How To Style Tribal Jewelry ? 35 Outfit Ideas

Tribal Jewelry Outfits: Most women love to adorn and beautify themselves. When wearing your favorite outfit, you wish to add a little more glitz and glamour to stand out in the crowd. And the perfect way to do that is through jewelry!

Jewelry has been around as long as man’s existence, being modernized according to the period in time. Then, it began to be modified to fit an outfit for every possible occasion, formal, streetwear, wedding, balls, whatever it may be.

However, some of the most timeless and classically diverse ranges that we have in jewelry are tribal! Originating from all the various tribes worldwide, this jewelry is timeless and so easy to style. What more is the significance and meaning behind every piece, which makes them all the more valuable. Whether it be necklaces, chokers, bracelets, rings, anklets, headpieces, or hair accessories, the indigenous people paved the way for culturally rich and meaningful adornments. And we have modified them to make them truly unique to our style!

What To Wear With Tribal Jewelry?

Mixing traditions with modern, we have gathered some of the best ways for you to style your vintage pieces. These outfits will get you excited and inspired, prompting you to get that tribal choker out and get styling!

Where to Buy Tribal Jewelry?

  • House of Rajput: This brand carries a wide variety of Indian tribal jewelry, which you can check out right (here)!
  • BaubleBar: From these gorgeous Sardinia Hoops (here) to this antique gold necklace (here), we love their collection.
  • Anthropologie: We have a modern spin on traditional jewelry with these gorgeous pieces (here) and (here).
  • Novica: You can not go wrong with a silver vintage cuff like this one right (here)!
  • Tribal Muse: From Turkmenistan to Afghanistan, their collection won’t disappoint you. Check them out (here)!
  • Silver Eagle Gallery: Looking for Native American and silver sterling pieces? This necklace is a must to view (here).
  • Karma Place: This alloy and thread, tribal-inspired choker (here) is a gorgeous accessory to style.

↓ 35 – What to Wear with Tribal Fashion Necklace?

Tribal necklaces are so diverse and easy to style! This boho-inspired outfit below is a perfect example of these statement pieces while embracing your fashion sense. Of course, those cowboy boots are an ideal pair and a winner! Here are some more Stylish Outfits to Wear with Long Boots This Season.

↓ 34 – Vintage Inspired Gold Earrings with Zebra Print

Keep your jewelry minimalistic and straightforward when you have a loud and bold outfit like this zebra printed one below. The simplicity of the gold tribal hoops adds tastefully to this gorgeous two-piece and gives you a chic look.

↓ 33 – Keepin’ it Classy!

↓ 32 – How to Style Boho Tribal Jewelry?

Boho-inspired tribal jewelry is such fun wear and so easy to style because there is so much that can go with it! Pair your necklace and earrings with a dress like the one below. Contrarily, wear it with a simple tank top, ripped jeans, and a long kimono to give your look a bohemian touch!

Tribal Ethnic Jewelry Looks Lace

Shop similar below:

Tribal Boho Necklace Set in Oxidized Silver $34.99

Sweet V Neck Bracelet Sleeve Pure Color Lace Dress $46.30

↓ 31 – When to Wear Tribal Chokers?

Tribal chokers are the one accessory that can not go wrong. They amp up your look effortlessly and leave you looking like a dream. Therefore, they are the perfect accessory to wear when attending a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or semi-formal or formal event. But, on the other hand, pair the necklace with the right outfit to pull it off on the streets too! Do check out these Pleated Skirt Outfits.


↓ 30 – Chasing Rainbows!

↓ 29 – How to Style Tribal Jewelry Outfits for Older Women?

What a mature and sophisticated way to style tribal jewelry for older women?! We love that she did not overpower her jewelry. Instead, she kept it simple and elegant by pairing the muted color palette of this look with a statment necklace. She truly knows how to style tribal pieces flawlessly!

↓ 28 – Sunrays & Festival Days!

This boho chic outfit is a perfect fit for the music festival!

