16 Corduroy Skirt Outfits – What to Wear With A Corduroy Skirt?

Corduroy Skirt Outfits: Corduroy is a fabric that is universally adored for its warmth and universality but fear no more, there is absolutely no reason to keep it confined to your winter-specific apparel. This trusty skirt can be paired with an abundance of other clothing staples to become an essential staple of its own.

Corduroy skirt outfits are diverse and therefore, for everyone. Whether you’re wanting a workplace-appropriate outfit or want to go for something more preppy & youthful, corduroy is something you can always go back to.

Outfits To Wear With Corduroy Skirts

Corduroy is a durable and thick fabric that needs to be balanced out with patterns, colors and layering. Henceforth, you can elevate most of your looks with the simplest of additions. This list was formulated specifically keeping everyday clothing items in mind so you don’t have to look any further than an arm’s reach.

A corduroy skirt can be paired with blouses or thick jackets to create an optimum outfit that’s not only chic but, practical and put together, not to mention how different types of skirts look good on all body types.

Tips For The Perfect Corduroy Skirt Outfit

  • Depend on patterned tops: Patterns can bring life to a trustworthy fabric like corduroy. Corduroy is usually in plain solid colors and functions as an excellent foundation to an outfit.
  • The fit of your skirt: It needs to be perfect in order for it to look as elevated as possible. There’s varying styles, fits and waist-size selections when it comes to corduroy skirts. Whether you’re a fan of high-waisted bottoms or flared skirts; corduroy skirts comes in multiple styles. Pick one that fits your sense of style and occasion.
  • Add different textures for balance: It can be tough, finding the perfect textural balance in your outfits. Make sure you mix and match materials!
  • Rely on the material’s vintage feel: Corduroy as a fabric is associated with the 80s. Therefore, to make your outfit seem sophisticated, you could always pair more vintage items to bring your corduroy skirt outfit to life.
  • Footwear should be a priority: Footwear that pops out can truly add a lot of glam to skirts, especially those that are short. Corduroy skirts look particularly lavish when paired with patent boots or a block heel. Cohesiveness should be a running theme in your outfit to look as put-together as possible!

16 – Leopard Print Scarf With A Pastel Corduroy Skirt

Scarves are excellent for many purposes, whether that’s keeping you warm or adding a flair of personal touch to your outfit. Corduroy is a material well-suited to cold weather and therefore, a scarf is a stylish yet a highly convenient touch! A patterned scarf is well-suited to the solid colours that corduroy skirts usually come in. It’s a simple yet elevated addition to your corduroy skirt outfit.


15 – Pair A Flannel Jacket With Your Skirt

Flannel jackets are a clothing staple that’s always available at your convenience. Whether it’s autumn or winter, you’ll see plenty of flannel jackets in stores with multiple different style and colour variations. Henceforth, a flannel jacket adds a preppy and put-together flair to your corduroy skirt outfit. With the vast amount of flannel jacket variations available in the market, you can always mix and match to fit your personal taste as well! A win-win situation for everyone!


14 – Asymmetrical Cut Top With Yellow Corduroy Skirt

Now, if you’re someone looking for an edgier, more sleek and youthful look – asymmetrical cut tops are your best friend. They are an excellent way to jazz up something as timeless as a corduroy skirt and can be a very trendy way to portray what your personal taste in fashion is. These can be found in neutral tones but if you’re not a fan of beiges and whites, you can always switch one up for something more vibrant. Your corduroy skirt outfit is bound to get compliments if you add something with bold cuts and asymmetrical shapes for a dystopian era model look.


13 – Pair Your Teddy Jacket With Red Top and Skirt

Teddy jackets are all the rave in the winter season. If you’re looking for something that will not only keep your warm but also, help you look fashionable? Teddy jackets are the way to go. Despite being a little pricey in nature due to the material being used, affordable alternatives can be found at any thrift store in a variety of tones and patterns. They’re a very wise and cozy addition to your corduroy skirt outfit and will be all anyone asks you about when you step out!


12 – Go For a Silk Top and Camel Skirt

Mixing of materials to balance out your outfit is always a good idea for those who are attempting to create a corduroy outfit that is cohesive yet tasteful. Silk tops are one of those additions that can amplify the entire look of your outfit and make it look more party-appropriate. If you’re someone who’s looking to do so, then silk tops are the perfect opportunity for you to experiment with your taste.


11 – The Quintessential Black Boots With A Cheetah Print Sweatshirt

One can never go left with something as convenient and stylish as plain black boots. One pro of wearing a corduroy skirt is how customisable your entire look is so if you’re looking to pair it for footwear that’s stylish but also readily available in your wardrobe; boots are an essential must-have.


10 – White Tank With Brown Skirt

Who doesn’t want something to help the scorching heat of the summer while rocking a chic corduroy skirt outfit? Tank tops are the perfect missing element if you’re trying to go for a laidback look that still screams you. Nothing’s better than putting together an outfit with cult-classic favourites that are already available in your daily-wear closet. You could go for a classic ribbed white tank top or something more patterned with bold colours; it’s all a matter of personal taste.


