because what you wear will be showing to them already.

Q. How to wear statement jewelry?

A. There are a lot of different ways to wear statement jewelry. This article has 20 outfits that you can choose from and decide to how you want to wear your jewelry. It depends on you anyway. How you want to wear your jewelry is your choice and you need to decide it yourself. You can find help online but you will need to make the final decision on your own because you might be comfortable in the something but the internet will say its trendy and vice versa. So choose how you want to wear your jewelry yourself.

Q. Are statement necklaces out of style?

A. No, statement jewelry has been in style for a very long time and it will be in style for a long time too. People love statement jewelry. All sorts of chains, rings, necklaces and bangles are statement jewelry and people will keep loving them for a long time.

Q. Why do people feel the need to wear statement jewelry?

A. First off, nobody feels the need to wear statement jewelry everybody wears it because they feel like it. Everybody wears what they like and not because they need to.

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