How to Style Tennis Skirt? 24 Outfit Ideas

Outfits with Tennis Skirt. Innovation has always been a good thing as it has led to some great fashion trends, and tennis skirts making their way into mainstream fashion is one of them. Fashion and tennis go hand in hand.

The world’s top tennis players, the likes of Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, and Venus Williams, to name a few, bring fashion to the court, and as millions of fans follow them, their costumes will be adopted by these eager girls very quickly.

A tennis skirt is a pleated mini skirt for starters but comes in various colors and designs. That is why I have collected some styling ideas as to how to wear them, what to wear with tennis skirts, and what are the best shoes to wear with tennis skirts.

  How to Style Tennis Skirts in Different Ways

#01. Black and White for School

Blazers work well with any skirt you wear, particularly the stripped ones combined with a plain tennis skirt and high socks. You can easily pass for being a fashionista.

tennis fashion (9)

#02. Girl Next Door Look

Polo Shirts worn with this pretty skirt are a go-go this season.

tennis fashion (1)


#03. Jackets for a Casual Look

If you want to rock among your friends, wear a bomber jacket with this navy blue pleated skirt.

tennis fashion (8)

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#04. Neutral Shades for Summer

A collared sequined shirt makes the outfit shine when worn with a plain skirt and neutral heels.

tennis fashion (16)

#05. Platforms with Skirts for a Day Out

tennis fashion (17)

#06. Winter Wear

Faux furs are very trendy. The winter look can be completed with thigh-high boots and an edgy hat.

tennis fashion (3)

#07. Work Wear

tennis fashion (19)

#08. Polka Dots

Polka Dots are a must-have in your wardrobe to add a little fun. Wear it with a vest top and sneakers.

tennis fashion (7)

#09. Prints are in Spring

You need a  strapped classic white top with a printed skirt for a summery outing.

tennis fashion (21)

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#10. Culottes with Tennis Skirts for a Summery Look

tennis fashion (22)

#11. Denim Goes Well with Printed Skirt

tennis fashion (23)

#12. Street Style Look

A tennis skirt in leather is a girl’s dream come true. Spice up the outfit with a denim jacket.

tennis fashion (10)


#13. Celebrity In Tennis Skirt

High necks go well with skirts. This all-black outfit is the complete look for a day out in the winter.

tennis fashion (25)


#14. High School Girl Attire

tennis fashion (26)

#15. Party Outfit

tennis fashion (27)

#16. Cool Summer Look

tennis fashion (28)


#17. Street Style with Cropped Top

90s trend of cropped tops has made a huge comeback and are the trendiest piece you can see. Wear your white skirt with a black top and a mesh shirt.

tennis fashion (6)

#18. Classic White Sporty Look

tennis fashion (30)

#19. Graphic Shirt for the Uber Cool Girls

tennis fashion (31)

#20. Enjoy Fall with this Street Style

tennis fashion (32)

#21. Tennis Skirt Polyvore Set

tennis fashion (33)

#22. A Perfect Mix and Match

tennis fashion (34)


#23. Celebrity Style Pleated Tennis Skirt

tennis fashion (35)

#24. Plus-Size

Tennis skirts can be worn by plus-size women also. Wear a v-neck black top with a brown skirt and high heels. Accessorize with a choker.

outfits with tennis skirts (1)

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