9 – A Printed Vest With A White Button Up and Blue Skirt

Layering can truly bring any outfit to life and a corduroy skirt outfit is no exception. Low and behold, a brightly-coloured vest can add a pop of unexpected colour to your outfit. It’s as customisable as can be and you can layer it with a button-up shirt for a more sophisticated and office-chic look.


8 – Corduroy Jacket and Matching Skirt For A Day Out

What’s better with corduroy than corduroy? If you’re feeling like taking full advantage of a fabric as warm as corduroy, you might want to opt for a cute and chic matching blazer and skirt. This is a look that can pulled off in any colour from the rainbow and still look just as adorable. You can pair this look with accessories of your choice such as a pair of sunglasses and feel completely confident in this cohesive outfit choice.


7 – Peach Buttoned-Up Corduroy Skirt With White Top

Have a work event and need to look your best possible self? Try going for a brightly-coloured long corduroy skirt. This gives a formal and elegant touch to your coexisting look and can be paired with a wide variety of tops such as tunics, button-ups and blouses. Your skirt can become the focus of your outfit with a bold colour pick such as the coral colour shown below!


6 – Wear Patterned Stockings With A Yellow Skirt and A Top

The choice of stockings can either make or break your look. So, when you’re coordinating your perfect corduroy skirt outfit, make sure to choose a pair of stockings that are a statement piece to your outfit. Ribbed, bedazzled, fishnet and patterned stockings can help you achieve that effortless yet chic look. Patterned stockings are extremely trendy right now and can not only help you feel fashionable but also provide you that extra layer of warmth in harsh cold weather. This is a convenient and extremely effortless options to bring your corduroy skirt outfit game to the next level.


5 – Turtleneck With A Light Green Skirt

If you’re looking for a top in the winters that helps you form a chic and quick outfit, try going for a turtleneck. Turtlenecks have been the pinnacle of winter fashion and if you’re trying to pair something that’s super convenient; turtlenecks might be the best option for you. Turtlenecks provide comfort, warmth and a lot of room for experimentation as well. Whether you’re someone who likes to play it safe and go for earthy tones or someone who wants to choose an out-of-box colour scheme, turtlenecks have an abundance in variety for you to


4 – Cozy Knitted Sweater With Skirt

Weather restricting your fashion choices can truly be the worst. Not anymore! Wool and knitted sweaters come in a wide variety of varying prints and colours so your corduroy skirt outfit can make a statement, even against the cold harsh weather. These sweaters provide a comfortable element as well so you feel your very best self no matter what.


3 – Cropped Baby Tee With Dark Brown Belted Skirt

Now, this might not be the go-to clothing piece for a lot of folks but if you’re someone in your teenage or early adulthood, a cute cropped graphic baby tee can do a lot for your outfit. A cropped baby tee is helpful in combating the heat and adds a youthful flair to your corduroy skirt outfit as well. You can either match it with your skirt or wear it as a bold statement top. This is a readily available option for those that do not like to be constricted by formal tops.


2 – White Top With Grey Belted Skirt and Nude Hat

Having trouble deciding upon a color scheme for your entire corduroy skirt outfit? Fear no more because the easiest and trendiest option is to accessorize and dress up in all neutrals! Beiges, browns and whites are your friend. You can choose a bag, hat and shawls that are all available at home to create an all-neutral sophisticated look that will bring you out your outfit’s true potential. Neutral color schemes are also perfect for occasions such workplace parties and grabbing a coffee with your friends. This autumn-inspired blend of colors will make your corduroy skirt outfit look cohesive and elegant.


1 – A Vintage Patterned Button-up With Blue Skirt

This is for those with a funky soul! If you’ve been wanting to experiment with your fashion sense, a toned down and easy place would to be to start with patterns. A patterned button-up is a great addition to your corduroy skirt outfit as it adds colours and makes it appealing to the eye. If you’ve been shying away from colour, there’s always monochrome and dainty floral patterns to choose from as well. The possibilities are endless with patterned button-ups and can help you feel your very best as well. You can mix and match your colour schemes according to your liking. There’s no limit to what specific palette of colours corduroy skirts can suit well with.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you wear corduroy skirt outfits in Spring?

Ans. This fabric is particularly adaptable to both cool and warm climates so yes, you can. The tops are extremely flexible interchangeable according to whichever season you choose to wear it in!

Q. Are corduroy skirt outfits business casual?

Ans. They could be considered business casual when paired with office-appropriate clothing pieces. Which means that you should switch out your T-shirt with a plain button-up, blouse or blazer. Make frequent use of muted tones and colors so your outfit is as appropriate to the occasion as possible. Do not go overboard with any patterns though!

Q. Is corduroy better than denim?

Ans. Corduroy and denim are both extremely accessible and fashionable choices but corduroy is more durable, office-appropriate and cozier than denim. This is all based on personal preference but you should switch out a denim skirt with a corduroy skirt if the weather’s cold and you’re going to work!

Q. Do corduroy and denim look good together?

Ans. Yes! You can always pair timeless fabrics such as these two together. Make sure you make use of similar tones and colors. Beware of putting together too many confusing prints. You can wear any blouse you like as long as it keeps the outfit looking cohesive. It’s always a good choice to mix and match textures to keep your corduroy skirt outfit looking interesting and trendy!

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