Pleated Skirt Outfits – 23 Ideas How to Wear Pleated Skirts

Pleated Skirt Outfits: Skirts and skirts; ahhh just what you need for the summer season that is just about here and announcing the warm and humid weather for which you will be needing to dress up casually. But who says you can’t look hot in a casual skirt outfit!

If you love skirts then you probably know that they are all about pleats this year. Short long, midi, or just mini you name it and the pleats are available. Every woman needs a little attitude to dress up with, short skirts for sultriness and a lasting impression, long skirts to flaunt that style with detailing and midi skirts for office wears. We have collected all types of pleated skirts we hope that you will enjoy the collection and get some good inspiration and ideas.

Different Ways to Style and Wear Pleated Skirts Everyday
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#23. Delicate Pleated Skirt

Leather embossed pattern delicately pleated skirt is a perfect outfit that can be worn during the spring season as well as the winters. pair it with a black top and black stockings with high heels. Accessorize with a chunky gold chain and a chunky ring. Let your hair loose.

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#22. Hot Casual Attire

Always invest in a royal blue outfit. A royal blue skirt is the best piece that you can own. Again match a grey simple top with a leather jacket and same colored kitten heels. A black clutch and a beaded necklace is what will complete the look.

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#21. Styling Idea for School

Mustard button down shirt with a scarf and a long skirt is a good match. A fawn clutch will be beautifully suited with the whole look.

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#20. Metallic Combo- Jackets are a must have to be worn over the skirts and a silver metallic jacket is a beautiful combo with a ling plum shaded skirt. To have a casual look wear boots  with a grey top. Curl and blow dry your hair.

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#19. Plus Size Fashion

To be chubby is sometime tricky when it comes to dressing up with skirts. But keep everything simple with a plain white top and salmon pink skirt.

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#18. Pretty in Purple Pleats

Denim shirt can look fabulous with a chiffon skirt.  Wear with belts and a simple gold chain.

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#17. Street Look for Spring

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#16. College Girl Look

Grey skirts for the summers is a very cool combo if worn with a white top. Belts can be very nice and a knotted maroon belt is jazzing up the outfit. Fawn clogs look really nice .

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#15. Office Fab Combo

Corporate  jobs require dressing up stylishly yet subtly. Stripped shirt with plain skirt is on the spot attire to be worn to a meeting. Wear brown heels with the attire.

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#14. Cocktail Party in Skirt

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#13. Chic Summers

Vacationing by the beach? A cardigan is a must have and looks nice.

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#12. Taylor Swift Inspiration

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#11. Girlfriends Day Out

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#10. Winter Lookpleated skirts dresses (15)


#09. Celebrity Style – Olivia Palermo

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#08. Nerdy Look

pleated skirts dresses (18)


#07. Beach Party Outfit

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#06. Polka Dots Affair

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#05. Bomber Jacket for Women

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#04. Turtle Necks and Boots

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#03. High School Party Look

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#02. Oxford Shoes

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#01 Shopping Spree Outfit

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