Tragus Piercing Guide – Everything You need to Know

Tragus Piercing Guide: Piercings have developed into a very common must-have for a lot of people worldwide. The extra bling with a very diverse range of styles to suit everyone, the increase in street credibility and the joy of more employers being more accepting of them are all great reasons to warrant wanting one.

What is Tragus Piercing?

The tragus piercing is a bit of a marmite piercing; you either like them or you don’t. Nine times out of ten it is more the fear of getting it pierced than the actual piercing itself that puts people off due to the nature of its structure and location.

The tragus is the small triangular shape found at the front of the entrance to the ear canal and is made up of thick cartilage. As everyone is different, they come in all shapes and sizes. If your tragus is quite small then it may not be likely that you can have it pierced due to the possibility of the jewellery growing out or becoming infected. If this is the case then an antitragus piercing could be a viable option for you instead.

A small gauged hollow needle is projected through the tragus to cut out an area of flesh which allows jewellery to be inserted. This is done slowly to prevent the back of the ear being damaged. The tragus can be pierced either centrally or vertically, depending on the look that is required.

Studs, barbells and rings are all preferred choices in jewellery. It is not just bars and rings that can be used to decorate the tragus. Dermal implants can be used alongside the tragus for added decoration without the need for a full piercing. Anti tragus piercings are a great option for dermal implants and those with smaller tragus’.

These however require a thorough and regular hygiene regime to ensure a smooth healing process. As they are anchored inside the subcutaneous layer of the skin, they will also require surgery for removal should that be needed at any point. Sometimes these can also be rejected by the body and naturally grow out themselves. As with any wound, scarring is highly likely.

Tragus Piercing Guide – Everything You need to Know

Tragus Piercing Prices

Price ranges vary from parlour to parlour but an overall price range would be $25-$50 (£20-£40). This may seem expensive but you must consider that you are paying for the piercing, the jewellery, the piercers time and skill and also any insurance that may be covered. Prices NOT likely to be included in this are any other jewellery required and also any aftercare products which would be recommended by your piercer. These will be considered as extras.


People ask ‘does this piercing hurt?‘. Well the answer is yes it does. It is a hole cut out of part of your ear. However do not fear! It is a temporary pain which subsides straight away and to be honest, everyone has a different pain threshhold. It should also be known that the tragus piercing is one that is likely to bleed. So before you go to get it done be aware that it may bleed and yes it will hurt. Aspects of pain afterwards will most likely be caused by sleeping on it or even brushing your hair. There are things that can ease pain such as Emla cream and ice, however these wear off quickly and do not make much of a difference.

You still have nerve endings and they still work! I also recommend that you check out our Surface Piercings Guide.

How to Take Care of Tragus Piercings?

After care is a vital part of any piercing. With the tragus being thick cartilage your body will need more time to recover and repair the damage caused. Because, let’s face it, you have damaged your body in the name of beauty.

A quick, easy and affordable method of self-after care is using a good old salt water solution. Cleaning with a cotton bud using this and rotating the bar twice a day is a sure way of providing ample aftercare. A wise idea is to avoid any shampoos or conditioners for the first few days as well as the use of headphones as these can cause irritation and a prolonged healing time.

In some worse cases, shampoos getting into the piercing can cause infection or flare up allergies. Another point to be considered is sleeping. Avoid sleeping on the pierced side for a the first week as this can also cause irritation.

It should be noted however, that a tragus piercing can take anywhere from six weeks to a year to heal properly so be prepared for a long term care plan. This is obviously dependant on your body and also your aftercare regime. There are creams available that your piercer can offer or recommend for after care should you prefer to use a cream.

Changing the jewellery in your new tragus piercing should not be done until it is completely healed. When changing the jewellery ensure the new bar or ring is sterilised and clean. Rings may sometimes need a bit of manipulation to open as they can seize if hygiene regimes have not been followed so extra care should be taken with these.

Below are some examples of different ways to style a tragus piercing. Whether you are looking for something cute and dainty or whether you are more into things that are considered alternative and obscure; there’s a look to suit everyone. There is jewellery ideas to suit all seasonal attire. Match diamonds with maxi dresses, white and silver tear drop or hearts with wedding outfits and prom dresses.

The tragus piercing, just like any other piercing, is not just for girls. Men can completely rock tragus piercings also. Black line rings or studs, stretched plugs, silver and pewter are all great ideas for men who are looking to accessorise with a tragus piercing. Simple studs, studs with celtic patterns, viking runes, treble clefs and tunnels are also perfect for men seeking a look that would suit them and their lifestyles. Why not also check out this Cartilage Piercings Guide.

20. Flower Tragus

A really cute look comprising of a chain of flowers and matching jewellery with a double tragus piercing. A very stylish and glamorous look. This is perfect for elegant events including weddings, parties and other formal events.

Tragus Piercing Guide – Everything You need to Know


19. Pewter and Gem Flower

A simple yet effective look that you can easily work to school, college or even work.

