17 Peasant Skirts Outfit Ideas with Styling Tips

One 70s style that just refuses to go away is the peasant skirt. It’s especially great for those who love comfort or are fans of bohemian-style outfits. Whether you’re a teenager or a 40-plus woman, you can surely look classy if you wear your peasant skirts the right way and we are here to help you with that of course.

So if you are confused about the best tops to wear with peasant skirts, the right shoes or what accessories go best with them, worry no more. We have compiled for you a list of the most amazingly stylish peasant skirt outfits, along with tips on how to wear them to perfection.

How to Wear Peasant Skirts

peasant skirt outfit ideas

#17- All Set for Work

When you think of wearing a peasant skirt to work, the look that comes to mind immediately is of a village girl all set for her chores. But I’m sure they looked great doing them in these skirts, have a look at this one if you don’t agree.

peasant skirt outfit idea

But even in the modern day, there’s nothing better than wearing a black peasant skirt to work for a change and startle everyone with your bold and unique taste. Have a look for yourself.peasant skirt outfit ideapeasant skirt outfit idea

#16- Celebrity Style

Even celebrities can;t keep their hands off these gorgeous printed peasant skirts. They are particularly great for those of you who are fans of the modest fashion.

peasant skirts 18

#15- Too Cool for School

Whether you are a school, college or a university girl, nothing can beat this look.

peasant skirt outfit ideas (11)

#14- All About Swag

Tank tops and other tight-fitted tops look great with peasant skirts as they give you a nice shape to go with the skirt. You can wear them almost everywhere like for a casual shopping spree, time out with friends, lunch, coffee or whatnot.

#13- Be Vintage with a touch of Gypsy

Who doesn’t love going vintage every once in a while.

#12- Mid Length for Short Girls

These are perfect for girls with a shorter height. Wear nude coloured heels or wedges for some extra length if you want.

#13- Funky Look for Fall

Blazers and belts really help bring the whole outfit together with a lot more flattering effect.

#12- Celebrity Style Mummy Look

Drew Barrymore looks like the coolest mom ever in this simple but elegant cream colored jumper that she wore with a black ankle-length peasant skirt for Lunch.  A mummy outfit is all about comfort and that’s what this is.

#11- Ideal Vacation Outfit

#10- Go Strapless on Your Date

#9- Modern Street Style

As you can see, chunky accessories look awesome with peasant skirts. When it comes to shoes, you can wear almost anything from flip-flops, sandals to those gorgeous high heels. If it’s too cold outside, you can wear them with tights or leggings as well as jumpers or jackets. Even when it comes to hairs, buns, straight hair, and curls, all look spectacular.

#8- Sexy in Spring

#7- Wedding Day

#6- Peasant Tops with Skirts

A peasant skirt with a peasant blouse, very very retro indeed.

#5- Beachy Bohemian Look

#4- Make a Peasant Skirt on Your Own

#3- Daytime

#2- With Denim Jacket

#1- Comfy Winter Look


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