Tribal Ethnic Jewelry Looks Fringe Jacket

↓ 27 – When Western Meets Desi

The fusion of western and eastern is always a welcome change. And with how perfect this outfit looks, we will suggest everyone get some mixed pieces and get ready to style them. The fuchsia skirt matches immaculately with the grey cowl neck top. Furthermore, the silver jewelry helps balance out the entire dress. You will be turning some heads at your desi friend’s bridal shower with how radiant and fresh this look is!


↓ 26 – Tribal Jewelry Outfits for Plus Sized Women

What a boss outfit for a boss lady! The contrast of the khaki against the maroon is to-die-for, and that bag is the optimum way to amp up your look. And finally, we have those gorgeous gold statement earrings to tie your entire look together.

↓ 25 – The Whimsical Edition

↓ 24 – Gold Tribal Pieces

A fun and feminine way to style your tribal inspired gold neck piece!

↓ 23 – Layered Vintage Necklace with Leather Jacket Look for Teenagers!

Shop the look:

Statement Tribal Necklace $16.99

Faux Leather Textured Jacket $43.89

Clean Cut Pebbled Faux Leather Tote Bag $19.90

↓ 22 – Ethereal in Emerald

This is a gracefully put-together ensemble that is the perfect wear for weddings and fancy events. The little details of green and black on the necklace compliment the outfit exquisitely. Furthermore, the simplicity of the skirt and top are dazzled by the vintage necklaces! We would suggest leaving behind those sunglasses and opting for plain aviators. Also, let down that hair in gorgeous waves to frame your face.

Tribal Ethnic Jewelry Looks

↓ 21 – Colors to Play with when Styling a Tribal Beaded Neck-piece

Looking at this outfit, the first words that pop are fun, colorful, and oh-so-cozy! This ensemble is the ultimate way to style your tribal jewelry during the winters and serve significant looks. We love the vividness of the purple, and the beaded choker, with the tasseled details, can be nothing other than a statement.

↓ 20 – Do it Like the Kardashians!

You definitely can not go wrong with plain black body-con dresses and oxidized statement jewelry. And the best part is, this outfit can be ideal for any occasion!

Tribal Ethnic Jewelry Looks Kardashians

↓ 19 – The Day Out with Friends Look!

↓ 18 – Antique with African Beads

This African-inspired trade bead necklace is a statement all in its self. Therefore, you can take the styling easy with this piece. Wear a plain black outfit and allow this heavily layered necklace to do all the talking. Put your hair back in a sleek bun, small dainty earrings, and you are all set!

↓ 17 – Beach Day in Tribal Necklace

The perfect way to spend your beach day in ultimate style and comfort!


↓ 16 – Tribal Inspired Hair Clips to Enhance Your Outfit

We love how laid-back and straightforward yet elegant this entire look is! And to enhance and enchant your fit, we have these tribal-inspired statement hair clips. This outfit can be perfect to wear to your university presentation days or for an official meeting. What a way to exude grace and class!

↓ 15 – Earrings to Wear for the Summer Days

Exhausted by the summer heat yet still wish to enjoy the outdoors? We have got you covered with these bright sunny yellow, off-shoulder romper with vintage green earrings. Keep your make-up fresh and light, and let those beautiful freckles shine through. And finally, beach waves are your best way to stay right on-brand with the summer season.

↓ 14 – Glam Up the Vacation Fit!

↓ 13 – Footwear to Wear with African Tribal Jewelry

Leopard printed shoes are the ideal staple for your wardrobe when styling!

↓ 12 – Bold in Tribal Inspired Choker Necklace!

The color palette of this outfit is perfection. The cadet blue looks bright and refreshing against the turquoise-green tribal neckpiece. Opt for a more straightforward green clutch to match the necklace and leave those socks home, and you have a magnificent look on your hands!

↓ 11 – Ruffle Dress Dreamin’

↓ 10 – Modern & Classy Look!

This outfit the ultimate guide to dressing classy and modern with a vintage twist. The pastel and white color palette are right along with the spring and summer seasons, with that bag serving a pop! The off-shoulder top looks spectacular with that choker, making it stand out in the ensemble. Don’t miss out these Fabulous Ideas on How to Wear White Wide Legged Pants.