Tragus Piercing Guide – Everything You need to Know

18. Vertical Bar

A vertical tragus piercing with a simple titanium bar. Perfect for showing off both ends of the bar, which can also be changed for gems, spikes or any other ball you fancy. It should be noted that surface piercings such as these can sometimes be rejected and grow out. They require double the amount of aftercare.

17. Dainty Ring

A very dainty and very cute small gauge ring with a pearl. Another simple look but a very glam one with a girly factor too. This little item would also be perfect for a wedding outfit.

16. Diamond and Gold Tragus Piercing

Simple small gauge rings with cute little diamond detail. The tragus itself comprises of a single diamond stud which when paired with the other aspects makes this look beautiful.

15. Star Accessories

A perfect look for any skater chick or alternative girl who likes to accessorise. Stars are always a cute go to and the monotone colour combination adds to the effect. Stars are also great for guys too.

14. Serpent Stud

A really cute look for all the snake fans out there. The boldness and character of this stud makes it stand out without the need for any other piercing. The solidity of this piece makes it another perfect option for men too.

13. Ultimate Glamour

This is one for the girl who likes to splash out. Costing between £200-£300, this Lena Cohen bar is 18k gold with two diamonds. A stunning dangle piece which not only has more shape and style but is also definitely a head turner!

Tragus Piercing Guide – Everything You need to Know

12. Feather Bar

This is so cute and so effective. A simple feather titanium, silver or pewter bar on its own adds a bit of chic and style to any look. Feathers have always been considered a symbol of spiritualism and connections to lost loved ones making them a perfect way to celebrate them.

11. Alternative Stretched Tragus

For those who love the wierd and quirky why not stretch a tragus piercing? These are a much more effort to maintain and after care is prolonged and of extreme importance as is a regular cleaning routine.

It should be noted that if no longer wanted then the skin will not go back to normal without surgery, this is due to the extensive strain on the skins elasticity. However, they do give a wow factor and an awesome different look.

10. Infinity Stud Tragus Piercing

The infinity symbol holds a lot of meaning and brings goodwill to a lot of people which makes this a beautiful little item. It brings out the caring side with a touch of class. This is a symbol of eternity so matching one with a loved one is considered a symbol of eternal love and a really cute and subtle way of showing it.

I also recommend that you review this guide on Getting A Dermal Piercing.

9. Blackline Ring

A personal favourite as I myself have tragus blackline rings. These are great as they come in different ring sizes and suit any ear shape. They are not only simplistic but also add an alternative feel. Also being pure black give a pop of bold colour along any other piercings.

8. Singular Star Stud

As mentioned before stars are great for a cute look. This silver star stud looks perfect glistening on its own and definitely gives a girly vibe whilst still being a piercing with flair.

Tragus Piercing Guide – Everything You need to Know

7. Mini Heart Simple Stud

Simple silver heart shaped stud for a clean look. Suitable again for any event including parties, weddings, proms etc and also available in a wide range of colours.

6. Musical Input

A great one for any music lover. A dainty little treble clef in gold. This is an awesome and very eye-catching little item, which adds a touch of sophistication too. A great little addition to any gigs/concerts.

Tragus Piercing Guide – Everything You need to Know

5. TearDrop

A lovely little tear drop item with swirls to add effect. This rose gold look is beautiful and would be a great look for any girly girls. A perfect jewellery item to be matched with a prom outfit.

tragus piercing

4. Turquoise and Emerald

This is a gorgeous combination with tragus, daith, lobe and plug piercings. The colour duo of turquoise and emerld is absolutely stunning. A perfect look for any event or time of day and an epic head turner!

3. Septum Rings

Septum rings make great jewellery for tragus and also lobe piercings. This silver hoop is fairly intricate and looks great as a singular piece.

2. Lone TearDrop

This looks lovely with the added ball structures attached to it. It adds a bit of character to the shape making it not completely simple. This is a really cute item of jewellery and follows the shape and structure of the tragus well. This would however, be suitable for all ear types.

1. Tricoloured Diamond Stud

This little stud is a combination of 3 different coloured diamonds: Champaign, black and white. This is a beautiful little addition to any outfit. It is bright and light and perfect for summer seasons along with maxi dresses or shorts and vest top combos.

Tragus Piercing Guide – Everything You need to Know
targus piercing

Concluding Remarks

It is vital to do your research when considering getting any new piercing, not just a tragus piercing. Tragus piercings do require a lot of care and attention as they do take a considerable amount of time to heal.

Even though they are likely to be painful when done, this is only temporary and will ease quickly. The different styles for different people are endless so there is never a shortage of looks. Different colours, gems, bars, rings and shapes make this piercing one of the best to accessorize and definitely one that will catch everyone’s eye.

As a person who has had a tragus piercing for over 15 years, I love its quirkiness and versatility. This is one piercing that not only has attitude but also adds a touch of sophistication and class to any look.

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