↓ 09 – Captivating Capes

Here we have a modern and rustic way of styling a tribal-inspired cape and belt! The simplicity of the nude jumpsuit, along with court shoes, enhances the beauty of the cape and accentuates the belt. Style with some tribal rings, and you are a vintage vision!

↓ 08 – Modern Day Edgy Sweetheart!

↓ 07 – Statement Gold Tribal Rings to Complete Your Outfit!

Tribal rings are the best way to look oh-so-fancy, especially if you opt for these statement gold ones! These rings and earrings are the optimum way to channel grace and sophistication to your outfit paired with this beautiful green jumpsuit. Not only is it the best way to style, but you will also be tributing the cultural significance behind these animal rings!

↓ 06 – Pastel Simplicity in Tribal Inspired Jewelry

↓ 05 – Amp it Up with a Vintage Choker!

A straightforward outfit highlight what needs to be, which is that gorgeous choker! This choker can work perfectly with any outfit you wish to wear, leaving you looking effortlessly chic.

↓ 04 – Turquoise & Burnt Orange

↓ 03 – Tribal Inspired Belt & Leather Cuff Bracelet

Confused about what to wear to the very first music festival right after the pandemic ends? Look no further because this outfit is the ideal choice for the music festivals and Coachella! The fringe detailed mesh top with the fringe skirt looks immaculate. Furthermore, bringing this outfit together are those trendy yet vintage accessories! In addition to the messy beach waves, the vintage-inspired leather belt and bracelet are the epitome of an edgy and chic outfit.

Tribal Ethnic Jewelry Looks Belt

↓ 02 – Feminine in Rattan Weaved Earrings

This outfit is the definition of a flowy, accessible, and feminine fit! The pink maxi dress is a winner, and the rattan earrings match the handbag perfectly. Throw your hair back in a messy bun and slip on some straw-weaved slippers for comfort and fashion forward look!

Shop similar items right here:

Love in Bloom Long Sleeve Floral Maxi Dress $118

Weave Straw Double Disc Drop Earrings $10.56

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↓ 01 – Abstract Loving with African Tribal Collar

African jewelry is so rich in cultural value and significance. And paying homage to that importance is this unique style of tribal collars! The geometric patterned dress is a stand-out, and the off-shoulder detail enhances the beauty of the necklace. The pop of red on the lips is truly the cherry on top of a fantastic ensemble!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is tribal jewelry?

A. As the name suggests, tribal jewelry consists of jewelry produced by the local indigenous craftspeople of different tribes. The adornment items held and still hold cultural importance to the tribal people. It was a sign of wealth, beauty for the males and females both. Furthermore, the natives in India used it to signify the marital status of a woman! It comes in various shapes, forms, and sizes and is produced in different designs, for example, necklaces, chokers, bracelets, rings, and anklets.

Q. How was tribal jewelry made and where can I buy it?

A. Relating to the earlier times, the tribes produced jewelry out of any readily available item. The materials used were in their natural habitats, such as animal bones, ivory, teeth, shells, beads, and stones. Did you know animal tendons would string the pieces together?! The jewelry was produced in various designs, including geometric patterns, florals, and inspired by the beliefs of the tribes. Thus, we often get to see the sun, moon, elephants, stars, and other objects in vintage jewelry!

All the places to shop for tribal jewelry or ones inspired by tribal jewelry are listed above!

Q. How do you style outfits with tribal jewelry?

A. In order to style an outfit with tribal jewelry, a few tips might prove helpful:

  • Consider the design of the jewelry and which tribe it originates from.
  • Less is usually more in the case of vintage jewelry. If you plan to wear a tribal choker, keep the rest of your jewelry simple to look classy!
  • Since the pieces are bold and often bright, pairing a plainer outfit with a muted color palette would be the right direction to head.
  • Want to be stand out and play with color? I would suggest keeping the jewelry minimal and contrast it with a muted shade of bright colors. For example, a simple oxidized silver necklace will look stunning with a deep maroon top!

Q. Which tribal group uses a lot of jewelry?

The Indian and African tribes are notoriously known for adorning themselves with jewelry! The Maasai, Jarawas, Banjara, Tibetan tribe and the Hill Tribes of Thailand are especially popular with their ornaments and many others.


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